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Posts Like This Need To Be Reserved! 10 Ways To Make Your Hotel Page More Attractive! (2020)


We believe that hotels are now promoting their hotels through social media. Whether it is a page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to reach the target audience. To attract as many customers as possible

But already know which channel to promote through So how do you promote it to be interesting, bookable? A hotel, resort, hostel or accommodation to rent, how do you promote accommodation for customers to really choose to book accommodation with us?

Today, WOW has 10 tips for promoting hotels through Facebook. Or the official page created by the hotel Which is the most popular channel That can be used with all types of hotels to leave

1. Set clear promotional goals.

“Why does the hotel or accommodation have their own official page?” Because any hotel Has its own page Must have my hotel

If so then The hotel will make the page it has created to look outstanding. Or create value for the hotel How to (sell a room)? Must start with each hotel must have a clear goal of creating a page. In order to make pages or manage pages useful for business Or not harmful Correctly destroy the image of the hotel. The two general goals of hotel pages are:

  • Build credibility Give customers or people interested in your hotel, let them know what your hotel looks like. What amenities are there? What is an interesting service?
  • Maintain relationships with former guests and customers who are currently using the hotel. For an opportunity to serve them in the future or to refer others (Word 0f Mouth), the easiest way to market. Oldest And get the best results as well

2. Increase your business identity in search engine (Google)

Facebook page making for business It is another very good SEO method that most businesses do. Just take the time to enter the hotel information in the description section. (Description), including all information about the hotels on the page. Read and understand and interesting.

Search for a hotel The information is provided on both the hotel website and the hotel page.

Good for your business in search engines (Which is mostly Google) both the page and the hotel information, such as contact channels. Hotel website That appear on the page Also, customers or people interested in accommodations also like properties that have clearer, more reliable information.

3. Combine hotel pages into one page.

When we travel to some place And want to check in yourself on Facebook at that place Then found the location’s coordinates, it was a page that didn’t seem like any information Just tell me where it is. Or like the person who created the page, not the owner of the place That might be just Place page

If a hotel finds the page saying it is its own hotel Can click on that page to indicate that We are the property owner and wish to integrate it into our own hotel pages by visiting facebook.com/pages/merge.

When clicking into Facebook Will allow us to verify their own Facebook account Who was the page manager first After confirming yourself with the system, select the two pages you want to merge, press Continue and select Request Merge.

Any appended page information such as posts, photos, reviews, ratings and usernames will be completely removed. There is only one page left that you want to keep as one, but the advantage is that it is a place page, whether it be an official page or a page created by other people. It will no longer confuse the user.

4. Talk to page viewers.

Approach to talk with Facebook users often. Because the nature of this app is a media space to connect people and share stories with each other. The main purpose of the user is to relax and entertain themselves.

Example of talking to page visitors Interested in the room or question about the accommodation This is a very good opportunity to make sales.

When this is Good facebook page Should create entertainment Enjoyment To followers To achieve a good level of interaction such as

  • Sharing interesting news related to the hotel
  • Beautiful picture
  • Infographics are easy to read and beautiful. That contains useful content for followers
  • Expressing feelings in conjunction with situations
  • A humorous story about the impression of a wider audience.

Good interaction is Expressing emotions, opinions, or passing on to other people Or commonly known as Like, share, write comments

While the lack of communication state The page is not moving. Or unsightly and nonsensical communication can lead to the fact that pressing Unlike or Unfollow a page.

“Simple tips That marketers use to measure whether Will it be interesting to post on the page?

Will I personally share this post on my Facebook timeline page?

If the answer is yes, then post “

5. Choose to post only beautiful pictures.

Selected beautiful pictures to share on the page. This beautiful picture is a picture that indicates the property brand. The quality of the image is high resolution that does not show shattering effect. On the user screen (Facebook will review the post before posting) Looks good with the brand image

For example, hotels focus on luxury, images must be colored elements that are luxurious tones. And has content that is said in the same way

Another idea that holds up in marketing and advertising is Quality is more important than quantity Great publishing of content It is better than publishing various content all the time.

Posting a link or text may also get attention. But with the nature of the hotel business That emphasizes the beauty Thus convenience and visual taste are better tools than text or web links that media users will spend time clicking on. Which only takes a few seconds is a long enough time For social media usage today

6. Post content as video clips.

Facebook’s system will encourage people to share video clips. (How to promote is Pushing the clip posted to be seen by many people. Compared to other post content), especially videos uploaded directly on Facebook.

Which animation or video is very suitable for hotel content That want people to see the picture of the place and the facilities as possible to promote the hotel

Little trick In the making of the clip is Add captions to reach a wider range of users.

7. Post regularly 

Suppose you go to the official page of the hotel M to look for room information and find that His last post was 3 months ago, how do you feel?

Feeling of trust in the hotel Confidence in page data And how will your feelings for the hotel be? Do you start to worry? Is the hotel still open?

A barren social media place where page and follower conversations can have a big impact on your target audience and customers.WOW recommends trying to post at least once a day, but not more than 2 times a day.

A simple way to manage your page is to schedule posts to make it clear what to post, what day it was posted, or to add a post engagement record as well. This will allow the Page to analyze the form of posts that followers like and develop more relevant. 

8. Choose a time to post.

Target groups or people who do Facebook a lot at what time? If you don’t know at first, try to post at a different time. With different days in a week and bring the data to see that When are the most people seeing your posts? What is the fastest time to respond to your post?

Which usually Most people use Facebook in the pre-work, breaks, and work days until late at night.

9. Add visibility to the post.

Post sharing can increase visibility of the post and page. Without the hotel having to do it alone By giving people the opportunity to help us do this. By creating activities, posts can be shared.

Such as playing a game for a prize Make Instagram hashtags to bring out the photos people tagged with your property to post on the page. Or share your post to the relevant Facebook group Which in addition to the broad post visibility Also increase the credibility Of interest to accommodation as well

10. Promote Facebook posts to target audiences.

The last method is a costly way to promote a post. Or commonly known as Boost post Facebook offers business-specific marketing tools. Well-known, Facebook Pixel aims to help page businesses find their target audience and advertise their products to the best possible audience. With the most attractive post

This is the most popular online marketing and advertising method at the moment. Because it has good access to a large crowd It also adds a lot of interest to the page and makes the most of the page. Because the page will also connect to the business website

For hotel websites with good system, WOW has a package “WOW Hotel Solutions”, a complete room management system. With a system to manage all sales channels with one click

A fully updated and connected booking engine in a fraction of a second, and the Facebook Pixel is fully connected to your hotel page. Accommodate guests with their own home page. More direct, more worth


WOW hope a little trick. Interestingly, these will be useful when creating a hotel page or a hotel website. Or do several methods at the same time depending on But don’t do too many things Until it becomes a spam (Spam)

Or any hotel has How to promote hotels How to make social media compelling and WOW hasn’t talked about. Or want to share to know Try writing to recommend each other at Contact Us or the WOW page so that we can share the stories in the view of real Facebook users.

How Does Facebook Pixel Create Facebook Ads, Allowing Customers To Click And Buy?


Many online sellers start selling on social media. Or even a merchant who has a website to sell, use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages to help find more customers When it comes to social selling tools, Facebook Pixel is one of the most talked about tools. For many reasons, such as the number of Facebook users, page features, etc.,
Facebook Pixel will help you make the most of the ad spend on Facebook, right? What is a Facebook Pixel?  Let’s look at the full details of how to create different help To increase the clicks and purchases made through the ads that are all possible in this article. 

What is the Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is an embed code on your website. That will help collect information on clicks or activity through Facebook ads to the website. Facebook Pixel will track matters such as

  • Sales page traffic
  • Adding products / services into the shopping cart on the sales web page
  • Purchase
  • Scrolling through the sales page
  • Time spent on a sales page

Benefits that Facebook Pixel can help online businesses

As you can see, what data does Facebook Pixel store? The information collected by this means that What improvements have to be made about the ads to make them more effective than before? Is it worth the advertising budget you pay for the system,
or even if your online business doesn’t currently run Facebook ads, it’s worth researching and activating. To allow the system to collect data So you don’t have to start from scratch on the day you decide to start using Facebook Pixel and get a better understanding of how your ads are doing.

Track clicks

When people see an ad that you post. What do they do or how do they react to it? Click read more, click the link now, press share to other places. Or just scroll through. Facebook Pixel keeps these behavioral data for you to analyze further.
It is also known that With what device do they view your ad? Which can also help with the optimization of ads for the device

Repeat marketing to target audience

Retargeting and Dynamic ad systems will show the ad you set on people who have already visited your website. Which can choose a very specific target group, for example, choose to shoot a portable steam iron advertisement Put people who put the portable steam iron into the basket, order products but have not pressed to pay. Or press like a portable steam iron, but have not yet reached the order of the product once

Create new target customers for the business

Facebook will analyze the information collected by Other customers Who can be yours By that information may be preferences, interests, housing

For example, your target audience is a domestic worker aged 30-40 years, the analysis of the system’s data may find that Men and women aged 50-65 years are also your target audience. Help to open up a vision of seeing the customer groups Let you sell more products

Create multiple click goals

Facebook’s Pixel holds more data than the number of clicks it gets through ads. It can also be set by clicking on this to purchase products, registrations, or any business purpose.

Adjust ads based on purchasing power

Because Facebook collects individual purchases Know who bought what How much to spend This information can therefore be used to tailor advertising feasibility. According to the value of the purchase Which helps ads to generate more sales

Access to more Facebook ad tools

If businesses want to penetrate more online market or have plans to sell online in the future Businesses need tools to help them collect campaign data. Identify the target audience of the website Or doing advertisements from analyzed data All of which is available on the Facebook Pixel, which lets you know even the ad price per customer.

How to use Facebook Pixel

How does the Facebook Pixel?

“Topic” is the activity that people visit to the website. Which are all interesting information Let’s see them one by one.
Standard topic Users can copy and paste on their own Facebook Pixel system to store the information they are interested in. These include

  • Purchase
  • Target audience contact information Or known in the marketing and advertising group as Lead
  • Register on the web
  • Payment information
  • Add products in shopping cart
  • Press like the product or Wishlist
  • Enter the payment process
  • Use the search box on the web.
  • Visit the content of web pages on the website
  • Contact via web contact channels
  • Choose product styles, for example, choose color and size of products on the website.
  • Make a donation according to the campaign shown on the website.
  • Find a business location
  • Make an appointment through the website to contact your business.
  • Apply for a trial
  • Submit an application for receiving products, services, programs, etc.
  • Register for information Or products and services

They can also be coded to hold data or be based on actual data, such as activity value. Money spent Format or group of content to collect information.
Custom topics Based on what needs to be collected or measured by customer actions. Events or examples of topics in which people would use customized topics such as

  • Filter only the information on the purchase of shoes of orders from 2,000 baht or more.
  • Filter only the purchase information of the knee-high bridal dress only.
  • Choose to share only certain conversion data.

