“Wait A Minute! Don’t Just Go Out To The Web Page. How Do You Popup A Web Page To Keep Customers And Change Their Minds To Shop On The Web Page?


A web page popup is one of the best online marketing methods for any business. If done well

Because in the view of most website users Popup web page or is it something annoying. But this is not always the case because Popup is not as good as before. And an interesting design invites people to be more curious as well.

The latter will only happen if you do a Popup that understands the needs of your target audience. Also known as their “hijacking”, this WOW article takes you to know Popup, what kind of webpages are there, what are the pros and cons? This is applicable to all goals of the web, such as buying products, booking a room, booking products in advance, etc.

What is a Popup?

A web page popup is an image or symbol. Shown on the website That are intended to operate the system Users simply select the command item on the image or click on the image displayed on the website.

Popups displayed on a web page come in a variety of sizes and formats, such as center-screen, full-screen, or side-by-side, but every pop-up will be displayed to direct the user’s attention. To have a reaction to The reaction most wanted by the publisher of Popup was The target shown on that Popup.

Page Popup is therefore one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools to reach your customers. But must be used carefully Because unable to find it, may have a negative effect on the website or the business

Different Types of Popup Website Pages

Popup when opening a web page (Entry Popup)

It’s a Popup that will pop up on the screen. When a user first accesses a webpage, the Entry Popup is often used to provide information. Rather than inviting them to do something (Can invite any activities But it’s not so serious that you have to do it right now)

Entry Popups rarely have CTA buttons or fields to continue. Often users will read and click on an area outside Popup to access normal web pages.

Click Popup (Click Popup)

This popup is displayed when a web user places an arrow over a specific area or clicks on a specific area on the website. This saves users from having to click on the web to open a new window. That may interfere with the web traffic path of the target audience

The goal of most Click Popups is similar to Entry Popups in that they are to inform them. But will advise the user to do something too According to the area or by clicking on which the user has clicked until they find this Popup.

When the Popup page is closed, it will remain in the original web window. With no distraction, this Popup could be considered one of the best opportunities for converting or converting from web traffic to clicks to buy products or services on your web page.

Popup from scrolling web pages (Scroll Popup)

If a website user spends time on the web page With behavior, scroll down to see details It may be assumed that Users are interested in content That appear on that web page In the corner of online marketing

This behavior is a golden opportunity. At the site, users can spend time showing their interest in the web, showing them the information they want to advertise, such as ongoing promotions, flash deals, special member discounts, etc. Then is Halfway through the page

Timed Popup

It’s similar to the Popup above, but Timed Popup takes the time the user is on the web page. It is a measure of interest before showing Popup.

Timed Popup aims to attract users and decide to do as Popup says, for example, “Oh, I said it before today 19 Aug, 20% off all items” with a click button attached to the page for all products or ” Reserve a room by entering the code “LOVEFREEDOM” to reduce the room rate by 15% “and attach a button to click on the page to include all rooms, etc.

The optimum duration for an average Popup show is 60 seconds, but it’s best. You should look at the website’s data in Google Analytics because the users of each website behave differently. This will select a suitable time point for the Popup to display before the user leaves the page.

Popup before closing the web page (Exit Popup)

This last type of popup is the most popular among web makers as it is one of the most effective conversion points. Change from people closing a webpage to turning back to the deals that Popup has given, or thinking about the objections in Popup.

For example, a customer has added a product to the cart. But not proceed to the payment process The website may put a popup, claiming that if you pay now, how much discount will it get? Or if customers visit the website and leave without logging in to use the website’s Popup, they may invite them to register to receive a discount. Privilege information For the next purchase or use of the service

However, Exit Popup is most suitable for accessing the web on a computer. Therefore, most websites prefer to use the previous Popup. Because it covers all web access tools

Good – Bad How do you Popup a web page?

The coin has two sides. The same goes for online marketing methods. That has both advantages and disadvantages Including a Popup as well. How to create a Popup web page, what are the pros and cons? There are several bureaus and surveys on this as well.

Do a good popup where:

  • Fill out form to receive articles That comes in a popup form, receiving 1,375% of the attention of users of the website compared to filling out general information.
  • Marketing consultant Wishpond revealed that by using Popups with blogs, 1,472 customer leads or leads in just three weeks.
  • Popups can help you increase your email lead list in no time. See results in a period of not more than 1 week.

But Popup can cause:

  • If the website has too many ads It might make your users want to find a way to block your website permanently, 68% of website users think so.
  • Most web browsers automatically block popups, making many popups inaccessible to web users.
  • More than half of all ad agencies are unable to quantify their return on investment (ROI) in their online ads.
  • Google’s policy does not support Create a web page popup This means that popups can result in Google reducing your link showing in search results (SERPs).

What do you need to think about using Popup?

When you know the characteristics and types of Popup, if time will be used for real Since content, color, size and website placement, what factors have to be considered? 


A good popup should not interfere with your browsing experience unless it is relevant or valuable to web users at the time. 

For example, Popup gives a 10% discount of the hotel website should be displayed on the page it is talking about Room details More than shown on the page About us

Because even the deals that the website gives are worth it. But if given in the wrong opportunity, it will not create value for anyone.


Once you’ve matched the relevance and clarity of Popup with the web. Next, choose the timing of the Popup display. Usually, web users spend different time on each webpage.

Which on average If a user stays on a webpage for a product and prices for more than 30 seconds are likely to be interested in wanting to buy, if a popup is displayed on this webpage after 30 seconds, it may arouse greater or even higher appetite. Turn your target audience into real customers.

Clarity has meaning

Content that is clear to the point It makes a great contribution to decision making A handful of websites offer discounts to their customers, but don’t say what the discount means or the attractive value. Despite the high value of the discount, it may not be able to shine on the feelings of the customer

Liveliness Humanity

Marketing is to understand the behavior and nature of the target audience. To turn them into customers But when the marketing is put into action Many people forget to include human emotions.

A good marketing strategy should communicate by adding feelings, such as a fun text, or a polite but approachable pronoun. This is not only a friendship, but also helps to build a long-term dialogue with the business.


Popup web pages as part of website marketing. Which can be done at no additional cost But it can add a lot of value. Popup also helps to better understand the behavior of the target audience. From their response to the website

Creating a web page popup requires the basics of a quality website with a marketing plan. At WOW, we are a business web developer. That supports all types of businesses And the creation of a web with Inbound Marketing by a marketing team ready to provide business consulting So that the website is not just a web page It’s your company in the online world. That is ready to welcome customers 24 hours a day. Get more information for free at the Contact Us section on the website. The staff will contact you back immediately during business hours.


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