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Case Study: Name the product or brand (Brand) What is good?


Today took a case study In becoming a marketing consultant Let’s talk to each other. This is not on the project. Or startups But is a consultation with someone who is normally known But this is a very common case. In doing business generally is “What is good to name a product or brand (Brand)?”

There are many people who are doing business. Or will open a shop Start something The first thing that is usually irrational is “Naming” This is because there are many factors. Thoughtful In most cases, it is understood that it should be “hit”, “easy to remember”, “understandable” or “able to communicate”, and some “must be cool” “must hit” something like this today, too. The counselor has done about one of the homework assignments in a way that might be called “think sow”, ie 4-5 names, each of which seemed to have different meanings, and let me choose. When I looked at it, I saw that each name had very different flaws and requirements. Let’s look at an example.

  1. seed scrub
  2. nein scrub (smooth scrub)
  3. Scrub coffee
  4. Scrub Si (Scrub Si)
  5. Sai Scrub (clear scrub)

From the example, you can see that the advisor uses the word Scrub or scrub as a common name. Which the advantages are obvious Everyone, including me, knew immediately What is a product? Or about anything But each name has its drawbacks as well.

  • seed scrub (seed scrub): Even though the word Seed in English does not mean anything bad. By implication that the seed or the beginning was something like this But when reading in Thai The meaning may seem a bit awkward and dreadful.
  • nein scrub (nein scrub): It’s a name that is intentional, but it looks intentional. Not synonymous with the latter until it comes out funny with this name
  • Coffee scrub: This is too specific. Too direct that it becomes unaware of the brand name.
  • Scrub Si (Scrub Si): This name looks like a small disadvantage. The mood is inviting, chic, but still not sure why to read next.
  • Sai Scrub (Scrub): Clear, this name’s scrub must keep thinking of it. But it was no different in that it was curt and strange, a rather funny name.

The notes in this article are written on a format describing the initial experience. Will not use the principles of theories and texts to be too difficult to understand Therefore it is not recommended to refer to any academic Except for use in real life only

Caution in naming the product or brand (Brand)

Here, let’s take a look at what to look out for, why, and why. Details separately again. In the case of a brand name, brand, or just a product name (one model, one type), excluding the business name, the overall company name is a general rule of thumb. Given first

  1. Length : Name that is too long. Not only difficult to remember But also results in an obstacle to many Regardless of whether it is doing media Or advertising In general, they should not be more than 2 words or 4 syllables, meaning that if they are one word connected together, they should not exceed 4 syllables, they are too difficult to remember.Like Honda, Yamaha, Mitsubishi these are not more than 4 syllables, but if they are Two words will be excluded, such as Victoria’s Secret Victoria’s Secret, Oriental Princess Oriental princess, which will be seen as a meaningful word in each word. Which must be used with caution anyway
    As in another case of Oil Of Ulan, Oil Of Ulan that we can see that even though it is 4 syllables, but it is 3 separate words until there is a plan to adjust to Oil Of Olay and only Olay is left in the end This is called a gradation. Change with a plan Otherwise, it may lose the image and the same customers, but overall we will see that it should not exceed 4 syllables.
  2. Repetitive or short : besides long Too short, too short to remember or difficult to remember because of this confusion which was too short from the first verse. May conclude that Do not use one syllable name. Because sometimes it will repeat with other brands Other products easily as well.
    In addition, although not short But repeating until uniqueness is not good either Unless You intentionally mimic a big brand Or another product That one is said to go, for example, “Kitchen Man” that has all provinces
  3. Words and Meanings  : This is quite broad. There may be a word of caution. And their meanings are as follows:
    3.1 hard-to-read words, hard to pronounce,
    volumes, 3.3 homonyms, other meanings, case studies
    3.4 specific words such as coffee scrub is called. Should not be taken as a brand name Because people are confused about that A product recall or product names exactly
    3.5, meaning a precarious line friction interpreted otherwise. (But sometimes it can be a selling point) by all means a broad caution. Which now, after commenting on the improperness to the consultant Inevitably, the question arises, what is the name?

From experience Being a mentor suggests that in many cases, a counselor should never be considered for it.Though it is right or not (Either the consultant has the duty to think instead or help think) with some things, feelings, emotions and personal preferences of the business owner. Or the owner of the brand product, so the answer is in a conceptual approach instead

However, for those who are naming that product, product or brand Be aware that At times like this, it’s a decision-making moment, so one way to make good decisions is. Have a decision frame otherwise there is a need. This is stuck here. I can’t decide Or even listening to the surrounding sound Will only create problems because of each opinion Inevitably, for various reasons like this one, one should narrow this naming problem as follows:

Marketing strategy, concept of product or brand name (Brand)

The conceptual framework should choose one item as a mainstay. What do we want to set from?

  1. Emotion or reason: It  does not mean that the emotional state. Or use a reason to name But since Communicate emotionally or reasonably To the customer is important, in the case of the product has not yet been classified It could be a broad idea. In such a way that if it is a set of moods , such as set to look funny, fun, intentionally irony, such as banana, forget her husband, it (Tod). Will feel emotionally involved until remember No, unless the title is elegant or valuable, such as millennial snow cream like this one, the downside may not be suitable for a formal product. Because the name is jokingly or not serious
    But if choosing for a reasonThat, in principle, may focus on a formal, convincing, sometimes a name that has no meaning. Or having but customers do not recognize it, such as using family names Foreign language With hidden meaning Or the cause of Product history Which has to be careful about the interpretation of the other way as well And in most cases, if the name is chosen on a reason like this Should be considered Naming on personal reasons There is no need to look at other factors because the disadvantage is that it  will conflict with many other things such as not communicating, not reflecting the product, may be difficult to remember, but not wrong because the brand name or product name does not measure everything of the business. And there are other ways of marketing to make it stand out easily
  2. The product itself: Expanding or indicating properties from the product itself Is a good idea to name the product You just have to choose your strengths. Or featured features Or the difference is used as a name Which from the case study This method has been used as an option such as Nisan Scrub, only without careful or careful analysis, but if choosing the problem, name it after Product strengths Will find that there are many advantages Both easy to communicate Understand immediately, but Miyai has a disadvantage in that it is unable to break the product line into something else or is difficult to do, the name may be too binding until it may be back to destroy the product when there is another product that does that strength better. But if you intend to be just the name of one product, it will be over.
  3. Customer group: This is important. May need to look in conjunction with item 1-2 as well, you must make it clear that The customer group of the product to be named. In any level. Roughly top-middle and bottom, because if the top-level customers Might set the name in English to look elevated (not always But most of the time) doesn’t use a straight meaning. Which makes it look that it does not have to think too much in depth, which is reflected in the fear of customers being stupid So customers will secretly argue that I am not stupid not to use this brand
    or even age-separated customers, these genders have different preferences for names. For example, naming Japanese, Korean, can target age and gender groups, etc. There
    are disadvantages  as well, but they are disadvantages to accept. And make it clear that other customers may not be interested in our products But really in business strategy And if you are an expert Choosing a group of customers and losing another is not a disadvantage. It is considered that the strategy is more chosen.
  4. Expert: As I mentioned, one thing, business owners or brand owners. May want to participate And want these things to be his In this ownership, I want to name it myself. But for one thing, if you look at it in a very successful way, it may cut off your feelings of (really not important) yourself and give people you trust. Or experts You can set it up. This may help better both in terms of future marketing, various reasons and the last point. No exception If there are other beliefs, let the fortune teller in fact not suggest. But if stuck with just the “name” here, it ensures that your business will never go anywhere. Take it easy.

