How Can A Inexperienced Broker Sell Houses, Land, And Real Estate Against Old Competitors?


The mood of a new beginning There was both excitement and anxiety at the same time. Especially the beginning of a new job Even with the real estate industry, it is not exempt for beginner realtors. Or just starting a career as a real estate broker Many people would feel that The home and land sales industry is very promising and the market is always moving forward.

But new ones will fight with those with much experience Master the market more? How do customers make the decision to choose you instead of the more known competitors? There is a vast network of connections that will benefit customers. Or various handicaps That customers seem to have, but can only get with If you choose to receive service from them

What you will be able to do now Proven your ability to fight and be on par with the old broker or any other competitor. Both fresh knowledge Tools, systems, modern, up-to-date, and many more that can take you to the top of your career as well. And may be faster than anyone expected

Real estate brokerage: the ingredients that create this profession

Real estate agents for sale What qualifications are required? These may not be all or the best. But this is the default that most brokers have.

1.Experience time

This qualification is one of those attributes that honor experienced recruiters to look advanced from those who are clearly inexperienced. There is nothing to fix this. Because this takes time too, but the advantage is that everyone can always start creating experiences And many real estate professionals do not work in real time all the time Experience is just a name.

If you see many competitors, do not give up. And turn to find the best experience immediately from the moment of reading this message

2. Bonds with industry peers

In real estate Network of acquaintances is very important. Both in the industry and in the public and private sectors The rapport will get you far and wide. That is why people in this industry are so focused on networking. Including related circles such as interior design, construction, electricians, plumbers, etc. related to real estate As well

3. Knowledge of the property market

New knowledge is born every day. And you can learn new property information all the time, such as where is good and which location is coming. What causes the location to be better, etc. The information will help the broker perform better. Know when to push what property to sell Where should I buy? This factor seems to be similar to that of experience. But diligence and curiosity play a large part

4. Know how to negotiate, have good-natured

How to talk to people Calling attention Stimulating customer interest How to give customers an offer that customers feel they can’t deny And various rhetoric This is an essential skill of a broker who sells properties and negotiates with many people.

When a broker has to negotiate with multiple parties Knowing how to talk will empower you to negotiate with a network you already have a relationship with. Anyone who already has the ability to negotiate may be considered lucky. And if not, then serious training is necessary.

5. Successful Sales Cases

This era is the era of real customer reviews or opinions. People value the high importance. And can be easily found by many factors, such as more space for comments Making comments is easier by typing text and photos that anyone So, most customers are always looking for reviews before making a purchase, and business owners need to do whatever it takes to get the best out of their reviews.

The same applies to the real estate industry Broker past customer information Also known as testimonial or successful case, it is important information that customers are always looking for from us, weight more than other products as well. Because real estate is a property with high value Which the higher the value, the more Buyers need more information to consider until they are confident before making a decision.

Past performance of a broker is a customer who has previously purchased a property with a broker. Even though a beginner broker May have fewer past customers But it can gradually Keep creating results

Should choose to create a really quality work. Or specific groups, such as customers buying high prices of 5 million or more, customers buy condos Focusing on the specialty will only help new brokers get into professional mode faster.

Beginner broker Will sell against veteran competitors How did you get it?

1. Create your own website

Today, almost 100% of the real estate market is on the Internet. If the broker wants to be online Had to create their own space One of the best methods is Build your own website To tell and introduce ourselves, their talents and works, all of which will bring customers to us in the long run

Sure, a salesperson could start by building a social media platform like a Facebook page , Twitter account, or Instagram, but a website would have a more free space. With the size of the space and the control to manage the space limitless.

The website will be the launch and growth area, the name or brand of the broker, the logo, the guidelines and the brand identity that is intended to communicate to the target customers. List of properties available for sale and services from the broker that will be given to customers. Past performance Including direct contact channels Everything is displayed as clearly as possible on the website.

Other than this The website also shows better credibility than regular social media accounts. With the stability of the online space Realtors can increase the appeal of your brand with photo galleries. Lifestyle articles or real estate topics in the blog section

When compared with long-term returns The website is the ideal area for real estate businesses. It may start from a standard website. Has full functionality Simple but can be updated If interested, you can find more details and contact a WOW staff here.

  • Property management system shows assets with a system to divide assets according to location, size, price, number of rooms or details that the broker wants
  • Outstanding property offering system, golden location, can push property sales Outstanding, evident, worth buying
  • Co-agent system to build a network Excellent sales distribution
  • Customer relationship system Store customer data and summarize reports according to the desired time frame. Helps to assess the situation faster
  • Other most updated real estate systems Many more functions 

2. Do SEO

Almost every WOW Marketing article will always focus on SEO. We cannot deny SEO or Search engine optimization in doing Online Marketing because it helps in building your online identity. To be well known and a “shop front” where customers from all over the world come to us. Without us having to go out and struggle to find customers anywhere

However, doing SEO is the use of a combination of techniques It’s not just the use of keywords (keywords) that people search in search engines like Google alone, and SEO can be done on both websites and social media as well If you can get your website and social media in the first place The better the search results for our business or brand

3. Create a social media account

Social media creation This is another way to help build a business or brokerage identity.Most of the startups will use this tool as a starting point. Because there is no cost Can be modified without a lot of costs or resources. And can handle it by yourself or all alone

Building social media with followers and interactions such as likes, comments (engagement) can be time consuming. Post regularly and collect information Understand what your target audience wants to know. What kind of information do you want? And adapt to the followers

May post private stories that are revealed occasionally. Although not directly related to the work But it helps the reader to feel the broker or the brand reachable.

4. Take a course, collect a certificate

While there is still no customer to be a real experience case Taking a course in real estate knowledge or others That promotes your brokerage work Focus on specialized training if you’re pretty sure where to go.

These courses and certifications don’t just look good on experience pages, on websites and on social media. It will also provide recruiters with a wealth of information to introduce prospective clients, and attendance may also lead you to a community of the same brokerage career. It is one of the widest and most useful ways to expand the network of relationships.

5. Volunteers work to exchange experiences.

Start over Strong theoretical knowledge But no one hired If you are not stuck with high costs and want to experience faster. Try to give yourself the opportunity to take a brokerage job for interested people free of charge. In order to gain real working experience

If you intend to accept the job for free Must be prepared to make sure that Able to take care of customers as good as paying customers And learn to know customers in all dimensions such as property requirements, customer characteristics, contact methods, etc. to make this experience as beneficial as possible.


Real estate agents selling real estate today. At one time they were Beginner broker That is not different from you now In the past they took time to learn and work to gain experience to be successful today.

Of course, there are some differences in the past and present property market. Let’s review and apply this information. Plus, using tools to find clients and develop more professions. It will help customers to see and get the most benefits. While recruiters became easier Find customers from anywhere And build on steadily


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