How Does Facebook Pixel Create Facebook Ads, Allowing Customers To Click And Buy?


Many online sellers start selling on social media. Or even a merchant who has a website to sell, use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages to help find more customers When it comes to social selling tools, Facebook Pixel is one of the most talked about tools. For many reasons, such as the number of Facebook users, page features, etc.,
Facebook Pixel will help you make the most of the ad spend on Facebook, right? What is a Facebook Pixel?  Let’s look at the full details of how to create different help To increase the clicks and purchases made through the ads that are all possible in this article. 

What is the Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is an embed code on your website. That will help collect information on clicks or activity through Facebook ads to the website. Facebook Pixel will track matters such as

  • Sales page traffic
  • Adding products / services into the shopping cart on the sales web page
  • Purchase
  • Scrolling through the sales page
  • Time spent on a sales page

Benefits that Facebook Pixel can help online businesses

As you can see, what data does Facebook Pixel store? The information collected by this means that What improvements have to be made about the ads to make them more effective than before? Is it worth the advertising budget you pay for the system,
or even if your online business doesn’t currently run Facebook ads, it’s worth researching and activating. To allow the system to collect data So you don’t have to start from scratch on the day you decide to start using Facebook Pixel and get a better understanding of how your ads are doing.

Track clicks

When people see an ad that you post. What do they do or how do they react to it? Click read more, click the link now, press share to other places. Or just scroll through. Facebook Pixel keeps these behavioral data for you to analyze further.
It is also known that With what device do they view your ad? Which can also help with the optimization of ads for the device

Repeat marketing to target audience

Retargeting and Dynamic ad systems will show the ad you set on people who have already visited your website. Which can choose a very specific target group, for example, choose to shoot a portable steam iron advertisement Put people who put the portable steam iron into the basket, order products but have not pressed to pay. Or press like a portable steam iron, but have not yet reached the order of the product once

Create new target customers for the business

Facebook will analyze the information collected by Other customers Who can be yours By that information may be preferences, interests, housing

For example, your target audience is a domestic worker aged 30-40 years, the analysis of the system’s data may find that Men and women aged 50-65 years are also your target audience. Help to open up a vision of seeing the customer groups Let you sell more products

Create multiple click goals

Facebook’s Pixel holds more data than the number of clicks it gets through ads. It can also be set by clicking on this to purchase products, registrations, or any business purpose.

Adjust ads based on purchasing power

Because Facebook collects individual purchases Know who bought what How much to spend This information can therefore be used to tailor advertising feasibility. According to the value of the purchase Which helps ads to generate more sales

Access to more Facebook ad tools

If businesses want to penetrate more online market or have plans to sell online in the future Businesses need tools to help them collect campaign data. Identify the target audience of the website Or doing advertisements from analyzed data All of which is available on the Facebook Pixel, which lets you know even the ad price per customer.

How to use Facebook Pixel

How does the Facebook Pixel?

“Topic” is the activity that people visit to the website. Which are all interesting information Let’s see them one by one.
Standard topic Users can copy and paste on their own Facebook Pixel system to store the information they are interested in. These include

  • Purchase
  • Target audience contact information Or known in the marketing and advertising group as Lead
  • Register on the web
  • Payment information
  • Add products in shopping cart
  • Press like the product or Wishlist
  • Enter the payment process
  • Use the search box on the web.
  • Visit the content of web pages on the website
  • Contact via web contact channels
  • Choose product styles, for example, choose color and size of products on the website.
  • Make a donation according to the campaign shown on the website.
  • Find a business location
  • Make an appointment through the website to contact your business.
  • Apply for a trial
  • Submit an application for receiving products, services, programs, etc.
  • Register for information Or products and services

They can also be coded to hold data or be based on actual data, such as activity value. Money spent Format or group of content to collect information.
Custom topics Based on what needs to be collected or measured by customer actions. Events or examples of topics in which people would use customized topics such as

  • Filter only the information on the purchase of shoes of orders from 2,000 baht or more.
  • Filter only the purchase information of the knee-high bridal dress only.
  • Choose to share only certain conversion data.

How to create and embed a Facebook Pixel on the web

Before you can create a Facebook Pixel, you need to have a website for your own business.If you don’t have one, you can consult a professional website builder by clicking here, and that website needs to be able to update the code if both are ready. Let’s get started

1. Make a Facebook Pixel

  • Click on the green plus sign. (Place a red arrow pointing)
  • When clicking the green plus sign System will pop up this window, select Web and click Get Started in the lower right corner.
  • Select the Facebook Pixel and click Connect in the lower right corner as before.
  • Enter the name of the Pixel you want, and you can also include a website URL. (Optional) To check if your site is developed by a Facebook partner, partner sites rarely involve technical coding and hit Continue in the bottom right corner.

The name of the Pixel used should be more descriptive of your business than the campaign run, as you will only have one Pixel per ad account. If you want to use more than 1 Pixel per ad account, Facebook Business Manager is required.

2. Enter the Pixel code on the website. 

This can be done in three ways: manually adding the code or manually, connecting with a partner platform or partner integration What system is your website developed from?) Or have someone else manage it, include the code or email instruction.

  • Add the code manually or manually.
    • Go to Event Manager.
    • Select the Pixel you want to install on the website.
    • Click Continue pixel setup.
    • Select Install code manually.
    • Copy Pixel’s base code.
    • Go to your website header or header under Manage your website. (Not a general purpose website)
    • Place the base code at the bottom of the website header section, above the closing tag, as in this example.

Credit: Facebook

  • Click Continue
  • There is an option to enable the customer matching system that the website has with the information of the people who visit the website, Automatic Advanced Matching.The benefit of this system is that it will increase the clicks (conversions) of your promoted ads and reach a more remarketing audience. Can be enabled or not When finished with this step, click Continue.
  • Add the title of your business to the Event setup tool, or add the code to your website yourself. If you understand the system well
  • Click Done

Examples of using Facebook Pixel by business brands

Lalamove uses Facebook retargeting pixel to shoot shipping discounts for the first time, finding people who have previously visited a business website. But never used the service To turn these people into real customers

The Ravee Residence apartments show room photos as an album. With a button to send a message to the apartment page To contact us directly for information


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