End of this hope Article Marketing Case study Naming this product or brand will be more or less useful. For case studies Those who come to consult him have a good name. Liked by which he could figure out himself From the framework and guidelines laid out Which is a name that I personally consider quite valid But must not forget that Even a good name will give you a nice start. But the efforts and other cares Must be equal That will be successful. See you again. Thank you.

Thai Marketing Episode 1/3 Marketing Faith


Thai marketing

I want to write marketing articles. Long ago This is likely to be related to the marketing strategy rather than the plan or the whole. It is considered unique in Thailand specific marketing. That doesn’t mean marketing in general isn’t working. But is something that always works better Thai marketing that there is a milk sweepstakes !!  (Faith marketing, sweepstakes marketing, sex marketing) and should be known for fun that Thailand Only Marketing, this is not a trend or trend, it is a market that has been hidden with Thai society for a long time. With these 3 stories already joined The result is no doubt loud. But also have to see if it is loud or loud

Faith marketing

Actually, it is not a ghost story. But this is representative of the invisible. Believe it or not, this is truly a strong item. As I wrote instead that this ghost There may be someone feeling bad. I do not like this stereotype that the ghost That’s all going to be. (I was told that this story is strong)

Despite this, the intent of the marketing story written that this milk sweepstakes ghost was intended to be attractive (marketing style) Only going to it) and easier to remember as well You can’t think of any marketing strategy, you can use the milk sweepstakes ghost, but the first part of this ghost story is actually based on the beliefs we’ve seen and accepted for a long time. The main factor that causes belief Naturally arises from the individual Assumed to be Psychological factor (psychological factors) in the decision-making of consumption.

As can be seen that this belief Useful Or benefit to individuals or groups for a long time, whether it is a trick or a trick, the first obvious thing is in religion. Many faiths rely on Invisible As a link to the subject Reason not valid Difficult or impossible to explain When a condition occurs One event Faith will be used.

Keyword or keyword of this story is “Uneasiness”

We can see that Consumer groups that respond Or respond to this marketing quickly Or, most notably, those who are in a state of “uneasiness” such as the poor economy. Stressful country This is one thing that makes consumers buy and pay the final price just for their “comfort” . Even people who do not have faith in that matter When in Or such environment May be willing to pay just because of the peace of mind as well

The other part is, based on the vast majority of Thai consumers, uses less logic than personal feelings. From the analysis of one view that Thailand is a country that is rich enough to be comfortable. Anything that is easy and comfortable is likely to be a Thai person. In thinking so too If you have to think complicated in figuring out the reasons, it is hard to reach. And is something that feels far away But when anything is “comfortable”, it always works well for Thai consumers.

Faith Marketing Model

The direct product aspect is clearly seen. It includes amulets and items that are not useful in general use. However, it is a product that is directly and indirectly made for belief, that is, products that may have been used in other areas or have previously, but hidden with beliefs as added value, which these products The value is high if it is in a specific group. And may not have value at all with some groups

Service Is a direct response to the beliefs of consumer groups or customers, and indirectly is to consider or rely on Service to products from faith again It will be mentioned again from the example.

Communication Considered a living To help communicate in one way marketing Because they can rely on various things These are in stimulating marketing. It even reflects the consumer’s consideration in the way of social responsibility.

Faith Marketing Examples

As mentioned Sample product Addressing the faith market The first thing is probably inevitable amulets from other amulets, the part that used to be a huge trend is Jatukarmramathep. Some products Is a component like a frame, a pair of monk glasses, this is just one example Even if something is missing But some things will survive Most of these products It fluctuates over time.

There are also many non-faith products, which are truly based on faith-based marketing strategies, such as auspicious simber, zodiac products. Some products rely on auspicious items as a free gift as a promotion. Or that is the trend right now (late 58 – early 2016) is the child of the deity who continues to expand in the parts of other products and services that follow, such as the child of the gods clothing. Accepting care in various fields Communication from brands is quite a bit. For example, opening reservations for the children of the airline’s gods, opening buffets for the children of the gods, but the trend is the trend.

There are also many products and services related to this matter. And have been together for a long time Quite stable as well Just might change the format for some, such as horoscopes, names both directly online, which has been very popular, such as 1900-xxx-abc, organizing tours, seminars, organizing rituals, is another form of many forms. These things That is based on the beliefs of the individual, luck, Feng Shui, religion and many others.

Even in the media Production of TV programs, radio, movies or as well as known that ghost movies in Thailand are often sold well. Here is another example that guarantees this market force of belief.

From the foregoing It does not open up issues in terms of accuracy or suitability. On beliefs Because there are many different types of beliefs in any way It just presents the reality of marketing on Thai society. With Thai marketing See you next episode With sweepstakes marketing That is another story that has been done until loud and bang, no doubt.

