10 Strengths Of The Real Estate Website That Must Have Time Make A Website For Selling Houses And Condos!


When the situation of the epidemic Around the world is starting to remain constant. People are getting used to the epidemic. Can adapt to live with the disease The business began to come back gradually. Move forward again There are many businesses to watch that are starting to boom. One of them is Real estate business Home and condo sales have come back to life. There is competition on both the website and on social media. Including having interest Create many new home sales websites to be the main help in advertising assets to a wider range of customers.

But just creating a real estate website and then adding information to it, not a real estate website That can work and sell assets Because the real estate website That is a good answer, must have components that help customers find the house or condo or asset they want. See beautiful pictures of the estate And stimulate the most interest to buy

What are these components? WOW We On Web now offers 10 components of the real estate website that if you are thinking of building a house, condo or land website, you must have these things as well.

1. The web map is clear and easy to use.

Clear web map Help users to understand the web easily and quickly. And use it more easily Know where the information you need is on the web. What products or services do you have? Or how to contact the seller Without hassle searching

The website should not have multiple overlapping pages or should put important information on the first page. Or the first page, the better, such as a website that has a list of properties ready for sale Which filters are location, property type, price range that helps you find the house or condo that meets your needs faster.

A good web map is the cornerstone of web design. Because the colors or gimmicks on the web are just outer garments only It’s not about usability If the structure works well, even a small design can enhance the website look without any extravagant gimmicks.

2. Beautiful modern design

Eye-catching design It helps attract visitors to the website to pay attention to the content or products on the web. Or spending a lot of time on the web, for example, having beautiful slides For sale of houses or assets for special promotions. A background that makes the assets sold on the web stand out Easy-to-read text Not too small or too large, etc., where the design must fit into the content. Make the content interesting Not outstanding until drowning out the content instead

3. It has an outstanding selling point.

Only in the same country, there are people doing home sales websites. There have been dozens of you. Real estate website It is one type of website with many competitors. Which if including sales on social media such as Facebook as well

When the problem comes like this What we have to do is How to make our site stand out, have a point of interest, such as a special offer that is exclusive to this website. Making off-site advertising After-sales service Best price compared to other home sellers And don’t forget to use the correct keywords In order to get the site in the search system or Google in a good position. People search and find us easily.

4. Customer Opinion Testimonials

Comments or reviews from people who have used the site It is a great weapon that a website can take to fight against its competitors. Because online shopping has advantages that are convenient But the confidence in the product is good or not is difficult to prove. If the website has received testimonials from customers It will increase the confidence of people interested in our products to make buying decisions easier.

For home selling web as a sales agent Comments on the web, such as the webmaster, are very important.Comments should also include an image, title, and star rating, which increases the credibility of the comment.

5. Forms filling out information that keeps information relevant to the point.

Even if it is the best website Cannot meet the needs of all people Forms for customers to fill out their contact information and express their intentions are great options that allow websites to Audience or lead information

We can place a form box for customers to fill in at various points of the website, such as either side of the web, one side is a Popup floating by scrolling up and down the web, etc.

As for the form, you should only ask for information that is absolutely necessary, such as name, contact number. And the message that you would like to inform the staff Which part of the message May suggest that What type of real estate website is the customer interested in or needs special functions? Which helps customers to compose their thoughts into simple words

6. Perfect search system

For real estate sales websites Especially a sales agent web site A filtered search system is an essential component. That must be separate from the general features of the website mentioned above Because the strength may be anything but the web host will choose But the search engine is a must.

Because of the nature of most of the real estate web customers Often use this filtered search engine to find the right house, condo, land or asset. For easy selection and viewing of property details among the options that are hundreds or thousands of pieces

The benefits of a search engine will help customers find the product that best meets their needs. Popular filters that help you search well, such as property type, price range, property location. Number of bedrooms / bathrooms, etc.

7. Map

Real estate websites today always have maps. Until becoming an important ingredient In addition to showing the location of the property It also tells about nearby locations, convenience, directions (which are important for most customers in Thailand).

It is these subtleties that often make it easier for customers to know and choose whether or not to stay informed of a property. Close the sale to the website faster

8. Blog

Blogs or articles are part of many websites. Not limited to the website announcing condo sales, house sales because blogs have SEO capabilities which help increase the value of the website domain level.

