Covidza Hotel Must Go On Return The Arena To Receive Guests With 8 Sustainable Plans


If you own a hotel or run a hotel business, Covid is the coming character to change your world. If the business is still In any condition Now it’s time to come back again. As the entire country can control the situation of the spread of disease. The public health system is ready to deal with new infections. And most importantly The general public is aware and therefore lives with care and takes good care of themselves.

For the hotel business that is ready Understanding customer behavior Taking strong health care measures And strictly following the ad hoc plan Will be the key to getting the business back, which WOW can be broken down in 8 ways.

1. Apply proper health practices.

Every country has different business directions. It ranges from businesses that can start operating normally, can do partly until they can’t For hotels that have started to reopen Can bring prepared health prevention practices Along with government regulations such as

  • Living with physical distancing (Social distancing)
  • Limiting the number of people using the location Measure the temperature before entering the place
  • Cleaning, disinfecting places Since the area Equipment To air conditioning
  • Employee health care (Which can be both the recipient of the infection and the carrier of the facility)
  • Using protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and alcohol gel

Important idea of Practical and sustainable health care in the absence of a vaccine or antiretroviral therapy is to create an environment where people can live a life that reduces their contact with each other. Both between the guests and the staff Or guests with other guests, such as promoting in-room dining Creating a more inviting room area

All measures must be strictly observed and able to measure results, adjust and enter a disease control situation. In case of an outbreak in the area again

2. Thoroughly assess the financial condition

Every company has its own financial assessments on a regular basis. But in this unexpected emergency situation May have to reassess the financial matters again to fit the new business plan. Within this financial condition, there are sub-topics which are

  • Assess the impact that will occur.

It is expected that The world will have the first lot of vaccines available around the end of the year. If the absolute certainty would be late 2021, totaling about two years after the epidemic in early 2020.

This means that in almost two years your hotel will not be able to run the normal business that it had before. How much income should be expenditures to be sufficient? Is it necessary to find financial aid and where?

The hotel plans should not stick to the traditional ones because they cannot be the same. And when the plan is changed to the goal and the implementation of measures or KPIs, it must be changed to best suit the actual situation. Which impact assessment will help us

  • Review expenditures that Which topic is unnecessary and reduces it
  • Delay hiring and plan a vacation to suit the situation.
  • Reduce labor costs and working hours. Emotional like a hibernating frog

Have heard of “The company has a policy for employees to separate planes when they travel together. In case of an accident, some people will be saved. This is a real company policy and is an example of a popular emergency plan.

That doesn’t mean that this will happen for sure. But it is highly likely to happen. As with the hotel business situation, is a very shaky factor.

After preparing a plan The expenditures-income according to the above A plan must also be prepared to deal with the dire situation caused by COVID. It’s not bad or inappropriate to be prepared. But wouldn’t be terribly good if not prepared. Because of the time when unexpected events happened We are often panicked, helpless, or may not even have time to stand still to meditate at all.

  • Improve expenditure as much as possible

From raw material support or suppliers (Supplier) employees to customers. Hotel businesses can contact them to negotiate a financing deal if absolutely necessary. During this time, speaking out is better with the business than being idle. The parties that can adjust are like

  • Technology

All companies including trading partners must have a promotion to sell their products already. Or even lower monthly expenses for existing members Hotel businesses can tap into the use of labor-saving technologies, such as automated reservation and hotel management systems Cleaning room equipment, etc., which are medium and long term These tools will help you cut expenses, increase profits and improve operational efficiency.

  • Marketing

Even though all activities will stop But marketing shouldn’t stop. Because marketing will remind customers that the business is still here There is still confidence And has the ability to accommodate people who are interested in becoming customers as well

Online marketing can do many things such as promotion, mailing, E-Marketing, creating posts to get attention. Or even doing SEO for the website It depends on the plans and directions of the organization.