Redesign Logo, Make Brand mark! (Logo replacement)


I have helped design a new logo for a SME brand from the problem that Change from pig A rabbit in a red dress Wink background And Thai characters If it is general graphics May get the logo you like Or do not like it. Get some work to order according to the graphics skill Including the misunderstanding of the workers But if in my hand it must be not just .. logos, let’s take a look at the marketing perspective in the article, tell a story on branding and what is brand mark? Yes sir

Redesign Logo, Make Brand mark!

That we shouldn’t just do real logos, it’s hard to understand. Today the subject of “Branding” seems to have a lot of attention. Which did not know how important they were How are they approached? But essentially, building a brand aside from what we all know “make it known, remember”  may not be deep enough. Why am I saying this?

“Well, there are many brands, isn’t there that you know, remember but don’t buy?”  This is a hidden thing. And a component of branding Including marketing At the end of the day,  Brand Equity (brand equity) is  quite detailed and abstract, but if you understand it, you will know that this is truly the result of a brand’s success. If there is an opportunity to write it, read it again.

In this regard are just a few components. One of the things we can do now is called Brand mark  and there is a Thai language provider saying Brand mark It doesn’t sound obvious anyway to the general public. When there is a brand, we assume that it is only “brand”, which is not right or wrong because the meaning of the interpretation depends on each context. In other words, he says that the brand name is the brand name, the brand name is pronounced, the brand mark is the symbol or substitute that cannot be read aloud, that is, the logo.

Here, the brand name and the brand mark are clearly different. But it must not be just a logo that is just a symbol. There should be more communication on the word mark that could mean a mark. But it means a goal And marking the action itself may sound confusing, let me give you a brief overview. Not a picture with the Starbucks brand (Starbucks) that many people know. When I ask what Starbucks means? What is the logo?

If not a true fan But only people who know this brand It may be difficult to answer. The meaning .. Star (Star), anything about stars or not, and that logo ? Will answer clearly that green .. 

Of course, brand awareness (Brand Awareness) comes from a number of different things. But what we emphasize is the brand mark when it is created, it contributes to the recognition. Not because of the direct name Not always what is in the logo But whatever component That should have a brand identity and identity for the brand (Brand identity), which, as I have emphasized, will lead to brand equity (Brand Equity) and the answers I asked about the meaning of the Starbucks name and logo. Is just the name of the ship’s sailor One of the protagonists in the literature about Moby Dick was made in a 2010 film called the Thai giant killer whale And the illustration in the logo is a fairy tale animal Or called the deity fairy called Siren (Siren), a mermaid with two tails.

Come back to see our work

From the picture to give a rough review In the event that we go to employment Or working on a design like this


It’s the first thing we see and feel. We will find it more beautiful. Or not getting prettier, it is not wrong to look at it as more beautiful but still not satisfied Because all of this if really understood Then the beauty Is like a taste, it is a taste called “Personal matters” and based on experience and professional background. In the end The beauty will depend on the viewer and the environment. Believe it or not, the environment has the first components, saying that it is not beautiful enough, with many people saying that it is beautiful, it can be beautiful as well, but if it is “work” then beauty should refer to both the meaning of the modern style because of the trend. That affects the mindsets of most people, as I have been told that most of them are very influential environments and most of them are Our target customersAs you can see, big brands have updated their logos to be more modern. More epochal Even though in the past sometimes it looked beautiful, this was due to the look The beauty in a way that is not Self-willed Because in the end, we want to sell things to “others”, not both the owner and the designer (and this work when the end of the work is not what it seems. In the picture, this is only the first draft or the first job that still needs to be modified several times to suit the customer’s needs)

Another thing to consider is the level of the market. Sometimes a luxury look can be beautiful on the eyes. But sometimes it makes sense that “Beyond reach”, “difficult to touch”, while sometimes in the so-called “Lookthung” style, “Likay” is necessary for the customer group And towards the product category, you will see that the beauty and the like will immediately be inferior to

Design terms

From the original illustration on the right The design is illustrate (drawing) a great hand-drawn pig. There was a bucket and a wooden floor on the side. Brand indication text with a gradient orange background. In one view, Here I want to communicate in a certain angle, whether it is a great hand show. Having a bucket and a stick on the floor of the logo, the frame of the pig, the text had drop shadow, but the bucket and the mop had no shadow. And will also be issued as a realistic image Unlike pigs, it is characterized by cartoon drawings. These we can see that Making it out is a combination rather than a design.

The right side is a drawing as well, but on the same size line, the choice of primary colors, secondary colors, and colors consists of a flat (flat) way that makes it look clean with the modern cartoon style on the bunny problem. Owner of work Which has been discussed and discussed before that Should change from pig And the brand name in Thai language, using the font (paaymaay) from the  ordinary studio that wants bold but clean font And not harsh on the rabbit And overall, some people may think that they look young or not. That is the reflection of the viewer’s personal view as previously mentioned. Because the friendliness is tangible


In fact, the problem of communication is in the same way. “About what” and “capability or strength of the product”That is, “clean” because it is a floor product. When looking at the elements Using the pig as a symbol It may be contradictory because of the image of the pig. Not likely to be a clean animal. In addition, customers who accept Islam may not feel comfortable using this product. Or will look at it from another angle that Pig just reach out to see the clean area. But perhaps it is communication in the sense of “pigs satisfying” customers (pigs) satisfied? Here is something to think about. As for the rabbit, on the picture the main expression is clean white. And also has agility as well It may indirectly convey that it is clean, fast, and the design in a way that looks like an era immediately becomes a non-vintage product. The need for friendship as stated And softness down Lighter in the whole, looks brighter I want to reflect that it is fun, easy, not too heavy, even if the chores and jobs are on the floor. And there are still some parts that cannot be disclosed


As both a graphic designer And as a supervisor Or hiring graphics Thus giving experience and understanding of both aspects of the work Many times when it comes to working with a person’s satisfaction , there are multiple factors. Both as the owner of the work We would surely want it to be satisfied with us. While the worker’s side Would like you to understand some limitations or points of view as a worker as well In this article, when looking to market. Branding already What to find more What to see with the eye is what is desired. “Make the customer feel” the most, and the word is the most, not 3-4-5, but only 1 is a conductor. That will make the work as easy and as possible as we want. Both sides of the work must not act as a self-willed child, must have everything. In the end, it may be, but not good or not outstanding.

