The best sites to get ready-made website templates (templates)


The template for any site represents the interface and its own design, and sometimes the template determines the layout of the site as well, that is, the site template is what determines what the visitor sees when entering any website, and of course changing the template changes the appearance of the front end, although Thousands of free templates are available on the Internet, but most of the sites resort to using paid templates because of the additional features and great designs they provide. The option to use your own template remains necessary in the end for the sake of uniqueness of your site, but sometimes for beginners or who want to create a site quickly, the best option remains to have a ready-made site template that was previously designed by someone else, if you want to be unique to it as well. You can buy it as a paid so that it is dedicated to your site only, but if you want to get a free template, it is available as well. In this article, we will review a group of sites that provide you with the ability to get ready-to-use site templates.

Themeforest platform 

It is one of the sites developed by the global company Envato, Envato is known for providing open source files in all fields (whether open Android and iOS applications, or site templates, or motion graphics …), and Themeforst is a huge library of ready-made templates, As this site contains thousands of templates and designs offered by designers and experts around the world, and what distinguishes this site is the high level of reliability it provides to its customers, as it has a whole team of experts and specialists whose primary task is to test and review any template that is uploaded to the site before publishing it to make sure Due to its quality and free of problems, so when the user purchases any template from the Forestry website, he will ensure that the template is professional, free of any technical problems and also of high-quality design. The site provides ready-made templates for all CMS content management platforms(WordPress – Joomla – e-commerce – Shopify) and many others, and it also provides some templates that support the Arabic language and writing from right to left RTL, and for the price it provides templates at relatively low prices compared to the prices of other sites or the cost of designing templates before Designers, and when purchasing one of the offered templates, the buyer can obtain technical support from the design team for the template for a period of six months for free and get a control panel for the template, which helps to modify and control the template with ease, but the buyer can use the template on one site only, and if he wants to use it With a second site, he must buy it again, or delete it from the first site, and then install it on the second site.

BTemplates website 

The wonderful site that is well known is one of the oldest sites in the field of providing blog templates, which provides users, website and blog owners with a very large collection of the best free and professional foreign templates alike (more than 4 thousand different templates), as the site offers its complete set of templates For download and direct use with ease and completely free of charge, it also provides users with the feature of filtering templates to get the desired template, where the user can specify exactly what he is looking for in the template (appearance – features – number of columns – color) and a list of templates that match the chosen specifications will appear. It makes the site one of the best picks because of the ease of access to what is wanted through it. The site specializes heavily in Blogger templates (as the name suggests, B Template, as the letter B refers to Blogger), and it is one of the most powerful and free CMSs in the world, and it will get stronger if you get a professional template from this platform. BTemplates website link 

Picalica website 

This site is an integrated platform for buying and selling simple website templates such as blogs, WordPress and HTML templates, and a lot of digital products such as designs, interfaces, icons, logos and more, the site contains a wonderful set of different templates that are designed by other users of the site to suit the tastes and requirements of all users.The user can navigate between the templates easily and he can learn complete information about each template, such as its name, its features, and the services that the seller provides to the buyer after purchasing the template, such as whether the seller installs the template and provides technical support for the template or not, and he can also see the opinions of people who bought the template To make sure of its quality and effectiveness, or he can make sure of this by watching the evaluation of the work, one of the advantages of this site is that the prices of the templates are very cheap compared to the rest of the sites that provide the same service, the amount of 5 to 15 dollars is more than wonderful price in order to get a professional and customizable template . The site is Arabic par excellence by the way, and all the visual content and templates featured on it are mainly in Arabic and have been developed by Arab users as well.


This site provides users with a distinctive set of foreign templates with a unique design and full compatibility, this site also specializes heavily in blogger templates, and is considered one of the reliable sources that can be relied upon in order to obtain various ready-made templates, the site gives the user the ability to preview the template And browse it before making the purchase, and the site also provides a list of the features of each of its templates, and provides the user with a detailed file explaining the installation method and how to take advantage of the full features and features of the template.  The user can get all the site’s templates completely free of charge, but a paid version of each template is available that offers some additional features such as removing the rights of the developer, obtaining lifetime technical support and many more, and here the choice is up to the buyer to choose the most suitable option for him according to his budget and needs. In general, if you do not have the budget to get a paid template, you can get it for free through this site.


Many do not know this, but the Github platform is considered the largest open source software platform, not always Python software, React libraries and others, but even templates and Templates are available on the Github platform for free and ready for direct use, it is enough to search in the search box in The platform on the template type followed by the phrase Template, for example: WordPress Template, you will see tens or even hundreds of options, browse all of them until you find the right template for you, download it for free and modify it as appropriate. We all know that the Github platform is the largest community for open source software, and you can easily find almost any type of ready-made template. The unilateral problem of the site remains with the template, as you will find popular templates used by many sites available in the platform, and their use will only make your site Another copy from another popular site.

Free CSS website 

Then we conclude with you this article that reviews the most prominent sites for you to get ready-made site templates on the Free CSS site, the Free CSS site not only provides you with free templates, but also paid templates, but the most prominent is that it offers you free CSS plugins and codes to add to your site, if you want, for example Include a different Navbar or Sidebar in a new way. Through the site, you can find these code sections for free. Returning to templates, the site mainly allows static site templates, ie HTML + CSS, but you can have other site templates such as WordPress or Joomla sometimes or go to the search box to get them directly. Premium templates are also an option available on the site if you want to have a distinct and unique style customized for you on your own.  


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