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Behind the lines … that’s why Elon Musk called his son “X Æ A-12”


Elon Musk is among the famous personalities in the world now, as he is the director of Tesla and Space X, which are trying to research future technologies such as autonomous cars and explore space dimensions, so that Elon Musk (Elon Musk) has the famous and highly anticipated Starlink project by everyone across all Around the globe, this project aims to provide high-quality internet throughout the world via satellites that number hundreds around the world in exchange for one monthly subscription to the Starlink service.  of Elon Musk’s projects, his life and even his beginnings and fortune (watch the video below for a more detailed review). Elon Musk is very famous for his joking tweets on Twitter, as well as interacting with other users through replies or achievements that he applies according to specific tweets, as happened when he donated a million dollars to the Mr Beast campaign that he launched on Twitter. In addition to many of the atypical behaviors that Elon Musk was famous for, such as smoking marijuana in an interview, breaking a Cybertruck car window, or even mocking the Corona virus in tweets on Twitter.

Despite all these actions, the world was completely astonished when he tweeted that his new son’s name is “X Æ A-12”. Many thought it was just another joke from Elon Musk, but it turned into reality, and he named his new baby “X” Æ A-12, the United States did not accept the name because it violated the terms of the names to include numbers in the name, and later it turned into “X Æ A-XII”.However, Elon Musk did not do it arbitrarily, there are ideas behind the lines of naming his son by that name, even if it requires the sacrifice of a young child or at least make him different from others. In this article, we show you some of these ideas.A working brain does not sleep! 

 Because he likes to be the center of attention of the Internet 

Elon Musk is among the people who love to be talked about on the Internet globally, and for Memes to be made about him and his actions, making him more famous in the world, and thus his products and companies are better known to the public.Elon Musk called his son “X Æ A-12” just a simple straw in a haystack pile for Elon Musk. The latter hadn’t found any way to create a big media buzz since announcing the Cybertruck supercar, so he decided to do it in order to get some attention from Before the Internet community, blogs and websites (like ours) write about the name of his newborn baby as well and increase his defamation.Fame and interest also have other backgrounds that we will try to review in this article, so do not think that he did it only because he wanted to get some attention for only a few weeks, but that interest would turn into billions of dollars a day!

He believes in the future and likes to be racing for it 

Elon Musk is among the people who want to create a new generation of future life full of machine, robots and artificial intelligence, and he believes in this strong, as he sacrificed his life and his wealth in order to build a company that depends entirely on the future like Tesla, and he is also looking for ways to colonize Mars With his Space X project, even having sent a car to Mars in the old years, Elon Musk loves and aspires to create the future with himself and his arms.The future will not only affect the human lifestyle, but also the person itself, such as the beginning of the emergence of strange names as we used them in the Sci-Fi films, and these names are called Futuristic Names and there is a long list of these suggestions such as Jaycob R2, Max YX1 and others This is one of the names we have known in a group of films.Elon Musk wants to cut the red tape for the application of these names in the world and their spread in the future, and this has begun by naming his son “X Æ A-12”, and it is very likely that a group of people in the world, especially the famous pioneers of technology, will start to take the same Names in the future, so Elon Musk goes down in history as the first person to name his son with a future name.

Or, for a more simple reason, he brought new equity owners and investors to his companies 

The main reason why Elon Musk loves the Internet and wants to be his hub and everyone talks about it does not come for arbitrary reasons, but rather increases his fame, and thus his private companies increase fame as well, then increase their profits and the ambition of a group of large investors to invest in all his private companies (Tesla, Stalink, SpaceX, Open AI, Hyperloop …).We see this clearly in a group of Elon Musk’s tweets that he always publishes, in not a short time, he published a tweet in which he said that Tesla’s shares are on a very high rise, this directly led to a decrease in its profits due to the sale of their shares by investors, but the loss is not exactly a loss, it is possible that Elon Musk was the one who bought those shares himself and just wanted to license their price through a tweet aimed at investors.An investor, or a shareholder or a shareholder, is a person who comes to your company and tells you that he wants to invest his money in the company (the more large and famous the company is, the higher the price of its shares), so one share (or part of a share) in Elon Musk companies is worth billions of dollars. And he did not reach this price randomly, but because of his controversial tweets and atypical acts that make him more famous.And the last of which, of course, is the naming of his son “X Æ A-12”, which made him the center of the Internet in a very big way, thus increasing his fame, then increasing the fame of his companies, then the increase in the price of shares.