All of the above is a small matter. But one of the most important aspects of branding Let it be a comment. Have any questions or comments Can always be shared

Thai Marketing Episode 2/3 Lucky Draw


Thai Style Marketing Part 2

From the first episode that talks about Thai marketing, it said that  the milk sweepstakes ghost !!  And write on the subject Marketing beliefs have now been discussed in the topic of sweepstakes that are Thai marketing. Which has been very successful without giving an example, it would be thought that it was Let’s take a look at this.

Lucky Draw Marketing

We may call this type of marketing as Lotto Marketing (lottery marketing) that has long existed with Thai society. When I was in elementary school, I was familiar with hearing a class teacher say “Thai people like gambling”  despite the law in our country “No gambling” by the teacher creating the values ​​that The thief went up the house once. Not just a house fire, a house fire is not more than a gambling waste. That is the cultivation teaching but ..

Promotion is not gambling .. This is what makes it feel divided. But this is not so because the Act and Ministerial Regulations have been issued to regulate this form of advertising. Even if it came out Cannot directly block these recruits As you can see And often oppose each other However, let’s continue to try to see that What are the factors of this form of marketing?

Strategy factors for this type of marketing

I cannot tell the origin of the lucky draw marketing. I was born, saw, heard or it already existed. Even though we stubbornly Sweepstakes are a type of gambling. That has to pay first to hope to get it back In this case, I will say “Just for Fluke”. However, I must buy that item. That brand already Sounds possible But must admit that Everyone didn’t think like this. The reward is great The more people think “for Fluke”. One clear observation point is Low-priced products And if not necessary Often this kind of marketing works well!

This is one of the landmarks that it is not that difficult. Because the basis Or social strata of developing countries are highly differentiated, or simply put, the poor more than the rich Therefore, people hope to be rich. Therefore being a large crowd Even if not made to be rich Getting things that are worth free Have or not want Free stuff has value, even if the rich want it. But this kind of marketing strategy is something. “Stimulating decision” of consumers, including not wanting to buy items Some things therefore cannot stimulate the people who already have enough purchasing power, such as giving away 1 baht of gold, those who do not have enough purchasing power will pay more attention. And summarize This kind of marketing is ideal for developing countries ..

So we have seen this kind of marketing for a long time with energy drinks. Which when I made a report analyzing the energy drink market Together with the basic traditions of the trade, these products are evident that Brands that don’t play Lotto Marketing have finally won their market share. Because you know it? During an energy drink brand that you do not know. But in the drinking industry They buy each other in packs (10 bottles) just because they give out a lot, actually give out .. And the energy drink customers in the past, we were known to be in the working class before. Which corresponds to what I have said (Currently starting to change)

Development or evolution

That’s a big factor. The first factor, in terms of the social class, is what motivates the rewards when it comes to the temptation of later generations. What makes it more interesting is because of the developed communication. Sweepstakes made easy I do not want, but try to play. It  is the origin of the era of sms (mobile messaging), sweepstakes by sending each time, paying 6-12 baht. In the early days, I thought that this was the people who organized did not have to invest at all. Because it is clearly like gambling, because he has already received the SMS, partly when there is a lot of complaint .. The law gradually moved accordingly.

And as mentioned that Status factor is the first that can interest consumers. But in modern times it’s not just that. The social trend and the increasingly globalized world have made people see, know and exist more clearly. Some objects can therefore tell the identity of that person. Items that are used to sweepstakes are just money .. gold .. it’s not interesting anymore But becoming something that is fashionable in the trend, such as famous brand mobile phones, luxury cars, package tours, would not need more examples. Which the future is still not sure whether There will be development in any form, but I can guess that there is still one ..

Interesting landmark

In marketing like this There are additional strategies to follow, but they will be used. Whether it is the distribution of sales units Run a small but comprehensive promotion, which even has some types of “criminals” open a company selling cheap products by acting as if you won. But when going to the award ceremony There is a forced purchase of other products together called a scam Some just deceive them to be interested in the product. It’s a bit strong, it’s like a blackmailer. Is to force buy It shows how powerful the gambles and sweepstakes are. And this has made some consumer groups become suspicious ..

Lucky draw marketing idea

In fact, Thai marketing The use of this lucky draw is not commonly used in the world, but from the development factors and landmarks that have been written You can see that the concept or (Concept) of this kind of marketing will be successful depending on these things.

  • Customers that can hope for results
  • The reward is interesting enough.
  • Simple random or play methods

If 3 elements are appropriate, the reward must be good to reach the target audience. On the easy way Will have satisfactory results not difficult Because today the online marketing Hot sources are used to help, such as trying to like and share on Facebook and give away rewards. Someone asked why people didn’t care When asked what gave back He told me to give 4 tires (it is his product) as I do not know what to do. Because it cannot be put on the car itself again Like this, for example, not wrong or right, but like many The subject of the Promotion is that it must match in many ways. Side, not follow him (write often this word)

And if starting Should play easily Often get results, such as using the lottery prize numbers, straight forward like this, let’s guess it, believe it, some people are interested Just public relations to see each other is enough ..

A beginner’s guide to content creation


No matter how great your site design is, whatever you spend on it to become a unique site that has no analogues in the Arab web, you will not gain traffic unless you create valuable content for your target audience, because content and content alone is what makes a person like a site without the other, is what makes An advertiser chooses a specific site and not others.

For the visitor or advertiser, the content and its quality is what governs whether this site is worth visiting, referring to, and buying places to advertise in it, so unless you have good experience in creating content, your site will remain below the standard no matter what you do.

Want to create valuable content that gets you high traffic?

“Content is the king” and if your ownership is not strong, no one will follow it. The content industry is a very complex matter and has its secrets and strategies, and its effectiveness is measured by the extent of the target segment’s interaction and the extent of its spread. Although the term content creation only contains the term industry, it also includes marketing and more appropriate knowledge Roads until the desired spread is spread.

From the beginning of the idea and planning for your content until publishing it on social networks, we will learn together the basics of content creation and how to create content that advertisers flock to after seeing the advertisement on your site.

