How can ListBoss be used for integrations with the Hotmart digital platform?


Would you like to learn how a powerful integration tool and a great platform for the Haute – Mart (ListBoss) with marketing tool via email Email Marketing you use?

Read this post and learn the details!

As a digital producer, you know the importance of managing your leads and leads, and of course you understand that good strategies always bring great results, right? Always thinking of improving the work of our digital producers further, Hotmart created the ListBoss !

Lead Lead Organizing !

ListBoss is another new tool for organizing leads in which the digital producer can integrate their email marketing service directly with the Hotmart platform.

In this merger, based on the specific and predefined actions that the lead has performed on the platform, it will be possible to manage leads through the email marketing service in the manner of setting up automatic divisions and specializations for each product.

Watch an example:

When lead is on Hotmart’s checkout page and buys a product and it is accepted, you can, through ListBoss merge, add it automatically to your predefined and well-segmented mailing list, as for example: “Product Customer List X”.

In this example, the producer can purposefully direct those customers whose purchases have been accepted.

Did you like these developments?

Use the opportunity now to build relationships further with your leads by devising more accurate, relevant and effective strategies. 😀

Important: The ListBoss tool can only be used by producers who use email marketing ! ”

Watch examples of email marketing services below:

MailChimp , AWeber, Active Campaign , Infusionsoft, GetResponse , E-goi, RD Station

And other examples.

Detailed explanation of how to integrate with ListBoss :

Enter the Hotmart platform and go to the “My Products” menu and choose the product you wish to merge on, click on the “Manage” button (on the top, to the right of the product).

In the internal menu of the selected product, select the “Tools” link. Then go to ListBoss!

Based on the image above, you choose the appropriate service for email marketing and activate your account to log in. Each service provider performs the merging process in its own way (the most common way is for you to be directed to a page on which the login data, username and password are inserted)

After merging, it’s time to set up the partitions!

In this example: With the MailChimp tool, you will click on “New Partition”.

Next, you go to the New Email Split Setup screen.

Meanwhile, you specify the brokers in the new division you wish to create. Start with the name (give preference to headings that summarize as concise as possible the action that will be taken by the division).

Below, note that there are three fields of actions that should sync depending on your needs. “When lead,” “takes next action,” “choose list.” Actions related to each field must be linked. That is, for every behavior of the lead, an action will be executed automatically in relation to a specific list created by the e-mail service provider.

Simple is not it?

Here is an example:

Below we can easily see how ListBoss splits can work!

When lead performs the ‘Buy’ action and its status is ‘Completed’, ‘add lead to list’ is called ‘Transfer List’. (Then choose the list you want to forward your lead to).

listboss 4

Now save your changes, did you see how easy the process is?

There are several other possible divisions that can be executed via the ListBoss. Simply browse by options and see how automated your actions and actions can be automated within the sales funnel.

We mention thus: “There is also another way to enter ListBoss on the Hotmart platform, it is enough to go to the“ Tools ”menu and click on“ ListBoss ”and thus you must choose the product that you want to merge on.


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