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How do you market your designs and create others at the same time?


Let us agree that 24 hours are not enough for any freelancer or freelance worker to complete his work, market it, and deal with customers. There are many things that the freelancer must take care of in order to attract a new customer and guarantee the return of another. Marketing is the primary function of the first part of the sentence, and sometimes it goes beyond that. Good dealing with customers and customers is also considered marketing, but indirectly.

If you want to complete more designs and work on creative projects, then the marketing time and focus will definitely decrease when dealing with customers . If the time allocated to marketing increases, this will cut down the time of work and completion.

A difficult equation for everyone, isn’t it ?!

Well the solution comes in three steps:

  • Use the most appropriate platforms.
  • Publish automation.
  • Automate creativity.

1- Use the most appropriate platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, … and so on, social networks have become a lot and need quite a bit of effort to market them well, except that you can relax your mind a little and use the principle of (less is better), as many designers or freelancers publish here and here similar to Spam posts.

Get to know each platform well, its capabilities, features, the type of audience that uses it, and use this knowledge to create a solid plan to spread your business on it and market what you do. For example, Facebook has the majority of people from all walks of life and types, and this majority might seem like a good opportunity to spread your business models. The main advantage of Facebook is that with it you can reach the largest number of people using “viral marketing”.

Pinterest is one of the most popular photo platforms, millions of people enter it to make lists of foods, clothes, art, designs, yes designs, so creating lists of your designs and categorizing them increases the chances of finding these works and then asking you to buy them.

Instagram is a reflection of your personal life more, so you can benefit from it, by photographing your work steps, unfinished models, and publishing them on it, which increases the awareness of customers and customers by the amount of your effort and the design process itself, and this is necessary to build confidence among people indirectly.

Behance House Designers, having your personal file on it is very necessary, as many companies and individuals look at your projects and works and may decide to hire you and request similar work.

How do you choose between these platforms?

  • Decide what kind of customers you want to reach.
  • Learn about the most networks they are on.
  • Create sample posts that are appropriate for each of the platforms you choose.

This last one will save you some time to spend thinking about the format of the post, image, design. All you have to do is design several publications that suit different times and every time you need to do a marketing campaign about yourself and your business as a designer, the leaflets are ready for publication, you can only change some details such as the opening sentences of the post, change some designs.

2- Publish automation

The meaning of the word automation, i.e. making it automatic and does not require direct intervention for each time, whoever said that you should publish these publications yourself, who said that publications should be published at the same time you are on the Internet, the truth is that many think that, and waste a lot of their time, then he is working on a project Or a new service and then he enters Facebook or Instagram to post a new picture of his work, and every time he does so.

Automation tools for publishing and dealing with social networks are the most now, with the ifttt tool you can automate almost anything, you also have tools like Buffer or Hootsuite through which you can organize your increase in effectiveness on several platforms simultaneously.

3- Automating creativity

The problem with creativity is that like clay, it does not have a specific shape that can be applied to everyone, so what works with you may not work for others, the beginning of creativity is discovering yourself first, i.e. the times when your creativity increases? Where do you feel comfortable working from and entering Flow status?

Things like this, if you know them, you can automate your creativity, for example if you are working on Adobe Illustrator in the morning and you find yourself doing a great job, take note, repeat the command several times, if the same thing happens then prove your work in the morning.

There are several habits that may inspire you a lot with your designs that you must acquire soon, including reading in different fields, so reading a book, for example in Islamic history, may inspire you to design a new Arabic typography, another habit is sports, and its effect on the brain is very good.


Focus on one or two platforms to market yourself as a designer and market your business models, set up several flyers and templates to use, automate the publishing process, discover your creative style and make it a habit.

Do you have other solutions for good marketing and creating more business at the same time? Tell us the comments

Agile Entrepreneurship: How to Quickly Launch Your Business with Less Funding?


Aspiring entrepreneurs usually think of effective methods and methodologies that will achieve success for their entrepreneurial projects with minimal time and effort and without risks. Hence the importance of the “Lean startup methodology” developed by Eric Rees from his experiences as a founder and startup advisor.

Reese promoted the agile entrepreneurship methodology in his 2011 bestselling book titled “Agile Entrepreneurship: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses,” in which he discusses how to rely on the agile entrepreneurship strategy to launch a successful entrepreneurial project in the shortest. Time and with minimal funding. But what is agile leadership? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How can it be used to launch a successful entrepreneurial project? 

So … what is agile leadership?

Many may think that the literal meaning of the concept of agile entrepreneurship is lean or weak, or that which is built on weak financing foundations or a weak product. However, this is not true at all. Rather, continuous activity and vitality are the agile leadership approach. In fact, the Agile Entrepreneurship methodology has proven to be the shortest and fastest way to ensure the success of a budding entrepreneurial venture.

Agile leadership is considered an effective methodology to achieve the success of emerging projects in the shortest time and the least effort and costs, as it depends on skill and speed in understanding market requirements, and providing parts of the project so that it is subject to a real experience by customers, with a focus on priorities and the continuity of examination, evaluation and improvement of the product, so that the project begins Successfully in record time.