Four main steps to creating content are :

  1. Planning
  2. Ideas and inspiration
  3. Content creation
  4. marketing

1- Planning

You should know that without planning for the content that you create, all your efforts are not in vain, but you do not reap what you want, because you are simply creating the content just for its manufacture, without a goal, if we have two publishers, one of them sat for one hour, in which he specified his goals for the content of this year or month and let it be For example, reaching the number of 5000 visits per day, and the other only set a budget for the content that he will publish, but he did not specify the goal of this content .. He only knows that he must publish content to profit from his site. So in your opinion, who among them will get his efforts what he wants, or at least he will feel that his efforts and money were not wasted. The mind says the first because it thinks about a specific strategy, because simply all the methods lead to nowhere. And then you will not know which way to go.

Planning the content that you will create may be based on many basics, including the following:

  • Marketing campaigns Marketing campaigns are those efforts that focus on specific goals during a certain period, then you can plan the content that you want to create according to those goals and during this specific period to measure the results of what you have done.
  • Building rebuilding the marketing identity : If your site is new or your project is still in its beginning, then the first content makes a strong impact to build the marketing identity of your project and based on what you want people to know about you and your site or project, then the planning of the content that will be created will inevitably be formed according to that identity, Identity reconstruction is also one of the things that may change the tide of your content, whether you want to remove a certain idea from your company or plant a new image in the minds of consumers.
  • Affiliate Marketing : If you are a publisher and subscribe to one of the affiliate marketing offers, then you of course want to make profits, and this will not come without a good planning of the content that you will provide and closely related to the offers subscribed to it.
  • Competition: In the business world or in the web site, it is always better for your position to be ahead of the search engines and the minds of the target segment, and with this in mind, as a primary engine, you will be able to plan your content significantly.

By setting the previous factors in your mind and determining your current situation, you can write your goals for the next month / year of content creation, and the next steps will become easier whenever you define your initial vision and goals at this stage, which will lead you in succession to the content creation methods through which these goals can be achieved.

2- Ideas and inspiration

The planning stage may do it once, but you are creating valuable content, whether articles, case studies, videos … etc., you will need every time for a great idea for the next content masterpiece, as the planning stage is nothing but the general framework through which you will move, and ideas and inspiration are what you will implement. Then. The next step is to collect the ideas that you will implement throughout the campaign or at the beginning of the months of building the marketing identity for your business, or even after you have signed up for affiliate marketing offers.

So what are the mines of ideas you can drill into?

  • Keywords : Keywords are a more than wonderful opportunity to get inspiration from ideas for creating content, so the good thing here is that you will present a piece of content that everyone is looking for, and let’s assume, for example, that your site specializes in sports and fitness games, simple search and know the most words that the Arab user searches for in this regard, not only that You may find in the results a deficiency that you can present to your visitors, at that time you will have killed two birds with one stone, provided your target audience with what they are looking for, and achieved a good position in search engines .
  • Competitors : In the world of war, countries get to know the weapons and strategies of their enemies, this is only the first part of competition, the second part is the most important, which is the use of stronger weapons and strategies. And create more useful and valuable content than competitors’ content.
  • Ask your readers : If your site has been on the web for a while, then surely it has some loyal audience that can appreciate what you post. Do not be shy about asking them and following up with them about what you publish, as many of their ideas can be used in making marketing campaigns and creating new content .. Don’t forget Ask them to share their opinions in a gentle manner, without disturbing, to find the right ideas when you want them.
  • Most Popular Trends: With every new event that occupies people, you can use this event by creating content related to those events in some way, the general public loves those who share their joy and loves those who appreciate their grief, the content related to the most popular will connect you with your audience and will bring you closer to them.

3- Content creation

In the Content Marketing article, we reviewed the type of content that can be created and also reviewed the features that distinguished content must have in order to achieve its goals for which it was created. It remains for us to know the options available for its manufacture. Depending on your capabilities and budget, there are two options for creating content in front of you:

Make it your own DIY

Many publishers like to create their own content from designs and articles, and that has a lot of benefits, such as saving money, getting the content out as you want .. In the end, you are the one who creates it, hit the target you want from the content, gain great confidence on the part of the audience and in yourself as well.

This method is bad, and you will take a lot of time to create one piece of content, let alone the content of the campaign or building the identity of a startup in light of the rapid growth now for many emerging projects and this automatically invites you to the second option.

Hire an outsource expert

Hiring a professional person to create content is good if you want a large amount and high quality of photos, videos and extensive articles, so if you want to create content for a specific field, let it be digital marketing, for example, and you do not have time, then in a few minutes you can hire a trusted person on an independent website to do the thing more fully. Face and on the terms that you specify.

But what is bad for employment is that your budget may not be enough, then you have a good option to use micro-services and buy some services that can help you create content, such as buying designs, making videos, or even registering a press release to launch your site, one of the most popular mini-services sites, Khamsat . Which is characterized by a reasonable price for low budgets, for one hundred dollars you can buy 20 different services to create the content you want.

Depending on your need, you will make the appropriate decision, in terms of budget and the specific time in which you want to create the content.

4- Content Marketing

Some people may think that in the content industry its role has ended, and that the visits will follow it without making an effort to promote it on social networks or among those interested in this content. On the contrary, all you want to focus on now is to focus on reaching the accomplished content of the target segment in more than one way and in more ways. From strategy, valuable content deserves to be spread.

If you are going to promote your content you might want to check out the following lines :

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn : These are the most popular social networks currently, so the content marketing that you create with them is a great opportunity to get the appropriate return, but just as there are techniques and techniques for creating content, marketing on social networks also has its origins, and by using some viral marketing techniques And diversifying your posts, you will find a large interaction from the audience, you can also hire an expert in social networks from Fives or an independent.

Pinterest : One of the most popular social networks that may not take much luck in marketing, but the strength of this platform lies in the mechanism of content classification and ease of presentation, as it is visual lists accompanied by some simple description. The visitor can get a lot of information and learn good content from weak content, If you didn’t think of it as an option for marketing your content, reconsider.

Inbound link reference links : There is nothing better than word of mouth marketing. You may see an advertisement for a product day and night, but you only decide to buy it when your friend advises you to buy it. The same is true for the content. The more external links that refer to the content you create, the more widespread it is. Bigger, become friendly to search engines, and there is more than one way to do that, one of which is to write to friendly sites or link to the content with what you create to take a look at your work and perhaps refer to it in some related articles or publications. Another way is to focus very much on the quality of what you create, even if it is only a small amount.

