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Thai marketing

I want to write marketing articles. Long ago This is likely to be related to the marketing strategy rather than the plan or the whole. It is considered unique in Thailand specific marketing. That doesn’t mean marketing in general isn’t working. But is something that always works better Thai marketing that there is a milk sweepstakes !!  (Faith marketing, sweepstakes marketing, sex marketing) and should be known for fun that Thailand Only Marketing, this is not a trend or trend, it is a market that has been hidden with Thai society for a long time. With these 3 stories already joined The result is no doubt loud. But also have to see if it is loud or loud

Faith marketing

Actually, it is not a ghost story. But this is representative of the invisible. Believe it or not, this is truly a strong item. As I wrote instead that this ghost There may be someone feeling bad. I do not like this stereotype that the ghost That’s all going to be. (I was told that this story is strong)

Despite this, the intent of the marketing story written that this milk sweepstakes ghost was intended to be attractive (marketing style) Only going to it) and easier to remember as well You can’t think of any marketing strategy, you can use the milk sweepstakes ghost, but the first part of this ghost story is actually based on the beliefs we’ve seen and accepted for a long time. The main factor that causes belief Naturally arises from the individual Assumed to be Psychological factor (psychological factors) in the decision-making of consumption.

As can be seen that this belief Useful Or benefit to individuals or groups for a long time, whether it is a trick or a trick, the first obvious thing is in religion. Many faiths rely on Invisible As a link to the subject Reason not valid Difficult or impossible to explain When a condition occurs One event Faith will be used.

Keyword or keyword of this story is “Uneasiness”

We can see that Consumer groups that respond Or respond to this marketing quickly Or, most notably, those who are in a state of “uneasiness” such as the poor economy. Stressful country This is one thing that makes consumers buy and pay the final price just for their “comfort” . Even people who do not have faith in that matter When in Or such environment May be willing to pay just because of the peace of mind as well

The other part is, based on the vast majority of Thai consumers, uses less logic than personal feelings. From the analysis of one view that Thailand is a country that is rich enough to be comfortable. Anything that is easy and comfortable is likely to be a Thai person. In thinking so too If you have to think complicated in figuring out the reasons, it is hard to reach. And is something that feels far away But when anything is “comfortable”, it always works well for Thai consumers.

Faith Marketing Model

The direct product aspect is clearly seen. It includes amulets and items that are not useful in general use. However, it is a product that is directly and indirectly made for belief, that is, products that may have been used in other areas or have previously, but hidden with beliefs as added value, which these products The value is high if it is in a specific group. And may not have value at all with some groups

Service Is a direct response to the beliefs of consumer groups or customers, and indirectly is to consider or rely on Service to products from faith again It will be mentioned again from the example.

Communication Considered a living To help communicate in one way marketing Because they can rely on various things These are in stimulating marketing. It even reflects the consumer’s consideration in the way of social responsibility.

Faith Marketing Examples

As mentioned Sample product Addressing the faith market The first thing is probably inevitable amulets from other amulets, the part that used to be a huge trend is Jatukarmramathep. Some products Is a component like a frame, a pair of monk glasses, this is just one example Even if something is missing But some things will survive Most of these products It fluctuates over time.

There are also many non-faith products, which are truly based on faith-based marketing strategies, such as auspicious simber, zodiac products. Some products rely on auspicious items as a free gift as a promotion. Or that is the trend right now (late 58 – early 2016) is the child of the deity who continues to expand in the parts of other products and services that follow, such as the child of the gods clothing. Accepting care in various fields Communication from brands is quite a bit. For example, opening reservations for the children of the airline’s gods, opening buffets for the children of the gods, but the trend is the trend.

There are also many products and services related to this matter. And have been together for a long time Quite stable as well Just might change the format for some, such as horoscopes, names both directly online, which has been very popular, such as 1900-xxx-abc, organizing tours, seminars, organizing rituals, is another form of many forms. These things That is based on the beliefs of the individual, luck, Feng Shui, religion and many others.

Even in the media Production of TV programs, radio, movies or as well as known that ghost movies in Thailand are often sold well. Here is another example that guarantees this market force of belief.

From the foregoing It does not open up issues in terms of accuracy or suitability. On beliefs Because there are many different types of beliefs in any way It just presents the reality of marketing on Thai society. With Thai marketing See you next episode With sweepstakes marketing That is another story that has been done until loud and bang, no doubt.


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