Agile leadership depends on activity and continuous interaction in implementing the various project phases. This is about continuous feedback, testing the resulting prototypes, and correcting or staying the course. With this mechanism, the product reaches the market to measure its success through experience and learning, without wasting or spending resources on unnecessary or unsecured parts. This is then followed by correction or modification at each stage of construction, to improve the product. That is why the graceful leadership was called by this name.

What are the basic rules for the concept of agile leadership? 

According to Eric Rees, there are four basic rules for the concept of agile entrepreneurship:

  • Administrative Entrepreneurship: The nature of the entrepreneur’s thinking is that he begins by trying to create a new product without knowing what will happen, but when following the rules of agile entrepreneurship he needs to know how to launch his project through the various stages of building the project, starting from the concept of the minimum viable product (MVP) until the start Employment and commercial finance.
  •  Verification and Learning: An agile entrepreneur avoids mistakes early on by checking their business processes up-to-date. Thus, it is possible to identify the risks that may face the project in its path and make rapid changes to launch a successful project the next time, by learning something from the experiences and results and then adding it and applying it to the project, with continuous verification.
  • Innovation: One of the basics of agile entrepreneurship, and it means measuring growth and setting milestones and priorities.
  • Repetition and feedback: After converting ideas into products or services, and obtaining metrics through collecting feedback from the market and customers , a Pivot decision is made to correct the product path, or the stability axis if the primary product (MVP) has positive feedback, The path of its production is preserved.

Stages of building a pilot project using agile leadership:

The idea

Idea selection is the first stage in building any entrepreneurial project, so the entrepreneur who will use agile leadership must carefully define his entrepreneurial idea before starting to design the product for his project, by studying the market situation and the extent of his need for this idea or product.

Define visions

Entrepreneurial spirit is one of the most important features of a successful entrepreneur, regardless of the environment surrounding him in terms of stability or not. Therefore, the entrepreneur must be able to guide the product from the idea stage to the production stage even if he is in a state of uncertainty or the contours of the project are not clear to him.

The stage of defining visions in agile leadership is the stage in which the vision and strategy grow in which the project will be implemented as a result of this vision. Strategy includes many elements, including market study and competition evaluation, followed by construction, measurement and learning. After developing visions, the strategy may change, but the visions remain the same.


In this stage the product is transferred from the theoretical state to the applied state. Through the Agile Entrepreneurial Methodology, the entrepreneur is able to know the details of his business plan, which parts are useful and which are not. The learning phase means that the entrepreneur has to face the facts about the prospects of his or her startup and organization, and objectively assess the results of the business strategy he is following.

 If the idea was initially clouded with uncertainty, the goal at this stage should be to find practical facts that can be proven about the project to reduce suspicion and uncertainty, and based on these facts, we should proceed in the future.


There is no doubt that experience is the basis of learning. Experience in this context is something more than just brainstorming ideas blindly to see what works. The experiment involves testing theories in the real world, so that different elements of the emerging business plan can be tested with real customers in the market to see if they can handle the product or service at hand.

Experiences provide real information that an entrepreneur can use to make concrete business decisions. Experience gives a good indication of the way the market operates and what it requires. On the other hand, due to the experiments and their results, the entrepreneur can completely change the business model based on the new data obtained. So an entrepreneur in the trial phase must be prepared for both, whether moving forward or changing, and he must be ready to integrate all new findings into the way he works.

Belief in the emerging project

After achieving the experiment stage and the knowledge and realism of the product, the belief of the entrepreneur who relies on agile leadership in his idea increases and adheres to it more. And it has before it two basic issues in the product design step: The possibility of building and designing the product in the first place, and the extent of the market need for this product. For a project to be successful, the answer to these issues must be crystal clear to the entrepreneur. 

Concept testing

Now, after choosing the idea, what will you offer your customers? Under the Agile Entrepreneurship methodology, the entrepreneur will need to issue a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to the customers so that he can measure their reactions to it. It will also need a limited number of people to be as a test model so if the product is unsuccessful then there is no need to waste resources to proceed with full production. By meeting the requirements of this small part of the market, he will get an idea of ​​what the larger market demands, and with this approach, agile leadership qualifies him to successfully launch his project.

Measure results

The entrepreneur at this stage will need effective methods of analyzing the data gathered by testing the product. The way you measure and what you measure varies according to the type of project, so if the metrics indicate a negative response from the market, the goal is to find out what customers want.

Axis of change or constancy

What happens if the measurements are negative? What if the test indicates that no one wants to buy the product? According to the answers to these questions, the entrepreneur at this stage of agile entrepreneurship will have to adapt the visions to meet market needs and formulate a new approach and a new strategy.

Work with small batches

For small startups, speed of production is a critical factor, yet small batch production is a more efficient method than mass production. It sounds completely off the mark, but it is absolutely true. Simply because the larger the batch, the higher the risk and the more difficult it is to implement reviews. On the other hand, small batches allow the project construction, testing and metering process to be completed more quickly. Thus production is faster and problem solving is faster, which is exactly the concept of Agile Entrepreneurship methodology.

Maintain growth

Agile entrepreneurship provides three paths to achieving sustainable growth: 

  • Continuous return from satisfied customers, and here it is necessary not to be satisfied with satisfied customers, but to strive to acquire new customers
  • Word of mouth marketing from customers who use the product, this growth is like viral growth, the main measure of which is the number of new customers that each user of your product attracts.
  • Ad use, this type of growth depends on the answer to an important question, namely, is the benefit that you will obtain outweigh the cost of the promotional efforts or not?

