What Kind Of Room Reservation System Which Fits Most With Your Hotel?


Booking system It is a software system that is known to Helping to strengthen the hotel’s financial health, stability and sustainability. For a variety of reasons, such as increasing your profit from direct bookings as a more rewarding income The system can set the price according to the room needs of the customer. Increase the double booking rate from the loyalty system that is registered on the hotel website. Save time, manage rooms, easily accommodate customers from all over the world with the hotel system itself, etc. It can be said that buying a one-time system is worth the calculation and earn a long profit.

But there are so many options in the hotel program circle that sometimes I don’t know which one to use. And no one can guarantee that Which system is best Because the best system is the one that will generate profits and save your hotel well. Which may not be good or will not give the same effect as other hotels.

In this article, WOW will introduce the basic needs of each size hotel. Which is the first step in choosing The reservation system can be divided into 4 types as follows:

1. Large hotel (100 rooms or more)

Large hotels come with a large number of customers and a variety of other services.These hotels will generate income in various ways such as restaurants and bars, entertainment venues, meeting rooms, sports clubs, etc.

Managing multiple income and customer groups The hotel should use Full income management system Which will calculate the data and send it out as a report for the executives to further analyze Manage room rates Reduce the use of human labor And high accuracy

But a very comprehensive income management system It also requires a system specialist who has the expertise to manage complex systems as well. The person in charge of the system may need to be trained to use the system step by step. Or have a basic knowledge of the hotel reservation system

In addition, the system is also expensive. Therefore suitable for large hotels that have certain requirements to use the system And operate the system in many matters as well Therefore it will be worth the investment

2. Medium size hotel (50 – 100 rooms)

Medium sized hotels are almost similar to larger hotels. In the matter of supporting a variety of customers and having to focus on value added services for customers seriously But it is a hotel that can be managed in a “agile” that is ready to add new management systems. Can access the overall room management system

With the size of the room and service But there is a need for a hotel that streamlines new operating systems. Come in quickly Medium-sized hotels should opt for Booking system with software system to calculate room price or revenue management Revenue manager or Revenue management.

Revenue manager analyzes the booking information. The revenue manager system is also a basic hotel program for mid-sized hotels that can support new hotel technology to add to it.

An alternative to Revenue manager is to use a conventional price management system. This will help you analyze the pricing plan at a glance. May not be a hundred Rather, it is a basic room management system that hotels of this room size should have.

3. Small hotels (10 – 50 rooms)

Even though you might think that Small hotel or hostel Would fight with a small hotel together, but actually not Really small hotel And also fight with large hotels In terms of price But the system that a small hotel needs will be the one that is inexpensive, easy to use, and supports future updates.

The software system at the inn Or a hostel like maybe Not focusing on booking only rooms. But it is a system with a website that is prepared to show SEO results as well, giving weight to Google quite a lot of doing good SEO for the website so that the web is displayed on search engines when people search for a room. Fight against rival hotel websites Or any accommodation and travel (OTA) booking platform.

However, web booking systems are still essential in order to achieve the most direct bookings. The website must be credible or certified by an organization or payment service provider. Which this point The hotel that hires a web site company is partly concerned with this issue.

4.Very small hotels or temporary motels (1 – 10 rooms)

Very small hotel This model is becoming more and more like a room for rent daily – monthly. Condo for rent, monthly contract, including water, electricity, internet, etc., but because of the very small number of rooms Therefore there is no need to invest in a reservation system

Explain If you have one room to rent, there is no need to fluctuate the rental price because you only have one room. No need to do a price strategy to fluctuate according to customer needs.

The average owner of a rental unit who is investing in a little real estate or a very small hotel that does not expect to expand the hotel business in the near future. Can choose to use the service Room promotion platforms such as Airbnb that offer a dynamic pricing system in exchange for hotels paying a commission or service fee to the platform.

3 types of booking systems that meet each type of hotel

WOW We On Web is a business web site provider with over 20 years of experience, recently launched WOW Hotel Solutions, the most complete hotel reservation system. Starting at only 3,900 baht, you can have your own ready-to-use hotel website.

