60 New 2020 Marketing Terms I Always See In Digital Marketing Jobs


Marketing terminology 2020 has arrived! Continuing the 100 Common Marketing Terms Marketers Should Know Marketing and advertising terminology this time will update the vocabulary on social media. Because I cannot deny that Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others are part of today’s marketing tools. Which has a great effect on business promotion and sales

Social media, for many, can be as easy as a piece of cake. Especially the younger generation who were born and raised with this But because of technology that spins very fast I do not believe it, I have to believe that sometimes many people who use social media On a regular basis, also not keeping up with the same

What is a tweet, a hashtag, a caption, a f, etc?



An account is a social media user account.


Read as admin (sometimes called for short Just one syllable (add) stands for Administration, which means officer or administration. Most of the people working in this position are in charge of general matters.

In the business of trading, the admin is the staff that welcomes customers or visitors. The recipient of the order and coordinate until the transaction is completed. Often not involved in management. But the management has to listen to the opinions of officials of this position often Because they are the ones closest to customers


An information system that records movement and activity on a website or social media, such as traffic, time spent on web / social media, clicks, interactions (engagement) for most websites, Google Analytics is used. Facebook and Twitter also have Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, etc.


Avatars are images or usernames online. Often this is a space like a web forums or social media. This could mean a fake account, not a real person. Or accounts created for impure intent



Bio is a short description of who the owners of online spaces, websites and social media are. Most often refer to social media. Because for the site is called About Us, such as online merchants write bio on Facebook or Instagram that their own store sells anything. Is the product ready for delivery? How much is the delivery fee? Where can I contact?


Bitli is a website link shortening service and a system to track the movement of that link. The popularity of link shortening began with the need for concise online hosting. Or limiting the posting area, such as Twitter, Bitly also has many other websites that provide this service. And most of them are free


This word is pronounced like “Block” which means blocking, rejecting, but Blog. Can be in the form of text, video or audio clips

The word Blog can also be used as a modality. Today, online sales pages are a supplementary profession. Blogging on how to do an additional career when you work in nine hours, stop at six, WOW We On Web blog marketing knowledge on marketing terminology 2020, etc.



Application and website design and create your own image work Which is featured in its ease of use Even those who are not good at designing can use it. Because there is a template that can be used Master leaders can modify that as they like. Most templates are also designed to be posted on social media.


A caption is a caption or a post. It may be inside or outside a picture or post. Captions are just as important. With pictures or posts It will help people who see the post to understand or be more emotional with the content they want to convey


CF stands for Confirm (confirm) means confirm.


Chat is a system for talking or talking in all channels online. But most of the time, it is a two-sided communication and is literally based on the word chat is also used as a verb, such as a shop, chat with customers.

Community manager

Community Manager or if translated directly as Community manager This community is an online community. Today, Community manager is a very important position in any organization looking to grow their business online. Especially on social media

Community manager is a high growth position. Will work closely with management and marketing. Many companies may have community managers responsible for directing the organization’s marketing with the same person.


Content is content published. It can be in the form of text, audio, images, or video. For example, an article on marketing terminology 2020 is also called Content.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit partnership. Here is the creation of a free library of images, files that the public can use, with or without copyright conditions. Depending on the owner of the work, a creative commons that are frequently used or familiar, such as a free image library , Wikipedia information, etc.


Crowding is the gathering or mobilization of information or ideas from a large crowd. This kind of aggregation is generally done online. Crowd means crowds other than crowdsourcing. There is another popular term, Crowdfunding, which means fundraising.



DM stands for Direct message, meaning direct message. It was initially used in Twitter but later on social media with direct messaging systems such as Facebook.

Dark post

The title is not as scary as the Dark Post, it is a social media ad that will appear on Facebook and Instagram’s Target audience feeds.This post will be sponsored, and Twitter will appear. That promoted

But in the end, the Dark post could be scary. If it appears too frequently on the target’s feed page Or not beautiful, or have a resonating content that causes clicks



E-books are digital format books (E stands for Electronic), most of them have the same content as printed books. Just in the form of a digital file Most of them are PDF files. Inbound marketing marketers often use an ebook download method to capture their target audience contact information.


An emoji is a small cartoon character the size of a letter. You can type along with any letter. Typically in social media and chat programs, Emoji’s usefulness is to add mood and flavor to a conversation.



A feed is a page showing the content of the people, pages, or groups that users are following. And users can interact or manage the feed page. Feed will have a page like the Homepage.


It means that your followers can be both followers and have their own followers.Instagram is an application that uses the word followers clearly, the difference between a follower and friend system is: Being a follower means getting to know one another’s movements. Without that party having to come to know about us While the friend system is The information of both parties will become known to the other party.



GIF or GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a short animation. Too short to call a video clip Can be found in all areas of the online world.



Long video clips on Instagram that can be done by Business or Verified account users.


Insights is a database of social media applications. For the account holder to improve and improve it, Insights in general marketing means analysis of customer data. Which is beneficial for business development


IO stands for Information Operation or information operation. Also known widely as Operating IO or IO is short, information or news operations Is to present content to create belief in any way That belief can be an advertising belief, politics, the military or any group of organizations.

However, io presentations are often actually viewed and discovered to have the intent of misrepresentation. Rather than spreading the truth that people still lack knowledge Nowadays, when talking about IO may refer to information. Content publishers convince Or a contributor to convincing content



KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator, which translates to key performance indicators. Most KPIs come in the form of functions. Work piece quantity And the results of the work In organizations that are regularly assessed work Will take the KPI as a priority



Like or emotional button for Facebook posts, other social media currently has this button, such as LinkedIn.However, nowadays, Facebook’s Like button is now more than just likes. But many people still collectively call it likes


Link-ins is social media, the main work network used to create a network of people working in the same circle. (Connections) Build credibility through posting information on the Home page to finding people to work with.


