7 things .. I do and you will not find a request for your services


Some mistakes can be fixed, others are fatal mistakes, which you must correct from the beginning in order not to reap what is dire . By working on five, you will encounter many things that you will search for advice for, and in order not to make these mistakes, we will mention here about 7 of them that you do not try to try .

1 – You don’t have a gallery

Imagine that each of ( x, y ) sells the same service in fives, and be a professional video design service for introducing a website . Q says in his service description that he is a professional person and that he will present the most amazing video ever without providing any previous example related to this description, while Y is presenting business models for videos he has created before . Now I ask you if you were the buyer, which one would you choose?

Jupiter tends to deal with the owners experience more Hawa of ; Therefore, you will find that the majority of buyers are always required to see previous examples of your business before requesting the service from you, and only a few would like to experience; Therefore, the buyer will be tempted to choose the person who provided business models confirming the written description in his service first before deciding to try the other .

In light of the intense competition between sellers, you must have a business exhibition, and the successful seller is the one who takes advantage of this business models section to display his recent works without violating the conditions, thus killing two birds with one stone; You display your business models in a trusted place to direct the buyer to judge your business, and at the same time you will market these business models for your services .

2 – A claim of professionalism

Professionalism in a specific field is not only to succeed in performing the work well and only, but the truth of professionalism is the success of the seller in achieving a set of conditions and forcing the buyer to call you a professional title by himself without asking him .

The various professional conditions multiple, the most important e Tqank for its Permanent and show you new in your field, and continuous development, as well as compliance with the laws and conditions of work and location, and the person who achieves the previous short sentence conditions which deserves to be called the title of Power Seller is .

3 – Lack of specialization

Often times you will find someone applying for any required work; Desiring to achieve the first sale . Of course, there is no shame in applying for a job that you master with an excellent degree, but the real problem is that you submit any application without mastering it; In this case, you give the buyers a bad impression about yourself that you are not good at one job .

In this case, you may be accepted to provide a service that you do not know well, and will not provide it with permission in the best way, and you will be subject to poor evaluation by the buyer In doing so, you will be like the wrestler who has been proud of his agility, and from the first punch he lost the match .

Khamsat website is based on the fact that you provide a service that you master with distinction, then you market it, and in the event that a person submits a new application in non-existing business requests, and this request is in your service area from near or far, you can apply for this request . But what happens is that some people form themselves as the applicant wants the non-existent service, and this is a cause for failure, not success .

4- Promises are not verifiable

Some people mention in the description of their services things that are closer to fiction than reality, so you find someone who says that he will provide technical support for his template for life, and you find another provides the service of purchasing three domain names for $ 5 in addition to a gift, and you find another who agrees to translate a large book that may reach 350 pages Within 7 days at a low price .

All of the above are examples of promises that are not verifiable except by grieving yourself as a seller, or at the expense of the quality of the work, and once again we return to the goal of creating the five site; It was never established unfairly to anyone, but rather a facility for those who do not have enough time to do things themselves or unskilled people in some fields such as design, programming, writing and other services. So your role here as a seller will complete it with extreme accuracy in exchange for your service request at a reasonable price in exchange for the effort expended from you .

Therefore, people who make unachievable promises condemn themselves to failure unless they moderate their statements on the conditions stipulated by five .

5 – Work out fives

Some buyers try to deal outside five in order to earn a few extra cents, the commission difference between five and external payment methods such as PayPal, but in exchange for you as a seller or as a buyer, either of you are subject to fraud outside of fives, and there is no guarantee of the quality of the service provided, or more precisely, there is no system that maintains The sale process is proceeding properly , and either of you is subject to an account ban at any moment .

He who tries to acquire labor from fives, in order to obtain it out of fives, is trying to fish outside the sea; And thus exposed to certain loss .

For example, you, as a buyer, will not have the right to evaluate the service, and you will not have the right to request from five to solve the dispute that may arise, and in the event that the seller provided you with a poor service, you will bear it without rights . While you as a seller, you will lose an additional service that is added to the record of your experiences that are marketed to you day after day, and you may even be exposed to fraud as well .

6 – not constantly evolving

The independent person does not hesitate to work as long as possible throughout the day, but he may miss out on continuous learning and development, and with the instantaneous development of technology these days, those who work in freelance work on the Internet need to be a person with a distinct mentality and can develop himself in his field continuously, then what is the obstacle To be the one developing the field; I do not know why this extreme lethargy that afflicts many; They just wait to know what’s new, and this is a clear difference between the follower and the follower .

Do not leave an article about your field unless you read it, try as much as possible to read a lot, and make yourself a compulsory time for learning every day, and you can search for your field on Hsoub Academy and start the learning journey from there .

7 – Despair is the way to failure

Perhaps a long period will pass by you and you have not sold any service at all, and here despair descends the doors of your heart and your life, so you leave the arena and run away . I’m sure you know the story of the inventor of the light bulb and how he tried 10,000 attempts to succeed in achieving his goal, so have you tried 100 times to sell your service?

Bring a pen and paper, and immediately start searching the Internet for the end of the thread to provide a useful service that internet pioneers need, learn the skill of providing this service professionally, and start marketing your service and make the first attempt seriously; If you failed to achieve success, record why and how you failed so that you do not make the same mistake again, then try the second and then the third until you prove yourself and sell the first service and the second service, and get started .

Also provide a free business prototype; If you are a template designer, submit a free template template first, and if you are a writer, submit a number of articles first, and publish these templates as mentioned in the first item .

Are you finding something else to do so the seller no longer finds demand for their services? Share your opinion with us … so that not much will be wrong.


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