How to create and embed a Facebook Pixel on the web

Before you can create a Facebook Pixel, you need to have a website for your own business.If you don’t have one, you can consult a professional website builder by clicking here, and that website needs to be able to update the code if both are ready. Let’s get started

1. Make a Facebook Pixel

  • Click on the green plus sign. (Place a red arrow pointing)
  • When clicking the green plus sign System will pop up this window, select Web and click Get Started in the lower right corner.
  • Select the Facebook Pixel and click Connect in the lower right corner as before.
  • Enter the name of the Pixel you want, and you can also include a website URL. (Optional) To check if your site is developed by a Facebook partner, partner sites rarely involve technical coding and hit Continue in the bottom right corner.

The name of the Pixel used should be more descriptive of your business than the campaign run, as you will only have one Pixel per ad account. If you want to use more than 1 Pixel per ad account, Facebook Business Manager is required.

2. Enter the Pixel code on the website. 

This can be done in three ways: manually adding the code or manually, connecting with a partner platform or partner integration What system is your website developed from?) Or have someone else manage it, include the code or email instruction.

  • Add the code manually or manually.
    • Go to Event Manager.
    • Select the Pixel you want to install on the website.
    • Click Continue pixel setup.
    • Select Install code manually.
    • Copy Pixel’s base code.
    • Go to your website header or header under Manage your website. (Not a general purpose website)
    • Place the base code at the bottom of the website header section, above the closing tag, as in this example.

Credit: Facebook

  • Click Continue
  • There is an option to enable the customer matching system that the website has with the information of the people who visit the website, Automatic Advanced Matching.The benefit of this system is that it will increase the clicks (conversions) of your promoted ads and reach a more remarketing audience. Can be enabled or not When finished with this step, click Continue.
  • Add the title of your business to the Event setup tool, or add the code to your website yourself. If you understand the system well
  • Click Done

Examples of using Facebook Pixel by business brands

Lalamove uses Facebook retargeting pixel to shoot shipping discounts for the first time, finding people who have previously visited a business website. But never used the service To turn these people into real customers

The Ravee Residence apartments show room photos as an album. With a button to send a message to the apartment page To contact us directly for information

What Kind Of Room Reservation System Which Fits Most With Your Hotel?


Booking system It is a software system that is known to Helping to strengthen the hotel’s financial health, stability and sustainability. For a variety of reasons, such as increasing your profit from direct bookings as a more rewarding income The system can set the price according to the room needs of the customer. Increase the double booking rate from the loyalty system that is registered on the hotel website. Save time, manage rooms, easily accommodate customers from all over the world with the hotel system itself, etc. It can be said that buying a one-time system is worth the calculation and earn a long profit.

But there are so many options in the hotel program circle that sometimes I don’t know which one to use. And no one can guarantee that Which system is best Because the best system is the one that will generate profits and save your hotel well. Which may not be good or will not give the same effect as other hotels.

In this article, WOW will introduce the basic needs of each size hotel. Which is the first step in choosing The reservation system can be divided into 4 types as follows:

1. Large hotel (100 rooms or more)

Large hotels come with a large number of customers and a variety of other services.These hotels will generate income in various ways such as restaurants and bars, entertainment venues, meeting rooms, sports clubs, etc.

Managing multiple income and customer groups The hotel should use Full income management system Which will calculate the data and send it out as a report for the executives to further analyze Manage room rates Reduce the use of human labor And high accuracy

But a very comprehensive income management system It also requires a system specialist who has the expertise to manage complex systems as well. The person in charge of the system may need to be trained to use the system step by step. Or have a basic knowledge of the hotel reservation system

In addition, the system is also expensive. Therefore suitable for large hotels that have certain requirements to use the system And operate the system in many matters as well Therefore it will be worth the investment

2. Medium size hotel (50 – 100 rooms)

Medium sized hotels are almost similar to larger hotels. In the matter of supporting a variety of customers and having to focus on value added services for customers seriously But it is a hotel that can be managed in a “agile” that is ready to add new management systems. Can access the overall room management system

With the size of the room and service But there is a need for a hotel that streamlines new operating systems. Come in quickly Medium-sized hotels should opt for Booking system with software system to calculate room price or revenue management Revenue manager or Revenue management.

Revenue manager analyzes the booking information. The revenue manager system is also a basic hotel program for mid-sized hotels that can support new hotel technology to add to it.

An alternative to Revenue manager is to use a conventional price management system. This will help you analyze the pricing plan at a glance. May not be a hundred Rather, it is a basic room management system that hotels of this room size should have.

3. Small hotels (10 – 50 rooms)

Even though you might think that Small hotel or hostel Would fight with a small hotel together, but actually not Really small hotel And also fight with large hotels In terms of price But the system that a small hotel needs will be the one that is inexpensive, easy to use, and supports future updates.

The software system at the inn Or a hostel like maybe Not focusing on booking only rooms. But it is a system with a website that is prepared to show SEO results as well, giving weight to Google quite a lot of doing good SEO for the website so that the web is displayed on search engines when people search for a room. Fight against rival hotel websites Or any accommodation and travel (OTA) booking platform.

However, web booking systems are still essential in order to achieve the most direct bookings. The website must be credible or certified by an organization or payment service provider. Which this point The hotel that hires a web site company is partly concerned with this issue.

4.Very small hotels or temporary motels (1 – 10 rooms)

Very small hotel This model is becoming more and more like a room for rent daily – monthly. Condo for rent, monthly contract, including water, electricity, internet, etc., but because of the very small number of rooms Therefore there is no need to invest in a reservation system

Explain If you have one room to rent, there is no need to fluctuate the rental price because you only have one room. No need to do a price strategy to fluctuate according to customer needs.

The average owner of a rental unit who is investing in a little real estate or a very small hotel that does not expect to expand the hotel business in the near future. Can choose to use the service Room promotion platforms such as Airbnb that offer a dynamic pricing system in exchange for hotels paying a commission or service fee to the platform.

3 types of booking systems that meet each type of hotel

WOW We On Web is a business web site provider with over 20 years of experience, recently launched WOW Hotel Solutions, the most complete hotel reservation system. Starting at only 3,900 baht, you can have your own ready-to-use hotel website.

WOW Hotel Solutions system that meets the needs of room management. Sales increase And more profit per room Any hotel should have at this point in time WOW is available in 3 packages covering essential functions such as

  • Online booking system (Booking Engine) on the website
  • The system can update room information to all sales channels (Channel Manager) immediately.
  • Price setting system based on the actual booking of customers for each period (Dynamic Pricing)
  • Customer relationship management system Long-term customer retention (CRM)
  • Automatic booking and facility service reporting system
  • Complete payment system on the hotel website
  • Other special services At the hotel need more

5 techniques to increase direct bookings On a simple hotel webpage

From the advice above, it can be seen that Most hotels, however, have their own websites. To manage the room To maximize the benefits of the website, WOW adds 5 techniques to use the hotel website to increase direct bookings. Adjust the website to attract customers easily. Let’s use it together.

1. Communicate in a timely and timely manner

Research by SABER, the world’s largest tourism technology provider. It reveals interesting facts that 74% of customers or people who are interested in a hotel room will feel confused and not benefit from messages that are not relevant to them or not the content they are looking for on the hotel page.

Let’s say you are someone looking for a room during the Songkran Festival. Then happened to come across a hotel website that has a general room promotion Basic price cuts don’t attract You probably don’t feel like booking with that hotel. And exit the webpage Or maybe book but go out and find other options for booking for a lower price. Or there is a promotion that matches the Songkran Festival as you were looking for

Based on information and consumer behavior The hotel website should therefore communicate to the needs of the customer as possible. Create a marketing plan that meets what your customers are looking for. By understanding the buying behavior and current at that time Example of marketing plan adjustments such as

  • Close to long holidays -> Promote multi-night accommodation, get special discounts such as book 4 nights, pay 3, plus dinner vouchers.
  • Honeymoon Package or Valentine’s Day -> Honeymoon Package for people searching for rooms for 2 adults.
  • Do not offer any promotions that are unrelated to customers -> Do not show child packages. For the person staying as a business trip or 2 adults

2. Reinforce with text “Best price”

Many bookers believe Booking a room with OTA will get the best value for money because the price is the highlight that OTA has always used to market to sweep customers Which in fact The best room rates may be on the hotel website. But customers do not know

The hotel website solved this situation by adjusting the website to allow customers to compare prices with other websites, for example, without making the web pages displaying room rates difficult to access. Because most people use their smartphones to access the website If the hotel website interferes with using the website This can get annoying and get off the screen, causing the website to clearly display the most updated room rates.

Because when the customer sees the room price clearly and is convenient with comparison And if the hotel really gives the best price to customers It is easier for customers to click to reserve

3. Understand the reasons for the departed and correct to retrieve them.

The main reason that hotel websites have to adjust is to meet “Needs” or “lacking” of the guests who stay.

Hotels must find the root cause of customer needs or problems and fix them, such as leaving web bookings before paying. Try simulating a guest’s reservation to verify that Does the reservation system have problems or are causing disruptions to customers?

Or create a system for customers who have not completed the payment for the room can return to complete the process. Which may require a customer to sign up for a hotel website before booking So that the web can collect information (And send an email to reiterate the reservation)

But be careful not to fill in the information in the membership process too much that customers get bored and give up the booking.

4. Shoot a promotion to meet customer needs.

When customers click to book or pay for the room on your hotel website. That is the beginning of the sale. Not the finish line The hotels will never be able to offer additional services or create even more customer satisfaction.

For example, prior to their stay, a hotel sends a welcoming email and offers services that match the room reservation, such as group activities for customers who book as a group. Candlelight dinner with a special menu for couples.

Or recommend various facilities That customers will receive and so on. That customers can buy more Because most of the clients are unaware of the facilities, which notice helps increase trading.

5. Encourage customers to express their opinions. Pay attention to the membership system

The hotel line is Money and fame Funding can be obtained in many ways, but the reputation of the word of mouth. It’s a total by-product of management. The hotel should create the best service for its customers. This leads to encouraging customers to give positive reviews of the hotel.

Hotels may reward customers for constructive hotel reviews with membership points. This is creating a positive hotel trend and maintaining the membership system of the hotel.

The Hotel Will Use Its Own System That Has How To Retrieve Customers From OTA?