7 things .. I do and you will not find a request for your services


Some mistakes can be fixed, others are fatal mistakes, which you must correct from the beginning in order not to reap what is dire . By working on five, you will encounter many things that you will search for advice for, and in order not to make these mistakes, we will mention here about 7 of them that you do not try to try .

1 – You don’t have a gallery

Imagine that each of ( x, y ) sells the same service in fives, and be a professional video design service for introducing a website . Q says in his service description that he is a professional person and that he will present the most amazing video ever without providing any previous example related to this description, while Y is presenting business models for videos he has created before . Now I ask you if you were the buyer, which one would you choose?

Jupiter tends to deal with the owners experience more Hawa of ; Therefore, you will find that the majority of buyers are always required to see previous examples of your business before requesting the service from you, and only a few would like to experience; Therefore, the buyer will be tempted to choose the person who provided business models confirming the written description in his service first before deciding to try the other .

In light of the intense competition between sellers, you must have a business exhibition, and the successful seller is the one who takes advantage of this business models section to display his recent works without violating the conditions, thus killing two birds with one stone; You display your business models in a trusted place to direct the buyer to judge your business, and at the same time you will market these business models for your services .

2 – A claim of professionalism

Professionalism in a specific field is not only to succeed in performing the work well and only, but the truth of professionalism is the success of the seller in achieving a set of conditions and forcing the buyer to call you a professional title by himself without asking him .

The various professional conditions multiple, the most important e Tqank for its Permanent and show you new in your field, and continuous development, as well as compliance with the laws and conditions of work and location, and the person who achieves the previous short sentence conditions which deserves to be called the title of Power Seller is .

3 – Lack of specialization

Often times you will find someone applying for any required work; Desiring to achieve the first sale . Of course, there is no shame in applying for a job that you master with an excellent degree, but the real problem is that you submit any application without mastering it; In this case, you give the buyers a bad impression about yourself that you are not good at one job .

In this case, you may be accepted to provide a service that you do not know well, and will not provide it with permission in the best way, and you will be subject to poor evaluation by the buyer In doing so, you will be like the wrestler who has been proud of his agility, and from the first punch he lost the match .

Khamsat website is based on the fact that you provide a service that you master with distinction, then you market it, and in the event that a person submits a new application in non-existing business requests, and this request is in your service area from near or far, you can apply for this request . But what happens is that some people form themselves as the applicant wants the non-existent service, and this is a cause for failure, not success .

4- Promises are not verifiable

Some people mention in the description of their services things that are closer to fiction than reality, so you find someone who says that he will provide technical support for his template for life, and you find another provides the service of purchasing three domain names for $ 5 in addition to a gift, and you find another who agrees to translate a large book that may reach 350 pages Within 7 days at a low price .

All of the above are examples of promises that are not verifiable except by grieving yourself as a seller, or at the expense of the quality of the work, and once again we return to the goal of creating the five site; It was never established unfairly to anyone, but rather a facility for those who do not have enough time to do things themselves or unskilled people in some fields such as design, programming, writing and other services. So your role here as a seller will complete it with extreme accuracy in exchange for your service request at a reasonable price in exchange for the effort expended from you .

Therefore, people who make unachievable promises condemn themselves to failure unless they moderate their statements on the conditions stipulated by five .

5 – Work out fives

Some buyers try to deal outside five in order to earn a few extra cents, the commission difference between five and external payment methods such as PayPal, but in exchange for you as a seller or as a buyer, either of you are subject to fraud outside of fives, and there is no guarantee of the quality of the service provided, or more precisely, there is no system that maintains The sale process is proceeding properly , and either of you is subject to an account ban at any moment .

He who tries to acquire labor from fives, in order to obtain it out of fives, is trying to fish outside the sea; And thus exposed to certain loss .

For example, you, as a buyer, will not have the right to evaluate the service, and you will not have the right to request from five to solve the dispute that may arise, and in the event that the seller provided you with a poor service, you will bear it without rights . While you as a seller, you will lose an additional service that is added to the record of your experiences that are marketed to you day after day, and you may even be exposed to fraud as well .

6 – not constantly evolving

The independent person does not hesitate to work as long as possible throughout the day, but he may miss out on continuous learning and development, and with the instantaneous development of technology these days, those who work in freelance work on the Internet need to be a person with a distinct mentality and can develop himself in his field continuously, then what is the obstacle To be the one developing the field; I do not know why this extreme lethargy that afflicts many; They just wait to know what’s new, and this is a clear difference between the follower and the follower .

Do not leave an article about your field unless you read it, try as much as possible to read a lot, and make yourself a compulsory time for learning every day, and you can search for your field on Hsoub Academy and start the learning journey from there .

7 – Despair is the way to failure

Perhaps a long period will pass by you and you have not sold any service at all, and here despair descends the doors of your heart and your life, so you leave the arena and run away . I’m sure you know the story of the inventor of the light bulb and how he tried 10,000 attempts to succeed in achieving his goal, so have you tried 100 times to sell your service?

Bring a pen and paper, and immediately start searching the Internet for the end of the thread to provide a useful service that internet pioneers need, learn the skill of providing this service professionally, and start marketing your service and make the first attempt seriously; If you failed to achieve success, record why and how you failed so that you do not make the same mistake again, then try the second and then the third until you prove yourself and sell the first service and the second service, and get started .

Also provide a free business prototype; If you are a template designer, submit a free template template first, and if you are a writer, submit a number of articles first, and publish these templates as mentioned in the first item .

Are you finding something else to do so the seller no longer finds demand for their services? Share your opinion with us … so that not much will be wrong.

How to design a service image that increases your sales


It is said that the picture is equivalent to a thousand words, is this correct? Sometimes you can through the image of the service tell the customer everything you want to say or explain about your product. Imagine that you want to describe your service in a thousand words, then convert the thousand words into one image and attach it to the service and note the difference.

Designing a good image for the service gives the buyer the first impression of your attention to detail, and after updating five of your business gallery, you may need to design more than one image. Here we will learn about how to create a good image of the service that can be used on the service page or in marketing it, or you can even use it as a cover if the product is a book.

Attract attention

Usually the customer will spend a few seconds looking at the image of the service and then decide whether he is interested in reading the details about him and buying it or not, here is your role to create an image that can attract attention and take advantage of this feature by marketing on social networks and other sites and blogs, the image that attracts is either very beautiful or Very strange or perhaps very simple, and depending on the nature of the service, you will be able to use its features and the problem that your service solves to attract your target audience by designing a wonderful image.