Adapt to new conditions

In the startup world, an entrepreneur will encounter a haze of uncertainty as they experiment and learn. So it desperately needs to recognize the need for change, and it really needs a way to implement it quickly. This is about flexibility and a willingness to set aside and change, not just a willingness to make a fundamental change, but the ability to do so quickly. Adaptation to changing conditions is a key factor in agile leadership .

A culture of innovation

The importance of innovation is not limited to startups only, but it is beneficial to large established companies as well. A culture of innovation can be created in any organization, regardless of size. Nurturing and encouraging entrepreneurial thought in management can help create a culture of innovation in the organization. For this culture to be sustainable, the Agile Business Plan methodology must be adopted as a long-term rule and not abandoned after short-term successes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the agile leadership methodology?

The positive aspect about Agile Entrepreneurship is that the emerging entrepreneurial idea will mature as a company in record time. Specifically, working on agile entrepreneurship methodology requires managing an organization with an open-minded team to learn new things and adapt to market demands. In addition, money and resources are not wasted on unnecessary ideas, because with the nature of this methodology, the entrepreneur will discover unnecessary things firsthand and drop them from the project’s course. Agile entrepreneurship is flexible and can easily adapt according to changing circumstances and clients.

But it is worth saying that the defect in agile leadership is changing the product too much, which may lead to loss of customer confidence if there are many changes, because they think that there is something wrong with that. The entrepreneur must be vigilant at the first time from customer feedback to take advantage of the advantages of agile leadership, otherwise he will spend a lot of money on frequent improvement that may lead to customer abandonment of the product and employee fatigue.

Building an entrepreneurial project using agile leadership goes through 12 stages that begin with defining the idea and visions that the project will have. The stages of building agile entrepreneurship are characterized by two basic stages, learning and experience, both of which give you real and realistic information about your project, through which you can make appropriate decisions about the course of the project or product, and make you more faithful in your entrepreneurial idea. 

One of the important stages is displaying a minimum of your product that is applicable in the real market, measuring the reactions of real customers, extracting their observations and measuring results, and on these results the stage of change or stability depends on the product. When tracking the stages, your project keeps its growth, adapting to any new circumstances and giving you the possibility of innovation and development. But beware of frequent changes in the course of your project, because it may lose your customers’ confidence in you, so be careful to learn and experiment quickly and do not delay.

8 of the most important job sites


Recruitment sites and their current importance

  • Why should you search for employment sites ? The answer is very easy, which is that it is no longer hidden for anyone at the present time that obtaining a steady-income job or a government job has become a kind of impossible, because the daily labor market loses a set of the most important jobs and daily needs people with great and different abilities and competencies. .
  • So searching for a job with the educational qualification that you have is a kind of waste of time in nothing, and you must search for an alternative, and during your search, let us extend a hand to you and let us present you with a set of online employment sites that provide many opportunities for remote work in many The different skills and fields, provided that you have the personal, scientific and practical qualifications to do these works. As for these sites, they are as follows.

8 of the most distinguished job sites

Linkedin recruitment site

Linkedin employment site is one of the best websites on the Internet , it provides you with many opportunities to apply for vacancies in companies by linking the largest possible number of owners of a single field, and through the site, you can view your business forms that allow business owners to choose you.

Also, the most important feature of the site is that it provides you with opportunities to communicate with different groups of companies in your field of specialization.

Linked up job site

The job site Linked up provides you with daily bulletins for jobs that need your specialization, and it also helps you present your numbers to those responsible for business in the field that you can master.

Career builder job site

As for the Career builder job site, it is considered one of the most important websites through which you can find the right job for you, as it provides many distinguished services, including contact with employers, a career search service, and knowing all the information and details related to it.

Monster Recruitment Site

Also, the Monster recruitment site is one of the sites that you should search for the right opportunity for you, as this site is characterized by the ability to publish your CV through it so that those in charge of the business will know it, and it is easy to search through.

Indeed recruitment site

As for Indeed, it will help you in many matters, the most important of which is that the site publishes a set of different instructions and information about the labor market and ways to succeed in various fields, and it is one of the best sites that provide services to search for business opportunities as well as it has many forums through which you can Knowing the job opportunities available.

Simply hired recruitment site

Simply hired employment site is one of the most important job sites through which millions of job opportunities are provided in many different fields, and the most important feature of fast search methods is through the site’s excellent services.

Us recruitment site. Jobs

As for the Us recruitment site. Jobs, it can be considered one of the most important sites that provide excellent services in the field of employment, not because of the huge number of jobs available through it, but because it provides a huge database about the job that you are searching for, and what distinguishes the site also is that it is based on a partnership between the Association of Employers And the National Association of the State to the Workforce.

Idealist Recruitment Site

Idealist employment site is considered one of the most distinctive sites in this field on the Internet, for many reasons, the most important of which is that it provides the ability to search for a job related to the field you are interested in, as well as that the site provides many data and information about the places through which you can obtain On various training opportunities to develop your skills.