The main goal of most hotels in getting customers is to get customers who book exactly with the hotel. Whether it is a reservation through the hotel website (with The hotel program supports) by phone or walk in to book at the hotel. Because this is the way hotels get the most profit share 

Of the three methods above, online booking a hotel is the most popular. But the same avenue also has the largest pain point or weakness. Because I have to admit that Most hotels that partner with an online agent, selling rooms and travel, or OTAs rarely compete with OTAs on SEO and will attract a large number of customers.

This chart shows a scenario when people want to find a place to stay in their desired location. They want to go for the first time Or have been there but looking for a new place to stay, most of them do it this way.

You can see that OTA is a channel that benefits customers. In terms of variety and promotion, motivating customers to want to click Which is also useful for the hotel

But in fact It is because these websites invest heavily in SEO or search optimization on search engines or Search Engine as well, so when searching for accommodation, these sites are attracted to the first few searches. And actually squeezed the website of the hotel To fall in search rankings or not attract customers

If so then Small and large hotels would think hard that So how do we fight OTA? It seems difficult, but the reality is that hotels, hostels, lodges can reach customers with “information” and hotel programs. Of my own

This information includes Guest information Website data via Google Analytics, property performance data on social media channels If gathered ready in hand Let’s see how What are some tricks? How can you use this information to get customers back from OTA!

4 tips that hotels can use to get customers back from OTAs

1.Send onboarding emails

Getting familiar with each other is when we send the desired message to the right person at the right place and at the right time, where the right place or the best way to deliver the message is email, which the accommodation will get when. Where travelers book rooms directly with their accommodation, or the accommodation may request an email address during their stay.

Accommodation can send e-mails to guests even before they stay, such as reservation information, where to stay, how to get there. Travel date and time If the reason for their travel is known We may also introduce additional interesting information, such as tour programs, activities organized by the accommodation. Nearby Attractions Before arrival date You may be able to send another warning or welcome email.

These interactions help to flaunt their travels with color or to build the familiarity of their accommodation and guests. Especially among Millenial and Gen Z travelers who value personal experiences.

This also coincides with the results of a survey by the world’s most popular marketing company, Epsilon, that 87% of people prefer to stay engaged with a travel website / app that makes a personalized gift ¹. To specific customers, it is a wonderful little gift that Hostel Bungalow can make.

2. Buy ads to reach the target audience.

Buying social media ads for travel businesses It is widely used because it reaches a wide range of people, even OTA sites are used to buy ads as well as visitors who have visited their own OTA site before. (Remarketing)

But there are still a large number of accommodations, especially smaller ones around the world, that do not have this strategy. Which is actually easy to do By summarizing the characteristics of target customers such as age, housing coordinates The more clear the details of the target audience, the better.

Then promote it to approach this group Will promote the latest promotions of the accommodation Or the location / interestingness of the accommodation To achieve the result is Knowing of our accommodation and may be considered if the target audience decides to travel or travel.

Even OTAs do this the same way. But the hotel or our business has the advantage as having a very clear customer or target audience. Therefore able to fight in creating a targeted message and communicating to the right person

3. Convey content that resonates with the target audience.

Posts sent out on social media and even the hotel website. Will be worthless, meaningless If it doesn’t reflect the target audience or fit their behavior

In a late 2018 survey by Business Wire, media company of world-famous investor Warren Buffett, social media, such as Instagram, influenced Gen Z travelers by 84%. Often people make reservations or buy travel-related products after checking these apps2

Before specifying the type of content Social media or channels to distribute The hotel can check user information on the hotel website via Google Analytics and the hotel’s social media. That the target groups or major customers Who we are What are you interested in? In order to create content that meets their interests

Such as making a tour selling website Was doing an overview of international tour promotions of each month Useful travel tips Or doing online selling websites May post something fun Promotion according to the festival Which post guidelines are based on their target audience and interests.

4. Understand Google Analytics and use it with ease

In each of the three tricks we see that Google Analytics is the most important inventory of customers or prospects. Hotels have a clearer understanding of the customer journey of their target audience from Google Analytics, such as

  • Acquisition

Start by looking for “keyword” that people can find on our website. You can look at Acquisition -> Search Console -> Queries and apply the words in Queries to use in the promotion. Articles (title and description) will help SEO to make our hotel web search more accessible and accessible.

  • Behavior

Study the path of the target audience That when he enters the website From which channel Where are you going next? Which page do you leave from the website? Or go to where the trading page at Behavior -> Behavior Flow

This helps identify not only the target audience’s behavior but also the website’s problems. This is because the basic assumption of the website is When visitors have obtained the information they want from the website, or the website has no interesting content The visitors then leave the website.

Popular hotel caller tools

1. Social media

The use of social media is one of the things people do today. So it can be seen that All types of businesses set up a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter page to build a fan base, customers, or attract more target audiences. With the structure of the system Social media helps hotel marketing work well.

Good social media ideas for hotels

  • Brand advertising makes people know our hotel accommodation (Awareness)
  • Hotel room promotion notification
  • Create activities to create interactions between brands and target audiences, such as playing games, giving rewards, making fun posts for further sharing.

2. Website

Most hotels now Be it small or large Has its own website Because the website answers the needs of doing business in all aspects From public relations to marketing to sales With a direct booking system Best for accommodation businesses

Ideas for using a good website with hotels

  • Build a stable online presence through SEO.
  • Create an online sales territory Reducing dependence on other platforms which are conditional and uncontrollable, such as social media, OTA, make the hotel the most profitable.
  • Create a publicity area for a hotel advertisement
  • Organize promotions for selling rooms

At WOW, there is WOW Hotel, a hotel website that offers more than just booking space, because we are Hotel Solutions, a complete hotel room management system. That increases hotel revenue as much as possible and most efficiently. Including cool functions that hotels want.

  • Professional web design, beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager, smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing, a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use.

Covidza Hotel Must Go On Return The Arena To Receive Guests With 8 Sustainable Plans


If you own a hotel or run a hotel business, Covid is the coming character to change your world. If the business is still In any condition Now it’s time to come back again. As the entire country can control the situation of the spread of disease. The public health system is ready to deal with new infections. And most importantly The general public is aware and therefore lives with care and takes good care of themselves.

For the hotel business that is ready Understanding customer behavior Taking strong health care measures And strictly following the ad hoc plan Will be the key to getting the business back, which WOW can be broken down in 8 ways.

1. Apply proper health practices.

Every country has different business directions. It ranges from businesses that can start operating normally, can do partly until they can’t For hotels that have started to reopen Can bring prepared health prevention practices Along with government regulations such as

  • Living with physical distancing (Social distancing)
  • Limiting the number of people using the location Measure the temperature before entering the place
  • Cleaning, disinfecting places Since the area Equipment To air conditioning
  • Employee health care (Which can be both the recipient of the infection and the carrier of the facility)
  • Using protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and alcohol gel

Important idea of Practical and sustainable health care in the absence of a vaccine or antiretroviral therapy is to create an environment where people can live a life that reduces their contact with each other. Both between the guests and the staff Or guests with other guests, such as promoting in-room dining Creating a more inviting room area

All measures must be strictly observed and able to measure results, adjust and enter a disease control situation. In case of an outbreak in the area again

2. Thoroughly assess the financial condition

Every company has its own financial assessments on a regular basis. But in this unexpected emergency situation May have to reassess the financial matters again to fit the new business plan. Within this financial condition, there are sub-topics which are

  • Assess the impact that will occur.

It is expected that The world will have the first lot of vaccines available around the end of the year. If the absolute certainty would be late 2021, totaling about two years after the epidemic in early 2020.

This means that in almost two years your hotel will not be able to run the normal business that it had before. How much income should be expenditures to be sufficient? Is it necessary to find financial aid and where?

The hotel plans should not stick to the traditional ones because they cannot be the same. And when the plan is changed to the goal and the implementation of measures or KPIs, it must be changed to best suit the actual situation. Which impact assessment will help us

  • Review expenditures that Which topic is unnecessary and reduces it
  • Delay hiring and plan a vacation to suit the situation.
  • Reduce labor costs and working hours. Emotional like a hibernating frog

Have heard of “The company has a policy for employees to separate planes when they travel together. In case of an accident, some people will be saved. This is a real company policy and is an example of a popular emergency plan.

That doesn’t mean that this will happen for sure. But it is highly likely to happen. As with the hotel business situation, is a very shaky factor.

After preparing a plan The expenditures-income according to the above A plan must also be prepared to deal with the dire situation caused by COVID. It’s not bad or inappropriate to be prepared. But wouldn’t be terribly good if not prepared. Because of the time when unexpected events happened We are often panicked, helpless, or may not even have time to stand still to meditate at all.

  • Improve expenditure as much as possible

From raw material support or suppliers (Supplier) employees to customers. Hotel businesses can contact them to negotiate a financing deal if absolutely necessary. During this time, speaking out is better with the business than being idle. The parties that can adjust are like

  • Technology

All companies including trading partners must have a promotion to sell their products already. Or even lower monthly expenses for existing members Hotel businesses can tap into the use of labor-saving technologies, such as automated reservation and hotel management systems Cleaning room equipment, etc., which are medium and long term These tools will help you cut expenses, increase profits and improve operational efficiency.

  • Marketing

Even though all activities will stop But marketing shouldn’t stop. Because marketing will remind customers that the business is still here There is still confidence And has the ability to accommodate people who are interested in becoming customers as well

Online marketing can do many things such as promotion, mailing, E-Marketing, creating posts to get attention. Or even doing SEO for the website It depends on the plans and directions of the organization.

  • Operating

Every activity has a cost. The hotel business is a service business and therefore has a high operating fee. Open a list of all your expenses and try calculating your deductible expenses. This cut is not a cut that is used But it is to iron out the excess that is unnecessary. Sometimes it may be necessary to cut people’s salaries. But let the staff understand that this is better than losing all their careers.

3. Use income management methods that are suitable for real situations.

Besides the health and safety of people The welfare of the hotel business is important. That entrepreneurs can do with income management that is suitable for the situation

  • Do not set the room rate too low.

During this time, hotel room prices of all levels fluctuate violently. Your hotel competitors may be willing to adjust their prices. Your hotel should also be prepared for changes in the environment. But an important rule to keep in mind is Don’t reduce the price for the room too low.

Because the price reduction for accommodation is too low may not be worth the cost. Inability to maintain their position in the market (Positioning) or destroying the brand image Which takes time to build and restore Big sale It will create a negative effect for the hotel in the long term.

Moreover, room demand is not directly related to price. Because there are many other factors that people will use when deciding where to stay, such as next to tourist attractions, convenient transportation, having the amenities they want.

