The Hotel Will Use Its Own System That Has How To Retrieve Customers From OTA?


The main goal of most hotels in getting customers is to get customers who book exactly with the hotel. Whether it is a reservation through the hotel website (with The hotel program supports) by phone or walk in to book at the hotel. Because this is the way hotels get the most profit share 

Of the three methods above, online booking a hotel is the most popular. But the same avenue also has the largest pain point or weakness. Because I have to admit that Most hotels that partner with an online agent, selling rooms and travel, or OTAs rarely compete with OTAs on SEO and will attract a large number of customers.

This chart shows a scenario when people want to find a place to stay in their desired location. They want to go for the first time Or have been there but looking for a new place to stay, most of them do it this way.

You can see that OTA is a channel that benefits customers. In terms of variety and promotion, motivating customers to want to click Which is also useful for the hotel

But in fact It is because these websites invest heavily in SEO or search optimization on search engines or Search Engine as well, so when searching for accommodation, these sites are attracted to the first few searches. And actually squeezed the website of the hotel To fall in search rankings or not attract customers

If so then Small and large hotels would think hard that So how do we fight OTA? It seems difficult, but the reality is that hotels, hostels, lodges can reach customers with “information” and hotel programs. Of my own

This information includes Guest information Website data via Google Analytics, property performance data on social media channels If gathered ready in hand Let’s see how What are some tricks? How can you use this information to get customers back from OTA!

4 tips that hotels can use to get customers back from OTAs

1.Send onboarding emails

Getting familiar with each other is when we send the desired message to the right person at the right place and at the right time, where the right place or the best way to deliver the message is email, which the accommodation will get when. Where travelers book rooms directly with their accommodation, or the accommodation may request an email address during their stay.

Accommodation can send e-mails to guests even before they stay, such as reservation information, where to stay, how to get there. Travel date and time If the reason for their travel is known We may also introduce additional interesting information, such as tour programs, activities organized by the accommodation. Nearby Attractions Before arrival date You may be able to send another warning or welcome email.

These interactions help to flaunt their travels with color or to build the familiarity of their accommodation and guests. Especially among Millenial and Gen Z travelers who value personal experiences.

This also coincides with the results of a survey by the world’s most popular marketing company, Epsilon, that 87% of people prefer to stay engaged with a travel website / app that makes a personalized gift ยน. To specific customers, it is a wonderful little gift that Hostel Bungalow can make.

2. Buy ads to reach the target audience.

Buying social media ads for travel businesses It is widely used because it reaches a wide range of people, even OTA sites are used to buy ads as well as visitors who have visited their own OTA site before. (Remarketing)

But there are still a large number of accommodations, especially smaller ones around the world, that do not have this strategy. Which is actually easy to do By summarizing the characteristics of target customers such as age, housing coordinates The more clear the details of the target audience, the better.

Then promote it to approach this group Will promote the latest promotions of the accommodation Or the location / interestingness of the accommodation To achieve the result is Knowing of our accommodation and may be considered if the target audience decides to travel or travel.

Even OTAs do this the same way. But the hotel or our business has the advantage as having a very clear customer or target audience. Therefore able to fight in creating a targeted message and communicating to the right person

3. Convey content that resonates with the target audience.

Posts sent out on social media and even the hotel website. Will be worthless, meaningless If it doesn’t reflect the target audience or fit their behavior

In a late 2018 survey by Business Wire, media company of world-famous investor Warren Buffett, social media, such as Instagram, influenced Gen Z travelers by 84%. Often people make reservations or buy travel-related products after checking these apps2

Before specifying the type of content Social media or channels to distribute The hotel can check user information on the hotel website via Google Analytics and the hotel’s social media. That the target groups or major customers Who we are What are you interested in? In order to create content that meets their interests

Such as making a tour selling website Was doing an overview of international tour promotions of each month Useful travel tips Or doing online selling websites May post something fun Promotion according to the festival Which post guidelines are based on their target audience and interests.

4. Understand Google Analytics and use it with ease

In each of the three tricks we see that Google Analytics is the most important inventory of customers or prospects. Hotels have a clearer understanding of the customer journey of their target audience from Google Analytics, such as

  • Acquisition

Start by looking for “keyword” that people can find on our website. You can look at Acquisition -> Search Console -> Queries and apply the words in Queries to use in the promotion. Articles (title and description) will help SEO to make our hotel web search more accessible and accessible.

  • Behavior

Study the path of the target audience That when he enters the website From which channel Where are you going next? Which page do you leave from the website? Or go to where the trading page at Behavior -> Behavior Flow

This helps identify not only the target audience’s behavior but also the website’s problems. This is because the basic assumption of the website is When visitors have obtained the information they want from the website, or the website has no interesting content The visitors then leave the website.

Popular hotel caller tools

1. Social media

The use of social media is one of the things people do today. So it can be seen that All types of businesses set up a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter page to build a fan base, customers, or attract more target audiences. With the structure of the system Social media helps hotel marketing work well.

Good social media ideas for hotels

  • Brand advertising makes people know our hotel accommodation (Awareness)
  • Hotel room promotion notification
  • Create activities to create interactions between brands and target audiences, such as playing games, giving rewards, making fun posts for further sharing.

2. Website

Most hotels now Be it small or large Has its own website Because the website answers the needs of doing business in all aspects From public relations to marketing to sales With a direct booking system Best for accommodation businesses

Ideas for using a good website with hotels

  • Build a stable online presence through SEO.
  • Create an online sales territory Reducing dependence on other platforms which are conditional and uncontrollable, such as social media, OTA, make the hotel the most profitable.
  • Create a publicity area for a hotel advertisement
  • Organize promotions for selling rooms

At WOW, there is WOW Hotel, a hotel website that offers more than just booking space, because we are Hotel Solutions, a complete hotel room management system. That increases hotel revenue as much as possible and most efficiently. Including cool functions that hotels want.

  • Professional web design, beautiful hotel web page, easy to use, easy to find in Google with updated SEO techniques.
  • Online booking engine Online hotel booking system Data storage, reporting of all room reservations and sending automatic email notifications when booking.
  • Channel manager, smart sales channel management system Real-time updates of sales data across all channels including web, OTA, social media, etc.
  • Dynamic pricing, a pricing system that helps generate profit per room. Move according to the booking needs of customers.
  • 24/7 Customer service WOW’s team takes care of customer support after accepting the system by themselves throughout the web use.


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