To succeed in the job, one must have 5 skills


Job skills

  • To succeed in your job, you must acquire some work skills that help you succeed and progress within your work and in light of the challenges among employees within the work and it is considered a honest competitor to prove your abilities inside the work and therefore you must before applying to any job know the skills you need to ensure success and progress Inside your job.

First: social skills

  • Social skills have great importance not only at work, but in dealing with people in general, and skills meetings mean the way to deal with the world around you and help you deal with people and its importance lies in the fact that your interactions are what leaves an impression on you.

The social skills that must be acquired are:

  • The skill of listening and listening to someone speaking in front of you, do not interrupt the speaking person.
  • The skill of cooperation with co-workers, which is what makes you able to work in a team.
  • Counseling skills.
  • Assigning interfaces.
  • Presentation skills.

Second: Analytical skills

Not only is knowledge of the required job work sufficient to be an ideal employee, but you need to have knowledge of how to solve problems that you may face in your job and analyze problems to reach a solution, and the analytical skills are:

  • Risk analysis skills, which is important in marketing jobs.
  • Scientific research skills.
  • Information gathering and analysis skills.
  • Creative thinking and creating everything new.

Third: Technical skills (especially programmers and designers)

These skills must be acquired if you want to work in jobs related to programming or design and to be able to work in this field you must acquire some skills, namely:

  • C ++ language
  • Knowledge of HTML language
  • The use of some programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.
  • Learn how to use SQL.

Fourth: Organizational skills

The successful and distinguished employee in his work must be aware of how to organize his work and his information, develop plans and projects, work a period of time and maintain the delivery of work on time and the skills that each employee must acquire for the organization are:

  • Time management , which is the most important skill for any job, you must have the ability to organize time and deliver work at the times specified for it.
  • time management .
  • Coordination between agencies and people related to the work.
  • Managing resources and duties.
  • Setting priorities, and identifying the actions that must be completed first.

Fifth: personal skills

And these skills that depend on your personality inside the workplace are:

  • Look at work.
  • Accuracy in time and commitment to go on schedule.
  • Decision-making ability.
  • Integrity in work and reliability.

Here are 8 steps to writing your cover letter


Cover letter

The cover letter is one of the most important letters that we must pay attention to coordinating and choosing the words that are written to accomplish it in the best possible way as it helps us explain our professional situation and forms an opportunity for those looking for a job to communicate with the employer or responsible for the recruitment and appointment process as most letters of introduction The traditional one should consist of two to 4 basic paragraphs in order to make it easier for the speech reader to read quickly during that division, and you can learn to write an introduction letter through that article in 8 easy steps

What does the cover letter contain?

  • First, the salutation is given, and the salutation must be based on the amount of your information about the company that you are familiar with, and if you are aware of the name of the person responsible for the appointment and employment, it is better to address him in his name by putting the master or doctor or professor before his name and start to address him, and if you are ignorant The name of the recruiting officer in the company, you can add my dear hiring manager and so on
  • During the first paragraph of the letter, you must mention the name of the job among the  available jobs that you want to occupy and from where you heard about it and write phrases that you are enthusiastic about, for example I am interested in occupying that position for the desire to join the work team and move forward with the company and to increase experiences and learn a lot, and during the same paragraph You have to answer questions such as the reason for choosing you to occupy that position, what is your practical experience and how it can serve the company’s objectives, and as we mentioned why you have a desire to work in that company in particular
  • Within one or two sentences, you should summarize why they should choose you instead of your colleagues in the same field
  • Inform the person in charge of hiring your next step, such as that you are awaiting a response to your letter of acceptance or rejection or that you are looking forward to an interview.
  • Then, at the end of the letter, write your contact information
  • Also, it is preferable to mention that you have attached your CV to the email of the company or responsible person
  • He ended the letter by thanking the person in charge for their time

4 Important information about career goal


Important information about career goal

We offer you 4 important information about the career goal, but at the beginning we all know that applying for jobs in our time has not become as easy as it used to be, especially if the job provides the job seeker with good expenses and suits his living, so managers of large companies and institutions do not accept job applicants in a random way.

Rather, a CV is requested for each applicant, and if the applicant does not write it to work well, organized and proficiently, it is rejected because it gives the employer a basic impression of the applicant for the job, and in this article we will be exposed to the identity of the career goal and what the administrators are looking for.

Career Objective

From the information gathered and studies that show to specialized researchers that the career goal is a group of words that are arranged consistently according to the type of topic in the form of sentences to form a person’s biography or career and from here the idea of ​​(career goals) began after they were identified.

The importance of the career goal for administrators

If we want to address the importance of the job goal of the manager, then it is first necessary to know what is meant by the administrative job objective?

The administrative person in this respect is meant by the administrative body as a whole or responsible for employing workers, and his ideal goal is to reach the institution to a higher direction and develop some skills to advance the company or institution to achieve the desired result and the desired goal because he can accept or reject job applicants by determining their experiences through Submit them for the CV.

If we have come here to the text of the road, if we know who is the administrator and what his role in the organization is, and what is the administrative functional goal, we must know the importance of the administrative career goal.

The importance of the administrative job goal

If we look in general, we find that the administrative job objective is of great importance as it is through it that the relationship between the entity that accepts employment applications and the applicants for the job and their skills abilities can be determined, their level of experience in terms of intellect, intelligence and physical ability, and the extent of compatibility between the skills of the applicant for the job and the needs of that job for him.

