Hotel Marketing A Small Accommodation How To Promote Travel During The Hot Season In 2020?


2020 will be the year that measures the hearts of all entrepreneurs around the world. In particular, tourism operators that usually have travel periods or high season (high season) as the key to hotel management, such as setting goals of the hotel business, hotel marketing management, etc. with the epidemic situation. Of COVID as you know it

But even this year, the hotel business found Covid Unlike other years Does not mean The hotel will not be able to manage anything. Because the hotel can return to accepting guests again in the second half of the year Get more relief The interesting question of this minute is The hotel will call the customer. Make the hotel famous Or against the hotel market is very fierce in this period , however,  especially small hotel. And the trend of accommodation and care services that are coming up during this time

Hotel marketing plan Where to start?

1.Know your hotel and its position in the hotel market

Most hotels think that Accepting all groups of customers Being a hotel for all kinds of people Able to store more customers, which equates to earning more

But in fact Having a specific target audience or a slightly narrower segment It will help the hotel to market more directly and will be more effective.

The hotel already has a clear focus group. Must not forget that Are there any suitable advertising resources, such as technology like websites? Social media and budget are both important. Because it is a tool for calling customers into hotels today

2. Set goals

We cannot design a path forward. If you don’t know where to go The same is true for hotel marketing. It won’t be able to happen at all. If the hotel does not have a clear goal If you do not know the exact goal What is own Let’s try to answer the following questions.

  • Who is the target audience for marketing?
  • What are the strengths / strengths of your hotel over the competition?
  • Who are your direct and indirect competitors?
  • What is your hotel good at?
  • What outstanding service does your hotel offer, or is it good that customers like it?
  • What are some things your hotel can improve?
  • This year’s financial goals (income, expenses) for the hotel Where is it? And what are the plans for achieving these goals?

3. Choose a marketing strategy that matches the hotel.

Marketing strategies that hotels can use There are patterns that can be seen everywhere. Or is already widely used Therefore, it remains only to choose and use accordingly.

Which before choosing a marketing strategy for the hotel Hotels must know their own SWOT. This SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities. (External Positive Factors) and Threats (External Negatives) These data are searchable and aggregated from management and all associates.

SWOT information will help hotels know Is this marketing strategy appropriate for the hotel? Does it fit into the overall business plan of the hotel? In terms of the return on investment benefits (ROI) and the risk factors that will occur, what are the factors and whether the hotel will accept it?

4. Take action according to plan

Whatever marketing strategy is used, it must be done with caution and caution. The hotel has to come up with a clear and timed action plan.

5. Evaluate financial results

Evaluating financial results It is the final step in the marketing plan. To tell the hotel that The map was made successful or what was an error? Assessments can be performed as both individual stage assessments and the entire plan assessment.

Each step of the assessment has the advantage that the hotel can adapt the plan to the actual situation and correct the current situation.

The summary plan assessment section helps to compile a picture of how the entire plan is implemented. And the steps within the plan may be steps that must be followed in conjunction with other steps. Which cannot be evaluated individually

Hotel marketing If there is such a strength, it is guaranteed!

Hotel websites that drive direct room bookings

The website that every hotel should have is one that is attractive and easy to use and provides clear information. Because it will help to call customers and cause more room to book with the hotel

Booking direct hotel rooms reduces commission costs with the hotel. And make good use of the available resources Help the hotel to make more profit

Nice website like this Should have the following principles

  • Good to use via smartphone: more than half of internet users Social media And various websites Via smartphones or as it is known as a mobile phone A good website should be mobile-friendly. Mobile Websites of this type are designed to have Responsive mode or Responsive design.
  • There is a point of sale: The hotel website generally shows all the details that the hotel itself has to its visitors. Which is good But a website that is eye-catching or outstanding that customers remember Must have a clear character or point of sale, such as the interesting history of the hotel, images, video clips, mascot, or a very special promotion deal.
  • Recommend your visitors: A good hotel website should clearly display room and amenities information. And these details should be updated according to the current situation.
  • Be clear and straightforward: your hotel website visitors must immediately know that What are the benefits of booking on the website, such as contacting the hotel immediately? What are the privileges of the hotel? Or better price etc.

Show yourself on social media a lot

Social media is like a megaphone to let people know your business. Today, it is also a place for people, such as customers, to share stories with entrepreneurs, such as reviews of past hotel stays.

If managing social media well Posting with a steady stream, uses a format that is compatible with systems and situations, such as images, video clips, and multiple social media channels. It will be very useful to the hotel.

For hotels, social media can be used well to promote the hotel location, services, and amenities. And inform hotel promotions But it should be mixed with other stories. Interesting related to your hotel business

Such as forecasting the situation of the hotel business during the COVID period as a business operator himself Secret attractions in the province where the hotel is located Restaurants that must try in the neighborhood, etc. Because these are stories that common people. It is not specific to your customers or prospects interested. It will help the hotel’s social media to move, which is good for future public relations.

A post that is useful to the reader, such as providing information, knowledge, or pleasure. Always get a good response.

