Email Marketing For Beginners


You can work miracles with email marketing. But if you are somewhat new to the blogosphere, it is imperative that you understand the basic principles first.

For example, where did the importance of email marketing come from? What are the benefits of that? How to get started.

Take your first step with the help of this two beginner guide.

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing uses your email to build and establish strong relationships with your audience. And with communication flowing through the proper marketing by email. This will enable you to provide subscribers with the necessary information and convert potential clients into actual customers.

People interested in the products or services you offer can join your marketing email list and communicate with you through it. They also learn everything they need to know in order to make a sound buying decision.

If you create your email list with your target audience i.e. people who can benefit from your products or services. You can be assured that your email marketing will become a critically important resource for the revenue stream from your business that you run.

E-mail was in use for a long time before the invention of the World Wide Web. This makes email marketing the first direct electronic marketing channel on the Internet.

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and it still continues to be a leader when it comes to ROI.

What are the advantages of email marketing?

There are some benefits of email marketing that make it the perfect choice for your digital marketing activities.

Lower cost

For a professional email marketing campaign management service, all you need is a basic strategy (or plan). As well as a convenient tool that allows you to experiment and test various methods and methods.

The professional email marketing platforms are cloud based. They offer plans that depend on the size of your email marketing list (number of subscribers).

The Basic Plans (Plan 1) start at a low cost of $ 15 per month. It provides features like email marketing and an autoresponder system. Plus automated marketing, landing pages, and everything you need to start growing your business.

Email marketing services are flexible and very well editable.

You can use the Basic Plan to start building your contact list. Then upgrade them to choose more advanced plans as your online earnings grow.

Total control

This means that you have total control (this means that you have complete control) over every aspect of email marketing

You have full control over every aspect of email marketing communications.

you may :

  • Design your assets (like web forms, emails, and landing pages).
  • Determine the type of email campaigns you’re running.
  • Segmenting your email list for precise targeting (accurately target your desired customers).
  • Refer to your contacts for a better personalization form.
  • Create an automated marketing unit to show the percentage of progress of work taking into account the achievement of your business goals.

Plan carefully to choose your communication skills to reflect your brand identity. Also, to clearly distinguish from other companies in the inbox of your customers.

Precise targeting

When you normally create your email list, ask subscribers to confirm their subscription. This way you know that your contacts want to receive emails from your brand.

Which means that you send emails to people who are really interested in your offer.

Any email list of this type is of high quality and will likely yield better results for your business.

You can track stats and monitor the results of your email marketing campaigns.

By building on the information gathered, you can make simple changes such as design, copying, structure, workflow, and more. And also improve your e-marketing program.

Ease of use

Creating digital marketing campaigns is very simple and easy. You can design templates for marketing email messages, landing pages, and workflow plans for automated marketing (automation) using the drag and drop editor.

You can also monitor and track performance and adjust your assets to get an increase in the overall impact.

The best way to do marketing.

And it turns out, according to a survey, that most people prefer to be contacted by companies by e-mail rather than by other means.

The survey results were very logical given that the e-marketing campaigns are objective and non-intrusive.

Emails wait in the inbox until subscribers decide the right moment to open and read the email.

You can communicate with subscribers through their mobile phone (access to mobile phone users)

The percentage of people who check their emails using their cell phones continues to grow.

According to GetResponse email marketing indicators, email open numbers make up 56.52% of all open emails. This is followed by the percentage of lost messages from mobile phones, which reached 26%. As for desktop computers, by 16.99%.

Which means you can reach your customers and influence their buying decisions wherever they are.

You can also combine marketing on the ground and on the Internet. For example, by obtaining e-mail addresses at an event or while shopping in traditional stores.

Email is a owned media.

The digital marketing strategy is usually divided into paid, free (or earned) and owned media.

Email is in the category of proprietary media. This means that your business has complete control over this online marketing method.

In fact, over time, your email list will become your greatest direct internet marketing asset (the greatest online marketing asset) of your own. That is, a huge database of people who would like to be contacted by your company or brand.

If you are using a professional email marketing tool, your messages will reach everyone on your mailing list. Unlike social media for example, where you cannot control content reach people naturally and not promotional.

This is why it is often futile to devote so much effort to following you on social media.

Marketing through targeted and customized content.

You can collect basic information from your contacts in parallel with their subscription to your mailing list. Then use it to tailor communication activities to suit their needs and preferences. Based on the data, you can create segments of people who share common points.

Subscribers will remain on your list as long as your communication with them benefits them. Which is why, over time, you can build a massive email list that makes amazing profits. .

Ease of measuring results

You have complete control over all email marketing activities. This is done by integrating the mail marketing platform with online analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track visitor traffic.

You can monitor the performance of individual e-mail messages. And that is through the statistics service in the control panel of the email marketing tool. Then you track user behavior on your website. You can also set goals for individual marketing campaigns, monitor lead-to-customer conversion rates, and measure ROI.

Marketing automation

With automated marketing (automation), you can create custom workflow plans for your email marketing campaigns. Also, you can easily create any type of campaign using the drag and drop editor. This is to program the flow of communications in accordance with the available conditions, procedures and influences.

Excellent investment returns

Email marketing continues to have the highest return on investment of all other internet marketing methods. This resulted from all the factors mentioned above.

If you manage and measure your email marketing activities the right way, you will get a steady source of income from your business.

What is the average return on investment from email marketing?

According to a study conducted by Litmus in 2018, the percentage of material return achieved from using an email marketing method could reach 38% for every 1% on average. According to statistics, if you invest $ 1 in email marketing, you will get $ 38 in return.

Of course, this ratio is not fixed, it is just an average rate. The return on investment in your company depends on several factors. For example :

  • The size and quality of your mailing list
  • Importance of the content
  • Design and printing
  • Call to Action (Is this clear and convincing?)

Monitoring performance and providing data to demonstrate ROI is one of the biggest benefits of email marketing.

How do you measure your email marketing ROI?

It’s easy to calculate the ROI for email marketing activities. All you have to do is track your total revenue and divide it by your total spend.

Here is an example, let’s say you make $ 100 in sales and invest $ 30 in the Marketing Campaign. You will measure the ROI for this campaign as follows:

Total revenue: $ 100 – $ 30 = $ 70

Total spend: $ 30

ROI: ($ 70 ÷ $ 30) * 100 = 233%

This is a simple way to achieve your success and save more money for future campaigns.

Here’s an article titled “10 Email Marketing Myths That Could Stop Your ROI” You should be aware of it.

I hope the article provides you with the desired benefit. If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

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