So we stand now, after knowing what was previously talked about, in a fundamental point that is likely to revolve in the minds of most readers, which is how to write the career goal.

How to write a career goal

  • When going to write the career goal, you must know that it does not exceed a maximum of three lines, although it is in the eyes of some that is surprising.
  • When writing a career goal, one must go to an important point, which is the organization’s goals, and move away from personal goals because they have no place here in this regard, as the first interest is more worthy of the organization.
  • Moving away from superficial and traditional expressions and clarifying the applicant’s pursuit of developing his skills and abilities if he is a recent graduate.
  • And if the applicant already has sufficient experience, he should go to his quest to achieve the best results for the institution through his sufficient experience and his ability to develop in this position, whatever it is.

5 of the most important features offered by Careem


Cream company

Careem is one of the largest companies that have achieved tremendous success in the field of entrepreneurship in the recent period, and it is one of the most exemplary companies in the world of major companies that have been able to make high surges and leaps using modern technological developments, and in the next article we will address a group of the most important Information about Careem, its activities and how to work through it.

What is Careem?

Careem is one of the companies that provides services to deliver people through a private driver, and the company relies on providing its services on technological means, as it is dealt with through its website as well as mobile applications.

Karim is a Saudi company of origin, and it is a partnership between three of the largest businessmen, namely Abdullah Elias, Magnus Olsen, Medsar Sheikha. The company was established in 2012, and its official headquarters is currently in the United Arab Emirates.

The number of Careem’s headquarters has reached about 18 locations worldwide, especially the Arab world.

What are the success factors for Careem?

Certainly, there are many factors that helped Careem spread and achieve success quickly throughout the places it provides the service through, and the most important factors for this success are as follows: –

  • Careem is considered one of the most important companies that provided a development in the field of people delivery, and this development relied on modern technology .
  • Careem is considered one of the safest companies in the service of transporting people, because it guarantees the service of tracking the car, its movement and its route.
  • The company provided an easy service for individuals to get a car to transport them, so there is no longer a need to search for a car in order to rent it, and all that matter is that he has to download the company’s application and then request the car through it, and the application offers the cars closest to the customer’s location.
  • The company carries out wonderful marketing campaigns throughout the year that increase the number of its dealers, and it also provides many offers for discounts on its flights or provides free services, which increases its customers throughout the year.

The most important features provided by Careem in the field of people delivery

There is no doubt that the success factors of Careem that we mentioned in the past are considered the most important points that helped the company grow, but there are many other advantages that the company gives to its customers, including: –

  • The company selects the drivers who will work through it with many procedures that guarantee the safety of the passenger with him, and the most important of these procedures is to uncover the driver’s criminal record and ensure that it is free from any illegal behavior, and based on this principle, Careem was able to achieve a strong rate of safety for its customers.
  • Not only that, there are many other factors that give the customer of Careem security, and the most important of these factors is that the company’s application shows the customer all the driver’s data, as well as sends him his personal picture so that the customer can identify him, as well as the type of car and its color, and with these procedures Careem has given its clients the highest guarantees that protect them from the risk of theft, harassment, or exposure to any of the other crimes.
  • The Careem app also gives the customer the opportunity to rate the driver, providing the best service to the customer.
  • Also, one of the most important advantages that Careem gives to its customers is that the customer receives free deliveries as a welcome to start his dealings with the company, and the company bears the full expenses of these offers.

The most important features that Careem provides to its employees

One of the most important factors that help companies succeed is not only providing the best service to the customer, but also providing all means of comfort to its workers, and this is what Careem has adopted to provide the best service for its workers, as the company provides the driver with the choice of the number of working hours that suit him. Do not force him to adhere to a certain number of hours, and this provides the driver the freedom to work at a time that suits him, especially if the driver has another job or is still in the study stage.

The company also gives the driver some bonuses if he performs a certain number of hours during the week, as well as if he gets a percentage greater than 4.9 from the customer’s evaluation.

How do you work with Careem?

There are a set of procedures and conditions that a person wishing to work through Careem must meet with him, including: –

  • The driver must have a valid driver’s license.
  • The driver must have the vehicle license he will work with
  • The driver must present to the company his criminal record, and this sheet must be free from crimes, misdemeanors or acts that are punishable by law.
  • The driver must bring a copy of the driver’s license image to the company.
  • The driver must present a copy of the vehicle’s driving license to the company.
  • The driver must present a copy of the forensic chips to the company for viewing.

What is the concept of economic development? 6 development goals around the world


The concept of economic development

Economic development is considered one of the standards and criteria that countries around the world set for their economy and prosperity. These standards and measures that depend on technology are nothing but enhancing the growth of countries ’economies and making them more developed and more advanced, so what are those strategies on which economic development depends? This is what we learn about in the next few lines, as we learn about the concept of economic development, its objectives and characteristics, and many well-known economic information around the world.

Economic development .. What are the important standards and criteria for your country’s economy?

You live, dear reader, as part of a large homeland, but many important economic resources, and these resources are included in very important economic aspects such as agriculture, trade, agricultural and tourism activities, the mining sector, oil extraction and other important economic aspects.