Ask your friend about the picture before publishing it, seek the help of some loyal customers to find out their first impression of the image of the service, did it arouse their attention? Did it raise questions about what it is? Their opinions will surely help you in determining whether or not your design is successful.

Explain the problem

When you will design the image, you can use the problem that your service solves to use in the image, you can display what the service will provide to the customer if he buys it and show its value while designing a good image that expresses it. By themselves a lot and you can take advantage of this trait in designing a great photo.

Pictures before / after use

One of the popular designs for service images in general are before / after using the service, you can design the image so that half of it shows the feeling of the person before reading your book or trying the application, and then in the other half the feeling of the person after purchasing the service and trying the application or design, as these images usually succeed in bringing customers but Beware that your product does not achieve what you display with the design.

All great ideas are “simple”

Perhaps the splendor of your design lies in its simplicity, try to make the image as expressive as possible without exaggerating the colors and shapes, the simple image will attract customers and the idea will arrive simply and without cost, you can use some common icons or browse the DeviantArt site to get inspiration for some ideas about simple designs that do not require experience Great by design, it just needs a different and innovative thought.

Short phrase

If you are going to use some words in the picture, make it brief and expressive of everything you want to say, and make it consistent with the design of the image, do not make yourself one of those who dwell in the sentences on the pictures as if you do not know what you are doing, but be precise and interested in the design of the service image and what is written on it so that it does not appear The service is in the form of non-professional services with many texts on pictures.

Express your identity

Make the image of the service expressive of you as well, your name or the identity of your company and what you do in a simple way or by adding your own logo . Just imagine that a web user found the image of the service but not on your site or sales page. He might find it in search engines or Google images, and he liked it and wanted to know Its owner or buy the product that you express, determine your identity with the product image and the way to reach you intelligently and simply.

Image description

When uploading the image on websites and the product page, try to add a brief description of it in the description box so that it can be found when searching for topics related to it. It is better to change its name as well to a concept name instead of “1.jpg” change it to “service_name. Jpg”

In the end, the image and design of the service are things that may add good value to the service, as a good design will relax the eye and make the visitor or customer eager to buy a service whose design and image are elaborate and beautiful, do not forget to share your advice with designing your services pictures as well.

How to present persuasive sales promotions to your customers?


In many cases, sales of services require presenting good offers to customers that include more than one element or service in one package, for example improved services. Some are good at that and others do their work and lose, so what is the reason for the success of some offers over others? Is it required that they be at a price less than Total product prices included in the offer? We’ll learn how to make convincing promotions that not only benefit you, but also make your customers happy.

What is the promotion and what does it consist of?

In the world of sales and trade, the owner of a product or service tends to present an offer that includes a value greater than the price it deserves, taking advantage of the human nature in the love of obtaining a set of products or services at a reasonable price, the offer usually consists of the following:

1- An essential product / service

It is the product / service that the offer revolves around, and in the case of mini-services here, it can be a book, application, WordPress template, logo design work … etc. This method may bring a greater loss. Rather, bear in mind that the service is what will attract the consumer’s attention, and it must be of high quality.

2- Additions

It is what you add to the sales package in order to convince the consumer to buy without hesitation – such as developments – for example in the case of providing a service for writing technical articles, you can provide additional advantages such as development to increase the number of words, or an additional article, another example in the case of WordPress services you may want to provide the customer with technical support for a period A month, and so on, it varies according to the nature of the main service and the nature of your specialization as a seller and service provider.

3- Conditions of the offer

It is the set of rules and principles that you set for the offer and on the basis of which the consumer will accept or reject it, for example if the consumer rushes to buy before a certain date, he will take a reduced price, and the closer to this date, the higher the price, perhaps the closest example of that case is the offers of the beginning of the year followed in some countries around the world.

How do you make the promotion compelling?

Nobody will buy from you the service and its developments just because the package is cheap or the developments attached to the offer are many, a little, perhaps, but you will not get the number of sales that you aspire to until your offer becomes profitable, the beginning of planning any offer for you is to make it convincing is what makes customers more comfortable when buying You can imagine someone selling bad service and then offering some extras and at the end making an offer that they want people to buy.

When the consumer understands why you are making this offer, he will be encouraged to the first step, which is thinking about buying, but if you try to deceive him, he will not think of buying from you in the first place, just remember that the convincing reason may not depend on the price subject, you may submit an offer with a more expensive price and still get more sales . Among the reasons that may push you to make good offers for your customers are holidays and time events that you can take advantage of.

Presentation simplification method

If your customers have that thinking about the price and that I will not be able to buy, I do not have the money at the moment, I cannot manage this amount .. etcetera from the obstacles that prevent the consumer from buying, you can use some techniques such as simplifying the offer for him and writing it well to show that the price of your offer is not Hard to come by, the idea is to remind them that they are always spending their money and it’s simpler than that.

Usually, the difficulty of buying is not that they cannot pay money, but they do not imagine themselves paying it to you or for this offer, so you can simply compare your service and developments to something they spend money on, such as buying a cup of coffee or spending money for transportation if your offer is close to these prices, just choose Something suitable to compare with.

Suitable additives

Appropriate developments and additions are one of the important elements of the success of the offer, which makes the offer irresistible, and through which you can convince your customers to easily accept the offer, and even rush for it, which is divided into two types.

  • Helpful additions: They are the additions that make the use of the product easier as a booklet explaining how the application works, or an excel file for exercises accompanying educational services.
  • Supplementary additions: They are additions that are similar to the customer’s gift to purchase the basic product, for example as a set of open source Psd files for modification in addition to the basic service, which may be a commercial website design.

Offers are a great way to sell, to use them to provide suitable options to customers and customers, which will increase your sales and build credibility and reliability for the category of customers that you target, so try to provide convincing offers with distinctive additions so that you can reach your goal of them.

How to write a book in 5 steps


Writing itself is an expression of your experience and readings and all that you know, this expression may vary from one person to another, our mouth of simply publishing short writings on the image of publications on Facebook, Twitter, and some of us who has a blog hurt where everything you learn , and there is also expert owners of books .