The hotel may use other promotions, such as a discount for the specified number of nights. Promotions that play with the moment Accommodation voucher with tour package Accommodation price includes breakfast and spa course. Or promotions according to the hotel’s aptitude

  • Adjusting how to manage room rates

Hotels need to check their financial health more often. Making room rates is One way to take care of financial health The hotel must issue the right promotions at the right time and distribute them in the right way.

This is a good time for hotels to start using technology to manage their rooms. Both about promotions and distribution of the room Because the demand flow is not as much as the normal time Take time for commissioning. Help to adjust the room rate that is suitable for the condition that there are many external factors to be included in the calculation.

4.Update how you sell your rooms

Although the Online Hotel and Travel Agent or OTA will take measures to suspend emergency contracts with hotels to help with the costs and damages of breach of contract.

But the business continues to go ahead from now Hotel-to-customer service without OTA makes it easier for hotels to manage. Both services and relationships with customers And finances can manage costs better Able to make room rates according to the needs of the hotel. Encourage more bookings

  • Adjust the room cancellation policy.

From 2020 until next year, corporate resilient policies are true New Normal, especially for hotels that must understand the expectations, flexible cancellation policies and no hidden conditions of their customers. Interesting policies like

  • Book in advance, pay now, save 10-20% and change the time of stay until the end of 2021.
  • Book now, pay later Cancellation 1 week prior to arrival

The more hotels understand and can fulfill this policy for their customers. The more you have the chance to book the more rooms.

  • Adapt to using OTA

The use of OTA during this time must be more than just a distribution channel. Hotels should opt for an OTA that has the most convenient or flexible policy on their guests’ reservations.

If OTA is required to be canceled, it must be done and invested in other channels such as the hotel website, Twitter page, Instagram of the hotel.

  • Direct sales

OTA has greatly helped with the distribution of awareness channels to hotels. But this also comes at a pretty high cost. The OTA has been a good friend before the birth of COVID. And it will continue to be after that. Selling rooms directly from the hotel is a way many hotels are turning their attention to it. Because giving customers the most possible and sustainable offers

Direct sales through their own channels such as social media sites. There is no need to use a lot of manual labor or monitor the system all the time Because a good hotel system will automatically manage your bookings.

Hotels must focus on honest communication through their own channels. Let customers understand clearly that Why should I change the reservation with the hotel? How does booking match up to customers? As a result, hotels can manage their income sustainably.

5. Communicate, communicate and communicate.

Hotels need to communicate more during this time. Gather all marketing strategies that hotels can do, such as doing SEO for the website, adjusting the website to be an easy and communicative channel, paying Google to promote the hotel website, posting through social media. T Play games, win prizes, etc. to create a memorable brand name and drive more direct bookings.

There should be three principles of communication – transparency – to build and add credit to hotels. Sincere to build credibility And on time, do as told to be clear

  • Overhaul of plans and marketing

The period of coming back but still getting COVID The return of hotel business will not be the same. The public relations and marketing must change according to both plans and methods. In order to reach as many target groups as possible

  • Free update available website and online space.
    • An FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page on the website (or on the Facebook page, if applicable). Customers can often find essential basic information on this page.
    • Spoken reviews on the website convey the hotel service / product and value (Value) of the hotel.
    • Include visual banners in prominent places such as the top of the website, the Facebook cover page, and the web popup.
    • Update contact information on the website. Social media To make contact and find easily and conveniently It is better to put in the contact method.
    • Update contact hours, business hours, convenient hotels To create understanding for customers
    • Do SEO for the web as much as possible.
  • Create a communication strategy
    • Create new posts on your website, such as real customer reviews. Blogs, informative articles that are updated and helpful to the target audience.
    • Create new campaigns on social media Create fresh and fun marketing campaigns that encourage our target audience or customers to participate.
    • Make promotional clips for hotels, post on websites and social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram because the hotel focuses on selling places. It’s good to get customers as much as possible.
  • Dust off pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Earlier, paying platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram to advertise were not as popular.

But right now, the advertising competition is very high. If our business doesn’t promote this way or doesn’t have a good marketing campaign, it might not be able to attract customers. Advertising on Google can give you good results if you plan well and take action and follow up closely.

6. Find new customers

Thailand and many countries have the same trend. Will not open the country as free as it did before COVID Until you can find a cure or prevention of COVID When the number and character of travelers are not the same The hotel business strategy must be adjusted according to the changing market.

  • Fine but still be yourself

Let’s explore our hotel business. Who is the customer group? Is it a group that can not travel during this period, such as a European expat? Foreign businessmen who come on business trips, etc.

If these are the groups, will the hotel adjust its target audience to which the brand’s position still supports? Which thinks like this so that the hotel can find new customers At the same time, it does not lose its own standing and selling point.

  • Focus on the right audience

In addition to the position of the hotel, the target audience they look for must match the resources they have, for example, if they want to change from a group of couples to solo travelers. Are there single-person rooms to accommodate? Or if you want to group people who travel to Are the hotel rooms equipped with amenities for working in the room? Etc.

7. Do not ignore familiar people.

On days that are not the same Approaching people who have been involved with both customers and partners Also, the surrounding community is important, perhaps more important than ever. But with different goals and approaches

  • Contact for existing customers

Contact guests who have stayed at our hotels. Inquire of the well-being Express concern about the COVID situation that everyone is affected by. Be cordial, lovely and heartfelt that a hotel can do for a fraction of the cost. (Electricity and internet only!)

Hotels can also offer discounts to former customers. Along with informing them how to take care of their health, ensuring that when they can travel to and from Your hotel name will definitely be on the minds of these customers.

  • Talk to partner

Businesses are generally affected. Hotel business partners such as factories selling room equipment The food delivery department, the tour agency is also

Try calling them to talk to them for ideas and proposals that can be made together. Because, too, that when the business returns to move forward normally Your hotel will be the first business partner he thinks of.

8.Start to adopt technology

WOW always Then that can be done in several ways During the period that the room cannot be sold In order to have as much cash flow in the hotel business In the meantime, the hotel can take time to prepare the business for a return.

  • Turning human labor into mechanical labor

As always emphasized that Now is the best time to switch to room management technology.

The system or program chosen by the hotel must be able to help the hotel from finding new customers. Setting sales prices based on actual audience search data Bookings, Payments, Customer Data Collection Making room summary report To being a hotel information hub connected with all OTAs and social media

By using technology to help hotels find more customers by reaching a wider audience. Save time managing data And save money in hiring workers Reduce costs and increase sales at the same time WOW launched WOW Hotel Solutions, a complete hotel web service.

Your hotel website will be more than just a regular hotel information website, because the hotel website by WOW will help to coordinate and take care of customers from a target audience to long-term customer retention. Including cool functions that hotels want, such as

  • Professional web design, beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager, smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing, a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use.

6 Ways To Create A Landing Page That People Want To Click Read And Get Action On Real Web Pages.


Landing page is an essential component of a website. Because Internet users will come across our website through this webpage, so if we build a landing page or improve it well, it will be able

  • Increase your website traffic
  • Web trading rate (conversion rate)

Most landing pages will focus on web trading as well. Which means Updating your pages must be based on your website’s target audience.  WOW has some interesting tips for building landing pages that make people want to click. Come in and read and understand Until the action occurs on the actual webpage

First of all .. What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page where internet users search for something in search engines or social media. Then come find the link on our webpage and click into Examples of situations that lead to a landing page include:

Links the web pages that internet users find. It is the duty of the website maker who wants to modify and encourage website users to do something that they want such as buying products, registering for news Or click to access other web pages

Product page and landing page are the same?

Is the product page or product page and landing page the same page? Both pages have different goals. Product page or general web page. Its main goal is to provide information such as products or services to users as general content that they want to reach large numbers of people.

The content on the Product page should therefore represent the brand. Educate the reader And there are links within the same website so that visitors can go to other relevant content.

Landing pages are designed for specific marketing goals. And it has one goal, such as getting people to a webpage and then doing something like clicking to buy a product. Fill out contact information, etc.

Landing pages can have multiple goals. But not as good as having just one goal A survey from online marketing company wishpond reveals that landing pages that offer or direct users to more than one webpage gain 266% fewer leads than a single-purpose landing page ¹

6 things that landing page builders must add

1. An outstanding primary purpose

The main purpose or Focus is a must have on your landing page. It should be one. Which this purpose must be made out as images or words clearly or stand out as well

For example, if you are doing a landing page to sell things, you will need to customize the web page to direct the user to the maximum payment for the product. By creating a button “Add item to cart” (or Call-To-Action button) to be more prominent than anything else, such as the placement of color, text of the CTA button, etc.

2. Topics

Landing page must clearly state the product, service or what you want to offer from the beginning. Because the user’s interest is only for the first few seconds

Adjust the topic (Headline) and Short description (Tagline) to communicate clearly. For example, WeOnWeb is a website making company.

Headlines or important points should appear in front of you at the beginning. Because another reason is If users cannot find what they are looking for within this period It’s very likely to close a web window or go back to another site that serves better.

3. Illustration

Illustrations play a large part in motivating or encouraging people to visit landing pages to other pages. On the same website Whether it is a product or a service Illustrations help customers or prospects to see more clearly. Know what to buy or get

The most popular illustration ideas are Using portraits of people using the product that the landing page sells leads people to imagine themselves using that product 

4. Payment channels

Sales landing pages today It must have a built-in payment system, and many types of payment methods are also supported. As a result of Yoast’s survey, 60% of landing page visitors put the product in their basket and did not proceed with the payment. Because the web page does not have the preferred payment method

Payment channel Hence, it is an essential ingredient on landing pages to sell which in addition to helping close the deal completely. Payment method marks, such as credit card logos It also improves the credibility of your store and website.

5. Customer Reviews Real experience 

Was it ever that we, as customers, were browsing our products online? And feel hesitant about whether to buy or not Therefore went to search Google to see if People who have purchased this product or service What is his opinion about this stuff?

Looking for reviews or social proof is even more common day by day. As more and more people shop online It is a psychological phenomenon in which people assume actions or things that happen to others. To be something that is highly likely to happen to oneself

Online store Be it a website or a selling platform, it is likely to use real customer reviews Open an area for comments Including customer photos or ratings as part of landing page construction.

Another simple way to do social proof is to show the number of purchases of that particular product or service. How many buyers there are Will work as well

6. Leading corporate brand certification website

The brand certifies the quality or existence of the website. Has its own function Just placing it on the website can help build confidence or confidence among users. Each corporate brand has a different level of credit. But definitely better than none


All in all, to build a good landing page, make sure there are at least 6 of these components on your landing page, which seems like a breeze. But each website has a different focus.

