A beginner’s guide to content creation


No matter how great your site design is, whatever you spend on it to become a unique site that has no analogues in the Arab web, you will not gain traffic unless you create valuable content for your target audience, because content and content alone is what makes a person like a site without the other, is what makes An advertiser chooses a specific site and not others.

For the visitor or advertiser, the content and its quality is what governs whether this site is worth visiting, referring to, and buying places to advertise in it, so unless you have good experience in creating content, your site will remain below the standard no matter what you do.

Want to create valuable content that gets you high traffic?

“Content is the king” and if your ownership is not strong, no one will follow it. The content industry is a very complex matter and has its secrets and strategies, and its effectiveness is measured by the extent of the target segment’s interaction and the extent of its spread. Although the term content creation only contains the term industry, it also includes marketing and more appropriate knowledge Roads until the desired spread is spread.

From the beginning of the idea and planning for your content until publishing it on social networks, we will learn together the basics of content creation and how to create content that advertisers flock to after seeing the advertisement on your site.

Four main steps to creating content are :

  1. Planning
  2. Ideas and inspiration
  3. Content creation
  4. marketing

1- Planning

You should know that without planning for the content that you create, all your efforts are not in vain, but you do not reap what you want, because you are simply creating the content just for its manufacture, without a goal, if we have two publishers, one of them sat for one hour, in which he specified his goals for the content of this year or month and let it be For example, reaching the number of 5000 visits per day, and the other only set a budget for the content that he will publish, but he did not specify the goal of this content .. He only knows that he must publish content to profit from his site. So in your opinion, who among them will get his efforts what he wants, or at least he will feel that his efforts and money were not wasted. The mind says the first because it thinks about a specific strategy, because simply all the methods lead to nowhere. And then you will not know which way to go.

Planning the content that you will create may be based on many basics, including the following:

  • Marketing campaigns Marketing campaigns are those efforts that focus on specific goals during a certain period, then you can plan the content that you want to create according to those goals and during this specific period to measure the results of what you have done.
  • Building rebuilding the marketing identity : If your site is new or your project is still in its beginning, then the first content makes a strong impact to build the marketing identity of your project and based on what you want people to know about you and your site or project, then the planning of the content that will be created will inevitably be formed according to that identity, Identity reconstruction is also one of the things that may change the tide of your content, whether you want to remove a certain idea from your company or plant a new image in the minds of consumers.
  • Affiliate Marketing : If you are a publisher and subscribe to one of the affiliate marketing offers, then you of course want to make profits, and this will not come without a good planning of the content that you will provide and closely related to the offers subscribed to it.
  • Competition: In the business world or in the web site, it is always better for your position to be ahead of the search engines and the minds of the target segment, and with this in mind, as a primary engine, you will be able to plan your content significantly.

By setting the previous factors in your mind and determining your current situation, you can write your goals for the next month / year of content creation, and the next steps will become easier whenever you define your initial vision and goals at this stage, which will lead you in succession to the content creation methods through which these goals can be achieved.

2- Ideas and inspiration

The planning stage may do it once, but you are creating valuable content, whether articles, case studies, videos … etc., you will need every time for a great idea for the next content masterpiece, as the planning stage is nothing but the general framework through which you will move, and ideas and inspiration are what you will implement. Then. The next step is to collect the ideas that you will implement throughout the campaign or at the beginning of the months of building the marketing identity for your business, or even after you have signed up for affiliate marketing offers.

So what are the mines of ideas you can drill into?

  • Keywords : Keywords are a more than wonderful opportunity to get inspiration from ideas for creating content, so the good thing here is that you will present a piece of content that everyone is looking for, and let’s assume, for example, that your site specializes in sports and fitness games, simple search and know the most words that the Arab user searches for in this regard, not only that You may find in the results a deficiency that you can present to your visitors, at that time you will have killed two birds with one stone, provided your target audience with what they are looking for, and achieved a good position in search engines .
  • Competitors : In the world of war, countries get to know the weapons and strategies of their enemies, this is only the first part of competition, the second part is the most important, which is the use of stronger weapons and strategies. And create more useful and valuable content than competitors’ content.
  • Ask your readers : If your site has been on the web for a while, then surely it has some loyal audience that can appreciate what you post. Do not be shy about asking them and following up with them about what you publish, as many of their ideas can be used in making marketing campaigns and creating new content .. Don’t forget Ask them to share their opinions in a gentle manner, without disturbing, to find the right ideas when you want them.
  • Most Popular Trends: With every new event that occupies people, you can use this event by creating content related to those events in some way, the general public loves those who share their joy and loves those who appreciate their grief, the content related to the most popular will connect you with your audience and will bring you closer to them.

3- Content creation

In the Content Marketing article, we reviewed the type of content that can be created and also reviewed the features that distinguished content must have in order to achieve its goals for which it was created. It remains for us to know the options available for its manufacture. Depending on your capabilities and budget, there are two options for creating content in front of you:

Make it your own DIY

Many publishers like to create their own content from designs and articles, and that has a lot of benefits, such as saving money, getting the content out as you want .. In the end, you are the one who creates it, hit the target you want from the content, gain great confidence on the part of the audience and in yourself as well.

This method is bad, and you will take a lot of time to create one piece of content, let alone the content of the campaign or building the identity of a startup in light of the rapid growth now for many emerging projects and this automatically invites you to the second option.

Hire an outsource expert

Hiring a professional person to create content is good if you want a large amount and high quality of photos, videos and extensive articles, so if you want to create content for a specific field, let it be digital marketing, for example, and you do not have time, then in a few minutes you can hire a trusted person on an independent website to do the thing more fully. Face and on the terms that you specify.

But what is bad for employment is that your budget may not be enough, then you have a good option to use micro-services and buy some services that can help you create content, such as buying designs, making videos, or even registering a press release to launch your site, one of the most popular mini-services sites, Khamsat . Which is characterized by a reasonable price for low budgets, for one hundred dollars you can buy 20 different services to create the content you want.

Depending on your need, you will make the appropriate decision, in terms of budget and the specific time in which you want to create the content.

4- Content Marketing

Some people may think that in the content industry its role has ended, and that the visits will follow it without making an effort to promote it on social networks or among those interested in this content. On the contrary, all you want to focus on now is to focus on reaching the accomplished content of the target segment in more than one way and in more ways. From strategy, valuable content deserves to be spread.

If you are going to promote your content you might want to check out the following lines :

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn : These are the most popular social networks currently, so the content marketing that you create with them is a great opportunity to get the appropriate return, but just as there are techniques and techniques for creating content, marketing on social networks also has its origins, and by using some viral marketing techniques And diversifying your posts, you will find a large interaction from the audience, you can also hire an expert in social networks from Fives or an independent.

Pinterest : One of the most popular social networks that may not take much luck in marketing, but the strength of this platform lies in the mechanism of content classification and ease of presentation, as it is visual lists accompanied by some simple description. The visitor can get a lot of information and learn good content from weak content, If you didn’t think of it as an option for marketing your content, reconsider.

Inbound link reference links : There is nothing better than word of mouth marketing. You may see an advertisement for a product day and night, but you only decide to buy it when your friend advises you to buy it. The same is true for the content. The more external links that refer to the content you create, the more widespread it is. Bigger, become friendly to search engines, and there is more than one way to do that, one of which is to write to friendly sites or link to the content with what you create to take a look at your work and perhaps refer to it in some related articles or publications. Another way is to focus very much on the quality of what you create, even if it is only a small amount.


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