Our candid opinion in Microsoft Edge browser after 90 days of use


It must be that the Microsof Edge browser or Internet Explorer previously may transmit that bad look to users from time immemorial, it is a slow and bad browser and as many say it is good only for downloading another browser, nothing more, no less. And perhaps this was the case for a long time, until the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser based entirely on Chromium (the same engine on which a group of famous browsers such as Chrome was built) came along. Despite that, many did not use Edge Chromium due to the eternal look lingering in their minds, and that this browser is still and always will be the worst browser ever. On the 12th of June, Microsoft officially announced the Beta version of Edge Chromium browser, in turn, we provided news about it that you can read from here, but we did not try it because it is still in beta or Beta mode, but about a month later, and after the launch of a stable version of The browser, we didn’t hesitate to try it, because our experience lasts so farAnd the time has come, to provide you with our frank opinion after more than 3 months of full use and complete reliance on Edge Chromium browser as my primary browser. In this article, I would like to discuss with you all the pros, cons and characteristics that I liked and that I did not like about Edge Chromium completely.

First things first, the transition from Chrome to Edge

The biggest challenge that I faced first was moving from Chrome to the Edge browser. All my favorite sites, extensions on Chrome, settings and a lot more are fully equipped in my Chrome browser, and I even store them in specific mail in order to get the same settings and add-ons and everything in every Once I switch to another computer or shut it down, it will be difficult for me to go to Edge and re-install all my plugins and settings. But I am surprised, dear reader, that you can go completely to Edge using the same e-mail, by registering with your mail in which you save all the settings, you will be able to get all the additions, favorites, bookmarks and all in one go and quickly, as if you had not changed the browser at all. Not only that, but if you are now seeking to try Edge Chromium, do not delete Chrome until you have fully set it up, so that with one click of a button the browser suggests to you at first, importing all the add-ons, settings and full features from Chrome to Edge, and it will not take that long. Only two minutes of work.

Completely different basics and protection techniques

Most browsers do not really care about your privacy or preservation, for example Google Chrome does not care at all about your privacy, in fact it is completely violating it in order to spy on you and your browsing habits in order to provide content that suits you in terms of ads, Firefox in turn provides you with some good protection methods, But what about Edge Chromium?

Edge provides you with very important protection features represented in 3 options, the first is Basic, which is the normal procedure that prevents you from websites that track you while you are browsing, ads that cover the content or dense in websites, and any harmful JavaScript code in websites. As for the second option, it does the same, but by adding the feature to block sites that track you even when you do not visit them or when they are closed, because some sites track you through cookies even after they are closed, and the third option is for protection nerds (like me), which is almost to stop any method on websites And advertising services from tracking you or knowing anything about you, in addition to preventing any codes that may be harmful to you or permanent in the form of cookies.

Simple and customizable UI / UX interface 

The Edge browser always came with a bad interface and a weak and somewhat slow user experience, but by the good news, you can customize the browser better in terms of UI / UX. Let’s talk first about the Dark Mode that many adore, because the browser comes with this mode and can completely switch the browser to this mode for a better use experience. On the interface of the site, you will be able to customize it on demand, either providing important sites to you on the main page of the browser, or showing a specific site such as a custom search engine, or choosing the option to show news and developments from various sites, which is the option that I use personally, as I would like to stay on Launching the best developments in the world, you can also customize the latter to show specific fields such as technology, art, economics, business, etc. Through the settings, you will also be able to control the default search engine, as Edge originally comes with the Bing engine, but you can customize it and transfer it to another search engine such as Google or Duckduck Go from the settings, which makes controlling the browser better and easier.Regarding animation, Edge has borrowed the famous Windows download animation in the browser, and all the other settings and options are similar to Windows, it is as if you are using Google Chrome but with the Windows theme.

Less consumption of RAM and device resources … much less consumption! 

Despite all the above reasons, you may still not be convinced to change your browser Google Corm or others to Edge, but I will tell you something, through my experience of many Chromium-based browsers or popular browsers including: Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox, Vivaldi, Torsh, I can tell you with full conviction that Edge is the least resource-intensive of all these browsers. Personally, I do not only work on the browser, but there are other side programs that I use as well, which makes the work and tasks pile up on the device and difficult to manage and the device lags every now and then, but with Edge it becomes very rare, even when I use more than 10 tabs In the browser, along with other software, I missed 100% of the hard disk or RAM consumption! Google Chrome exactly suffers from the problem of high consumption of device and RAM resources, and lags or lags if you have not missed it for a long time, and even when you close the browser you find that it still consumes a large slice of RAM, but Edge is completely opposite, it is smooth, simple, and no It consumes only what it needs, and the reason for this in our view is due to limited and dedicated consumption, for example, Google Chrome consumes more because it performs several hidden tasks behind the lines (mostly spy tasks 😅), while Edge deals only with what you need.

All Extensions included 

Many believe that once moving to Edge and abandoning their favorite browser such as Google Chrome, they will not be able to take advantage of the add-ons or extensions that help you get a more wonderful and professional browsing experience, which is wrong, as all the extensions for Google Chrome are already present in Edge Chromium, and because it is based on Chromium, they share the same engine and the same features, and all the add-ons, even rare ones, exist. Trust me, I use some plugins that are difficult to find, but I found them in Edge, and they technically share the same store.

Dear developer, don’t worry, the console is the same 

Then the developers will wonder, yes, all of this is good, but it does not suit me, because I work in the console and use DevTool for Chrome, which provides me with access to the source code, modifying it live, and monitoring errors and warnings, and all that.We are pleased to inform you, brother reader, that Edge comes with the same DevTool for Chrome itself, yes it may be a little late in the update, but you get the same features and advantages of the console in Google Chrome, with some changes also in terms of the interface, all the changes related to the interface Basically, but in terms of functionality, features, and technologies, it remains as powerful as it is on Chrome and all other browsers. We can compare Edge Chromium to being Chrome, but with very big improvements in terms of privacy and strong RAM consumption, so that you get all the features and technologies found in major browsers but with greater professionalism, and no, Edge Chromium will not remain a limited, bad and slow browser, but currently I find it among the best browsers you will ever try. 


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