How to design a service image that increases your sales


It is said that the picture is equivalent to a thousand words, is this correct? Sometimes you can through the image of the service tell the customer everything you want to say or explain about your product. Imagine that you want to describe your service in a thousand words, then convert the thousand words into one image and attach it to the service and note the difference.

Designing a good image for the service gives the buyer the first impression of your attention to detail, and after updating five of your business gallery, you may need to design more than one image. Here we will learn about how to create a good image of the service that can be used on the service page or in marketing it, or you can even use it as a cover if the product is a book.

Attract attention

Usually the customer will spend a few seconds looking at the image of the service and then decide whether he is interested in reading the details about him and buying it or not, here is your role to create an image that can attract attention and take advantage of this feature by marketing on social networks and other sites and blogs, the image that attracts is either very beautiful or Very strange or perhaps very simple, and depending on the nature of the service, you will be able to use its features and the problem that your service solves to attract your target audience by designing a wonderful image.

Ask your friend about the picture before publishing it, seek the help of some loyal customers to find out their first impression of the image of the service, did it arouse their attention? Did it raise questions about what it is? Their opinions will surely help you in determining whether or not your design is successful.

Explain the problem

When you will design the image, you can use the problem that your service solves to use in the image, you can display what the service will provide to the customer if he buys it and show its value while designing a good image that expresses it. By themselves a lot and you can take advantage of this trait in designing a great photo.

Pictures before / after use

One of the popular designs for service images in general are before / after using the service, you can design the image so that half of it shows the feeling of the person before reading your book or trying the application, and then in the other half the feeling of the person after purchasing the service and trying the application or design, as these images usually succeed in bringing customers but Beware that your product does not achieve what you display with the design.

All great ideas are “simple”

Perhaps the splendor of your design lies in its simplicity, try to make the image as expressive as possible without exaggerating the colors and shapes, the simple image will attract customers and the idea will arrive simply and without cost, you can use some common icons or browse the DeviantArt site to get inspiration for some ideas about simple designs that do not require experience Great by design, it just needs a different and innovative thought.

Short phrase

If you are going to use some words in the picture, make it brief and expressive of everything you want to say, and make it consistent with the design of the image, do not make yourself one of those who dwell in the sentences on the pictures as if you do not know what you are doing, but be precise and interested in the design of the service image and what is written on it so that it does not appear The service is in the form of non-professional services with many texts on pictures.

Express your identity

Make the image of the service expressive of you as well, your name or the identity of your company and what you do in a simple way or by adding your own logo . Just imagine that a web user found the image of the service but not on your site or sales page. He might find it in search engines or Google images, and he liked it and wanted to know Its owner or buy the product that you express, determine your identity with the product image and the way to reach you intelligently and simply.

Image description

When uploading the image on websites and the product page, try to add a brief description of it in the description box so that it can be found when searching for topics related to it. It is better to change its name as well to a concept name instead of “1.jpg” change it to “service_name. Jpg”

In the end, the image and design of the service are things that may add good value to the service, as a good design will relax the eye and make the visitor or customer eager to buy a service whose design and image are elaborate and beautiful, do not forget to share your advice with designing your services pictures as well.


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