OK; With these important economic aspects, the concept of economic development is focused on the large technological standards and standards that mean the state of transition from the agricultural economy to the industrial, and this is an example of the criteria for economic development, through many successful economic strategies, to take advantage of the available wealth and economic resources. Located in the homeland.

Economic development as a science, information can be simplified about it as a branch of economics, where the economic development of a country in the world contributes to the development of various sectors such as education, health, tourism, investments in the work environment, societal policies and other important economic aspects.

A glimpse into the history of adopting economic development

The pillars of economic development for all countries of the world have a deep history, and an understandable sequence in the history of the global economy. The economies of countries around the world have developed from the past to the present, passing through many important stages, and these important economic changes. Thinking about economic development was going back to the post-war period. Second World.

The Second World War destroyed most of the resources on the European continent and in many regions of the world, and countries were suffering from a low average standard of living, along with an increase in poverty and hunger rates, and terms such as developing countries appeared, which are those countries that are trying to grow their economy to reach a stage Safety for this economy.

Here, the vocabulary of economic development appears during this difficult period of world history, especially after the Second World War, and throughout the fifties of the twentieth century. Besides having criteria such as per capita income and value standards for services and goods, appropriate purchasing power, and terms like economic well-being.

The state of economic development moved from mere terminology to realistic implementation around the world in the following decades during the twentieth century, until the seventies came, and states developed when they implemented these policies.

In the mid-eighties, the World Bank was interested in following up the vocabulary of economic development throughout the world, as the World Bank helped and supported developing countries in economic development, especially those that suffer from a low standard of living of less than $ 400 per person.

It has also established several economic programs to help the economic reality of developing countries, especially those that suffer from a developing or collapsing economy, as they need many development plans and strategies aimed at supporting economic development.

But the question here is, what is the importance of economic development, or in other words, do its goals really mean that they are important to the economies of countries?

What are the most important goals of economic development?

Economic development achieves many goals, especially for countries that adopt this economic development. These goals are limited to:

Increase the national income of countries
It aims to increase the national income of countries that adopt economic development programs, as the vocabulary of economic development contributes, by strengthening the structure of the structural economy of society, especially in many sectors such as trade, tourism, agriculture and industry.

Investment of
natural resources The natural resources in the country can be invested through the economic programs that belong to the economic development, which aim to support local and international investments of the natural resources located on the state’s territory, as well as help support the public infrastructure through which appropriate means are available to provide support for local production. .

Capital support:
Economic development is based on supporting domestic and foreign capital, and this support is in the form of support for public capital that suffers from weakness and deficit, due to many factors related to savings or financial or bank reserves and financial bonds within the state’s financial system.

Trade exchange
Economic development undoubtedly helps to develop trade and commerce between countries, and to stimulate commercial imports and trade between developing countries and other countries of the world, this leads to setting a fair price and customs tariffs on all exports and imports for all countries.

Managing the
external debts that exist on the developing country. The management of these debts is based on the economic development program, in order to ensure that appropriate means are put in place to repay the debts, which helps to enhance economic growth and increase the national income and expenditures of the production process.

Controlling administrative corruption
The economic development programs also aim to tackle and control administrative corruption in the form of establishing laws and legislations that help spread administrative corruption that affect the stability of the economic sector, exploit its resources, contribute to the development of the local economy and enhance its role and prosperity in all economic sectors.

As for the important characteristics that exist within the economic development programs, they are such as interest in achieving development goals, and making use of technology, devices and modern technological means in different sectors of the national economy.

Economic development is also keen, among its characteristics, to ensure the exploitation of all national resources, capabilities and capabilities, in all national sectors such as industry, agriculture, tourism and others.

Economic development and its programs depend on local societal economic efforts to achieve all its goals aimed at implementing government plans for the development and prosperity of economic growth. This is in addition to laying down important aspects in the law to protect the internal environment of the state’s economic community, or what may be called the general government sector, developing this sector, and eliminating red tape and corruption within it.

Economic development has many positive angles in the world, as it is an accumulation of global economic experiences for countries, and we in the Arab countries are in dire need of it to improve the economies of countries and the prosperity of their people during the coming decades.

All you need to know about Threads app on Instagram


Instagram has acquired a large number of users of social media platforms, this network has realized that it does not need to provide a platform in which anything can be published such as links, texts, files, videos, pictures and everything like Facebook, but rather realized that the visual effect is better than that. So much so, it made the whole platform a visual platform that only attracts the specific reader, but also became a platform used by many to profit from Instagram today through posts of millions of dollars! Instagram did not stop at this only, but decided to expand its services and launched the IGTV service for publishing videos and creating a live broadcast through it, in addition to providing the famous Stories feature now in Instagram, which provides you with creating a post for viewing by your followers and then deleting it after 24 hours, Or you can add it to your Highlights if you don’t want to delete it at all. Instagram also launched a new application called Threads, which is an application available on the store to try (it may not be available in all countries). And in case you want to try it and you do not have an idea about the application from its basis, do not worry, dear reader, we have for you this simple article that will explain the application to you in a simple way. 