  • Operating

Every activity has a cost. The hotel business is a service business and therefore has a high operating fee. Open a list of all your expenses and try calculating your deductible expenses. This cut is not a cut that is used But it is to iron out the excess that is unnecessary. Sometimes it may be necessary to cut people’s salaries. But let the staff understand that this is better than losing all their careers.

3. Use income management methods that are suitable for real situations.

Besides the health and safety of people The welfare of the hotel business is important. That entrepreneurs can do with income management that is suitable for the situation

  • Do not set the room rate too low.

During this time, hotel room prices of all levels fluctuate violently. Your hotel competitors may be willing to adjust their prices. Your hotel should also be prepared for changes in the environment. But an important rule to keep in mind is Don’t reduce the price for the room too low.

Because the price reduction for accommodation is too low may not be worth the cost. Inability to maintain their position in the market (Positioning) or destroying the brand image Which takes time to build and restore Big sale It will create a negative effect for the hotel in the long term.

Moreover, room demand is not directly related to price. Because there are many other factors that people will use when deciding where to stay, such as next to tourist attractions, convenient transportation, having the amenities they want.

The hotel may use other promotions, such as a discount for the specified number of nights. Promotions that play with the moment Accommodation voucher with tour package Accommodation price includes breakfast and spa course. Or promotions according to the hotel’s aptitude

  • Adjusting how to manage room rates

Hotels need to check their financial health more often. Making room rates is One way to take care of financial health The hotel must issue the right promotions at the right time and distribute them in the right way.

This is a good time for hotels to start using technology to manage their rooms. Both about promotions and distribution of the room Because the demand flow is not as much as the normal time Take time for commissioning. Help to adjust the room rate that is suitable for the condition that there are many external factors to be included in the calculation.

4.Update how you sell your rooms

Although the Online Hotel and Travel Agent or OTA will take measures to suspend emergency contracts with hotels to help with the costs and damages of breach of contract.

But the business continues to go ahead from now Hotel-to-customer service without OTA makes it easier for hotels to manage. Both services and relationships with customers And finances can manage costs better Able to make room rates according to the needs of the hotel. Encourage more bookings

  • Adjust the room cancellation policy.

From 2020 until next year, corporate resilient policies are true New Normal, especially for hotels that must understand the expectations, flexible cancellation policies and no hidden conditions of their customers. Interesting policies like

  • Book in advance, pay now, save 10-20% and change the time of stay until the end of 2021.
  • Book now, pay later Cancellation 1 week prior to arrival

The more hotels understand and can fulfill this policy for their customers. The more you have the chance to book the more rooms.

  • Adapt to using OTA

The use of OTA during this time must be more than just a distribution channel. Hotels should opt for an OTA that has the most convenient or flexible policy on their guests’ reservations.

If OTA is required to be canceled, it must be done and invested in other channels such as the hotel website, Twitter page, Instagram of the hotel.

  • Direct sales

OTA has greatly helped with the distribution of awareness channels to hotels. But this also comes at a pretty high cost. The OTA has been a good friend before the birth of COVID. And it will continue to be after that. Selling rooms directly from the hotel is a way many hotels are turning their attention to it. Because giving customers the most possible and sustainable offers

Direct sales through their own channels such as social media sites. There is no need to use a lot of manual labor or monitor the system all the time Because a good hotel system will automatically manage your bookings.

Hotels must focus on honest communication through their own channels. Let customers understand clearly that Why should I change the reservation with the hotel? How does booking match up to customers? As a result, hotels can manage their income sustainably.

5. Communicate, communicate and communicate.

Hotels need to communicate more during this time. Gather all marketing strategies that hotels can do, such as doing SEO for the website, adjusting the website to be an easy and communicative channel, paying Google to promote the hotel website, posting through social media. T Play games, win prizes, etc. to create a memorable brand name and drive more direct bookings.