WOW Hotel Solutions system that meets the needs of room management. Sales increase And more profit per room Any hotel should have at this point in time WOW is available in 3 packages covering essential functions such as

  • Online booking system (Booking Engine) on the website
  • The system can update room information to all sales channels (Channel Manager) immediately.
  • Price setting system based on the actual booking of customers for each period (Dynamic Pricing)
  • Customer relationship management system Long-term customer retention (CRM)
  • Automatic booking and facility service reporting system
  • Complete payment system on the hotel website
  • Other special services At the hotel need more

5 techniques to increase direct bookings On a simple hotel webpage

From the advice above, it can be seen that Most hotels, however, have their own websites. To manage the room To maximize the benefits of the website, WOW adds 5 techniques to use the hotel website to increase direct bookings. Adjust the website to attract customers easily. Let’s use it together.

1. Communicate in a timely and timely manner

Research by SABER, the world’s largest tourism technology provider. It reveals interesting facts that 74% of customers or people who are interested in a hotel room will feel confused and not benefit from messages that are not relevant to them or not the content they are looking for on the hotel page.

Let’s say you are someone looking for a room during the Songkran Festival. Then happened to come across a hotel website that has a general room promotion Basic price cuts don’t attract You probably don’t feel like booking with that hotel. And exit the webpage Or maybe book but go out and find other options for booking for a lower price. Or there is a promotion that matches the Songkran Festival as you were looking for

Based on information and consumer behavior The hotel website should therefore communicate to the needs of the customer as possible. Create a marketing plan that meets what your customers are looking for. By understanding the buying behavior and current at that time Example of marketing plan adjustments such as

  • Close to long holidays -> Promote multi-night accommodation, get special discounts such as book 4 nights, pay 3, plus dinner vouchers.
  • Honeymoon Package or Valentine’s Day -> Honeymoon Package for people searching for rooms for 2 adults.
  • Do not offer any promotions that are unrelated to customers -> Do not show child packages. For the person staying as a business trip or 2 adults

2. Reinforce with text “Best price”

Many bookers believe Booking a room with OTA will get the best value for money because the price is the highlight that OTA has always used to market to sweep customers Which in fact The best room rates may be on the hotel website. But customers do not know

The hotel website solved this situation by adjusting the website to allow customers to compare prices with other websites, for example, without making the web pages displaying room rates difficult to access. Because most people use their smartphones to access the website If the hotel website interferes with using the website This can get annoying and get off the screen, causing the website to clearly display the most updated room rates.

Because when the customer sees the room price clearly and is convenient with comparison And if the hotel really gives the best price to customers It is easier for customers to click to reserve

3. Understand the reasons for the departed and correct to retrieve them.

The main reason that hotel websites have to adjust is to meet “Needs” or “lacking” of the guests who stay.

Hotels must find the root cause of customer needs or problems and fix them, such as leaving web bookings before paying. Try simulating a guest’s reservation to verify that Does the reservation system have problems or are causing disruptions to customers?

Or create a system for customers who have not completed the payment for the room can return to complete the process. Which may require a customer to sign up for a hotel website before booking So that the web can collect information (And send an email to reiterate the reservation)

But be careful not to fill in the information in the membership process too much that customers get bored and give up the booking.

4. Shoot a promotion to meet customer needs.

When customers click to book or pay for the room on your hotel website. That is the beginning of the sale. Not the finish line The hotels will never be able to offer additional services or create even more customer satisfaction.

For example, prior to their stay, a hotel sends a welcoming email and offers services that match the room reservation, such as group activities for customers who book as a group. Candlelight dinner with a special menu for couples.

Or recommend various facilities That customers will receive and so on. That customers can buy more Because most of the clients are unaware of the facilities, which notice helps increase trading.

5. Encourage customers to express their opinions. Pay attention to the membership system

The hotel line is Money and fame Funding can be obtained in many ways, but the reputation of the word of mouth. It’s a total by-product of management. The hotel should create the best service for its customers. This leads to encouraging customers to give positive reviews of the hotel.

Hotels may reward customers for constructive hotel reviews with membership points. This is creating a positive hotel trend and maintaining the membership system of the hotel.


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