Threads app definition from Instagram 

Instagram announced the Threads app in late 2019 and also officially launched it at that time, but for specific countries and in a trial version, but now the application is available to almost everyone and everyone can use it. Threads application is similar to Instagram application, except that this time it is used to communicate with your close friends only, so that in the application you set a list of your closest friends and then share with them stories, pictures and posts without the rest of your followers seeing them. The goal of the idea of ​​Threads is to provide an application for seclusion with friends, close people and loved ones only, so that if you want to share such as a story or a story on Instagram stories and you publish it normally, everyone who follows you will be able to view it, but while you publish it in the Threads application only your close friends will be able Of watching that story. 

Main uses of Threads app 

Threads from Instagram depends mainly on the friends list, so you must first create a specific list of close friends and family you have, then enjoy the features of the Threads platform as follows: 

  • Taking photos and sharing them with close people: Threads app allows you to share photos smoothly and more easily than the Instagram platform, especially if you want to share them with one user or a specified number of close users. 
  • Status Sharing: Are you happy? Sad ? Need companionship? Live your best times? Whatever your status, you can always share it with your close people or family through the Threads app. 
  • Sharing your geographical location: Even in the Threads app, you can share your location, such as: I am in the cinema now, or I am in the park, etc., in order to urge your close friends to know your geographical location or even come to you if you need some companionship . 
  • Sending photos permanently, temporary viewing or storing: The nice thing about Threads platform from Instagram is that it quotes the famous Snapchat feature, which is to see the message once and then delete it forever. You can take a picture, for example, and then send it to your friend with the View Once feature, and after he views it, he will not be able to view it again. Or send a picture and keep it on chat, or send it in the form of a story and keep it for 24 hours. 

These may be the most important features that Threads come with, which may make you want to use it primarily. 

Why use Threads app? 

Threads have many benefits, but the most important of them is keeping your friends list close to you. We direct these words to people with a very large number of followers or with very large accounts who want to have some privacy from time to time and share photos only with people they trust. . Threads platform has exactly this purpose and is to provide some privacy and privacy with loved ones and friends. 

Availability of the application and download platforms 

The application is available on both the Android and iOS systems completely free of charge, and it can be downloaded and then linked directly with your account on Instagram, you are initially asked to select a list of friends before starting, and once you select it you can directly start using the application normally. 

Path to learn Android application programming


One of the most popular and attractive areas for developers today is the field of Android application development, due to the large number of users currently who rely on their smartphones and the multiple applications that can be downloaded from the store. But the start in the field of developing and programming Android applications should not be random at all. Rather, we must take into account the technical and modern developments, tools, and also new programming languages ​​in order to develop a high-level Android application.  course, randomness is an option available to everyone. You can now run the Android Studio program and start developing an Android application normally, but its success rate is weak, and even the percentage of completing its development until the last is excluded, not to mention the difficulties that you will find during development, which will force you completely in the last to bid farewell to the field Android app development because it is “difficult” or “it doesn’t work for you.” To try to help you find the best plan and the best path to learn Android application programming, we suggest to you, dear reader and developer, the sequential steps for learning Android application programming step by step. 

 Set goals, and gather resources

You cannot build any software without setting goals, because achieving goals is what exactly tells us if we have finished making the software or have not reached the end yet, so achieving goals is a major task during development. You have to put the main and secondary goals between your eyes in order to be able to accomplish them, you can inventory them by asking a group of questions such as:

  •  What am I going to make?
  •  How will others benefit from this software?
  •  How will I benefit from this software? 
  • Is there similar software? Can we compete with it? What will my software have over other people’s software? 

The answers to these questions and more define you a clear vision of your software, how you will benefit from it and how the people who will download the application will benefit from it as well, you have to create the need for the application, no one will install your application if he does not need it, and will only need it to solve A specific problem or making some things easier for him. All of these must be taken into account in addition to studying the intensity of competition, as there may be other similar applications in the store that compete with your application, so you must provide something new or a solution to the previous applications in order for users of the first application to move to your application. When we talk about sources, we are talking more precisely about competing applications or competing software as well as open source software. Assuming that your application is an integration of the services of 3 applications, for example, you must collect the largest number of applications that perform the tasks that you want in your application and try to study them and explore their problems and distinguish them. 

 Back-end layout and structure 

Your software may need Server Side or you may not need it, in case you are going to use a database system or even API’s, for example, you should plan to structure the Back End again. The Back End is the primary determinant of all the elements that your application will include and the interfaces that will be created later. In the event that it is a large project with a database system that is okay, we recommend that you use database structuring techniques such as UML, in the event that it is just a simple application with relatively clear databases, then at least draw and link them, we suggest the following platform for planning databases. If you will be using any type of API’s as well, you may need to manage this API in order to know all the information you will bring in order to put it to good use. Use software such as Postman to define, classify and arrange the data and information that you will bring into your software. 

 Interfaces and Interactions Development (UI / UX) 

The development of the BackEnd or the Server Side system in the application and the structuring of the databases has provided us with an overview of the interfaces that should be in the application, for example if there is a table in the user databases, this is evidence that our application system must It should include a profile page, and after that we will design a special interface for the profile using UI / UX technologies. Creating professional interfaces requires a lot of study and citing similar previous interfaces models and quoting them, you will need a lot of resources that you must work with all of them to create professional interfaces, here are the most important of these sources: 

  • First, understand and know what UI and UX are 
  • Secondly, knowing the most prominent software specialized in creating interfaces in order to use it to create your application interfaces 
  • Watching and reviewing courses and courses to learn building facades 
  • View previous sample interfaces for your inspiration, we suggest either Dribbble or Uplabs. 