There should be three principles of communication – transparency – to build and add credit to hotels. Sincere to build credibility And on time, do as told to be clear

  • Overhaul of plans and marketing

The period of coming back but still getting COVID The return of hotel business will not be the same. The public relations and marketing must change according to both plans and methods. In order to reach as many target groups as possible

  • Free update available website and online space.
    • An FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page on the website (or on the Facebook page, if applicable). Customers can often find essential basic information on this page.
    • Spoken reviews on the website convey the hotel service / product and value (Value) of the hotel.
    • Include visual banners in prominent places such as the top of the website, the Facebook cover page, and the web popup.
    • Update contact information on the website. Social media To make contact and find easily and conveniently It is better to put in the contact method.
    • Update contact hours, business hours, convenient hotels To create understanding for customers
    • Do SEO for the web as much as possible.
  • Create a communication strategy
    • Create new posts on your website, such as real customer reviews. Blogs, informative articles that are updated and helpful to the target audience.
    • Create new campaigns on social media Create fresh and fun marketing campaigns that encourage our target audience or customers to participate.
    • Make promotional clips for hotels, post on websites and social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram because the hotel focuses on selling places. It’s good to get customers as much as possible.
  • Dust off pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Earlier, paying platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram to advertise were not as popular.

But right now, the advertising competition is very high. If our business doesn’t promote this way or doesn’t have a good marketing campaign, it might not be able to attract customers. Advertising on Google can give you good results if you plan well and take action and follow up closely.

6. Find new customers

Thailand and many countries have the same trend. Will not open the country as free as it did before COVID Until you can find a cure or prevention of COVID When the number and character of travelers are not the same The hotel business strategy must be adjusted according to the changing market.

  • Fine but still be yourself

Let’s explore our hotel business. Who is the customer group? Is it a group that can not travel during this period, such as a European expat? Foreign businessmen who come on business trips, etc.

If these are the groups, will the hotel adjust its target audience to which the brand’s position still supports? Which thinks like this so that the hotel can find new customers At the same time, it does not lose its own standing and selling point.

  • Focus on the right audience

In addition to the position of the hotel, the target audience they look for must match the resources they have, for example, if they want to change from a group of couples to solo travelers. Are there single-person rooms to accommodate? Or if you want to group people who travel to Are the hotel rooms equipped with amenities for working in the room? Etc.

7. Do not ignore familiar people.

On days that are not the same Approaching people who have been involved with both customers and partners Also, the surrounding community is important, perhaps more important than ever. But with different goals and approaches

  • Contact for existing customers

Contact guests who have stayed at our hotels. Inquire of the well-being Express concern about the COVID situation that everyone is affected by. Be cordial, lovely and heartfelt that a hotel can do for a fraction of the cost. (Electricity and internet only!)

Hotels can also offer discounts to former customers. Along with informing them how to take care of their health, ensuring that when they can travel to and from Your hotel name will definitely be on the minds of these customers.

  • Talk to partner

Businesses are generally affected. Hotel business partners such as factories selling room equipment The food delivery department, the tour agency is also

Try calling them to talk to them for ideas and proposals that can be made together. Because, too, that when the business returns to move forward normally Your hotel will be the first business partner he thinks of.

8.Start to adopt technology

WOW always Then that can be done in several ways During the period that the room cannot be sold In order to have as much cash flow in the hotel business In the meantime, the hotel can take time to prepare the business for a return.

  • Turning human labor into mechanical labor

As always emphasized that Now is the best time to switch to room management technology.

The system or program chosen by the hotel must be able to help the hotel from finding new customers. Setting sales prices based on actual audience search data Bookings, Payments, Customer Data Collection Making room summary report To being a hotel information hub connected with all OTAs and social media

By using technology to help hotels find more customers by reaching a wider audience. Save time managing data And save money in hiring workers Reduce costs and increase sales at the same time WOW launched WOW Hotel Solutions, a complete hotel web service.

Your hotel website will be more than just a regular hotel information website, because the hotel website by WOW will help to coordinate and take care of customers from a target audience to long-term customer retention. Including cool functions that hotels want, such as

  • Professional web design, beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager, smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing, a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use.


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