Because it is the first sacrifice towards the future 

This may be the strangest reason you may hear in your life for Elon Musk calling his son X Æ A-12, and it is a reason quoted from a comment from a Reddit user. Elon Mask has a project called Brainchild Neuralink, and it is a project that aims to create a chip in the human body that sends and receives signals. This segment allows you – according to the project – to explore any future diseases and their symptoms before it is too late, assuming, for example, that you consume sugar a lot and On the verge of developing diabetes, the chip alerts you by sending signals to an app or software about it. The problem of the project, and any other similar project, is the weakness of the volunteers to try these projects on them, especially since the N1 chip (which is the name of the slide for this project) is implanted in a neurological way that cannot be eradicated later. Therefore, X Æ A-12 may be the sacrifice Elon Musk must sacrifice for his new project. To be the first person to implant a smart digital chip inside it.

As for their statement … it is a collection of what they love

Elon Musk and his musician wife Grime did not state the reasons behind this name of course, this is not logical, but both stated that the name is a collection of some things that they love together, as the X symbolizes an unknown variable, which is used extensively in the field of Technology, the field in which Elon Musk specializes, of course, while the expresses the AI ​​itself, which is artificial intelligence, while the A-12 has many disagreements here, as some say it is the favorite warplane for Elon Musk and Grim, and some say that it Archangel stands for Grim’s favorite song.But we will all agree that this reason is very simple until parents collect what they love in their son’s name, but in all cases it makes sense nonetheless.In this article, we tried to list the possible reasons for this name according to a group of platforms, and there is no need to tell you my friend that on other platforms conspiracy theories and science fiction have been put forward and that Elon Musk is trying to colonize Mars using his alien son.

Our candid opinion in Microsoft Edge browser after 90 days of use


It must be that the Microsof Edge browser or Internet Explorer previously may transmit that bad look to users from time immemorial, it is a slow and bad browser and as many say it is good only for downloading another browser, nothing more, no less. And perhaps this was the case for a long time, until the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser based entirely on Chromium (the same engine on which a group of famous browsers such as Chrome was built) came along. Despite that, many did not use Edge Chromium due to the eternal look lingering in their minds, and that this browser is still and always will be the worst browser ever. On the 12th of June, Microsoft officially announced the Beta version of Edge Chromium browser, in turn, we provided news about it that you can read from here, but we did not try it because it is still in beta or Beta mode, but about a month later, and after the launch of a stable version of The browser, we didn’t hesitate to try it, because our experience lasts so farAnd the time has come, to provide you with our frank opinion after more than 3 months of full use and complete reliance on Edge Chromium browser as my primary browser. In this article, I would like to discuss with you all the pros, cons and characteristics that I liked and that I did not like about Edge Chromium completely.

First things first, the transition from Chrome to Edge

The biggest challenge that I faced first was moving from Chrome to the Edge browser. All my favorite sites, extensions on Chrome, settings and a lot more are fully equipped in my Chrome browser, and I even store them in specific mail in order to get the same settings and add-ons and everything in every Once I switch to another computer or shut it down, it will be difficult for me to go to Edge and re-install all my plugins and settings. But I am surprised, dear reader, that you can go completely to Edge using the same e-mail, by registering with your mail in which you save all the settings, you will be able to get all the additions, favorites, bookmarks and all in one go and quickly, as if you had not changed the browser at all. Not only that, but if you are now seeking to try Edge Chromium, do not delete Chrome until you have fully set it up, so that with one click of a button the browser suggests to you at first, importing all the add-ons, settings and full features from Chrome to Edge, and it will not take that long. Only two minutes of work.

