Case Study: Name the product or brand (Brand) What is good?


Today took a case study In becoming a marketing consultant Let’s talk to each other. This is not on the project. Or startups But is a consultation with someone who is normally known But this is a very common case. In doing business generally is “What is good to name a product or brand (Brand)?”

There are many people who are doing business. Or will open a shop Start something The first thing that is usually irrational is “Naming” This is because there are many factors. Thoughtful In most cases, it is understood that it should be “hit”, “easy to remember”, “understandable” or “able to communicate”, and some “must be cool” “must hit” something like this today, too. The counselor has done about one of the homework assignments in a way that might be called “think sow”, ie 4-5 names, each of which seemed to have different meanings, and let me choose. When I looked at it, I saw that each name had very different flaws and requirements. Let’s look at an example.

  1. seed scrub
  2. nein scrub (smooth scrub)
  3. Scrub coffee
  4. Scrub Si (Scrub Si)
  5. Sai Scrub (clear scrub)

From the example, you can see that the advisor uses the word Scrub or scrub as a common name. Which the advantages are obvious Everyone, including me, knew immediately What is a product? Or about anything But each name has its drawbacks as well.

  • seed scrub (seed scrub): Even though the word Seed in English does not mean anything bad. By implication that the seed or the beginning was something like this But when reading in Thai The meaning may seem a bit awkward and dreadful.
  • nein scrub (nein scrub): It’s a name that is intentional, but it looks intentional. Not synonymous with the latter until it comes out funny with this name
  • Coffee scrub: This is too specific. Too direct that it becomes unaware of the brand name.
  • Scrub Si (Scrub Si): This name looks like a small disadvantage. The mood is inviting, chic, but still not sure why to read next.
  • Sai Scrub (Scrub): Clear, this name’s scrub must keep thinking of it. But it was no different in that it was curt and strange, a rather funny name.

The notes in this article are written on a format describing the initial experience. Will not use the principles of theories and texts to be too difficult to understand Therefore it is not recommended to refer to any academic Except for use in real life only

Caution in naming the product or brand (Brand)

Here, let’s take a look at what to look out for, why, and why. Details separately again. In the case of a brand name, brand, or just a product name (one model, one type), excluding the business name, the overall company name is a general rule of thumb. Given first

  1. Length : Name that is too long. Not only difficult to remember But also results in an obstacle to many Regardless of whether it is doing media Or advertising In general, they should not be more than 2 words or 4 syllables, meaning that if they are one word connected together, they should not exceed 4 syllables, they are too difficult to remember.Like Honda, Yamaha, Mitsubishi these are not more than 4 syllables, but if they are Two words will be excluded, such as Victoria’s Secret Victoria’s Secret, Oriental Princess Oriental princess, which will be seen as a meaningful word in each word. Which must be used with caution anyway
    As in another case of Oil Of Ulan, Oil Of Ulan that we can see that even though it is 4 syllables, but it is 3 separate words until there is a plan to adjust to Oil Of Olay and only Olay is left in the end This is called a gradation. Change with a plan Otherwise, it may lose the image and the same customers, but overall we will see that it should not exceed 4 syllables.
  2. Repetitive or short : besides long Too short, too short to remember or difficult to remember because of this confusion which was too short from the first verse. May conclude that Do not use one syllable name. Because sometimes it will repeat with other brands Other products easily as well.
    In addition, although not short But repeating until uniqueness is not good either Unless You intentionally mimic a big brand Or another product That one is said to go, for example, “Kitchen Man” that has all provinces
  3. Words and Meanings  : This is quite broad. There may be a word of caution. And their meanings are as follows:
    3.1 hard-to-read words, hard to pronounce,
    volumes, 3.3 homonyms, other meanings, case studies
    3.4 specific words such as coffee scrub is called. Should not be taken as a brand name Because people are confused about that A product recall or product names exactly
    3.5, meaning a precarious line friction interpreted otherwise. (But sometimes it can be a selling point) by all means a broad caution. Which now, after commenting on the improperness to the consultant Inevitably, the question arises, what is the name?

