How Do Hotels Accept Guests To Quarantine


Many countries around the world now adapt their livelihoods to the situation of the coronavirus or epidemic, pending the development of vaccines and other treatments. Having made a living, normal living and traveling both within and across the country, the hotels detained as a new type of hotel business. That is gaining interest in both the travel business and service users looking for this service.

In general, the detention measures for each area are set approximately 14 days from the time a traveler enters the other land. According to the incubation period The detention in Thailand is using the same measures as well. For Thai hotels who want to know the process of detention hotels, can our accommodation be a hotel for detention? For people staying Hotel stay during coronavirus What to do or find something Read it in this article.

Welcomes Thai people into detention hotels

Thai people or foreigners who can return to Thailand successfully Will have to pass the screening checkpoint several times If symptoms are not eligible for COVID-19 investigation The Thai government will provide a place of detention for another 14 days free of charge. (For Thai people) to see the symptoms

But if the visitor does not wish to quarantine 14 days in a state-provided location, they can book with an alternative hotel or Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ).

An ASQ hotel is a hotel or hotel business that has been approved as Able to accommodate guests for detention purposes from the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defense of Thailand. The detainee has to book directly and bear all detention costs at the ASQ.

How can a hotel stay be an ASQ detention facility?

Changing yourself to an alternative detention facility Is one of the ways Hotel adaptation during COVID period Very interesting Because the hotel can make the most of the resources that are both places, things and people. Compared to other options like selling food, home service, etc.

How to apply as an ASQ hotel The hotel must have a legal operating license. Including in case of modification And must be within the area specified by the state (Call the area at COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center Department of Health Service Support or call 02-193-7024, 02-193-7059 and 02-193-7097)

The hotel applying to be an ASQ must have a private room. There is a private bathroom. And have a supplier of food and essential supplies You don’t have to go out to procure yourself. The guest or customer will register as an ASQ accommodation requirement from the country of origin in the form of Intent and upon arrival in the country of destination they will provide an Intent Form. For transfer of the guest from the airport to the ASQ hotel

The nature of Alternative State Quarantine is divided into six main components.

Section 1: Building structures, safety engineering and information communication systems, such as having a modern air conditioning system Offers more than 100 rooms, etc.
Category 2 personnel must be trained before operating
a Category 3 materials, office equipment and more, as there is no carpet or visual material storage diseases, etc.
Category 4 pharmaceuticals and personal protective
Category 5. Environmental management And friendly to the community.
Category 6 hospitals, contractors, joint operations and additional comfort (The name of the hospital is displayed alongside the hotel name)

A hotel will be ASQ certified by the state, what steps must it take?

  1. When checking the hotel into the service network Then apply to join and assess themselves according to the guidelines set by the Ministry of Public Health And the Ministry of Defense determined again
  2. Then assess the coherence between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense.
  3. Speaking from point 2, the hotel must set up a clearly defined service format. To present to the Joint Committee of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defense
  4. When qualified by the committee The hotel’s name will also be listed in the Notice of Authorization to Operate Alternative State Quarantine on the website of the Ministry of Health. (Department of Health Service Support) and the Ministry of Defense

The hotel can also consider applying for a self-quarantine hotel that is at risk of COVID-19 (State Quarantine). With more than 200 rooms under license

Alternative detention hotel What does it look like?

  • The service price range is 29,000 – 220,000 baht per 14 days per person.
  • Hotel service as usual. There is a pick-up from the airport to the hotel. There is a welcome drink upon arrival at the hotel. When staying in the room, there are 3 meals a day with drinking water. There is wireless internet access.
  • An optional quarantine hotel package includes two COVID tests, which will be tested on the 5th and 13th days of the quarantine.If the guest has a high fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius, they will be taken to hospital immediately.
  • Nurses are available 24 hours a day to serve the guests for detention.

Before the hotel guarantees customers to stay

  • Train the procedures for detention customers in hotels according to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Defense for all hotel employees to know. If you can practice in real simulation, it is best.
  • Provide necessary equipment in the room to be able to work well without being stuck. Services from outside the room And food to eat ready before serving Because the customer service level must be greater than usual. Because customers cannot go out
  • Make a quarantined guest room away from other rooms. The confined rooms should not be too close to each other.

When the customer arrives at the hotel, detained

For hotels already authorized as an alternative detention facility by the Thai government And started welcoming customers to detain 14 days with the following recommendations

  • If the customer comes to check in with a sick condition such as fever, cough, sneezing or difficulty breathing Should notify the medical staff to come to certify to find out how to proceed. Because customers may not be able to stay and must leave as soon as possible.
  • Separate guest registration points, detained from regular customers.
  • Keep the identity card or important evidence of the customer staying with the staff. To guarantee the stay
  • Clarify the rules and conditions of conduct of customers to the customer again Before being brought into the accommodation such as
    • How to order and receive food in accommodation or Room Service
    • How to order and receive food / necessities ordered from outside stores
    • Procedures for leaving the accommodation for medical services such as regular coronavirus screening. Or examination when there is an abnormal health condition
    • In-room medical procedures if necessary
    • How to deal when equipment in the room is damaged Need repair
    • The procedure to be performed when the detention period has ended
    • How to take action if you find yourself starting to show unusual physical symptoms or suspect COVID-19?
    • Smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages
    • Requesting to leave the hotel before the end of the detention period
  • Update the hotel attendant to clearly know the status and coordinates of the customers and quarantine who has stayed. Where to stay in? Which staff is responsible for which room and what matters?
  • In the event that the cleaning staff Need to enter the quarantine guest room
    • The staff must have self-defense equipment from disease such as a face shield, etc., and wear it before entering the venue.
    • Detained customers Must have a temporary shelter during site cleaning.
  • When the detained customer has expired and returned from the hotel The room must be left empty before 72 hours before allowing the staff to clean.

What facilities should the hotel provide in a confined room?

When detained customers need to be in the room all the time. The hotel should provide comprehensive services to cover the needs of living in the guest rooms such as

  • Fitness equipment To enable customers to maintain their health throughout the period of 14 days by the hotel’s fitness staff. Can recommend suitable equipment to customers. Before the stay
  • Games or toys that can be disposable Or let customers take it home
  • Cleaning supplies, such as different sized rags, toilet paper drivers, are sufficient for 14 days of use, suggesting that they should be prepared just in case.
  • Arrange a plan to contact customers at regular intervals throughout the stay, such as calling, texting, Line, etc. to ask for the well-being of the customers.
  • Disinfection equipment such as a mask Wipes, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant alcohol spray, rubber gloves, etc.

Maintain physical and mental strength throughout 14 days.

Detention period This is the time when most people are stationary rather than moving, such as sitting longer. Because the space is limited And it may also include doing other activities such as less exercise. WOW summarizes interesting ideas for taking care of physical and mental health from the World Health Organization or WHO.


Caring for customers staying in quarantine monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. Before the actual stay or to prevent health-prevention mistakes It is the practice that the hotels detained at various Put into practice

Because in addition to helping to keep all parties safe It will also help the hotel business to move forward in times of not being able to resume normally.

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