But maybe not you know that no matter what level of experience in something you can by writing to benefit and the benefit of others what I have learned, writing also have no conditions were written in a the subject you are interested in it, but the more focused on a particular topic and drove out all your experience in it was This is best for you and your readers .

To start each day, carve out some time to work on an ebook to sell, report it to others, and share your experiences and ideas with others. Here are some good steps and tips you can follow to work on your first book .

How to write a book

The first step : the outline of the book

Imagine that you want to build a castle , the first step is to work out the overall design of the castle, is it big or small? What does it look like from the inside and the outside? Create your avatar without details, as well as your book; You must specify the overview picture of the goal of your book and what subject tastiest me will write about and what the size of the book, this step is the most important, which would result in the following steps .

You can this accomplish step some brainstorming , if you ask yourself what is the subject tastiest my Thtervh or you do best and you can write about and detailed, if you wrote previously an article on a particular topic and found that it needs a series of articles in order to elaborate on the explanation , and so on until it reaches the image outlined a good idea Start out .

The second step : planning and dividing the book into chapters

Here you will start planning your book on the basis of the clear vision resulting from the previous step, you can use the mental maps in this step, write the title of the book in the middle and take out the branches and divisions from it with the title of each chapter, then arrange your chapters according to priority and importance to the reader .

Select a particular time of the expiry of each chapter and a timetable for the book as a whole, and take each chapter separately and write down the items that you want to be understood by the reader, and if your knowledge is weak in some of the chapters are unanimously some sources late sleeve with reference to it in another book , and attention to the rights of intellectual property To their owners .

Step three : start work and a commitment to the timetable

Now will begin work on the first book requires you that a full play to Tzama what was planned earlier, whenever you find yourself goes on in writing and out of content and a ‘s e flew tastiest me drawn to your book count to review the vision of the initial book and the elements that you selected for each chapter, you may come to you good ideas to put your book up like most writers do not waste it, or ignore it , just do Nha in your diary and after the the expiry of the book see a j of these ideas suitable for it contains the book away from padding .

The third step : design and coordination

After the the expiry of the work comes some of the arts task as both a Htmam design and coordination of the book, the design must be simple and reflect the content of the book, and the design includes the cover of the book and presented , and finally in addition to the index and easy access is not the separation and movement between its parts .

The formatting of the written text is also one of the things that must be taken care of, such as the type of fonts and headings , and whether certain laws must be adhered to, and you must also specify the location of the images and links if they are found in this step .

Fourth Step : Review the book

After completing the writing of chapters, coordination, design and placing all your ideas in it comes an essential step which is reviewing the final work , and you may seek the help of some of your friends interested in the subject of the book to give them the initial copies and hear their opinions on it, and after collecting this information, you can now read your first book with the reader’s eye, not the writer’s eye, after I finish reading you may find some of the notes function without it and combine them with notes your friends and I teach well and then evaluated as important, and should this study notes carefully and judiciously so as not to distort the final image of the book, and then after correcting some errors and complete the shortcomings you have now completed your first book .

Fifth step : Marketing and publishing

This step is related in one way or another to the first step, in which you must have defined the target group of readers, and where you can publish or sell your book, but now you have come a long way with your interest in the quality of the content and the final image of the book .

The rest is to choose a specific place, such as a five- site site to sell your book, and it is preferable for the selling point to be one in order not to distract yourself and your customers with too many links. You can write a post on your site about the book and an overview of the content to encourage readers. If you know some good writers, you can also give them Some copies for reading and evaluation, and if your book is good and meets a need among readers, the writers themselves may write about it on their sites.

Now you have finished your first book, so you do not expect a great success or a great failure, all you have to do is prepare to write your second and third book and so on, and benefit from your experiences and the opinions of your readers about the first book, and you can after the period of issuing the second version after revision and additions.

Tips to protect your account in Fives


To ensure that your account is protected against five from any attempted theft or fraud, we ask you to adhere to the following points :

1- Dealing with external links

When you click on an external link, a page will appear on the site alerting you that you will leave the Khamsat website, with three important alerts mentioned. Please adhere to the three alerts that appear to you to ensure the protection of your account and ensure your rights.

2- Attached files

Do not download any file sent to you by any person or user you do not know well, do not upload anonymous files.
Pay attention to the files attached to the services.

3- Check files before downloading and using them

If you are dealing with a user in the process of buying and selling for the first time, and the matter requires him to send you a file and upload it to your device, first make sure that the file is clean before installing it in your device or opening it, you can test it through the protection program that you use or via sites to check files such as virustotal. Even if you know the user, always check the files, he may have obtained the file from someone else and did not know that the file is malicious.

4- User trying to harm your device

 If you confirm that someone is trying to install a hack file on your device It must be reported immediately through the technical support tickets, as it will surely contact other users as well and harm them.

5- Passwords and software update

  • Make sure to use a tough password for your account in Fives and do not use simple words like your name or phone number.
  • Make sure to always update your antivirus and use the latest version of your web browser and other programs that you use.

6- Permission to access your device through a program

If the buying and selling process requires a connection with the user you are dealing with via TeamViewer or any similar program and their entry into your device, it is necessary to try to find another method that does not require access to your device or the buyer’s device, and if the matter is really necessary, try to pay attention to the following:

  • Monitor every step of the user in the device.
  • Do not leave important passwords such as your bank accounts saved in the browser or in text files so that no one can access them.
  • In the event that you notice any suspicious process, such as trying to close the protection software in your computer, installing files, or using your browser to open sites or opening your accounts for you in certain sites, you must immediately disconnect the connection.
  • Do not give full control to another user of your device, and do not leave the screen of the device for even a second.
  • Unfortunately, Khamsat cannot guarantee security in dealing with these sites and programs, and the user is responsible for using them.

8- Doubt about a buyer’s account

As a seller : In case of suspicion that the account of the buyer who communicated with you has been stolen, a ticket must be opened in the technical support center and immediately reported with an appropriate address explaining the problem .

Example: Buyer’s account might be stolen

9- Steal your account

In the event that your account is stolen, you must report immediately to open a ticket at the technical support center through a new temporary account , and to set a clear address for the problem so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Example: My account “account name” is stolen

Adherence to these tips and procedures will protect your accounts from the attempts of some weak-minded people to exploit users and steal their data and accounts.