Explanation of the free Adobe Photoshop Fix application for Android and iPhone phones


Adobe Photoshop Fix application is one of the distinct applications that specializes in adjusting images, Photoshop Fix is ​​one of the applications of the global company Adobe for retouching and modifying images on mobile phones for all systems. It is a powerful merging of the capabilities of the desktop Photoshop application with the comfort and ease of use on mobile phones.
In this article, we will learn about the application’s features and how to work on it

Adobe Photoshop Fix explained:

This application modifies images very easily and contains a large number of different effects, where you can register for free if you own an iPhone, and there are some points that you should know in the program:

You can add a picture by pressing the ( + ) sign . You can either take a picture from the camera or choose a picture from your gallery on the device.

One of the most distinctive features of Adobe Photoshop Fix is ​​the Frown to Smile effect, which can easily identify facial features automatically when you click on the face icon, and you will find them after clicking on the (Liquify) icon.

The application offers many possibilities, including modification of lighting and colors, as well as the ability to paint and change the color of parts of images, such as changing the color of hair and nails. This can be done by clicking on the (Paint) icon and selecting the appropriate color.

The Adobe Photoshop Fix application provides great sharing capabilities. You can share the image on most social media applications, and you can also send an edited image to the Adobe Photoshop application via the (Creative Cloud) service for IOS users only.

How to download the Adobe Photoshop Fix application on Android and iOS phones

You can download the application for phones running on the Android system through the Google Play store from here .


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