Posts Like This Need To Be Reserved! 10 Ways To Make Your Hotel Page More Attractive! (2020)


We believe that hotels are now promoting their hotels through social media. Whether it is a page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to reach the target audience. To attract as many customers as possible

But already know which channel to promote through So how do you promote it to be interesting, bookable? A hotel, resort, hostel or accommodation to rent, how do you promote accommodation for customers to really choose to book accommodation with us?

Today, WOW has 10 tips for promoting hotels through Facebook. Or the official page created by the hotel Which is the most popular channel That can be used with all types of hotels to leave

1. Set clear promotional goals.

“Why does the hotel or accommodation have their own official page?” Because any hotel Has its own page Must have my hotel

If so then The hotel will make the page it has created to look outstanding. Or create value for the hotel How to (sell a room)? Must start with each hotel must have a clear goal of creating a page. In order to make pages or manage pages useful for business Or not harmful Correctly destroy the image of the hotel. The two general goals of hotel pages are:

  • Build credibility Give customers or people interested in your hotel, let them know what your hotel looks like. What amenities are there? What is an interesting service?
  • Maintain relationships with former guests and customers who are currently using the hotel. For an opportunity to serve them in the future or to refer others (Word 0f Mouth), the easiest way to market. Oldest And get the best results as well

2. Increase your business identity in search engine (Google)

Facebook page making for business It is another very good SEO method that most businesses do. Just take the time to enter the hotel information in the description section. (Description), including all information about the hotels on the page. Read and understand and interesting.

Search for a hotel The information is provided on both the hotel website and the hotel page.

Good for your business in search engines (Which is mostly Google) both the page and the hotel information, such as contact channels. Hotel website That appear on the page Also, customers or people interested in accommodations also like properties that have clearer, more reliable information.

3. Combine hotel pages into one page.

When we travel to some place And want to check in yourself on Facebook at that place Then found the location’s coordinates, it was a page that didn’t seem like any information Just tell me where it is. Or like the person who created the page, not the owner of the place That might be just Place page

If a hotel finds the page saying it is its own hotel Can click on that page to indicate that We are the property owner and wish to integrate it into our own hotel pages by visiting

When clicking into Facebook Will allow us to verify their own Facebook account Who was the page manager first After confirming yourself with the system, select the two pages you want to merge, press Continue and select Request Merge.

Any appended page information such as posts, photos, reviews, ratings and usernames will be completely removed. There is only one page left that you want to keep as one, but the advantage is that it is a place page, whether it be an official page or a page created by other people. It will no longer confuse the user.

4. Talk to page viewers.

Approach to talk with Facebook users often. Because the nature of this app is a media space to connect people and share stories with each other. The main purpose of the user is to relax and entertain themselves.

Example of talking to page visitors Interested in the room or question about the accommodation This is a very good opportunity to make sales.

When this is Good facebook page Should create entertainment Enjoyment To followers To achieve a good level of interaction such as

  • Sharing interesting news related to the hotel
  • Beautiful picture
  • Infographics are easy to read and beautiful. That contains useful content for followers
  • Expressing feelings in conjunction with situations
  • A humorous story about the impression of a wider audience.

Good interaction is Expressing emotions, opinions, or passing on to other people Or commonly known as Like, share, write comments

While the lack of communication state The page is not moving. Or unsightly and nonsensical communication can lead to the fact that pressing Unlike or Unfollow a page.

“Simple tips That marketers use to measure whether Will it be interesting to post on the page?

Will I personally share this post on my Facebook timeline page?

If the answer is yes, then post “

5. Choose to post only beautiful pictures.

Selected beautiful pictures to share on the page. This beautiful picture is a picture that indicates the property brand. The quality of the image is high resolution that does not show shattering effect. On the user screen (Facebook will review the post before posting) Looks good with the brand image

For example, hotels focus on luxury, images must be colored elements that are luxurious tones. And has content that is said in the same way

Another idea that holds up in marketing and advertising is Quality is more important than quantity Great publishing of content It is better than publishing various content all the time.

Posting a link or text may also get attention. But with the nature of the hotel business That emphasizes the beauty Thus convenience and visual taste are better tools than text or web links that media users will spend time clicking on. Which only takes a few seconds is a long enough time For social media usage today

6. Post content as video clips.

Facebook’s system will encourage people to share video clips. (How to promote is Pushing the clip posted to be seen by many people. Compared to other post content), especially videos uploaded directly on Facebook.

Which animation or video is very suitable for hotel content That want people to see the picture of the place and the facilities as possible to promote the hotel

Little trick In the making of the clip is Add captions to reach a wider range of users.

7. Post regularly 

Suppose you go to the official page of the hotel M to look for room information and find that His last post was 3 months ago, how do you feel?

Feeling of trust in the hotel Confidence in page data And how will your feelings for the hotel be? Do you start to worry? Is the hotel still open?

A barren social media place where page and follower conversations can have a big impact on your target audience and customers.WOW recommends trying to post at least once a day, but not more than 2 times a day.

A simple way to manage your page is to schedule posts to make it clear what to post, what day it was posted, or to add a post engagement record as well. This will allow the Page to analyze the form of posts that followers like and develop more relevant. 

8. Choose a time to post.

Target groups or people who do Facebook a lot at what time? If you don’t know at first, try to post at a different time. With different days in a week and bring the data to see that When are the most people seeing your posts? What is the fastest time to respond to your post?

Which usually Most people use Facebook in the pre-work, breaks, and work days until late at night.

9. Add visibility to the post.

Post sharing can increase visibility of the post and page. Without the hotel having to do it alone By giving people the opportunity to help us do this. By creating activities, posts can be shared.

Such as playing a game for a prize Make Instagram hashtags to bring out the photos people tagged with your property to post on the page. Or share your post to the relevant Facebook group Which in addition to the broad post visibility Also increase the credibility Of interest to accommodation as well

10. Promote Facebook posts to target audiences.

The last method is a costly way to promote a post. Or commonly known as Boost post Facebook offers business-specific marketing tools. Well-known, Facebook Pixel aims to help page businesses find their target audience and advertise their products to the best possible audience. With the most attractive post

This is the most popular online marketing and advertising method at the moment. Because it has good access to a large crowd It also adds a lot of interest to the page and makes the most of the page. Because the page will also connect to the business website

For hotel websites with good system, WOW has a package “WOW Hotel Solutions”, a complete room management system. With a system to manage all sales channels with one click

A fully updated and connected booking engine in a fraction of a second, and the Facebook Pixel is fully connected to your hotel page. Accommodate guests with their own home page. More direct, more worth


WOW hope a little trick. Interestingly, these will be useful when creating a hotel page or a hotel website. Or do several methods at the same time depending on But don’t do too many things Until it becomes a spam (Spam)

Or any hotel has How to promote hotels How to make social media compelling and WOW hasn’t talked about. Or want to share to know Try writing to recommend each other at Contact Us or the WOW page so that we can share the stories in the view of real Facebook users.


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