Completely different basics and protection techniques

Most browsers do not really care about your privacy or preservation, for example Google Chrome does not care at all about your privacy, in fact it is completely violating it in order to spy on you and your browsing habits in order to provide content that suits you in terms of ads, Firefox in turn provides you with some good protection methods, But what about Edge Chromium?

Edge provides you with very important protection features represented in 3 options, the first is Basic, which is the normal procedure that prevents you from websites that track you while you are browsing, ads that cover the content or dense in websites, and any harmful JavaScript code in websites. As for the second option, it does the same, but by adding the feature to block sites that track you even when you do not visit them or when they are closed, because some sites track you through cookies even after they are closed, and the third option is for protection nerds (like me), which is almost to stop any method on websites And advertising services from tracking you or knowing anything about you, in addition to preventing any codes that may be harmful to you or permanent in the form of cookies.

Simple and customizable UI / UX interface 

The Edge browser always came with a bad interface and a weak and somewhat slow user experience, but by the good news, you can customize the browser better in terms of UI / UX. Let’s talk first about the Dark Mode that many adore, because the browser comes with this mode and can completely switch the browser to this mode for a better use experience. On the interface of the site, you will be able to customize it on demand, either providing important sites to you on the main page of the browser, or showing a specific site such as a custom search engine, or choosing the option to show news and developments from various sites, which is the option that I use personally, as I would like to stay on Launching the best developments in the world, you can also customize the latter to show specific fields such as technology, art, economics, business, etc. Through the settings, you will also be able to control the default search engine, as Edge originally comes with the Bing engine, but you can customize it and transfer it to another search engine such as Google or Duckduck Go from the settings, which makes controlling the browser better and easier.Regarding animation, Edge has borrowed the famous Windows download animation in the browser, and all the other settings and options are similar to Windows, it is as if you are using Google Chrome but with the Windows theme.

Less consumption of RAM and device resources … much less consumption! 

Despite all the above reasons, you may still not be convinced to change your browser Google Corm or others to Edge, but I will tell you something, through my experience of many Chromium-based browsers or popular browsers including: Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox, Vivaldi, Torsh, I can tell you with full conviction that Edge is the least resource-intensive of all these browsers. Personally, I do not only work on the browser, but there are other side programs that I use as well, which makes the work and tasks pile up on the device and difficult to manage and the device lags every now and then, but with Edge it becomes very rare, even when I use more than 10 tabs In the browser, along with other software, I missed 100% of the hard disk or RAM consumption! Google Chrome exactly suffers from the problem of high consumption of device and RAM resources, and lags or lags if you have not missed it for a long time, and even when you close the browser you find that it still consumes a large slice of RAM, but Edge is completely opposite, it is smooth, simple, and no It consumes only what it needs, and the reason for this in our view is due to limited and dedicated consumption, for example, Google Chrome consumes more because it performs several hidden tasks behind the lines (mostly spy tasks 😅), while Edge deals only with what you need.

All Extensions included 

Many believe that once moving to Edge and abandoning their favorite browser such as Google Chrome, they will not be able to take advantage of the add-ons or extensions that help you get a more wonderful and professional browsing experience, which is wrong, as all the extensions for Google Chrome are already present in Edge Chromium, and because it is based on Chromium, they share the same engine and the same features, and all the add-ons, even rare ones, exist. Trust me, I use some plugins that are difficult to find, but I found them in Edge, and they technically share the same store.

Dear developer, don’t worry, the console is the same 

Then the developers will wonder, yes, all of this is good, but it does not suit me, because I work in the console and use DevTool for Chrome, which provides me with access to the source code, modifying it live, and monitoring errors and warnings, and all that.We are pleased to inform you, brother reader, that Edge comes with the same DevTool for Chrome itself, yes it may be a little late in the update, but you get the same features and advantages of the console in Google Chrome, with some changes also in terms of the interface, all the changes related to the interface Basically, but in terms of functionality, features, and technologies, it remains as powerful as it is on Chrome and all other browsers. We can compare Edge Chromium to being Chrome, but with very big improvements in terms of privacy and strong RAM consumption, so that you get all the features and technologies found in major browsers but with greater professionalism, and no, Edge Chromium will not remain a limited, bad and slow browser, but currently I find it among the best browsers you will ever try. 