Manage the hotel reputation well

Advertising is the best. Mouth-to-mouth The same method is a two-edged sword. That can damage the hotel room to ruin as well. If the hotel neglects the opinions or expressions of the customer.

If the hotel knows that the guests are not satisfied with the service. Need to fix the situation as soon as possible Even more today Tell each other on social media very quickly like erysipelas. Where the little things can do a lot of damage With at least one survey showing that Over 80% of travelers check accommodation reviews before booking.

What the hotel should be prepared for is A step-by-step approach to addressing the situation and informing all employees of common practices such as how to respond to customer dissatisfaction by listening Whether on the hotel website Social media, OTA web, Pantip thread or various forums, email, phone call or in person.

If the slightest mistake is true, then you should embrace the guilt. Do not talk negatively, even ironically, ironically, should not do So that the situation ended with the best feeling That means minimal damage to the hotel and receiving valuable advice on the development of the hotel business.

Do email marketing

Hotel marketing Good to consider old customers as well Emailing customers who have stayed at hotels previously Help build the existing customer base for repeat stays or referral to generate new customers through existing customers.

Also, good email marketing. Hotels should be able to improve their email performance at the same time, such as content creation. Beautiful, attractive email format Making promotions, etc. by improving the email from feedback.

Buy search ads (Google)

Buying search ads or Google allows Google to help you push your site into the top search results. It is a popular method of advertising that website developers and hotel websites do.

But because every hotel is marketing like this If you think to do some Need to make a difference with “search terms” and tips such as

  • Shoot advertising based on the interests of event organizers in various locations. Or tourists during that time Who have not yet decided to choose a venue / travel
  • Try to keep researching what additional techniques to use when shooting ads, such as choosing the right timeframe. Choose the target audience, what kind of people? Choosing the platform where the advertisement will appear Including the use of inviting words to stimulate interest appropriate to the target audience selected
  • Set up an online campaign or advertisement budget that is appropriate for the situation. And can be adjusted at any time according to the situation

In the beginning it may be a small budget. To test the system and the advertisements performed But if you are not confident or want to do advertising seriously, it is a big campaign. A professional SEM should be consulted for the best results and at the lowest possible cost.

Update your marketing plan online all the time.

Google and Facebook update their systems or their algorithms all the time. Both platforms are areas of the website and the hotel pages. Hotels or businesses that market online must pay attention all the time as well. And adjust their own online management methods to be equal

The hotel website that has a room management system, Channel Manager, a management tool to accept customer reviews. Or other assistance systems It will help hotels manage online marketing more stable and easier. But spend less overall

WOW introduces WOW Hotel Solutions, an all-in-one hotel room management system. That increases hotel revenue as much as possible and most efficiently. Including cool functions that increase the profit per room for the hotel Reduce the cost of workers. And increase the efficiency of running hotel systems such as

  • Professional web design,  beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking  system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager,  smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing,  a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use. If interested, you can scroll up to click on Contact Us. Contact us for more details now

Tourism business trends, hospitality businesses or hosting a host That is hot this year

The smartphone is great

Smartphones are just as big as the computer as a means to enter the travel market and will likely outpace the future. As technology has evolved and the smartphone can do everything like a computer.

Travel and service businesses need to adapt to the use of smartphones as much as they can, for example:

  • Responsive design
  • Advertising online is more than offline.
  • Making apps

Jane Y people rule the city!

Generation Y, or Millenials, or people born from 1981 to 1996, will have the highest purchasing power in the coming years. Only the United States in one place Gen Y will account for 50% of all tourists by 2025.

The reason is because it is the period that Gen Y people enter the age with high purchasing power. Ie in the early 20-40 years, having a job or a stable job Have a salary There are still little burdens or obligations. Can travel freely

When these people are going to become the main target audience Tourism businesses should therefore understand their character or behavior. To adapt the service to or to make them more satisfied

They grew up during the time of modern technology. They therefore learn and are well receptive to change. Use social media And like the hospitality made for each individual

The hotel business can provide food services that emphasize an interesting history. Local tourism Simple and quick actions such as checking in to accommodation Which increases the satisfaction of most of the guests.

Domestic or foreign tourists, guidelines for health care

Before the arrival of COVID The hotel business mainly focuses on foreign tourists. But when an epidemic and a COVID impact occurs, hotels meet all around. Unable to find tourists from different houses and cities What needs to be done is to adjust the plans to accommodate Thai tourists or domestic tourists instead.

The best news, recently released in early July, is that Thailand may be limited to foreign visitors by the end of 2020, such as business people, or have semi-essential tourism goals, such as for medical activities such as therapy. Healthcare, popularly known as Wellness¹, is a group with high purchasing power and specific service requirements.

Technology is common

Most of the advanced technologies or innovations that facilitate this group of businesses will become commonplace as customers expect. Or if not, it may become strange at all 

The basic technologies that a hotel or hospitality business must have are websites and social media. Because just a phone or email that is Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. may not be enough anymore.

High-tech can also fulfill many services, such as a check-in system with no staff required. Room card, chatbot system, cleaning robot Or many more According to the hotel or service business


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