Making a good landing page for your website Therefore have to take time to tweak and test if the modified How effective is it? And is it ok enough for you to use it as a landing page?

For those who want a website for sales, landing pages, selling good and complete products from calling customers to taking orders. A 24-hour sales assistant for you that you can manage as your own. WOW sell web page, a single web page that helps entrepreneurs in the new era. Prices start at only 990 baht, no minimum, 7-day free trial contract, easily add orders, generate profit for your business. Consultation first can be done free of charge.

Hotel Marketing A Small Accommodation How To Promote Travel During The Hot Season In 2020?


2020 will be the year that measures the hearts of all entrepreneurs around the world. In particular, tourism operators that usually have travel periods or high season (high season) as the key to hotel management, such as setting goals of the hotel business, hotel marketing management, etc. with the epidemic situation. Of COVID as you know it

But even this year, the hotel business found Covid Unlike other years Does not mean The hotel will not be able to manage anything. Because the hotel can return to accepting guests again in the second half of the year Get more relief The interesting question of this minute is The hotel will call the customer. Make the hotel famous Or against the hotel market is very fierce in this period , however,  especially small hotel. And the trend of accommodation and care services that are coming up during this time

Hotel marketing plan Where to start?

1.Know your hotel and its position in the hotel market

Most hotels think that Accepting all groups of customers Being a hotel for all kinds of people Able to store more customers, which equates to earning more

But in fact Having a specific target audience or a slightly narrower segment It will help the hotel to market more directly and will be more effective.

The hotel already has a clear focus group. Must not forget that Are there any suitable advertising resources, such as technology like websites? Social media and budget are both important. Because it is a tool for calling customers into hotels today

2. Set goals

We cannot design a path forward. If you don’t know where to go The same is true for hotel marketing. It won’t be able to happen at all. If the hotel does not have a clear goal If you do not know the exact goal What is own Let’s try to answer the following questions.

  • Who is the target audience for marketing?
  • What are the strengths / strengths of your hotel over the competition?
  • Who are your direct and indirect competitors?
  • What is your hotel good at?
  • What outstanding service does your hotel offer, or is it good that customers like it?
  • What are some things your hotel can improve?
  • This year’s financial goals (income, expenses) for the hotel Where is it? And what are the plans for achieving these goals?

3. Choose a marketing strategy that matches the hotel.

Marketing strategies that hotels can use There are patterns that can be seen everywhere. Or is already widely used Therefore, it remains only to choose and use accordingly.

Which before choosing a marketing strategy for the hotel Hotels must know their own SWOT. This SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities. (External Positive Factors) and Threats (External Negatives) These data are searchable and aggregated from management and all associates.

SWOT information will help hotels know Is this marketing strategy appropriate for the hotel? Does it fit into the overall business plan of the hotel? In terms of the return on investment benefits (ROI) and the risk factors that will occur, what are the factors and whether the hotel will accept it?

4. Take action according to plan

Whatever marketing strategy is used, it must be done with caution and caution. The hotel has to come up with a clear and timed action plan.

5. Evaluate financial results

Evaluating financial results It is the final step in the marketing plan. To tell the hotel that The map was made successful or what was an error? Assessments can be performed as both individual stage assessments and the entire plan assessment.

Each step of the assessment has the advantage that the hotel can adapt the plan to the actual situation and correct the current situation.

The summary plan assessment section helps to compile a picture of how the entire plan is implemented. And the steps within the plan may be steps that must be followed in conjunction with other steps. Which cannot be evaluated individually

Hotel marketing If there is such a strength, it is guaranteed!

Hotel websites that drive direct room bookings

The website that every hotel should have is one that is attractive and easy to use and provides clear information. Because it will help to call customers and cause more room to book with the hotel

Booking direct hotel rooms reduces commission costs with the hotel. And make good use of the available resources Help the hotel to make more profit

Nice website like this Should have the following principles

  • Good to use via smartphone: more than half of internet users Social media And various websites Via smartphones or as it is known as a mobile phone A good website should be mobile-friendly. Mobile Websites of this type are designed to have Responsive mode or Responsive design.
  • There is a point of sale: The hotel website generally shows all the details that the hotel itself has to its visitors. Which is good But a website that is eye-catching or outstanding that customers remember Must have a clear character or point of sale, such as the interesting history of the hotel, images, video clips, mascot, or a very special promotion deal.
  • Recommend your visitors: A good hotel website should clearly display room and amenities information. And these details should be updated according to the current situation.
  • Be clear and straightforward: your hotel website visitors must immediately know that What are the benefits of booking on the website, such as contacting the hotel immediately? What are the privileges of the hotel? Or better price etc.

Show yourself on social media a lot

Social media is like a megaphone to let people know your business. Today, it is also a place for people, such as customers, to share stories with entrepreneurs, such as reviews of past hotel stays.

If managing social media well Posting with a steady stream, uses a format that is compatible with systems and situations, such as images, video clips, and multiple social media channels. It will be very useful to the hotel.

For hotels, social media can be used well to promote the hotel location, services, and amenities. And inform hotel promotions But it should be mixed with other stories. Interesting related to your hotel business

Such as forecasting the situation of the hotel business during the COVID period as a business operator himself Secret attractions in the province where the hotel is located Restaurants that must try in the neighborhood, etc. Because these are stories that common people. It is not specific to your customers or prospects interested. It will help the hotel’s social media to move, which is good for future public relations.

A post that is useful to the reader, such as providing information, knowledge, or pleasure. Always get a good response.

Manage the hotel reputation well

Advertising is the best. Mouth-to-mouth The same method is a two-edged sword. That can damage the hotel room to ruin as well. If the hotel neglects the opinions or expressions of the customer.

If the hotel knows that the guests are not satisfied with the service. Need to fix the situation as soon as possible Even more today Tell each other on social media very quickly like erysipelas. Where the little things can do a lot of damage With at least one survey showing that Over 80% of travelers check accommodation reviews before booking.

What the hotel should be prepared for is A step-by-step approach to addressing the situation and informing all employees of common practices such as how to respond to customer dissatisfaction by listening Whether on the hotel website Social media, OTA web, Pantip thread or various forums, email, phone call or in person.

If the slightest mistake is true, then you should embrace the guilt. Do not talk negatively, even ironically, ironically, should not do So that the situation ended with the best feeling That means minimal damage to the hotel and receiving valuable advice on the development of the hotel business.

Do email marketing

Hotel marketing Good to consider old customers as well Emailing customers who have stayed at hotels previously Help build the existing customer base for repeat stays or referral to generate new customers through existing customers.

Also, good email marketing. Hotels should be able to improve their email performance at the same time, such as content creation. Beautiful, attractive email format Making promotions, etc. by improving the email from feedback.

Buy search ads (Google)

Buying search ads or Google allows Google to help you push your site into the top search results. It is a popular method of advertising that website developers and hotel websites do.

But because every hotel is marketing like this If you think to do some Need to make a difference with “search terms” and tips such as

  • Shoot advertising based on the interests of event organizers in various locations. Or tourists during that time Who have not yet decided to choose a venue / travel
  • Try to keep researching what additional techniques to use when shooting ads, such as choosing the right timeframe. Choose the target audience, what kind of people? Choosing the platform where the advertisement will appear Including the use of inviting words to stimulate interest appropriate to the target audience selected
  • Set up an online campaign or advertisement budget that is appropriate for the situation. And can be adjusted at any time according to the situation

In the beginning it may be a small budget. To test the system and the advertisements performed But if you are not confident or want to do advertising seriously, it is a big campaign. A professional SEM should be consulted for the best results and at the lowest possible cost.

Update your marketing plan online all the time.

Google and Facebook update their systems or their algorithms all the time. Both platforms are areas of the website and the hotel pages. Hotels or businesses that market online must pay attention all the time as well. And adjust their own online management methods to be equal

The hotel website that has a room management system, Channel Manager, a management tool to accept customer reviews. Or other assistance systems It will help hotels manage online marketing more stable and easier. But spend less overall

WOW introduces WOW Hotel Solutions, an all-in-one hotel room management system. That increases hotel revenue as much as possible and most efficiently. Including cool functions that increase the profit per room for the hotel Reduce the cost of workers. And increase the efficiency of running hotel systems such as

  • Professional web design,  beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking  system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager,  smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing,  a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use. If interested, you can scroll up to click on Contact Us. Contact us for more details now

Tourism business trends, hospitality businesses or hosting a host That is hot this year

The smartphone is great

Smartphones are just as big as the computer as a means to enter the travel market and will likely outpace the future. As technology has evolved and the smartphone can do everything like a computer.

Travel and service businesses need to adapt to the use of smartphones as much as they can, for example:

  • Responsive design
  • Advertising online is more than offline.
  • Making apps

Jane Y people rule the city!

Generation Y, or Millenials, or people born from 1981 to 1996, will have the highest purchasing power in the coming years. Only the United States in one place Gen Y will account for 50% of all tourists by 2025.

The reason is because it is the period that Gen Y people enter the age with high purchasing power. Ie in the early 20-40 years, having a job or a stable job Have a salary There are still little burdens or obligations. Can travel freely

When these people are going to become the main target audience Tourism businesses should therefore understand their character or behavior. To adapt the service to or to make them more satisfied

They grew up during the time of modern technology. They therefore learn and are well receptive to change. Use social media And like the hospitality made for each individual

The hotel business can provide food services that emphasize an interesting history. Local tourism Simple and quick actions such as checking in to accommodation Which increases the satisfaction of most of the guests.

Domestic or foreign tourists, guidelines for health care

Before the arrival of COVID The hotel business mainly focuses on foreign tourists. But when an epidemic and a COVID impact occurs, hotels meet all around. Unable to find tourists from different houses and cities What needs to be done is to adjust the plans to accommodate Thai tourists or domestic tourists instead.

The best news, recently released in early July, is that Thailand may be limited to foreign visitors by the end of 2020, such as business people, or have semi-essential tourism goals, such as for medical activities such as therapy. Healthcare, popularly known as Wellness¹, is a group with high purchasing power and specific service requirements.

Technology is common

Most of the advanced technologies or innovations that facilitate this group of businesses will become commonplace as customers expect. Or if not, it may become strange at all 

The basic technologies that a hotel or hospitality business must have are websites and social media. Because just a phone or email that is Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. may not be enough anymore.