From experience Being a mentor suggests that in many cases, a counselor should never be considered for it.Though it is right or not (Either the consultant has the duty to think instead or help think) with some things, feelings, emotions and personal preferences of the business owner. Or the owner of the brand product, so the answer is in a conceptual approach instead

However, for those who are naming that product, product or brand Be aware that At times like this, it’s a decision-making moment, so one way to make good decisions is. Have a decision frame otherwise there is a need. This is stuck here. I can’t decide Or even listening to the surrounding sound Will only create problems because of each opinion Inevitably, for various reasons like this one, one should narrow this naming problem as follows:

Marketing strategy, concept of product or brand name (Brand)

The conceptual framework should choose one item as a mainstay. What do we want to set from?

  1. Emotion or reason: It  does not mean that the emotional state. Or use a reason to name But since Communicate emotionally or reasonably To the customer is important, in the case of the product has not yet been classified It could be a broad idea. In such a way that if it is a set of moods , such as set to look funny, fun, intentionally irony, such as banana, forget her husband, it (Tod). Will feel emotionally involved until remember No, unless the title is elegant or valuable, such as millennial snow cream like this one, the downside may not be suitable for a formal product. Because the name is jokingly or not serious
    But if choosing for a reasonThat, in principle, may focus on a formal, convincing, sometimes a name that has no meaning. Or having but customers do not recognize it, such as using family names Foreign language With hidden meaning Or the cause of Product history Which has to be careful about the interpretation of the other way as well And in most cases, if the name is chosen on a reason like this Should be considered Naming on personal reasons There is no need to look at other factors because the disadvantage is that it  will conflict with many other things such as not communicating, not reflecting the product, may be difficult to remember, but not wrong because the brand name or product name does not measure everything of the business. And there are other ways of marketing to make it stand out easily
  2. The product itself: Expanding or indicating properties from the product itself Is a good idea to name the product You just have to choose your strengths. Or featured features Or the difference is used as a name Which from the case study This method has been used as an option such as Nisan Scrub, only without careful or careful analysis, but if choosing the problem, name it after Product strengths Will find that there are many advantages Both easy to communicate Understand immediately, but Miyai has a disadvantage in that it is unable to break the product line into something else or is difficult to do, the name may be too binding until it may be back to destroy the product when there is another product that does that strength better. But if you intend to be just the name of one product, it will be over.
  3. Customer group: This is important. May need to look in conjunction with item 1-2 as well, you must make it clear that The customer group of the product to be named. In any level. Roughly top-middle and bottom, because if the top-level customers Might set the name in English to look elevated (not always But most of the time) doesn’t use a straight meaning. Which makes it look that it does not have to think too much in depth, which is reflected in the fear of customers being stupid So customers will secretly argue that I am not stupid not to use this brand
    or even age-separated customers, these genders have different preferences for names. For example, naming Japanese, Korean, can target age and gender groups, etc. There
    are disadvantages  as well, but they are disadvantages to accept. And make it clear that other customers may not be interested in our products But really in business strategy And if you are an expert Choosing a group of customers and losing another is not a disadvantage. It is considered that the strategy is more chosen.
  4. Expert: As I mentioned, one thing, business owners or brand owners. May want to participate And want these things to be his In this ownership, I want to name it myself. But for one thing, if you look at it in a very successful way, it may cut off your feelings of (really not important) yourself and give people you trust. Or experts You can set it up. This may help better both in terms of future marketing, various reasons and the last point. No exception If there are other beliefs, let the fortune teller in fact not suggest. But if stuck with just the “name” here, it ensures that your business will never go anywhere. Take it easy.

End of this hope Article Marketing Case study Naming this product or brand will be more or less useful. For case studies Those who come to consult him have a good name. Liked by which he could figure out himself From the framework and guidelines laid out Which is a name that I personally consider quite valid But must not forget that Even a good name will give you a nice start. But the efforts and other cares Must be equal That will be successful. See you again. Thank you.


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