6 Ways To Create A Landing Page That People Want To Click Read And Get Action On Real Web Pages.


Landing page is an essential component of a website. Because Internet users will come across our website through this webpage, so if we build a landing page or improve it well, it will be able

  • Increase your website traffic
  • Web trading rate (conversion rate)

Most landing pages will focus on web trading as well. Which means Updating your pages must be based on your website’s target audience.  WOW has some interesting tips for building landing pages that make people want to click. Come in and read and understand Until the action occurs on the actual webpage

First of all .. What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page where internet users search for something in search engines or social media. Then come find the link on our webpage and click into Examples of situations that lead to a landing page include:

Links the web pages that internet users find. It is the duty of the website maker who wants to modify and encourage website users to do something that they want such as buying products, registering for news Or click to access other web pages

Product page and landing page are the same?

Is the product page or product page and landing page the same page? Both pages have different goals. Product page or general web page. Its main goal is to provide information such as products or services to users as general content that they want to reach large numbers of people.

The content on the Product page should therefore represent the brand. Educate the reader And there are links within the same website so that visitors can go to other relevant content.

Landing pages are designed for specific marketing goals. And it has one goal, such as getting people to a webpage and then doing something like clicking to buy a product. Fill out contact information, etc.

Landing pages can have multiple goals. But not as good as having just one goal A survey from online marketing company wishpond reveals that landing pages that offer or direct users to more than one webpage gain 266% fewer leads than a single-purpose landing page ¹

6 things that landing page builders must add

1. An outstanding primary purpose

The main purpose or Focus is a must have on your landing page. It should be one. Which this purpose must be made out as images or words clearly or stand out as well

For example, if you are doing a landing page to sell things, you will need to customize the web page to direct the user to the maximum payment for the product. By creating a button “Add item to cart” (or Call-To-Action button) to be more prominent than anything else, such as the placement of color, text of the CTA button, etc.

2. Topics

Landing page must clearly state the product, service or what you want to offer from the beginning. Because the user’s interest is only for the first few seconds

Adjust the topic (Headline) and Short description (Tagline) to communicate clearly. For example, WeOnWeb is a website making company.

Headlines or important points should appear in front of you at the beginning. Because another reason is If users cannot find what they are looking for within this period It’s very likely to close a web window or go back to another site that serves better.

3. Illustration

Illustrations play a large part in motivating or encouraging people to visit landing pages to other pages. On the same website Whether it is a product or a service Illustrations help customers or prospects to see more clearly. Know what to buy or get

The most popular illustration ideas are Using portraits of people using the product that the landing page sells leads people to imagine themselves using that product 

4. Payment channels

Sales landing pages today It must have a built-in payment system, and many types of payment methods are also supported. As a result of Yoast’s survey, 60% of landing page visitors put the product in their basket and did not proceed with the payment. Because the web page does not have the preferred payment method

Payment channel Hence, it is an essential ingredient on landing pages to sell which in addition to helping close the deal completely. Payment method marks, such as credit card logos It also improves the credibility of your store and website.

5. Customer Reviews Real experience 

Was it ever that we, as customers, were browsing our products online? And feel hesitant about whether to buy or not Therefore went to search Google to see if People who have purchased this product or service What is his opinion about this stuff?

Looking for reviews or social proof is even more common day by day. As more and more people shop online It is a psychological phenomenon in which people assume actions or things that happen to others. To be something that is highly likely to happen to oneself

Online store Be it a website or a selling platform, it is likely to use real customer reviews Open an area for comments Including customer photos or ratings as part of landing page construction.

Another simple way to do social proof is to show the number of purchases of that particular product or service. How many buyers there are Will work as well

6. Leading corporate brand certification website

The brand certifies the quality or existence of the website. Has its own function Just placing it on the website can help build confidence or confidence among users. Each corporate brand has a different level of credit. But definitely better than none


All in all, to build a good landing page, make sure there are at least 6 of these components on your landing page, which seems like a breeze. But each website has a different focus.

Making a good landing page for your website Therefore have to take time to tweak and test if the modified How effective is it? And is it ok enough for you to use it as a landing page?

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