How do I remove the ban from me on Facebook?


The strict Facebook policy adopted by the company may seem difficult to many, and hundreds of people fall victim to it on a daily basis. Facebook may at first be lenient by providing warnings or telling you notices that you have violated one of its conditions, and it may even take specific action with you, such as preventing you from commenting, posting or liking Pages, access to groups, and so on.  be frank with you, brother reader, Facebook’s policy today is not the same as its policy years ago, as a lot has changed, especially after providing third-party services that made many companies (most notably Cambridge Analytica) access, collect, analyze and even control users’ information. With their personal information, the thing that made Facebook get involved in congressional debates and millions of dollars in fines. All this makes Facebook very difficult its usage policy, so that it becomes a difficult platform to deal with and you have to think twice before making your opinion, editing a comment or publishing a post. 

How to avoid banning Facebook? 

You have to know, dear reader, that Facebook is now a battlefield, it has become a platform that does not receive all opinions and does not want to hear your chants about freedom of expression, in fact, if you do so, it may permanently ban you from the platform. In a report from The Guardian newspaper, the latter likened Facebook to North Korea, saying that the platform began suppressing freedoms and banning users who express their frank opinion. The worst is that Facebook supports posts related to murder and shootings, such as its agreement to publish Donald Trump’s posts related to Shooting protesters against George Floyd.  from all this, you should know that the best way to unblock you on Facebook is not to fall victim to the ban on Facebook in its entirety. You can do this by following a set of steps, the most important of which are: Try to debate politely, there is no need for racist or offensive vocabulary or vocabulary that may affect an entire community (such as the gay community, we know that this talk may not be liked by many and against your opinions, principles and everything, but As long as you are under Facebook, you have to adopt its laws, unfortunately.)Avoid publications of dictators, especially publications that glorify them, and we are talking here about personalities such as Adolf Hitler in particular, who caused a knot for networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Avoid spamming, and by that we mean publishing links frequently in various platforms or comments, avoid copying and pasting comments continuously and in a short period of time, as Facebook considers such movements in the form of Spamming and that someone hacked your account or script does so, then you disable Or ban a Facebook account. Finally, avoid any external scripts, such as posting scripts in groups, adding people at once, posting a single comment, or scripts deleting all friends and so forth, everything is automatic on Facebook that may lead to banning your Facebook account.

How do I remove the ban from my personal Facebook account?

Most of the time, Facebook does not completely or permanently block you, because in the end you are a customer, exploiting you to collect data and sell it, and it may later turn into a loyal customer, such as paying Facebook for Facebook ads and others, therefore, it only resorts to temporary banning or blocking the part as if It deprives you of some of the usual Facebook services, such as publishing. But before we dive into the ways to remove the ban on your Facebook account, you need to know my friend that for each reason has its own ways to unblock the ban, but in the next series of methods, we will try to provide the most prominent methods used to unblock Facebook and when to use them in general .

Remove the ban on Facebook through Facebook messaging 

Believe me, it will be the best and fastest solution that you can apply to remove the ban on you on Facebook, you can just go to the following of the help section on Facebook, head either to the personal message box, or to the Reporting feature, choose one of the appropriate items (for example, report an account problem) The page will take you to a form that you fill out for Facebook explaining the reasons for your ban, wait a while and the ban will be unblocked from your account if your reasons are convincing or if the account was blocked by mistake. Write a good message such as: “Someone used my account,” or “A site has run an anonymous script and I am not responsible for it” and so on. You can use this method to solve any type of blocking you are exposed to on Facebook without exception, explaining only the reasons and showing some remorse, no less or no more.

