20 Hotel Web Mistakes That Make Up OTAs


Thailand has tourism as the main industry. It is plain that the services industry, or location services (Hospitality Industry) will be used to pull market share with competitors so high , according to the particular hotel. Which in order to gain profit Hotels to stay not only have to fight with hotels themselves. But still have to fight with booking and travel agents or OTAs. Another thing that will help improve this travel business arena is not too aggressive is the hotel website of the hotels.

The hotel must make the website as attractive to the target audience and customers as possible. Which may be a matter that you already know But on the other hand Did the hotel know What are the mistakes to be aware of? To cut sales opportunities Get people to turn off their screens before they become your customers.Here are some great hotel websites that should not be missed.

1. The web loading time is too long.

Website loading speed Not only does it affect SEO, it also affects your website for sales. Every second it takes a website to download. It is the second that people enter the website decide to close the page (bounce rate) and increase the dissatisfaction until it becomes a bad memory of the user

Although Google doesn’t say that the best sites won’t take much time to load. Website builders can be compared with good or effective websites, such as Booking.com, which on average takes 4 seconds to display their website to their users.

If compared to the standard of the major competitors of the travel website If you want your own website to have good feedback Must make the website display on all types of screens Both computers, smartphones and tablets within 4-5 seconds no more. Which has many tools that can measure The closest to you is Google’s Page Speed ​​Insights .

2. Ambiguous Call to Action

Call to Action (CTA) or instruct the recipient to do anything. It’s the heart of every sales page. The first step in conversions is achieved with this.

On the website, the CTA comes in the form of a click button. For hotel websites, the CTA button should be clearly attractive. Displayed on the screen, ready for people to click You should use clear words that convey the action you want customers to do, such as booking a room, registering instead of just clicking.

But be careful not to make the CTA buttons on the same web page look conflicting, for example, different colors have different commands. Confusing website users or those who encounter them This may lead to fewer clicks or conversions to follow.

3. The offer is not motivating enough.

A good deal can add value to the website. In contrast to this bad or uninspiring proposal, users of the website were hesitant And pushed them to find other options Which when the target audience has dropped off your webpage There is a very high chance they will be pulled by their competitors. With offers or better marketing methods The offers that the website may have been mistaken or missed include

  • Repeat promotions with OTAs: Usually OTAs have restrictions on hotels not to run promotions similar to OTAs on other channels. But there may still be some hotels doing it by using speech modifier in the ad. Which is whether the intent is or not It’s not a good way to call customers Because in addition to violating the agreement with the hotel partner Redundant promotions have not yet attracted customers. It’s a waste of sales opportunities on hotel pages.
  • Multiple proposals on one web page: Sounds like bad But in terms of hotels that want customers to decide to book a room on the web page Giving too many options is not as good as giving a single proposal over and over. Which the latter is easier to invite or encourage people to make decisions
  • Forget the CTA: Describe the properties, products or services until the end Be sure to tell the customer to place an order as well. Most of the time, CTAs come with a button to enter the order page. Which are often on different faces
  • Difficult to find a way to book a room on the web: Advertise a room should have a CTA button that leads to a page, fill out a reservation and pay in one button No need to click multiple steps or re-entering information.
  •  Does not continually update the website: beautiful and clear pictures of rooms, pools, restaurants or other facilities. Most current contact information Remove promotions that have expired, etc.

4.The website is not responsive

Responsive design is a website design that automatically adapts to the device that can access the website. Which is very important Because nowadays, people visit websites using tools other than computers.

On average Each website has half of the total number of users or more on smartphones. And the usage of the web site via a small communication device is a growing trend. Which those who see this point and adjust accordingly will have a greater advantage

5. The website does not look beautiful.

A website that is outdated, messed up, inconsistent content, all in all, it is a bad looking website. A web like this will only drive people away and create a bad image for your business.

So what must be a good looking website? A good website must reflect your target audience, such as active, love, nature, relaxation, economical, and as much as possible in your marketing plan.

6. The menu on the website is complicated.

For what purpose do hotel guests go to the hotel website? The first is to find accommodation, rooms and promotions, which if the information is interesting and attractive enough. The booking will take place. Website users first look for information on the website menu bar. A good website’s menu should look something like this:

  • The website menu should be at the top of the website. Because it is the most important thing Customers coming to the website should see this first. If there is something more important, it can be placed over the menu, such as a business-related coronavirus notice.
  • The menu bar should contain only important items, such as room layout. Current promotions Hotel services, pictures, locations Contact us
  • Use a clear description, such as about the hotel, instead of about us.

7. Use low resolution images

For the hotel website, images and videos are the only way for customers to feel the real atmosphere of the place they’re interested in staying. If the image or video is unclear, the file is split and the details are faded The hotel was unable to impress the target audience.

“Creating beautiful pictures” is therefore essential for hotels. So that those interested in seeing the picture as much as possible At the same time, it must be an image that is not exaggerated. Or not cause misunderstanding as well

8. make the details on the website look ordinary, not special

Excellent sound picture The content must also be special to match the picture. By creating content that communicates specifically to the hotel audience, including the language, description and overview of the website.

The most obvious example is Making a website for selling rooms to family travelers and business travelers The websites for these target groups are clearly different.

9. Use the wrong language.

Ordering thematic, spelling, or language details It is extremely important to the credibility of the brand. Always check that the language is spoken correctly or not. Is the grammar incorrect? Interpretation from foreign media Until the overview of the content that Are there mood, tone, and speech (Mood & Tone) as specified by the hotel?

