SEO Vs SEM How Do Online Marketers Choose To Use? Best For Business (2020)


Most businesses today are online. The primary role of online marketers is to get their products, services, or work companies stuck in search engines and appear at the top. For customers to see Because the more easily visible It increases the chances of clicking into the website or online store of any business enterprise The search is widely used in our time is that Google’s search results are two types: natural (Organic) with payment (Paid) by two is often referred to as SEO and SEM , if not two. As such, it can work easily with ease in the world of marketing 2020.

Or if you are the owner of the website Not a direct marketer But I want to know how to make a website to be on Google all around, this WOW article will talk about what is SEO, what is SEM, when should you use SEO, SEM or both. To make online marketing more intensely

Google search result types

Suppose we search for the word “Old Sandwich” in the search box that comes up, the first part is Search results that website builders can buy hosting with Google or Paid result later is a search result that results from the SEO of various websites or organic result, which Google processes and displays. Links selected by the system as relevant or close to what is in the search box.

But if you have to choose whether to use SEO with SEM well, you need to understand its function. Then let’s know each other one by one and what it is. And what other details are there useful to online marketing these days?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, if translated just the name will mean Adaptation to the search system The long explanation is how to optimize the content to be found through organic search engines.

“What’s this content adjustment?” Is a mystery that website builders are always curious about, which Google and its search engines have. Also have selection criteria Give your own rating And the criteria are adjusted all the time Which was not clearly disclosed to the public or examined But it is enough to give a rough basis for 3 big things:

1. On-page SEO, individual web page adjustments

An example of doing on-page SEO is

  • Putting search terms on a web page
  • Making specific topics, web pages or content such as how to make soya milk Overseas Chinese Recipe Written by direct descendants (The words underlined are Making the content specific More in depth)
  • Keep your webpage link or url name short and informative.
  • Create a title and meta description to attract readers.
  • Add search words in the image (Alt text)
  • Write content that is easy to read, easy to understand.
  • Put keywords in important points, such as the first paragraph, the first words of the paragraph

2. Off-page SEO. SEO outside the website itself.

An example of doing off-page SEO is

  • Other websites put our website link on their webpage.
  • Other websites mention the name of our website.
  • Have a good review on our site or give a good rating.

3. Technical SEO Technical SEO that helps Google to collect more information on our website.

Examples of doing Techinical SEO include:

  • Make web pages load faster.
  • Use a canonical tag to prevent content duplication of web pages.
  • Use hreflang tags for bilingual content sites.
  • Optimized robots.txt to do a better job of crawling web pages.
  • Do not allow Google to collect data, no indexing of web pages with less content.
  • Increase the security of the website Prevent data theft
  • Make the website usable on smartphones (Mobile friendliness).

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing or link promotion marketing. To be seen more in search engines With direct payments

Usually, SEO is part of SEM, but SEM is divided into 2 parts: SEO and PPC. SEO promotes PPC again and makes SEM better. Therefore, SEM is mostly done with PPC and SEO. together

What is PPC?

Now, what is PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is paying to advertise website links on search results pages. If a user clicks on the website listed in the advertising area or the Paid result area on the example above. The website owner will pay for the clicks. 

In addition to the number of clicks Click prices also depend on the keywords they choose to use.They come from auctions (bidding) by many PPC websites, where keywords that are more likely to click a lot will compete with other sites . The price will be even higher as well.

For this reason, in most cases, before purchasing PPC, online marketers need to do additional research on the business or purpose of the website, for example:

  • If running a website that sells complete vintage sandwich making equipment ready for sale, you should use the keyword ” “Old sandwich equipment” or “selling old sandwiches” rather than “vintage sandwiches” because people interested in buying equipment tend to type for the device or the purpose more directly than simply typing a sandwich.
  • If you make a website for making chip pungs from China May use the keyword “Making Chinese shipping” or “making cheap Chinese shipping” rather than “shipping from China” because this word is too direct. And tends to be highly competitive bidders Until the price per click is high (unless you are ready to pay, you can invest as you deserve)


When to consider whether to do SEO or PPC (SEM) well, or to do both. The website builder must understand the nature of the website and the business / goals of the website itself. Which has a combination of factors There is no fixed formula. And adjust at any time But understanding SEO and PPC will help you make your website more targeted.

Use SEO when ..

  1. Websites have areas on the web for creating organic content (informative content) such as blog.
  2. You already know the market for products that are selling well. Want to add long-term value to your website And know that in the future there will be a need for this value, such as creating a website selling raw materials, making bakery And give knowledge about various raw materials
  3. The target audience of the website It usually takes weeks or months. Find and research information before purchasing a product or service, such as an expensive product.
  4. PPC costs are always high.
  5. Your business and website are starting to land. And has a certain level of credibility (Domain Authority)
  6. The website has some level of customization. And works quite well in organic searches

Use PPC when ..

  1. Many competing websites use the same keyword (s) that you would use.
  2. You don’t know your market well enough. And want to test their own ideas Or products and services such as new products that have never been done before
  3. Customers of this business know what they want. And have product search behavior And when found, it immediately bought
  4. The cost of doing PPC is not very high or there are some fluctuations in the price. Or within the advertising budget you can afford
  5. Just built a business online Still not stable online
  6. The site still needs quite a lot of SEO improvement.

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