How do you market your designs and create others at the same time?


Let us agree that 24 hours are not enough for any freelancer or freelance worker to complete his work, market it, and deal with customers. There are many things that the freelancer must take care of in order to attract a new customer and guarantee the return of another. Marketing is the primary function of the first part of the sentence, and sometimes it goes beyond that. Good dealing with customers and customers is also considered marketing, but indirectly.

If you want to complete more designs and work on creative projects, then the marketing time and focus will definitely decrease when dealing with customers . If the time allocated to marketing increases, this will cut down the time of work and completion.

A difficult equation for everyone, isn’t it ?!

Well the solution comes in three steps:

  • Use the most appropriate platforms.
  • Publish automation.
  • Automate creativity.

1- Use the most appropriate platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, … and so on, social networks have become a lot and need quite a bit of effort to market them well, except that you can relax your mind a little and use the principle of (less is better), as many designers or freelancers publish here and here similar to Spam posts.

Get to know each platform well, its capabilities, features, the type of audience that uses it, and use this knowledge to create a solid plan to spread your business on it and market what you do. For example, Facebook has the majority of people from all walks of life and types, and this majority might seem like a good opportunity to spread your business models. The main advantage of Facebook is that with it you can reach the largest number of people using “viral marketing”.

Pinterest is one of the most popular photo platforms, millions of people enter it to make lists of foods, clothes, art, designs, yes designs, so creating lists of your designs and categorizing them increases the chances of finding these works and then asking you to buy them.

Instagram is a reflection of your personal life more, so you can benefit from it, by photographing your work steps, unfinished models, and publishing them on it, which increases the awareness of customers and customers by the amount of your effort and the design process itself, and this is necessary to build confidence among people indirectly.

Behance House Designers, having your personal file on it is very necessary, as many companies and individuals look at your projects and works and may decide to hire you and request similar work.

How do you choose between these platforms?

  • Decide what kind of customers you want to reach.
  • Learn about the most networks they are on.
  • Create sample posts that are appropriate for each of the platforms you choose.

This last one will save you some time to spend thinking about the format of the post, image, design. All you have to do is design several publications that suit different times and every time you need to do a marketing campaign about yourself and your business as a designer, the leaflets are ready for publication, you can only change some details such as the opening sentences of the post, change some designs.

2- Publish automation

The meaning of the word automation, i.e. making it automatic and does not require direct intervention for each time, whoever said that you should publish these publications yourself, who said that publications should be published at the same time you are on the Internet, the truth is that many think that, and waste a lot of their time, then he is working on a project Or a new service and then he enters Facebook or Instagram to post a new picture of his work, and every time he does so.

Automation tools for publishing and dealing with social networks are the most now, with the ifttt tool you can automate almost anything, you also have tools like Buffer or Hootsuite through which you can organize your increase in effectiveness on several platforms simultaneously.

3- Automating creativity

The problem with creativity is that like clay, it does not have a specific shape that can be applied to everyone, so what works with you may not work for others, the beginning of creativity is discovering yourself first, i.e. the times when your creativity increases? Where do you feel comfortable working from and entering Flow status?

Things like this, if you know them, you can automate your creativity, for example if you are working on Adobe Illustrator in the morning and you find yourself doing a great job, take note, repeat the command several times, if the same thing happens then prove your work in the morning.

There are several habits that may inspire you a lot with your designs that you must acquire soon, including reading in different fields, so reading a book, for example in Islamic history, may inspire you to design a new Arabic typography, another habit is sports, and its effect on the brain is very good.


Focus on one or two platforms to market yourself as a designer and market your business models, set up several flyers and templates to use, automate the publishing process, discover your creative style and make it a habit.

Do you have other solutions for good marketing and creating more business at the same time? Tell us the comments


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