Freelance With A Web Company: Choose Who Makes The Website Good?


Have a new business project Or you already have a business and want to expand it by selling online What you need to do is Website creation To create a identity to be known and a storefront to sell. If going to make a website Would continue to think that And will hire a freelance or web company To develop the web well?

What kind of web developer can you trust? The nature of the business is suitable to work with indie web developers or as a company team. Pros and Cons of both web development teams And information that should know before making a website in WOW, this article now

Make a website in the corner of the web maker

How to make a website, what is the process of making a website? Website development in shape Creating content, putting it in, etc., where the employer and the website developer must work together To make the website come out to meet the expectations and usage as possible.

It is for this reason that the developers or the website making team that we decide to hire must have the ability and skills to create a website based on our needs. Which the website will have a section of

  • Front-end or part related to web users
  • Back-end or related to the web server.
  • Database technology

The uniqueness of each business comes across a systematic website development process. Making website development without a fixed shortcut formula ever And using an expert adds a tendency to help your sketches become a website. What are the interesting details between 2 developers, freelancers and web firms?

Freelance website

A freelancer is a freelance worker who works for anyone who hires him for a specific period of time. Most of these are jobs with one-piece, discontinuous end-of-life content, and often don’t require office work. What organization or people want to hire a freelancer or company to work for There are two main things that should be considered:

  • Portfolio or Portfolio

Professional freelancers or self-employed people know that. Their past performance is a vital tool in attracting and persuading employers to hire them. Freelance with good results Or is known for generating sales or being known to be able to use them to increase their wages as well.

  • Advice from old customers

In addition to the past works That employers should look for opinions from companies that used to hire freelancers. Whether it is the opinion that freelancers have compiled themselves Or contact for personal inquiries (If contacted may need to consider the suitability as well) Comments should mention the quality of work and hospitable work of the workers.

How to hire a freelancer √

1. Cheaper wages

Hiring a freelancer does not guarantee a low price. But may be cheaper than hiring a company to get a job In which the matter of wages has always been a hallmark of freelancers

2. Specialize in a specific subject.

Most freelancers have expertise in a specific subject. Therefore tend to get along with jobs that require specific skills

3. Flexible working schedule

Freelance workers work on pieces. Not by office hours Therefore, it is very suitable for employers who are urgent or needing work pieces. There are different time zones.

Things to think about if hiring a freelancer ⊗

1. Always ready from each other.

Freelance is an independent state. The work is actually agreed upon by both sides But agreed to do a particular project Therefore may not be suitable for work that requires continuity Including without any obligations Therefore, a written work contract should be made.

2. Management is more difficult.

Most freelancers have a clear schedule to check progress and work locations that are distant. Making it unable to request to see the progress of the work as required by the company Like a full-time employee at the company May be at risk in terms of the form of the work produced

3. The quality of work comes from the perspective of the workers rather than the standard they should be.

The nature of the freelance work is There are pieces to guarantee their abilities. Quality freelancers therefore focus on the work very much. But there may be a small number of freelancers Focusing on completing the work without attention to detail

If the employer does not go into details what they want from the job May be damaged Employers do not work as desired, and employers cannot demand workers to work like full-time employees or teams with larger, more resourced teams.

Another story is When the job ends, the freelancer receives the money and ends with the employer as soon as the website or project has started. But most of the work pieces have some fussy issues, questions, or points that need to be solved. Hiring someone who can still be contacted or ready to take care of after sales. It is also important.

Company website

A company is a worker who comes in the form of a team. The team is usually divided into different departments such as Front-end, Back-end, QA, SEO, etc., who come together to create a website or project that has been assigned. The company has agents that can be contacted and coordinated with the employer at all times. And most of them have services after the website is finished Throughout the service life

Use a company to make a good website like this 

1. Long-term coordination

The company will use the advantages of stability to establish a coordination department. Employers can be contacted for information or to be maintained after the web is done throughout the lifetime of the web Regardless of the website developed by any employee Because every piece will be in charge of the company

2. There is a team of specialists in one place.

Building up one website is more than just writing a website. Must have web design, beautiful pages, SEO and more.

As I said Most web firms have a team with many expertise. Side is included in one place To jointly develop the web according to the needs of the employer This is different from hiring a freelancer who usually specializes in a specific area.

3. Manage your needs without interruption.

Most companies have a liaison department that is aware of and delivers customer needs in order to further coordinate with the web development team, so employers have more control over the progress of their work. And don’t be afraid that talking will affect the work

4. Trust

A web company, like any other listed company, can be audited. Have a document that certifies itself that is clear, verifiable, suitable for employers who consider reliability as a priority.

5. Support problems or future development.

Every website must be developed in the future. Cannot stop at the same pattern Both systems of use (UI) and design (UX), the website company will act as a webmaster at all times. Both updates or even minor problems that arise in the future.

Before hiring a company, you must think ⊗

1.High price

Price is the only disadvantage that if thinking of hiring a web company, you have to think first. Whether there is sufficient funds or not The value of investment And web care costs in the long run Most of the time is a monthly expense.


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