High-tech can also fulfill many services, such as a check-in system with no staff required. Room card, chatbot system, cleaning robot Or many more According to the hotel or service business

20 Hotel Web Mistakes That Make Up OTAs


Thailand has tourism as the main industry. It is plain that the services industry, or location services (Hospitality Industry) will be used to pull market share with competitors so high , according to the particular hotel. Which in order to gain profit Hotels to stay not only have to fight with hotels themselves. But still have to fight with booking and travel agents or OTAs. Another thing that will help improve this travel business arena is not too aggressive is the hotel website of the hotels.

The hotel must make the website as attractive to the target audience and customers as possible. Which may be a matter that you already know But on the other hand Did the hotel know What are the mistakes to be aware of? To cut sales opportunities Get people to turn off their screens before they become your customers.Here are some great hotel websites that should not be missed.

1. The web loading time is too long.

Website loading speed Not only does it affect SEO, it also affects your website for sales. Every second it takes a website to download. It is the second that people enter the website decide to close the page (bounce rate) and increase the dissatisfaction until it becomes a bad memory of the user

Although Google doesn’t say that the best sites won’t take much time to load. Website builders can be compared with good or effective websites, such as Booking.com, which on average takes 4 seconds to display their website to their users.

If compared to the standard of the major competitors of the travel website If you want your own website to have good feedback Must make the website display on all types of screens Both computers, smartphones and tablets within 4-5 seconds no more. Which has many tools that can measure The closest to you is Google’s Page Speed ​​Insights .

2. Ambiguous Call to Action

Call to Action (CTA) or instruct the recipient to do anything. It’s the heart of every sales page. The first step in conversions is achieved with this.

On the website, the CTA comes in the form of a click button. For hotel websites, the CTA button should be clearly attractive. Displayed on the screen, ready for people to click You should use clear words that convey the action you want customers to do, such as booking a room, registering instead of just clicking.

But be careful not to make the CTA buttons on the same web page look conflicting, for example, different colors have different commands. Confusing website users or those who encounter them This may lead to fewer clicks or conversions to follow.

3. The offer is not motivating enough.

A good deal can add value to the website. In contrast to this bad or uninspiring proposal, users of the website were hesitant And pushed them to find other options Which when the target audience has dropped off your webpage There is a very high chance they will be pulled by their competitors. With offers or better marketing methods The offers that the website may have been mistaken or missed include

  • Repeat promotions with OTAs: Usually OTAs have restrictions on hotels not to run promotions similar to OTAs on other channels. But there may still be some hotels doing it by using speech modifier in the ad. Which is whether the intent is or not It’s not a good way to call customers Because in addition to violating the agreement with the hotel partner Redundant promotions have not yet attracted customers. It’s a waste of sales opportunities on hotel pages.
  • Multiple proposals on one web page: Sounds like bad But in terms of hotels that want customers to decide to book a room on the web page Giving too many options is not as good as giving a single proposal over and over. Which the latter is easier to invite or encourage people to make decisions
  • Forget the CTA: Describe the properties, products or services until the end Be sure to tell the customer to place an order as well. Most of the time, CTAs come with a button to enter the order page. Which are often on different faces
  • Difficult to find a way to book a room on the web: Advertise a room should have a CTA button that leads to a page, fill out a reservation and pay in one button No need to click multiple steps or re-entering information.
  •  Does not continually update the website: beautiful and clear pictures of rooms, pools, restaurants or other facilities. Most current contact information Remove promotions that have expired, etc.

4.The website is not responsive

Responsive design is a website design that automatically adapts to the device that can access the website. Which is very important Because nowadays, people visit websites using tools other than computers.

On average Each website has half of the total number of users or more on smartphones. And the usage of the web site via a small communication device is a growing trend. Which those who see this point and adjust accordingly will have a greater advantage

5. The website does not look beautiful.

A website that is outdated, messed up, inconsistent content, all in all, it is a bad looking website. A web like this will only drive people away and create a bad image for your business.

So what must be a good looking website? A good website must reflect your target audience, such as active, love, nature, relaxation, economical, and as much as possible in your marketing plan.

6. The menu on the website is complicated.

For what purpose do hotel guests go to the hotel website? The first is to find accommodation, rooms and promotions, which if the information is interesting and attractive enough. The booking will take place. Website users first look for information on the website menu bar. A good website’s menu should look something like this:

  • The website menu should be at the top of the website. Because it is the most important thing Customers coming to the website should see this first. If there is something more important, it can be placed over the menu, such as a business-related coronavirus notice.
  • The menu bar should contain only important items, such as room layout. Current promotions Hotel services, pictures, locations Contact us
  • Use a clear description, such as about the hotel, instead of about us.

7. Use low resolution images

For the hotel website, images and videos are the only way for customers to feel the real atmosphere of the place they’re interested in staying. If the image or video is unclear, the file is split and the details are faded The hotel was unable to impress the target audience.

“Creating beautiful pictures” is therefore essential for hotels. So that those interested in seeing the picture as much as possible At the same time, it must be an image that is not exaggerated. Or not cause misunderstanding as well

8. make the details on the website look ordinary, not special

Excellent sound picture The content must also be special to match the picture. By creating content that communicates specifically to the hotel audience, including the language, description and overview of the website.

The most obvious example is Making a website for selling rooms to family travelers and business travelers The websites for these target groups are clearly different.

9. Use the wrong language.

Ordering thematic, spelling, or language details It is extremely important to the credibility of the brand. Always check that the language is spoken correctly or not. Is the grammar incorrect? Interpretation from foreign media Until the overview of the content that Are there mood, tone, and speech (Mood & Tone) as specified by the hotel?

10.Too much information

Less is more: This phrase is very powerful on image-heavy websites like hotel websites. Do not put too much information on the website pages. May start by entering the necessary information such as room layout, room rates, amenities and conditions, then it may become clearer that What more could be appropriate?

Allocate text and images to fit. There are beautiful spaces on the web In an online space, outside of websites like social media such as Facebook, Instagram, they should be kept in a similar fashion.

11. Prices differ too.

Online room sales plans should be based on special rates or special offers as a selling point. In particular, the hotel website sales should have the most special price or offer than other online sales channels such as OTA. Websites with automatic online sales channels or channel managers can clearly solve this problem.

12. Book through the web, no special privileges.

If the hotel website wants to attract customers from OTA to book, just make the price equal or lower than the OTA is not enough with the very competitive level of hotel business and travel booking. The hotel website should offer more privileges than just a lower price. To attract customers, such as a transfer service between your accommodation and the airport or bus station. Yoga class or body relaxation therapy, etc. 

Clearly show the privilege for customers who book the room directly in the hotel website. The more you stay on the first page, the better. You can also add it to a promotion, blog, or a small advertising window (popup).

13. The endless booking process

One closing trick that works for all products is: The fewer steps, the better. For hotel website The less time a guest spends clicking to book the room, the better.

To manage the booking process, you need to go back and look at the booking engine in the hotel website (Booking Engine) that should make each booking on the website no more than 3 steps (ie Search – Choose a room – Pay Or confirm)

It is best to avoid making forms for customers to fill in too much unnecessary personal information to reduce booking time. Which if it is a customer who has already stayed The hotel can make good use of the membership system. This will greatly reduce the time to fill in even more information.

14.Never collect customer room selection information or send sales emails.

Every reservation is not always successful on the customer’s website. There is no hotel website in the world that does not have customers left their bookings. There are many reasons for this, such as having an errand entering the internet, having a power outage, a broken device, or accidentally closing the website window

The website may not be able to resolve these specific issues. But can help maintain the booking for customers such as popup reminders to turn off the screen, save automatic reservations for customers to continue the transaction, recommend a list of rooms close to the room that the customer has visited before

The hotel can use the information of the customer that has sent email to sell rooms or Email Marketing to existing customers. Which is a simple sales method That should be done regularly 

15. Let customers not find information.

If the hotel does not have any available rooms during any date Or temporarily closed according to the festival season This information should be clearly stated on the hotel website. Or show the date and time that the room is available in the booking system Including notifying it on the hotel’s social media

16. There are no ratings or guest reviews.

Reviews from previous hotel guests can help people be more interested in your hotel room to decide whether Is it good to stay here? Providing customer reviews on the hotel website can help increase bookings. But reviews should be maintained at a good level, for example, 4-5 points or more (out of 5).

If the website is open, you can immediately comment. There should always be an officer to monitor. If you find information that is bad for your image, such as negative service criticism. The hotel must hurry to inquire and resolve both problems and dissatisfaction. Including the follow-up results of the case in the comment box When the problem was solved

Because even though dissatisfaction has already arisen But if the hotel is interested and not restless in the problem Visitors, who may be customers or people interested in accommodations, will feel more caring and trusting to stay in our hotels.

17. There is no communication channel with the hotel.

The hotel website has a built-in reservation system. But customers may also have questions about accommodation that they want clarification from the hotel before booking.

The hotel therefore has to open a communication channel for customers to be able to contact as easily as possible, such as telephone numbers, chat system, staff calling back system. Ready when the staff is ready to respond clearly Emails and social media channels

18. The web does not update.

If the hotel avoids the cautions described above It is believed that the website has been updated to a certain extent. It is always important to keep your customers informed of hotel press releases. And even more important During the time of the epidemic or after the epidemic That customers would want to know whether they can book a room or not Can I stay here? Or are there any conditions that customers must be aware of?

19. The website system is not safe or reliable.

Confidence or credibility Help customers decide whether to book or not to reserve a good room. If customers do not believe that the website is safe or can maintain customer information Would not register Book a room or pay via the website, of course. Ways in which hotels can increase reliability of the system include:

  • Change your website to HTTPS or data encryption protocol. Makes data transmission between users and the website highly secure. Not being intercepted by unrelated people to read information easily.
  • Do not ask customers to provide personal information that the hotel does not need to know or use.
  • Explain the policy for handling and handling personal information of customers clearly. Since before filling in information or clarifying in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
  • Update Privacy Policy Or the collection of cookies, information about the use of various websites
  • Show the certification symbol, audit standard, or a central body that certifies the credibility. On the room checkout page such as Visa, Mastercard

20. No A / B testing.

A / B testing is a test for user feedback. By doing one thing in different ways A / B testing is one of the most widely used market testing methods for businesses. Especially the marketing and public relations department 

Hotel websites should always test how to advertise to call customers on their web pages. To get feedback or feedback from real users Whether the marketing or advertising (such as the color, the appearance of the web, the CTA button, the text) that was done to help make the purchase. Or which one works better This can usually be done by yourself using Google Optimize. 


The list of mistakes that hotel websites have to be aware of, all of which can be adjusted little by little so as not to affect the website design you want to maintain. Or overhaul it all at once, during a time when the site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, it will guarantee a significant change in your website.

But if you want to start a new website or have a website expert to help you don’t need to be trial and error and waste time Hotels or businesses interested in building their own website can contact WOW for consultation. Free analysis of website design that meets your business needs.

