Checklists: starting from the preparation stage and ending with the first sale of your digital product!


Many early stage entrepreneurs face many common questions about the procedures for creating digital products. Since the goal we aspire to from this post is to share the maximum amount of knowledge in the world of digital products, nothing is more fair than preparing checklists or checklist, which deals with explanations step by step starting from the preparation stage until the first sale of the course on the Internet. Your ambition to create a digital product, this guide has been specially made for you.

The benefits of becoming a digital product

Producing rich materials and setting up a business by selling digital products has many benefits, which can vary according to the age of each person. Learn the basic ones and see if some work for you.

  • You live by what you love: There are many professionals who suffer from disappointment in their profession, and if given the opportunity, they will work in the field that they love. The problem is that many of them do not know how to make this change. Creating a digital course can be a solution to this situation, and in this way, get the opportunity to teach other people about topics that give them pleasure and happiness.
  • Greater flexibility: Having the flexibility of time contributes to providing more independence to organize your day in the best possible way. Whether you work full time, or by dedicating a few hours of your day to your digital business.
  • Ease of movement: materials can be produced in multiple formats and targeted to diverse audiences, and the producer can choose the best option for their new business.
  • The best logistics services: unlike physical products, the delivery of a digital product is done in real time and it is the responsibility of the entire platform that the producer will use for the course. This ease saves effort on the entrepreneur, so that he can focus entirely on spreading his product.
  • Greater quality of life: This is one of the basic aspects that those who are now beginning to invest in digital products are looking for. The possibility of spending more time with the family, taking that trip that you always planned, but never having the time to do it, and even the simplest things like you don’t need to be overwhelmed when you get to work. These are all important aspects that can become a reality by investing in the digital market.
  • Insures Gradual Growth: One of the most important factors in achieving financial independence is gradual growth. Ranking means breaking the block of time and place to win customers anywhere in the world at any moment. When you double your chances, you also double the chance of making more profits.
  • Saving more money and getting a greater return: While a store requires an initial investment and may be delayed for many years in order to start reaping profits in reality, digital work is done in a simpler way. With a little money, you can set up a course and start selling as quickly as possible. The scaling factor is a strong ally to reap the first results!


If you get here without knowing what to create – but with an unbridled desire to pursue entrepreneurship – we can help you. The best course of action in this moment is to think about topics related to what you love to talk about the most and about your favorite hobbies. You can also answer other questions that lead you to the most important sectors, according to your character. I recommend that you write down on paper so that you can finally determine the patterns from your answers.

  • What are your main activities outside of work?
  • What activities did you like the most, but gave up due to lack of time?
  • When was the last time you forgot about the time command while you were doing something? What was this activity?
  • What activities do you not need help doing?
  • What topics do you like to talk about the most?
  • If the money was not there, what would you have done for fun?
  • What kind of activities are you most eager to do?
  • What topics do you read the most about?
  • What do people ask you to teach them?
  • What are your strengths?

After you write the topics you love on paper, we will identify potential sectors in which you can enter.

Searching for market segments

After learning about the market, you should find a market sector that. The better your niche is, the less competition there will be, and the more opportunities you will have to present your product. For example, suppose you discover that the health food market is very important and you are familiar with it. Perhaps it is much more difficult to compete with a general dietary article. But if you divide your product and customize it for menopausal women or women who want to be thin after childbirth, the competition will be less. And it could specialize your sector further: women who have a slow metabolism and who want to be more thin after giving birth.

After identifying your niche, you should think about the following: What can I teach about this field? With this, we will move on to the next topic, which is market research.

Market research

When identifying potential market niches, it must be verified that there is a demand to create a digital product, and for this, we will investigate the market! What are the consumer trends? What kind of knowledge are people looking for? Are there really good materials that meet this need?

Search with friends, acquaintances, social networks, Google Trends, Yahoo Answers, chat sessions and other equipment that can provide you with a minimum of relevant information. Search foreign content and check if there is something similar in your country.

Use the Keyword Planner in Google Adwords to check search volume using terms related to your industry. If the term is very common and general, and the competition is high, your job will be much more difficult. If the term is more specific (long), for example: “Women who want to be thin after giving birth”, it will be much easier to direct your marketing capabilities.

Determine the customer’s personality

After carefully personalizing your topic, you must define your customer’s personality, this fictional character who represents your ideal audience to whom you guide all of your strategies. And here we have a complete post on.

Determine the format

Time to define your digital product formula. And at this moment, your idea may be firmly established and ready in your mind, you have to determine the best way for the consumer to receive your digital course on the Internet: an e-book, educational videos , audiobooks, mix of materials, subscription, membership site. 

Search for a topic

Even if you specialize in the chosen topic, you will still have to do deep research on the topic. This way, you can discover what’s happening, develop yourself on the topic and basically, discover what’s in the market on the topic to produce better materials! Google could be your great ally in this search, but you are not limited to a tool only, search social networks and interviews with professionals in the field, if possible!

In practical terms!

Material scheme

A planner is a kind of outline. You can write down everything that comes to your mind that relates to your material. Using a text document (and I recommend Google Docs) write separate ideas and phrases related to everything your online course should have. Don’t worry about organizing, now is the time to think and do something called brainstorming

Content production

The most popular products on the market are electronic books and educational videos, and each has its own characteristics. In the case of electronic books, preparation means writing the materials, dividing them into instructional units, chapters and everything that should be contained in your digital book.

As for the video, it is more complex: it requires script production, script preparation and filming materials, and educational video recording. If this is your case, read our post on the best tips for making a very good video .

