70 Blogging Ideas SEO-Themed Articles To Increase Your Views And Drive Sales To Your Website.


Writing a blog is a way to add content to your website. That the popular website makers do Because it costs less But create long-term value for the web And is an area that the user has more control over social media

The broad goals of blogging or articles are: Generating website traffic Each website has its own specific goals, broken down to, for example, to sell products on the website. To receive advertising for various products To educate, etc.

Blogging doesn’t have to be a big starting point. Just start writing on the main theme of the website or the writer’s interest. Who is thinking about using article writing as part of building an online business? And want to find blogging ideas that can be done over and over And actually generating traffic. WOW gathered 70 ideas from 9 writing categories. Which is guaranteed to cover all types of blogging

It is useful and for practical use.

1. Check lists – List items This is a popular article that is suitable for today’s world that wants to use ready-made lists to reduce the hustle and bustle of life, such as packing a suitcase for a week to Korea during snowy season.

2. Vocabulary – vocabulary of various professional circles or work They are always searched for. Just keep updating the information to ensure that the views are definitely high, such as marketing terms, French kitchen terminology. Hospital emergency department vocabulary

3. Explain the basic concepts of the story – Similar to # 2, but explaining the concept gives a definition and explains the basics of a career or work industry, such as basic marketing, basic Facebook advertising.

4. Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ stands for Frequent Asked Questions. Business websites can create an FAQ blog to help bring in their target audience. Create the understanding that is beneficial to the business as needed. Or can sell products

5. Tips & Tricks – Everyone loves. They make it easier to do something, it is important that they be effective or make a difference for those who do it.

6. Pros and Cons – Eat the Keto Diet or Fast IF? Eat clean or eat regular food but do extra exercise? Mac computer or Windows? Activities in life are often compared to take part.

If your website sells something Comparative topics can be linked to the sale as seamless as possible.

7. New Techniques – If your website is focused on a specific topic. Presenting new techniques in your area of ​​expertise It’s a way to make a blog that is attractive. This web credit promotes the credibility of your new techniques.

8. Tell readers why this is necessary for them – Explain or comment on why what you present is necessary. With evidence or information to confirm this belief, for example, 9 reasons why online merchants should have their own Sale Page from now on.

9. Statistics or trends related to websites – Statistics are the credibility of information. Including blogs Which the website can combine these information into one article

But it should also be valuable enough to find, for example, to include some market stats for 2020, top cosmetic trends to watch for 2020.

10. Make a survey, research, and answer  – a website with a large number of visitors and interaction between users and the web or to some degree of engagement can do survey results.

Should be clarified on the web page that What is the purpose of this survey? What are the benefits of survey participants? And don’t forget to share this result on the same web page as you did the first survey.

11. Clarification of misunderstandings or prejudices – Zellman is a profession that likes to lie to people. Insurance sales people like to sell unnecessary things. Politics is far away. Every industry has this kind of rumor or misunderstanding.

You can write a blog to clarify information in your area of ​​expertise. Based on reason and real knowledge Always thought This writing is to give people real insight into the aspects of the industry involved.

12.Distributed ready – made templates – everyone likes ready-made templates or templates that make work or study easier, such as resume, resume, SEO report, personal business card design. Allows users to download from our web page. And use the blog area to describe each Template

13. The Secret of Science – Science is the principle of cause and effect. The reason is the truth that is hard to refute. Tips or tips made with scientific reasons are often very popular and trusted.

For example, the secret to making an impressive first date is based on science. The secret to making food tastier using simple science principles

14.Help to decide – Knowledge makes it easier for people to make decisions. Try writing a blog that helps readers make easier decisions. For example, a tour selling website writes “20 Things Travelers Should Know Before Organizing a Road Trip Without Tour Leaders”, Webs for Renting or Selling a House in Bangkok, writing “15 Things You Should Know Before Organizing Your Own Road Trip”. Know before you buy a townhouse / condo, small size 30 sq m. “

15. Share lessons learned from important people – talking to important people. Read a book Or travel to a new place, can be written as knowledge or Witthana on the website. For example, 9 stories I learned from an interview with Mark Zuckerberg during COVID, 5 stories that people Selling things learned from selling things online without a storefront.