For hotels, WOW has Hotel Solutions, a hotel website with a complete room management system. That adds direct bookings and updates all sales channels through the hotel website immediately

  • Professional web design,  beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking  system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager,  smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing,  a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use.

SEO Vs SEM How Do Online Marketers Choose To Use? Best For Business (2020)


Most businesses today are online. The primary role of online marketers is to get their products, services, or work companies stuck in search engines and appear at the top. For customers to see Because the more easily visible It increases the chances of clicking into the website or online store of any business enterprise The search is widely used in our time is that Google’s search results are two types: natural (Organic) with payment (Paid) by two is often referred to as SEO and SEM , if not two. As such, it can work easily with ease in the world of marketing 2020.

Or if you are the owner of the website Not a direct marketer But I want to know how to make a website to be on Google all around, this WOW article will talk about what is SEO, what is SEM, when should you use SEO, SEM or both. To make online marketing more intensely

Google search result types

Suppose we search for the word “Old Sandwich” in the search box that comes up, the first part is Search results that website builders can buy hosting with Google or Paid result later is a search result that results from the SEO of various websites or organic result, which Google processes and displays. Links selected by the system as relevant or close to what is in the search box.

But if you have to choose whether to use SEO with SEM well, you need to understand its function. Then let’s know each other one by one and what it is. And what other details are there useful to online marketing these days?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, if translated just the name will mean Adaptation to the search system The long explanation is how to optimize the content to be found through organic search engines.

“What’s this content adjustment?” Is a mystery that website builders are always curious about, which Google and its search engines have. Also have selection criteria Give your own rating And the criteria are adjusted all the time Which was not clearly disclosed to the public or examined But it is enough to give a rough basis for 3 big things:

1. On-page SEO, individual web page adjustments

An example of doing on-page SEO is

  • Putting search terms on a web page
  • Making specific topics, web pages or content such as how to make soya milk Overseas Chinese Recipe Written by direct descendants (The words underlined are Making the content specific More in depth)
  • Keep your webpage link or url name short and informative.
  • Create a title and meta description to attract readers.
  • Add search words in the image (Alt text)
  • Write content that is easy to read, easy to understand.
  • Put keywords in important points, such as the first paragraph, the first words of the paragraph

2. Off-page SEO. SEO outside the website itself.

An example of doing off-page SEO is

  • Other websites put our website link on their webpage.
  • Other websites mention the name of our website.
  • Have a good review on our site or give a good rating.

3. Technical SEO Technical SEO that helps Google to collect more information on our website.

Examples of doing Techinical SEO include:

  • Make web pages load faster.
  • Use a canonical tag to prevent content duplication of web pages.
  • Use hreflang tags for bilingual content sites.
  • Optimized robots.txt to do a better job of crawling web pages.
  • Do not allow Google to collect data, no indexing of web pages with less content.
  • Increase the security of the website Prevent data theft
  • Make the website usable on smartphones (Mobile friendliness).

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing or link promotion marketing. To be seen more in search engines With direct payments

Usually, SEO is part of SEM, but SEM is divided into 2 parts: SEO and PPC. SEO promotes PPC again and makes SEM better. Therefore, SEM is mostly done with PPC and SEO. together

What is PPC?

Now, what is PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is paying to advertise website links on search results pages. If a user clicks on the website listed in the advertising area or the Paid result area on the example above. The website owner will pay for the clicks. 

In addition to the number of clicks Click prices also depend on the keywords they choose to use.They come from auctions (bidding) by many PPC websites, where keywords that are more likely to click a lot will compete with other sites . The price will be even higher as well.

For this reason, in most cases, before purchasing PPC, online marketers need to do additional research on the business or purpose of the website, for example:

  • If running a website that sells complete vintage sandwich making equipment ready for sale, you should use the keyword ” “Old sandwich equipment” or “selling old sandwiches” rather than “vintage sandwiches” because people interested in buying equipment tend to type for the device or the purpose more directly than simply typing a sandwich.
  • If you make a website for making chip pungs from China May use the keyword “Making Chinese shipping” or “making cheap Chinese shipping” rather than “shipping from China” because this word is too direct. And tends to be highly competitive bidders Until the price per click is high (unless you are ready to pay, you can invest as you deserve)


When to consider whether to do SEO or PPC (SEM) well, or to do both. The website builder must understand the nature of the website and the business / goals of the website itself. Which has a combination of factors There is no fixed formula. And adjust at any time But understanding SEO and PPC will help you make your website more targeted.

Use SEO when ..

  1. Websites have areas on the web for creating organic content (informative content) such as blog.
  2. You already know the market for products that are selling well. Want to add long-term value to your website And know that in the future there will be a need for this value, such as creating a website selling raw materials, making bakery And give knowledge about various raw materials
  3. The target audience of the website It usually takes weeks or months. Find and research information before purchasing a product or service, such as an expensive product.
  4. PPC costs are always high.
  5. Your business and website are starting to land. And has a certain level of credibility (Domain Authority)
  6. The website has some level of customization. And works quite well in organic searches

Use PPC when ..

  1. Many competing websites use the same keyword (s) that you would use.
  2. You don’t know your market well enough. And want to test their own ideas Or products and services such as new products that have never been done before
  3. Customers of this business know what they want. And have product search behavior And when found, it immediately bought
  4. The cost of doing PPC is not very high or there are some fluctuations in the price. Or within the advertising budget you can afford
  5. Just built a business online Still not stable online
  6. The site still needs quite a lot of SEO improvement.

If you are new to website Or want to make a website for sales Sell ​​stuff online Regardless of what kind of product or service To continue to grow the business and manage simple, cost less profitable long-term sustainability recommend WOW Sale Page Web page only help sales, especially online.

Or if you have a website but lack online marketing to help plan and operate, WOW offers Online Marketing Solutions that help your business reach more direct customers, sell more profitably, sustainably. Both services can Contact our WOW staff for more information right now. So that the website you have It’s an online storefront that you can manage from anywhere. Or open to customers from anywhere and most angles

70 Blogging Ideas SEO-Themed Articles To Increase Your Views And Drive Sales To Your Website.


Writing a blog is a way to add content to your website. That the popular website makers do Because it costs less But create long-term value for the web And is an area that the user has more control over social media

The broad goals of blogging or articles are: Generating website traffic Each website has its own specific goals, broken down to, for example, to sell products on the website. To receive advertising for various products To educate, etc.

Blogging doesn’t have to be a big starting point. Just start writing on the main theme of the website or the writer’s interest. Who is thinking about using article writing as part of building an online business? And want to find blogging ideas that can be done over and over And actually generating traffic. WOW gathered 70 ideas from 9 writing categories. Which is guaranteed to cover all types of blogging

It is useful and for practical use.

1. Check lists – List items This is a popular article that is suitable for today’s world that wants to use ready-made lists to reduce the hustle and bustle of life, such as packing a suitcase for a week to Korea during snowy season.

2. Vocabulary – vocabulary of various professional circles or work They are always searched for. Just keep updating the information to ensure that the views are definitely high, such as marketing terms, French kitchen terminology. Hospital emergency department vocabulary

3. Explain the basic concepts of the story – Similar to # 2, but explaining the concept gives a definition and explains the basics of a career or work industry, such as basic marketing, basic Facebook advertising.

4. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ stands for Frequent Asked Questions. Business websites can create an FAQ blog to help bring in their target audience. Create the understanding that is beneficial to the business as needed. Or can sell products

5. Tips & Tricks – Everyone loves. They make it easier to do something, it is important that they be effective or make a difference for those who do it.

6. Pros and Cons – Eat the Keto Diet or Fast IF? Eat clean or eat regular food but do extra exercise? Mac computer or Windows? Activities in life are often compared to take part.

If your website sells something Comparative topics can be linked to the sale as seamless as possible.

7. New Techniques – If your website is focused on a specific topic. Presenting new techniques in your area of ​​expertise It’s a way to make a blog that is attractive. This web credit promotes the credibility of your new techniques.

8. Tell readers why this is necessary for them – Explain or comment on why what you present is necessary. With evidence or information to confirm this belief, for example, 9 reasons why online merchants should have their own Sale Page from now on.

9. Statistics or trends related to websites – Statistics are the credibility of information. Including blogs Which the website can combine these information into one article

But it should also be valuable enough to find, for example, to include some market stats for 2020, top cosmetic trends to watch for 2020.

10. Make a survey, research, and answer  – a website with a large number of visitors and interaction between users and the web or to some degree of engagement can do survey results.

Should be clarified on the web page that What is the purpose of this survey? What are the benefits of survey participants? And don’t forget to share this result on the same web page as you did the first survey.

11. Clarification of misunderstandings or prejudices – Zellman is a profession that likes to lie to people. Insurance sales people like to sell unnecessary things. Politics is far away. Every industry has this kind of rumor or misunderstanding.

You can write a blog to clarify information in your area of ​​expertise. Based on reason and real knowledge Always thought This writing is to give people real insight into the aspects of the industry involved.

12.Distributed ready – made templates – everyone likes ready-made templates or templates that make work or study easier, such as resume, resume, SEO report, personal business card design. Allows users to download from our web page. And use the blog area to describe each Template

13. The Secret of Science – Science is the principle of cause and effect. The reason is the truth that is hard to refute. Tips or tips made with scientific reasons are often very popular and trusted.

For example, the secret to making an impressive first date is based on science. The secret to making food tastier using simple science principles

14.Help to decide – Knowledge makes it easier for people to make decisions. Try writing a blog that helps readers make easier decisions. For example, a tour selling website writes “20 Things Travelers Should Know Before Organizing a Road Trip Without Tour Leaders”, Webs for Renting or Selling a House in Bangkok, writing “15 Things You Should Know Before Organizing Your Own Road Trip”. Know before you buy a townhouse / condo, small size 30 sq m. “

15. Share lessons learned from important people – talking to important people. Read a book Or travel to a new place, can be written as knowledge or Witthana on the website. For example, 9 stories I learned from an interview with Mark Zuckerberg during COVID, 5 stories that people Selling things learned from selling things online without a storefront.

16. Book Summary – A stream of audiobooks. Or a short clip that summarizes the book is coming on strong because people today are very busy Until the point of being unable to read books on their own To summarize a book or narrate the story briefly, there is a high demand among media users today.