Choose a title

The title is an essential part of your material, after all, one of the elements responsible for capturing your audience’s attention. Dedicate yourself well to the title, write several options to choose the most suitable one.

Planning / Editing

In the case of videos, planning / editing is an essential part of refining the online course and adding a professional touch to your materials. If you do not have the capacity to do this job, turn to an experienced professional. There are platforms to find a designer / editor in order to create the perfect video.


Before completing, do a thorough review and ensure the materials are complete. Go to a quiet place and avoid being distracted at this moment. Consume this content using the same insight as your customer. Here you still have the option to ask for help from a friend of yours who has a critical outlook and can provide you with honest feedback about your material.


After your materials are ready, it is time to put them up and publish them online! For this, you will need a simple and secure way to host it, specifying how your customers will receive the product and the method by which the payment will be made. It seems like there are many technical details to think about, but there are digital platforms that do all of this for you, as they do with Hotmart products.

If you intend to set up a more focused course that includes video tutorials or other types of files, ideally you would add them to a membership area . To see how to set up a membership area and to learn about all the benefits and differences that distinguish it from a public platform.

Payment methods

The payment method that you will use on your digital course is a point that requires all your attention. This is because the chosen platform has to spread the necessary credibility and security for the customers and of course, ensure simplicity for you. Some points must be taken into consideration when determining the method of payment:

  • Deposit sales directly into your bank account, speeding up the commission withdrawal process
  • A custom checkout page or checkout that can directly affect your conversion rate
  • Speed ​​in approving the payment
  • Full security and protection of buyer data
  • International Sales: There will be the possibility of expanding your business worldwide

If you have yet to decide the appropriate way to pay, you know the way Hotpay platform which is integrated with the system Hot – Mart . .

Content delivery

Thinking about the topic of incremental growth, it is advisable to eliminate the idea of ​​manual delivery of your digital content. Although this method has many errors, it is not professional either. Find a platform for digital products that provides automatic and fast delivery to a buyer.

Support for the buyer

Sometimes and suddenly, a buyer may have difficulty accessing your materials or wondering about the digital course. In this moment, respond quickly and graciously as it makes a big difference to your business reputation. Ensure that your chosen platform has an efficient customer support service.

Support for the producer

In addition to the customer, you may have a question about what you are the producer, related to your business and at this moment, you should resort to support that answers you immediately. Check that the chosen platform has this type of service before you sign a contract with it!

Landing pages or Landing Page

If you have examined the topic carefully when choosing the platform, it is time to launch the product. It should be available through a landing page or website. The landing page is simply the page from which the user accesses your product / site. The benefit of a landing page focused on a good conversion rate is that the user will not encounter any obstacles or distraction and thus increase the likelihood of making a sale. Check out 5 tools to make it easy to create a landing page .


Is everything ready to start marketing your ebook? Ultimately, it doesn’t help to have well-prepared material with valuable content if the audience can’t find it. So, come choose the strategies you can (and should) implement to make your first sales!

The blog

Set up a blog to write about your economic sector. Blogging is an effective equipment to attract customers, because although it provides valuable content to your audience, it helps you to turn into a reference in the market, and gain organic and natural traffic and significantly reduce your investment expenses in the field of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

In English, it is known as Search Engine Optimization, and it is a technique that improves the way search engines (Google and Bing) see your site. Over the years, Google’s algorithms have undergone many updates that take care of those sites that deal with user experience. The way your site is better, the greater the natural and organic traffic on your site, the less investment you will make to gain new users.

The videos

You can use videos as part of your marketing strategy! Whether through paid ads or through your channels on social networks, these videos provide proximity to the audience, and this is great for establishing power in the market .

social networks

Social networks are channels through which you can get closer to your audience, in a quieter way. Find the social networks that your customers are using the most and based on this, build your strategy! Don’t forget to keep your posts consistent.

Sponsored ads

Sponsored Ads are great sources of investment for making sales! With it, you can nicely divide your audience into segments, and advertise for the people who are most compatible with your product. Advertising can be done via Google and Bing, as well as on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube).

Email Marketing

This method is also a powerful tool for establishing a relationship with your potential customers and promoting your product. For this stage you need a tool to spread your emails. You can use the free versions in the market, such as MailChimp, or you can use the more powerful platforms, depending on the mode in which your business grows. Here it is worth noting that it is ideal for your digital product platform to have a leads organizing program like ListBoss at Hotmart .

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing program is the ideal option for those who want to increase marketing their business with the help of partners who promote their product. Marketers are promoters of other people’s products and receive a commission for each sale made. The commission is determined by the producer himself, in the manner that he prefers and finds appropriate. This form of partnership is very important for both parties, and this is what we can prove with our own affiliate program .

Watch your results

From the moment your product launches, you need to monitor every action for the course. For this function, you can use special monitoring equipment related to social networks, such as: Insights, Facebook, Google Analytics, to keep an eye on your site and landing pages, as well as use Google Adwords to monitor paid advertising campaigns through Google.

Organize your business

From the moment your work starts generating expressive results, you can assume that your business is getting regular! We have prepared a series of related posts, and you can start here: How do I organize my digital business?

Continue studying

The market for digital products is constantly evolving, which is why you should always keep an eye on these developments! The more you study, the better you’ll be able to manage your business.

If you reach the end, it is time to put your full plan into action. Document all steps and monitor each stage of your business. If you like our Checklist, leave a comment for you directly below!

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