10.Too much information

Less is more: This phrase is very powerful on image-heavy websites like hotel websites. Do not put too much information on the website pages. May start by entering the necessary information such as room layout, room rates, amenities and conditions, then it may become clearer that What more could be appropriate?

Allocate text and images to fit. There are beautiful spaces on the web In an online space, outside of websites like social media such as Facebook, Instagram, they should be kept in a similar fashion.

11. Prices differ too.

Online room sales plans should be based on special rates or special offers as a selling point. In particular, the hotel website sales should have the most special price or offer than other online sales channels such as OTA. Websites with automatic online sales channels or channel managers can clearly solve this problem.

12. Book through the web, no special privileges.

If the hotel website wants to attract customers from OTA to book, just make the price equal or lower than the OTA is not enough with the very competitive level of hotel business and travel booking. The hotel website should offer more privileges than just a lower price. To attract customers, such as a transfer service between your accommodation and the airport or bus station. Yoga class or body relaxation therapy, etc. 

Clearly show the privilege for customers who book the room directly in the hotel website. The more you stay on the first page, the better. You can also add it to a promotion, blog, or a small advertising window (popup).

13. The endless booking process

One closing trick that works for all products is: The fewer steps, the better. For hotel website The less time a guest spends clicking to book the room, the better.

To manage the booking process, you need to go back and look at the booking engine in the hotel website (Booking Engine) that should make each booking on the website no more than 3 steps (ie Search – Choose a room – Pay Or confirm)

It is best to avoid making forms for customers to fill in too much unnecessary personal information to reduce booking time. Which if it is a customer who has already stayed The hotel can make good use of the membership system. This will greatly reduce the time to fill in even more information.

14.Never collect customer room selection information or send sales emails.

Every reservation is not always successful on the customer’s website. There is no hotel website in the world that does not have customers left their bookings. There are many reasons for this, such as having an errand entering the internet, having a power outage, a broken device, or accidentally closing the website window

The website may not be able to resolve these specific issues. But can help maintain the booking for customers such as popup reminders to turn off the screen, save automatic reservations for customers to continue the transaction, recommend a list of rooms close to the room that the customer has visited before

The hotel can use the information of the customer that has sent email to sell rooms or Email Marketing to existing customers. Which is a simple sales method That should be done regularly 

15. Let customers not find information.

If the hotel does not have any available rooms during any date Or temporarily closed according to the festival season This information should be clearly stated on the hotel website. Or show the date and time that the room is available in the booking system Including notifying it on the hotel’s social media

16. There are no ratings or guest reviews.

Reviews from previous hotel guests can help people be more interested in your hotel room to decide whether Is it good to stay here? Providing customer reviews on the hotel website can help increase bookings. But reviews should be maintained at a good level, for example, 4-5 points or more (out of 5).

If the website is open, you can immediately comment. There should always be an officer to monitor. If you find information that is bad for your image, such as negative service criticism. The hotel must hurry to inquire and resolve both problems and dissatisfaction. Including the follow-up results of the case in the comment box When the problem was solved

Because even though dissatisfaction has already arisen But if the hotel is interested and not restless in the problem Visitors, who may be customers or people interested in accommodations, will feel more caring and trusting to stay in our hotels.

17. There is no communication channel with the hotel.

The hotel website has a built-in reservation system. But customers may also have questions about accommodation that they want clarification from the hotel before booking.

The hotel therefore has to open a communication channel for customers to be able to contact as easily as possible, such as telephone numbers, chat system, staff calling back system. Ready when the staff is ready to respond clearly Emails and social media channels

18. The web does not update.

If the hotel avoids the cautions described above It is believed that the website has been updated to a certain extent. It is always important to keep your customers informed of hotel press releases. And even more important During the time of the epidemic or after the epidemic That customers would want to know whether they can book a room or not Can I stay here? Or are there any conditions that customers must be aware of?

19. The website system is not safe or reliable.

Confidence or credibility Help customers decide whether to book or not to reserve a good room. If customers do not believe that the website is safe or can maintain customer information Would not register Book a room or pay via the website, of course. Ways in which hotels can increase reliability of the system include:

  • Change your website to HTTPS or data encryption protocol. Makes data transmission between users and the website highly secure. Not being intercepted by unrelated people to read information easily.
  • Do not ask customers to provide personal information that the hotel does not need to know or use.
  • Explain the policy for handling and handling personal information of customers clearly. Since before filling in information or clarifying in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
  • Update Privacy Policy Or the collection of cookies, information about the use of various websites
  • Show the certification symbol, audit standard, or a central body that certifies the credibility. On the room checkout page such as Visa, Mastercard

20. No A / B testing.

A / B testing is a test for user feedback. By doing one thing in different ways A / B testing is one of the most widely used market testing methods for businesses. Especially the marketing and public relations department 

Hotel websites should always test how to advertise to call customers on their web pages. To get feedback or feedback from real users Whether the marketing or advertising (such as the color, the appearance of the web, the CTA button, the text) that was done to help make the purchase. Or which one works better This can usually be done by yourself using Google Optimize. 


The list of mistakes that hotel websites have to be aware of, all of which can be adjusted little by little so as not to affect the website design you want to maintain. Or overhaul it all at once, during a time when the site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, it will guarantee a significant change in your website.

But if you want to start a new website or have a website expert to help you don’t need to be trial and error and waste time Hotels or businesses interested in building their own website can contact WOW for consultation. Free analysis of website design that meets your business needs.

For hotels, WOW has Hotel Solutions, a hotel website with a complete room management system. That adds direct bookings and updates all sales channels through the hotel website immediately

  • Professional web design,  beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking  system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager,  smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing,  a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use.


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