Real estate topics can also be different. Grouping readers in many groups such as home decoration Home repair Tips for choosing property from location and location Recent land and property laws, etc. Readers of this type of articles are often a group of people interested in real estate to some extent. The blog will increase the brand awareness of the website and increase the credibility of the real estate industry.

And one day if these people actually decide to buy assets The name of our website might be the name they think of the most.

9. Brand and image

The real estate business is unique in that the brand and image go in the same direction. Emphasize reliability, trust. Regardless of the direction of the asset trading flow

The website should therefore have a credible image. Easy access Which the creator can create that power By designing and creating content to be in the same direction throughout the website. The use of high-resolution images and videos and content customers want to know, such as the exterior and interior of the house and condo. Which will enhance the image of the website Get better

10. Button or command message (Call To Action)

The website contains complete details of the property, with illustrations, detailed maps, and staff. It can be said that it contains all the information that a website visitor wants to know. Adding a button or command message to do something or Call To Action will be easier to encourage the beginning of the asset trade.

Real estate in Thailand in 2020, continue or wait?

Almost all businesses were affected by the slowdown in the economy because of COVID-19. And government measures to counter COVID The same applies to the real estate industry as a whole. Real estate analysis websites around the world GlobalPropertyGuide Analysis released at the end of April. So far, we will reach Thai real estate in 2020, where WOW draws on interesting topics. Let’s leave each other as follows

  • There is no trend in the real estate bubble.

Real estate bubble situation Or the real estate price is higher than the actual price It doesn’t seem like this will happen yet. The Real Estate Business Association revealed that the dominant situation in 2020 is real estate transactions worth less than 3 million baht, which accounts for about 70% of the market with the remaining 30% coming from investors. Buying a home for investment, mainly for renting. 

  • Big rooms make more profits

In all major cities around the world, smaller apartments generate more income for their owners. But with Bangkok not like that According to data, 60 square meters in Bangkok accounted for 5.6% of net rental profits, while 120 square meters onwards were 8% more profitable. Reflect that The high-income people became more likely to spend money than others.

  • Real estate transactions declined, so did foreign demand.

Land and building trading across the country fell 11.6% on average in all regions compared to 2019, the highest drop in the East versus the Northeast or Isaan. The lowest discount is in the South. One of the factors contributing to this is the spread of COVID-19. Included too

  • Housing construction is down

Residential construction is not as busy as before. Including new condo registrations, which plunged 30.3% in 2019, despite expectations that 2020 will resume growth in the first quarter. But when entering the second quarter, they had to halt Because of COVID-19 and lockdown measures

  • Low interest on real estate borrowers

Financial institutions in Thailand Especially of the government sector Different promotions, interest, buy real estate to be cheaper and more. During the past year until now Which resulted in a surge in demand for homes as well

By continuing events since 2016, the government launched the Pracharat House project. With the Government Housing Bank, Government Savings Bank and Krung Thai Bank Together, they are issuing low-interest loans totaling more than 70,000 million baht for developers of low-income housing projects and low-income home buyers to fund investment and trading.

Later in 2018, the Government Housing Bank Also launched another 1 million low-cost housing projects for low income people to have their own housing The project will run until the end of 2020, including issuing very low current home rates to stimulate public borrowers.

  • The law facilitates the purchase of foreign property.

Although Thailand has a law not allowing foreigners to purchase land or buildings that have land. Only condominiums and apartments, but some real estate investors formulate policies that favor foreign purchasing power, such as selling buildings that do not include land. 

In addition, Thai law has also revised small rules to allow more space for foreigners to participate in Thai real estate such as

  • 30-year lease which can be renewed (In the event that the owner of the property is registered with the land office, the terms of the contract are endless) and even The lessee will not be able to sell, transfer, lease or double lease. 
  • Change yourself to a legal entity that will be able to purchase land. Being a juristic person is achieved by registering a company by holding at least 51% of the shares with Thai people and then relying on the mechanism of being a company to manage the land.
  • When investing 40 million baht or more in a project that has been approved by the Office of the Board of Investment or Thailand Board of Investment, can purchase land from 1 rai or more.


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