After learning to create interfaces and mastering their use, and starting to create interfaces and achieve consistency between them in your software, you now have everything theoretical possible in your application, and it is time to go to the practical system. 

 Determine the techniques used 

You don’t choose the technology, you choose the technology! 

There is a big debate about the technologies used in developing an Android application, this tells you that Java is better, some prefer to use Kotlin, others are interested in Flutter and Dart technologies, and the rest prefer Hybrid technologies … But in fact it is not you who choose the technology, but the application is the one that Chooses it. You may have features in your application that you want to add that are supported by Java and that cannot be achieved using Flutter, so you do not have to go to Flutter here at all. There are some things that must be taken into consideration in choosing the technology that you will use, such as the possibility of developing the application later, the platforms on which the application will run, and whether the application has materials from scratch or just a Webview application that will display some information, and also the number of application pages and the extent of its complexity, All this needs to be taken into account. According to our average experience, we suggest that you follow the following planning: 

  • If you are looking to create an application that works on different platforms other than Android in the future, we suggest that you go to the development using Flutter, React Native or other Hybrid technologies such as Ionic. 
  • If your application is huge in terms of work and requires a lot of different technologies, we suggest that you develop it using Kotlin or Java. Technically, some of the technologies you want may not be available in Kotlin and it is preferable to use Java. 
  • If your application is of a medium level and you are looking for performance, speed, as well as great compatibility with the largest number of devices, we suggest Kotlin first and then Java second as well. 
  • If you are a web programmer and want to start in the field of Android directly, then start developing mobile applications using Flutter, and if you are a React developer, go to React Native.
  • If you just want to create a very simple application with one or two pages that you may quote from the web or something similar, head to technologies like Cordova, Ionic or PhoneGap. 

Therefore, the next time you find yourself stuck among others’ opinions about the power of Kotlin in front of Java, or React Native, or when this and that advises you to use Flutter instead of all, remember that the goals are what define you the techniques to use most accurately. 

 Dealing with libraries and external resources 

If you take a little deeper look at the UI / UX of your Android application, you will find that the main tools in the development environment (whether Java, Kotlin, React Native or Flutter, etc.) You will notice that it is definitely not able to give you the same result, and here you will have to search for libraries for interface development or external resources to help you almost complete the entire project (for example, away from the interface, if you are going to deal with Android Java and want to send and receive data from databases Data, do not use the main Async Task, but try libraries like Retrofit, which are faster and easier) So at this stage, you have to take some time and think about each step of the implementation of your Android application and collect the most prominent external resources and resources from libraries and libraries for their use, do not worry, we have some resources for you here as well: 

  • The Github platform may be your best friend in this case, it includes the most prominent libraries and external resources for all the previous technologies that you can use, and because the Github platform is a vast sea and you need to be a floater in order to find what you want directly, we will provide you with all the warehouses Necessary.
  • Awesome Android UI repository : It is a repository for providing all the libraries that help you in creating the best interfaces such as professional buttons, tabs, placing materials in your designs, designing messages and listviews, and everything related to the interface. 
  • Awesome Android repository : It is a repository that specializes in providing all the necessary libraries for developing your Android software, focusing heavily on Java repositories but there are also repositories that support Kotlin, the repositories here are related to everything about Android, not just the interface like the previous repository. 
  • Awesome Android Libraries : a repository that shows you a very large and huge collection of all external libraries for Android, almost anything you want to do in Android, you will find an external library to make it easy for you to put in this list. 
  • Android Security Awesome repository : Of course, you will need some protection for your own application such as encrypting code source or data, etc., here you will find all external libraries that help you protect your application and the data inside it.
  • Awesome React Native Repository : If you are developing your application using React Native, here you will find all the components, tools and libraries needed to help you get the perfect result. 
  • Awesome Flutter Repository : We conclude with you with Awesome Flutter, which provides you with all the libraries, tools and all supplies to develop your software professionally using Dart and Flutter technologies. 

All you have to do now is to divide the interface with the code, go to the UI / UX models for your application, then go to the interface library above, and inventory the most important libraries that will help you achieve that result and add them to your project, the same thing applies to For the rest of the application, search for the most important libraries that help you accomplish the task effectively.

Post-development stages 

After you finish developing your software, you will now start in the post-development stage, which includes many steps as well, the most prominent of which is to make your application compatible with Google’s policy by adding the Privacy Policy pages that include approval of the GDPR laws in order to accept your application, as well as Documentation of how the app is used, not to mention taking screenshots and improving the app’s icon and logo. Here you will need some design techniques or you can hire a designer to do this. Then the publishing stage will come, and at this stage you will also have to take into account some of the ASO principles that will help you make your application occupy advanced positions in the search engines. To help you with all this, we provide you with the following list:

  • To know the ASO and how to get started, we suggest this article on ASO technology and its basics 
  •  Use the following page from the Termly platform to craft the privacy policy for your own app 
  • Use platforms like Freepik or Flaticon to create icons for your app 

By completing all these steps, your application is finally ready to be published on the store professionally, and start again in creating other applications or enhancing your application.