Here is the best and easiest montage program for computer and phone


With the spread of visual content on the Internet across many platforms, especially social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, it has become difficult to find easy solutions and software to help you modify visual content in order to show it in its best form, especially since the large software specialized in montage and Editing videos may not be suitable for everyone, as they need powerful resources in your smart device, not to mention that they are not fully available on all devices, such as mobile devices that are used today more than ever before. If you are among the people who are interested in editing videos and montage permanently, whether on the computer or on the phone, and you find that the software used in the field of montage is complex, difficult and large software that you cannot download and use, we suggest you in this article See better, faster, lighter software, available on all platforms, and many other features as well … Let’s get to know it more. 

Learn about the BeeCut platform 

The BeeCut platform is one of the most powerful editing software currently, and the reason for this is mainly due to its availability on different platforms and its adaptable flexibility on several platforms, whether you are working on the computer with its various systems, the smartphone, whether Android or iOS, and even the tablet, but rather Also, on the web, you can use BeeCut software for video editing, montage and production of the best visual content you could ever dream of. In addition to its ability to work on various platforms, BeeCut has many internal features in its montage software, in addition to editing and cutting videos, you can combine it with other videos, add music, add effects to the video and write on it and even images, icons and more, And it is considered a complete software in terms of editing and editing on the video. 

For what purposes can you use BeeCut? 

There is no doubt that every day you capture a dozen pictures and videos from your daily life, especially if you are a freak of visual social networking sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok, in this case, you want to share what you took with your smartphone with everyone, but you must first pass your videos And your photos from some software in order to delete unwanted shots, as well as improve lighting, video quality, and a lot more.The editing software that comes pre-included in the smartphone does not provide you with enough to unleash your creativity, and the use of huge software such as Adobe Premiere may not be suitable for your phone or even in the smartphone because it is software that requires large resources. Here , the BeeCut platform intervenes , as it provides you with a wide range of features that allow you to export extremely accurate and professional video and images, and we will not prevent you from explaining these characteristics at all. Here are some of the most prominent features and characteristics of the BeeCut platform: 

Video cutting, merging and cutting features 

Among the most prominent features that must be available in any video editing and editing program, of course, is the capabilities of cutting, pasting, and cutting videos, and providing easy tools that allow these three characteristics, in order to take only the necessary scenes and delete non-essential scenes from the video.  provides this in an easy way, as it displays TimeLine (timeline) with the start and end lines clearly, which allow you to select a part of the video and mark it, then define its properties as deleting it, or delete other parts and keep the misleading part (Highlighted) ). Also, the program deals with few frames, which makes the least fraction of a second customizable and adjustable. Of course, these features are available in the program, the website that allows you to edit and edit videos online, as well as mobile applications. 

Improve video, lighting and filters 

To communicate better ideas, you should not make the video with the same lighting in which the video was captured, but rather poor lighting directly refers you to improving it by adding a set of filters and other features to improve its quality. Each video editing and editing program has its own set of filters and methods for using and modifying them in order to obtain a professional video with great visual accuracy. BeeCut provides the same, through a set of custom filters that express the video itself, such as the cold blue filter that expresses sadness and depression, or the bright sun that expresses activity and joy, and other filters that exist. Moving away a little from the filters, we find that the program supports other features such as controlling the speed of the video, such as speeding up and slowing down a part of the video in order to obtain a completely different video, and the Picture-in-Picture feature that allows you to capture part of the video itself and insert it in the middle of the video To look more professional, along with many other features. 

The possibility of extracting a suitable video for popular social media platforms 

We all know that the dimensions of the video vary and change according to social media platforms, so sharing a video on Instagram requires different dimensions to share the video on YouTube, for example, or even other platforms such as Tik Tok, which has become the talk of the hour now. If you use the BeeCut program to edit videos on mobile, whether Android or iOS, we promise you a feature that will benefit you greatly, so that upon completion of the editing and montage, you can click on the Share button and then share it on your social media platforms (for example YouTube), the application will automatically publish the video With the dimensions appropriate to the platform, or give you the option to choose the dimensions you want. On the computer or the web, it provides you with the ability to choose the dimensions that suit you, dimensions such as 16: 9 are suitable for platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, while dimensions such as 16: 9 are more suitable for platforms such as Insqtram or Tik Tok. So the idea here is that the BeeCut software provides you with the ability to extract the video to suit the platform you want to share the video on, so that you get the best use of your video. 

Available on computers, smartphones and even the web 

 The most beautiful thing about BeeCut is its flexibility that allows you to use the program, the application and the platform on various devices in a very easy way. The BeeCut platform, my friend, is available on the computer through various systems such as Windows and Mac OS, and you can download the official program for the platform and Manipulate videos directly from your computer. The service also allows you to have a mobile application available on both Android and iOS systems, as smart phone users today are greater than computer users, and the urgent need to edit videos and do montage on the smartphone has become necessary for everyone to look for, so, the application is available. As well as on all smart phones and can be downloaded directly from the store. If you prefer to use the service directly on the web without downloading the program and the application, this is also possible, although the features in this case will be slightly reduced, but you can have the full experience of editing the videos as you want on the web. 


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