17. Share tips to improve efficiency – People always want to do more in a limited time. Or increase efficiency in the work performed These tips are always getting attention, such as 9 tips, make use of Zoom video calling easily and have fun! , 10 ways to use LINE OA most effectively

Learning How-To

18. The path to success or learning to the most advanced knowledge – Nowadays, people are learning by themselves, learning online, E-Learning more and more, blogging, writing, suggesting a step-by-step path from start to finish, such as course path, learning SEO. From beginner to professional Thai cooking class from beginner to professional level

19. Explain how to do something from start to finish – write directions for doing something Step by step from start to finish If there is an illustration as well in every step or have a video clip when making it, it will be highly popular, such as how to make Pad Thai with river prawn How to clean the air conditioner by yourself

20. Explain how to be an expert – Many people learn not just because they are curious, but want to become an expert in an area of ​​interest. If your website is a professional science Even if it is becoming popular This blogging topic is really interesting, like how to become an SEO expert in 8 steps.

21. Explain how things work – Find a topic in your circle that people are interested in and explain how it works in a clear, visual way, such as how SEO works on search engines.

22. Explain how to do advanced tasks – This will differ from being an expert. By the way, the more advanced functions are somewhat narrower. It will introduce specific topics such as SEO expertise, narrower topics like Snippet addiction, Quick Backlink enhancement.

23. Guidance on how to do things Interactive Guide – Each person has a different starting point and makes things different. Or doing something has many different results. Alternative guide blogs are another interesting blogging option, such as how to get your site on the first page of Google (Interactive Guide).

24. Creation Method with Case Studies – Case studies help to visualize clearly. Especially some work that is unique, such as how to make a candy shop survive during COVID. (Case studies from After You)

25. Repair methods – Damages and repairs are possible every day. And is a topic that people are always searching for in any field, such as how to fix car scratches How to repair hole jeans How to save lives a phone that was dropped or spilled on water


26. History of celebrities in the industry where your website resides – Celebrities are more or less searched for all the time. But there will be more opportunities If those celebrities are in the news, such as cosmetics selling websites Write down the history of the founders of the up-and-coming cosmetic brand in 2020.

27. Celebrity Actions – Celebrities are often used as models for doing something. Summary of interesting stories about the success of celebrities. Is a story that everyone I want to read both from success and being famous. In case of following some

For example, Victoria’s Secret’s Top Angels 8 Secrets to Maintaining Beauty, Yaya’s Make-Up Procedures, How to Maintain Wealth in the Age of the Riches of Chearavanont 2020.

28. Celebrity List – Who is the celebrity in your industry related to your website? And how can you follow them? The hottest at this time “

29. Celebrity Interview – The interview adds an extra edge. It is different and unique to the website very well without any effort. Talk well. Keep the main points of the interview clear. Have nice illustrations That match the content

While the interview may be an opinion or a word at the time, it is worth reading.

30 Celebrity Advice – This is similar to the celebrity method. But it is special that celebrities are the ones who introduce themselves

Reviews instructions

31. Recommend Blogs You Should Follow – Your blog readership can be an avid blogger. Try writing to advise readers which other blogs are worth reading. You may add further comments on what is the advantage or strength of each blog, adding insight to your blog.

32. Book recommendations – Every industry has its own textbook or book. Writing a blog that recommends books that are worth reading is also a popular idea, such as 3 marketing books that are worth reading during the COVID period.

33. Recommend podcasts, YouTube clips – Most readers use multiple channels of information. Video clips or podcasts are also their channels of interest. Try writing an introduction to these channels. This is similar to a recommended book.

34. Introduction to meetings, seminars, events – writing advice on meetings or exhibitions Related to the interests of the website Because most of the time, not everyone gets to these events. The readers may be people who are interested and want to find information for deciding whether to join well. Or the knowledge gained from this work

Or if the blogger has attended a lot of seminars Or think that readers would be interested in these works May include a list of interesting seminars

35. Including the best list – if not the best It is the most other, anything, like the most beautiful, the most used. Or can tear the line as the worst But be careful of writing accusations of slander Because it may cause a dispute 

36. New Product Reviews – New products are the products that are most searched on the Internet. Because in addition to finding where to buy the price, there are also ways to use, pros and cons, and related information, such as reviews of Xiaomi bathtubs that the brand claims to be products that every home wants to have.

37. Popular Product Reviews – Product review articles and product reviews on the sales page give different feelings. Because the article will have more space to write text and put pictures Interested parties will see content that satisfies. And enough for purchasing decisions such as Balmuda oven review popular among Japanese housewives.

38. Compare products – Compare the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, prices of products. You can compare only 2 pieces or compare multiple products.

But if you compare 2 items, you should offer in-depth information. To increase the selling point for content such as Sale Page and Sales Platform: Where should the online merchant choose to sell for more profit?

39. Online Course Review – Because students are now turning to online learning more. And will become more normal in the future Articles about Online courses that are interesting or popular will become more popular. Which matters of knowledge are compatible with every line of business websites Just find the aspects that fit together.

40. Reviews of films related to the website industry – such as movies that salesmen must see.

41. Workplace Reviews – Many of the websites are owned by well known organizations or have a certain following base. Try creating an open house article for people to see, help with branding and reaching people.

42. Review of in-bag – Popular topic on YouTube, lifestyle, cosmetic items that can be used all the time, no time or season.

Direct experiences that happened with oneself

43. Beginning of professional careers – Every profession is interesting in itself. Try to organize the story well. Find aspects to tell, such as from archeology students to professional fantasy fiction writers

44. Daily Routines – Build on Career Storytelling Many professions are the ones that most people are interested in. If the owner of the profession can tell it fun that What kind of work do they do each day? It will help to visualize that career in a more fun way.

45. Experiment or Experience Learned – New ideas or items. Always get attention, such as how to diet, lose weight. Cushion, magnetic eyelash foundation, etc. This article is also often highly trusted. Because it was an experiment by myself

46. ​​Trial or Experience Errors – Experimental or hands -on experience. Can tell in a narrower angle Negative mistakes are always inquisitive aspects, such as 5 mistakes people plant with cactus make without realizing it, 20 mistakes the hotel website makes for losing OTAs.

47. Income – Money is always interesting, especially someone else’s property or occupation that interests people. Even if the number of income is more or less than expected of the general public Even more curious, for example, exposing the income of online fiction writers Up to half a million per month!

48. Community Speech – Speech or spell is popular. Because anyone has experience or knowledge Regardless of the occupation, any field, they can express their views. If there is a dialogue or transcription attached to the clip, it is even better.

49. How to Overcome Disadvantages – Everyone has flaw or point that they want to fix. If you have personal advice or tips that can help you pass these questions Guide people through blogging

50. Personal Stories – Many people have interesting stories. Although it is a story that does not have a beautiful peak Or failure to remember But there may be simple aspects that can be found in everyday life. Arrange the content in order Ordinary is worth reading.

51. Favorite things – Menu, food, take place, describe things like Give a reason why you like this. Can attract both people who like the same Or do not like and want to hear different opinions Or looking for information to make a decision

Motivate, inspire

52. List of Successful or Good Actions – We all want to know how to be successful. Examples of things that have been accomplished are therefore best-selling content that people want to know,

53. Analyze Celebrity Success Results – Analyze other people’s successes and explain them by scene. Where his achievements may be many It is all included in a single article, for example, 9 popular tour selling sites that WOW is proud to present.

54. Challenge Experiments – Challenging to do something or Challenge is a trend writing topic at the moment.

The author must be the initiator that Try something Whether it would yield the claim or not, or would like to know what it would be like in reality The experiment had to set a clear time for it to be complete.

55. Quotes – Moral sentences, cool phrases, are always searchable topics in the system. Even if it comes from the mouth of a celebrity Even more trusted, such as 15 true quotes that can be used forever by world-class marketers.

Related to time

56. Interest trends of each period – eg: consumer interest topics during COVID.

57. Industry Progress News – Your website is about any industry such as cosmetic marketing, steel industry, etc., offering exciting news, statistics, annual reports. It can be both a news source and a record that can be viewed past.

58. Impact of New Things – Laws, Technology, Construction Changes in many things can affect masses such as Facebook updates the timeline system. How does it affect the online sellers?

59. Future Skills – Be it young or old Always have to update their knowledge To be able to compete with others There are job values ​​such as 7 skills marketers should learn more now.

60. Timeline Summary – Evolution of the event system is a great piece of information for assessing the future, such as a summary of Facebook algorithm updates from its inception to the present day.

61. Prophecy – The future is what nobody knows But everyone wants to know Predictive blocks or predictions of what might happen can be presented with data or statistics supported.

62. Discovery – Today everyone can be a medium of their own. Article blogs can be a place to showcase new news, discoveries, especially if this is a warning or caution to others. The more valuable the article.

63. Seasonal events – New Year, Songkran, Buddhist Lent, or even the beginning of the year, the end of the year, the month can be formed into a topic.

Controversial opinion

64. A minority opinion – For example, everyone loves the heroine, but if you like a villain. You may be the little one. The reason for the villain’s side may be little known. And help people see the other side of the story Will mix by offering that The other party can also think wrongly. 

65. Open Letter – Letter Writing to Celebrities There must be an interesting theme, such as a website, software development, open letter writing, Bill Gates. 

66. The Change You Want – Nothing Is Perfect And the opinions of the little ones are valuable. A website can bring these two things together. Being creative is self-relevant.

67. Criticize the cause of failure – Failure is not bad if we look at it as a lesson. It can also be written as an article, such as the failure of Google+, why and how.

Other topics

68. Cartoon memes, jokes

69. A-Z, AZ Consonants of various languages Which tells about a topic

70. Guest writer

Why the topic is good, but it is written and no one reads it. You can fix it like this!

Endeavor to write great articles on the web but no one read This happens for a number of reasons, the main one being that this topic is not being searched on the Internet. When no one is searching for this point Article web pages simply cannot receive traffic from search engines.

Articles aimed at generating traffic So it must be a topic that people search in search engines as well. The things that need to be done are also

First solution: Explore the search terms you want to write in the article.

Explore if the search term used in the article was searched or Keyword research by using a search engine. They are both free and have a subscription fee.

A good keyword should have a minimum number of 1,000 searches and the difficulty of using a keyword less than level 10 or too much.

Solution two: learn from competitors

Visit your competitor’s website And take a look at his most popular articles (Each article topic seen There are hidden words that are worth using! We can use, or we can search further to find better words.)

Solution three: find popular articles

This job requires a search engine. Most search engines nowadays Can be used to search for articles Which can be screened at the time of publication Number of step-by-step visits per month, etc. 


High-traffic articles Caused by an interesting topic with a different subject matter That attract people to read Another part is to use a large enough number of search terms. WOW also has many SEO and online marketing tutorials, updated weekly. Including free website consulting No cost Before making a real website To provide the web that is a website that is worthwhile for you and your business