16. Book Summary – A stream of audiobooks. Or a short clip that summarizes the book is coming on strong because people today are very busy Until the point of being unable to read books on their own To summarize a book or narrate the story briefly, there is a high demand among media users today.

17. Share tips to improve efficiency – People always want to do more in a limited time. Or increase efficiency in the work performed These tips are always getting attention, such as 9 tips, make use of Zoom video calling easily and have fun! , 10 ways to use LINE OA most effectively

Learning How-To

18. The path to success or learning to the most advanced knowledge – Nowadays, people are learning by themselves, learning online, E-Learning more and more, blogging, writing, suggesting a step-by-step path from start to finish, such as course path, learning SEO. From beginner to professional Thai cooking class from beginner to professional level

19. Explain how to do something from start to finish – write directions for doing something Step by step from start to finish If there is an illustration as well in every step or have a video clip when making it, it will be highly popular, such as how to make Pad Thai with river prawn How to clean the air conditioner by yourself

20. Explain how to be an expert – Many people learn not just because they are curious, but want to become an expert in an area of ​​interest. If your website is a professional science Even if it is becoming popular This blogging topic is really interesting, like how to become an SEO expert in 8 steps.

21. Explain how things work – Find a topic in your circle that people are interested in and explain how it works in a clear, visual way, such as how SEO works on search engines.

22. Explain how to do advanced tasks – This will differ from being an expert. By the way, the more advanced functions are somewhat narrower. It will introduce specific topics such as SEO expertise, narrower topics like Snippet addiction, Quick Backlink enhancement.

23. Guidance on how to do things Interactive Guide – Each person has a different starting point and makes things different. Or doing something has many different results. Alternative guide blogs are another interesting blogging option, such as how to get your site on the first page of Google (Interactive Guide).

24. Creation Method with Case Studies – Case studies help to visualize clearly. Especially some work that is unique, such as how to make a candy shop survive during COVID. (Case studies from After You)

25. Repair methods – Damages and repairs are possible every day. And is a topic that people are always searching for in any field, such as how to fix car scratches How to repair hole jeans How to save lives a phone that was dropped or spilled on water


26. History of celebrities in the industry where your website resides – Celebrities are more or less searched for all the time. But there will be more opportunities If those celebrities are in the news, such as cosmetics selling websites Write down the history of the founders of the up-and-coming cosmetic brand in 2020.

27. Celebrity Actions – Celebrities are often used as models for doing something. Summary of interesting stories about the success of celebrities. Is a story that everyone I want to read both from success and being famous. In case of following some

For example, Victoria’s Secret’s Top Angels 8 Secrets to Maintaining Beauty, Yaya’s Make-Up Procedures, How to Maintain Wealth in the Age of the Riches of Chearavanont 2020.

28. Celebrity List – Who is the celebrity in your industry related to your website? And how can you follow them? The hottest at this time “

29. Celebrity Interview – The interview adds an extra edge. It is different and unique to the website very well without any effort. Talk well. Keep the main points of the interview clear. Have nice illustrations That match the content

While the interview may be an opinion or a word at the time, it is worth reading.

30 Celebrity Advice – This is similar to the celebrity method. But it is special that celebrities are the ones who introduce themselves

Reviews instructions

31. Recommend Blogs You Should Follow – Your blog readership can be an avid blogger. Try writing to advise readers which other blogs are worth reading. You may add further comments on what is the advantage or strength of each blog, adding insight to your blog.

32. Book recommendations – Every industry has its own textbook or book. Writing a blog that recommends books that are worth reading is also a popular idea, such as 3 marketing books that are worth reading during the COVID period.

