Here are 8 steps to writing your cover letter


Cover letter

The cover letter is one of the most important letters that we must pay attention to coordinating and choosing the words that are written to accomplish it in the best possible way as it helps us explain our professional situation and forms an opportunity for those looking for a job to communicate with the employer or responsible for the recruitment and appointment process as most letters of introduction The traditional one should consist of two to 4 basic paragraphs in order to make it easier for the speech reader to read quickly during that division, and you can learn to write an introduction letter through that article in 8 easy steps

What does the cover letter contain?

  • First, the salutation is given, and the salutation must be based on the amount of your information about the company that you are familiar with, and if you are aware of the name of the person responsible for the appointment and employment, it is better to address him in his name by putting the master or doctor or professor before his name and start to address him, and if you are ignorant The name of the recruiting officer in the company, you can add my dear hiring manager and so on
  • During the first paragraph of the letter, you must mention the name of the job among the  available jobs that you want to occupy and from where you heard about it and write phrases that you are enthusiastic about, for example I am interested in occupying that position for the desire to join the work team and move forward with the company and to increase experiences and learn a lot, and during the same paragraph You have to answer questions such as the reason for choosing you to occupy that position, what is your practical experience and how it can serve the company’s objectives, and as we mentioned why you have a desire to work in that company in particular
  • Within one or two sentences, you should summarize why they should choose you instead of your colleagues in the same field
  • Inform the person in charge of hiring your next step, such as that you are awaiting a response to your letter of acceptance or rejection or that you are looking forward to an interview.
  • Then, at the end of the letter, write your contact information
  • Also, it is preferable to mention that you have attached your CV to the email of the company or responsible person
  • He ended the letter by thanking the person in charge for their time


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