Live is a live broadcast on Facebook that users of all types can do. Among Thai users it is often said “live” instead of live.

This word became a very popular and widely used word. It is expected to create a consistent understanding among Thai Facebook users, or maybe see another word, Live streaming , like the word live, but often used on social media other than Facebook.



A meme is an idea or an idea. Or jokes that can be used to convey emotion to another story Most often they are images or animated GIF files and have text on the bottom of the image.


Mentions are talking about another Twitter account. By mentioning that account Must begin with @ and then the account name


Metrics are statistical data that assess performance. Here it is usually a social media metrics such as Facebook by looking at the ad post and account overview. How do you generate feedback from followers or viewers? To be adapted and developed further

Micro influencer

Micro influencers are people who influence the decisions, actions or opinions of many people. This group of people will have an estimated number of fans from 1,000 to 1 million people.


Native advertising

Native advertising is to deliver ads on social media as if they were normal posts. So that the user does not feel as if being disturbed too much. It will write that it is an ad in the post. So as not to create confusion



An object is the outcome a marketer can expect from running an advertising campaign. Objective can be any number of things. And there will be a set of metrics (KPIs) that will determine which indicators to Was the result set successful?


Optimization is the process of optimizing published content for better results. By adjusting from the analysis of current results



Pin Terrace is a visual content sharing platform. Users can select images or pins to put on their personal albums or boards for viewing or non-copyright benefits.

In pictures often consist of Website link that leads to the online address of the image. Besides being a sharing platform Today, marketers use Pinterest as a place to find inspiration or design prototypes.


A pixel is a code that is embedded on a website or social media. To collect information on clicks or activities that lead to customers to the website, marketers prefer Facebook Pixel to use this information to create advertisements to target people on Facebook in the future.


A platform is an area of ​​software or social media dedicated to the use of the general public.


Podcasts are audio files publishing various content. Most of them will do it in series. For example, a podcast file is approximately 15 minutes long, with 12 episodes in total. The podcast can address a wide variety of issues, allowing for multiple user groups. It is now very popular.



Real-time means real-time, when you say something, real-time means that it happened at that time, such as Real-Time Search means Search at that time or Real-Time Marketing that means Marketing that caught the trend at that time, such as the AAA brand on the trend of Lung Phol Therefore created an ad with the characters imitating Uncle Phon and Aunt Tan

Relevance score

The Revance score is a statistical data in Facebook Ads Manager that tells you how much a business Page’s target audience is responding to a Page’s ad on a scale of 1 to 10. Like a comment, be it positive or negative.

The higher the relevance score means that the target audience likes your ad a lot, and Facebook may choose the ads that are highly rated. This can be promoted to replace your other ads.


Replies or replays means that responses are available on both Facebook and Twitter when a shop posts a picture of a product on a page or on Twitter. And then there are customers asking in that post. Online sellers may use a Reply method to answer customer questions. Reply will let the customer know that they have responded.


A retweet is a shared tweet of another twitter account in your own Twitter. Many marketing activities take a fun approach on Twitter by retweeting. Which can increase the visibility of the brand



Selfie is taking a picture of yourself.


Skype is an Internet phone program. Now, it can be done both with calling, texting and video calling.


Snap Chat is a social media application for sending and receiving pictures and videos. The images and videos will disappear from the recipient’s system when the file expires. The program is very popular with teenagers.

Social proof

A social proof is the acceptance of a wide range of people or organizations or society. That affects the decisions of the people who have seen such a little tour. Choose to create a website with WOW We On Web and use a website maintenance service from WOW ever since.

When WOW We On Web notified on their own website page Customers interested in doing the web feel that WOW is reliable and decide to ask the WOW staff for details immediately or even press likes. Comment on social media posts In large quantities Makes others who see it feel dare to express their own opinion on that post


Stories is a feature of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat that allows you to post short videos. In length less than 60 seconds can be called just a short clip. The age of the clip can last 24 hours, you can choose to publish the clip as public or restrict the audience to certain groups


Target Group / Target Audience

Target Group or Target Audience is the target group. Marketers need to know or search for them. To make ads to attract this group of people to become real customers


A template is a marketing format, often referring to an ad format. Content format Organizations or businesses often make a template to make it easier to work. Work quickly. Most templates are based on previous successful working cases. And then be used to adjust or add to the new marketing


Tick ​​tock is a social media application for sharing short video clips. Pink filters, etc.


Timeline is a sequence of events. In social media, it can refer to a user’s feed.


Trend is becoming a trend, if Trending is in any post, it means That thing is in the spotlight. Or the business is marketing Or sometimes businesses can use this term just to get the attention of their target audience.


Trolls are the thugs in the internet. Or known in the folk language that Short keyboard



User Name is the account name for accessing any social media or website.

User generated content

User Generate Content (UGC) is content produced by customers or users. Content can be text or blogs, reviews, video clips, images, quotes, etc. Marketers and businesses tend to trust UGC content and want it to happen with brand marketing. Especially on social media To build intimacy Confidence Or a passion for the brand



Views are traffic.Marketers believe that views indicate a target audience’s interest. And can be used to decide what to do next in order to turn the target audience into real customers


Viral is very widespread. Until becoming an issue that is commonly discussed Marketers or businesses will feel great if their ads or promotions become viral Because the brand will be perceived and attracted by people Even if it was only for a short time

Viral, however, can be a good thing and a bad thing. If the latter Must come up with a plan to deal with the dire situation


The vlogger is the one who creates video content. And published publicly. The word Vlogger comes from the word Video + Blogger.


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