33. Recommend podcasts, YouTube clips – Most readers use multiple channels of information. Video clips or podcasts are also their channels of interest. Try writing an introduction to these channels. This is similar to a recommended book.

34. Introduction to meetings, seminars, events – writing advice on meetings or exhibitions Related to the interests of the website Because most of the time, not everyone gets to these events. The readers may be people who are interested and want to find information for deciding whether to join well. Or the knowledge gained from this work

Or if the blogger has attended a lot of seminars Or think that readers would be interested in these works May include a list of interesting seminars

35. Including the best list – if not the best It is the most other, anything, like the most beautiful, the most used. Or can tear the line as the worst But be careful of writing accusations of slander Because it may cause a dispute 

36. New Product Reviews – New products are the products that are most searched on the Internet. Because in addition to finding where to buy the price, there are also ways to use, pros and cons, and related information, such as reviews of Xiaomi bathtubs that the brand claims to be products that every home wants to have.

37. Popular Product Reviews – Product review articles and product reviews on the sales page give different feelings. Because the article will have more space to write text and put pictures Interested parties will see content that satisfies. And enough for purchasing decisions such as Balmuda oven review popular among Japanese housewives.

38. Compare products – Compare the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, prices of products. You can compare only 2 pieces or compare multiple products.

But if you compare 2 items, you should offer in-depth information. To increase the selling point for content such as Sale Page and Sales Platform: Where should the online merchant choose to sell for more profit?

39. Online Course Review – Because students are now turning to online learning more. And will become more normal in the future Articles about Online courses that are interesting or popular will become more popular. Which matters of knowledge are compatible with every line of business websites Just find the aspects that fit together.

40. Reviews of films related to the website industry – such as movies that salesmen must see.

41. Workplace Reviews – Many of the websites are owned by well known organizations or have a certain following base. Try creating an open house article for people to see, help with branding and reaching people.

42. Review of in-bag – Popular topic on YouTube, lifestyle, cosmetic items that can be used all the time, no time or season.

Direct experiences that happened with oneself

43. Beginning of professional careers – Every profession is interesting in itself. Try to organize the story well. Find aspects to tell, such as from archeology students to professional fantasy fiction writers

44. Daily Routines – Build on Career Storytelling Many professions are the ones that most people are interested in. If the owner of the profession can tell it fun that What kind of work do they do each day? It will help to visualize that career in a more fun way.

45. Experiment or Experience Learned – New ideas or items. Always get attention, such as how to diet, lose weight. Cushion, magnetic eyelash foundation, etc. This article is also often highly trusted. Because it was an experiment by myself

46. ​​Trial or Experience Errors – Experimental or hands -on experience. Can tell in a narrower angle Negative mistakes are always inquisitive aspects, such as 5 mistakes people plant with cactus make without realizing it, 20 mistakes the hotel website makes for losing OTAs.

47. Income – Money is always interesting, especially someone else’s property or occupation that interests people. Even if the number of income is more or less than expected of the general public Even more curious, for example, exposing the income of online fiction writers Up to half a million per month!

48. Community Speech – Speech or spell is popular. Because anyone has experience or knowledge Regardless of the occupation, any field, they can express their views. If there is a dialogue or transcription attached to the clip, it is even better.

49. How to Overcome Disadvantages – Everyone has flaw or point that they want to fix. If you have personal advice or tips that can help you pass these questions Guide people through blogging

50. Personal Stories – Many people have interesting stories. Although it is a story that does not have a beautiful peak Or failure to remember But there may be simple aspects that can be found in everyday life. Arrange the content in order Ordinary is worth reading.

