Tips to protect your account in Fives


To ensure that your account is protected against five from any attempted theft or fraud, we ask you to adhere to the following points :

1- Dealing with external links

When you click on an external link, a page will appear on the site alerting you that you will leave the Khamsat website, with three important alerts mentioned. Please adhere to the three alerts that appear to you to ensure the protection of your account and ensure your rights.

2- Attached files

Do not download any file sent to you by any person or user you do not know well, do not upload anonymous files.
Pay attention to the files attached to the services.

3- Check files before downloading and using them

If you are dealing with a user in the process of buying and selling for the first time, and the matter requires him to send you a file and upload it to your device, first make sure that the file is clean before installing it in your device or opening it, you can test it through the protection program that you use or via sites to check files such as virustotal. Even if you know the user, always check the files, he may have obtained the file from someone else and did not know that the file is malicious.

4- User trying to harm your device

 If you confirm that someone is trying to install a hack file on your device It must be reported immediately through the technical support tickets, as it will surely contact other users as well and harm them.

5- Passwords and software update

  • Make sure to use a tough password for your account in Fives and do not use simple words like your name or phone number.
  • Make sure to always update your antivirus and use the latest version of your web browser and other programs that you use.

6- Permission to access your device through a program

If the buying and selling process requires a connection with the user you are dealing with via TeamViewer or any similar program and their entry into your device, it is necessary to try to find another method that does not require access to your device or the buyer’s device, and if the matter is really necessary, try to pay attention to the following:

  • Monitor every step of the user in the device.
  • Do not leave important passwords such as your bank accounts saved in the browser or in text files so that no one can access them.
  • In the event that you notice any suspicious process, such as trying to close the protection software in your computer, installing files, or using your browser to open sites or opening your accounts for you in certain sites, you must immediately disconnect the connection.
  • Do not give full control to another user of your device, and do not leave the screen of the device for even a second.
  • Unfortunately, Khamsat cannot guarantee security in dealing with these sites and programs, and the user is responsible for using them.

8- Doubt about a buyer’s account

As a seller : In case of suspicion that the account of the buyer who communicated with you has been stolen, a ticket must be opened in the technical support center and immediately reported with an appropriate address explaining the problem .

Example: Buyer’s account might be stolen

9- Steal your account

In the event that your account is stolen, you must report immediately to open a ticket at the technical support center through a new temporary account , and to set a clear address for the problem so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Example: My account “account name” is stolen

Adherence to these tips and procedures will protect your accounts from the attempts of some weak-minded people to exploit users and steal their data and accounts.


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