What Is Your Name? 5 Techniques To Name A Shop For Good Sales, Easy To Remember, Easy To Tell


Having a good “store name” can be a good starting point for a business because a good name is a name that makes it easy for customers to recognize our business or brand. When you remember, there is an opportunity to take your business as a choice or to tell it to others, so naming a store is one of the things that business owners take as much as other important things. Of doing business

But naming the shop is not a fixed science And a lot of creativity Therefore there are many things that business owners have to see For a company or store name that is outstanding or easy to remember Or best of all Never fail to become a name that is bad for your business instead.

Give your business shop a name from the start, just follow these 5 points!

1.Short and easy

A short and easy-to-understand name has many advantages: easy to remember, easy to pronounce. And it’s easier to make topics on our online store web page than long store names too

But keeping the name of the store short and simple is not as simple as its function, as every day there are new businesses all over the world. The name you want to set may already be used. If you are confident that your business is a small business that does not expect to grow in any way. The mood of selling in front of the house itself forever It may not be a problem if used repeatedly.

But many business people don’t think so. This is a challenge for new businessmen who have to create short and simple names of themselves to be creative and catchy to the eye.

  • Try using a mix of short words, perhaps words that rhyme, for example, “Sala Salad” is a salad shop. The name written in English is also used as “Sala Salad” which makes it more memorable.
  • Create new words Or pranks from existing words. Google, eBay, Skype are new words. As for the existing word plots, it is “Jones’s Salad”, a salad shop that uses the word for pirate.
  • Use words that have a personal meaning, such as nicknames, names that are known only among close people. Or even your real name Using a personal name is ideal for a neighborhood known to shop. Except that the business has really outstanding products such as Jae Fai, famous restaurants that have been featured by Michelin.

2. Be different

The principle of doing this is Explore what names of your business competitors are using. And then name our name differently from him

But apart from the differences The title should reflect how your business is different from the competition. (This story doesn’t matter But business owners should have the answers in mind. Because building a business like others already do or do well It is a risk not to do) and indicates what product you are selling. Without helping to promote your competitors

For example, if you sell electrical appliances Your competitors are likely to use the word Electronics, Tech, Electronics In my own name Try to avoid these words. And think of other words that stand out to make your business stand out more like “Mr. Lek of Fai Rang”, where Lek is the name of the shopkeeper.

3. Able to register on the website

Got a name that you really like Do not decide Try listing multiple names and find out how. Has anyone used it as a website name yet?

Because if you want your business to grow rather than just have a storefront in the future The store’s website is all you need. For example, you open a store selling good quality imported electrical appliances by yourself called “Nai Lek Faiyang”. The English name that makes up the website name may be. lekhvelectronicsupply.com (lekhv stands for Lek High Volt)

Think of several names and then take a look to see if any of those names have been used. Including checking them in various selling platforms or marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, etc. to ensure that The name we will choose can be used across multiple platforms.

This process may take time and a bit of understanding for domain registration. At WOW We On Web, we develop websites from web design A selection of specific web functions that the store needs. Until the domain registration is ready to end in one place Do not waste time doing it yourself. Your business, no matter how big or small. Can have their own online web shop that meets the needs Starting at just 990 baht only.

4. Trade registration.

A self-made name that is unique in addition to making people remember us better. It also helps avoid unintentional copyright infringement. Because after Name the company The store came up. Selected and should check with Department of Business Development Of the Ministry of Commerce whether there are registered users or not

When we check first Know before you adjust Better than it used to be stuck in actual use. This is similar to the above. The difference is that this will focus on violating other businesses. Walk in accordance with the law, no need to worry about your back

5.It comes from inspiration

If you really can’t figure out the name of the restaurant Let’s look at the mood, the atmosphere of the business. Goods or services sold Origins of business Can be in Thai or foreign language (Most commonly used in English)

For example, an old or vintage furniture store called “Yesterday Once More” that comes from a famous song from the past. The lyrics speak of a look back at the past with smiles and tears. Is compatible with items that are hot through cold To meet with each user who takes it in their own place of life

Or a resort in Loei Province called “Long Loei Home” that was inspired by the owner of the property who came across a piece of land along the Mekong River in Chiang Mai Province. After that, I was fascinated by the calm, shady atmosphere. Therefore decided to build accommodation for the guests to stay in the atmosphere that the owner had met And feel comfortable like home, so I combine the word “lost” with the name of the province And add the word home that means home


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