51. Favorite things – Menu, food, take place, describe things like Give a reason why you like this. Can attract both people who like the same Or do not like and want to hear different opinions Or looking for information to make a decision

Motivate, inspire

52. List of Successful or Good Actions – We all want to know how to be successful. Examples of things that have been accomplished are therefore best-selling content that people want to know,

53. Analyze Celebrity Success Results – Analyze other people’s successes and explain them by scene. Where his achievements may be many It is all included in a single article, for example, 9 popular tour selling sites that WOW is proud to present.

54. Challenge Experiments – Challenging to do something or Challenge is a trend writing topic at the moment.

The author must be the initiator that Try something Whether it would yield the claim or not, or would like to know what it would be like in reality The experiment had to set a clear time for it to be complete.

55. Quotes – Moral sentences, cool phrases, are always searchable topics in the system. Even if it comes from the mouth of a celebrity Even more trusted, such as 15 true quotes that can be used forever by world-class marketers.

Related to time

56. Interest trends of each period – eg: consumer interest topics during COVID.

57. Industry Progress News – Your website is about any industry such as cosmetic marketing, steel industry, etc., offering exciting news, statistics, annual reports. It can be both a news source and a record that can be viewed past.

58. Impact of New Things – Laws, Technology, Construction Changes in many things can affect masses such as Facebook updates the timeline system. How does it affect the online sellers?

59. Future Skills – Be it young or old Always have to update their knowledge To be able to compete with others There are job values ​​such as 7 skills marketers should learn more now.

60. Timeline Summary – Evolution of the event system is a great piece of information for assessing the future, such as a summary of Facebook algorithm updates from its inception to the present day.

61. Prophecy – The future is what nobody knows But everyone wants to know Predictive blocks or predictions of what might happen can be presented with data or statistics supported.

62. Discovery – Today everyone can be a medium of their own. Article blogs can be a place to showcase new news, discoveries, especially if this is a warning or caution to others. The more valuable the article.

63. Seasonal events – New Year, Songkran, Buddhist Lent, or even the beginning of the year, the end of the year, the month can be formed into a topic.

Controversial opinion

64. A minority opinion – For example, everyone loves the heroine, but if you like a villain. You may be the little one. The reason for the villain’s side may be little known. And help people see the other side of the story Will mix by offering that The other party can also think wrongly. 

65. Open Letter – Letter Writing to Celebrities There must be an interesting theme, such as a website, software development, open letter writing, Bill Gates. 

66. The Change You Want – Nothing Is Perfect And the opinions of the little ones are valuable. A website can bring these two things together. Being creative is self-relevant.

67. Criticize the cause of failure – Failure is not bad if we look at it as a lesson. It can also be written as an article, such as the failure of Google+, why and how.

Other topics

68. Cartoon memes, jokes

69. A-Z, AZ Consonants of various languages Which tells about a topic

70. Guest writer

Why the topic is good, but it is written and no one reads it. You can fix it like this!

Endeavor to write great articles on the web but no one read This happens for a number of reasons, the main one being that this topic is not being searched on the Internet. When no one is searching for this point Article web pages simply cannot receive traffic from search engines.

Articles aimed at generating traffic So it must be a topic that people search in search engines as well. The things that need to be done are also

First solution: Explore the search terms you want to write in the article.

Explore if the search term used in the article was searched or Keyword research by using a search engine. They are both free and have a subscription fee.

A good keyword should have a minimum number of 1,000 searches and the difficulty of using a keyword less than level 10 or too much.

Solution two: learn from competitors

Visit your competitor’s website And take a look at his most popular articles (Each article topic seen There are hidden words that are worth using! We can use, or we can search further to find better words.)

Solution three: find popular articles

This job requires a search engine. Most search engines nowadays Can be used to search for articles Which can be screened at the time of publication Number of step-by-step visits per month, etc. 


High-traffic articles Caused by an interesting topic with a different subject matter That attract people to read Another part is to use a large enough number of search terms. WOW also has many SEO and online marketing tutorials, updated weekly. Including free website consulting No cost Before making a real website To provide the web that is a website that is worthwhile for you and your business


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