Remove the ban on Facebook by raising the ID 

Facebook in general, you want to know everything about people, besides, you want to make sure that the owner of the Facebook account is a person who is not anonymous, not a fictitious person or a person who just created a Facebook account for the sake of insulting, slandering and insulting, she wants to create a community Everyone has their own account on Facebook. Therefore, Facebook resorts to banning some users with strange names, especially after they receive a knockout after being reported by other users. If you were exposed to such a ban unintentionally, it is time to unblock you on Facebook by raising your private identity only, immediately after that Facebook will unblock you, you can resort to the following to raise your identity to Facebook in order to confirm your account and not be banned due to incorrect Account.

Remove the ban by reporting an account breach 

Facebook is like Google when it comes to logging in from an unknown device, it will automatically close your account and ban it, and here is the big problem, how will you recover your account if Facebook has blocked it after accessing it from another device? Facebook has provided a link dedicated to such cases, and it is a link in which you claim that you were exposed to an incident of Facebook account , Google will ask you to answer some questions or send an activation mail to your phone or in your mail, or even answer some basic questions like the last person you wrote on Facebook, Finally, Facebook will ask you to retype your password and restore your account normally. You can resort to the following link for this purpose, but make sure and then make sure, do not click on the link if your account is not banned, because once you click on it, Facebook will ask you to activate the password, change your account, and so on.

 How do I solve the problem of being banned from posting in groups or publishing in general? 

Partial blocking is a type of ban that Facebook applies to you in a specific feature that violates one of the conditions, such as banning you from comments if you slander people with obscene speech, or banning you from groups if you post a lot in a short time and so on. Facebook in the first place does not lift the ban on you in this case except after the expiry of the period that it sets for you (it may be a day, a week, 15 days or a month), but there are some ways that you can reduce this period, and the most important of which is Facebook correspondence (count to the special paragraph Solve the blocking problem through messaging), and also, delete your recent activities on Facebook. Does deleting activities really unblock the block? The answer is no, but it helps you reduce the period, when you are banned on Facebook automatically, the Facebook team may manually check the activities of your accounts, and they will block you or extend the period if they find any other violations, the solution here is to delete all the recent activities after the ban in order to Avoid another ban.

How to remove the ban on your site link on Facebook? 

If you are the owner of a website or blog, and you publish your website links on Facebook, Facebook may shock you one day by blocking your website link from Facebook. What a disappointment, is everything lost now? Can’t I post again to Facebook? This happens a lot with new sites, as you currently see there is an option on Facebook that shows you an Info tag next to any link that is added, but for new sites and domains, it is difficult to determine the information about the link, and if there is a lot of publishing, Facebook blocks it to avoid the operations of the Spam. In order to solve this problem, you have to follow some steps that may solve the problem for you in a very large percentage, first things first, you must check the link and the reason for the ban, to do so, head to the Facebook Debugger link from hereThen, add your link and click on Debug, if your link is blocked, a warning will appear telling you that the link has been blocked because it violates Facebook policy, then you will find a simple link after the message telling you: If you think this is a mistake, write to us from here, click on that The link, then tell them in your message that this link is only new and to my personal site and not a bad site or spam and so on (you can search for messages ready to be sent). After less than 24, a link on Facebook may be unblocked, if it does not work for you, repeat the ball many times and it will succeed with you in the end. So here, dear reader, we come with you to the conclusion of this article, which explains to you in the simplest way how you can remove the ban from your Facebook account according to the available cases, and we wish you to lift the ban as soon as possible. 

Here is the best and easiest montage program for computer and phone


With the spread of visual content on the Internet across many platforms, especially social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, it has become difficult to find easy solutions and software to help you modify visual content in order to show it in its best form, especially since the large software specialized in montage and Editing videos may not be suitable for everyone, as they need powerful resources in your smart device, not to mention that they are not fully available on all devices, such as mobile devices that are used today more than ever before. If you are among the people who are interested in editing videos and montage permanently, whether on the computer or on the phone, and you find that the software used in the field of montage is complex, difficult and large software that you cannot download and use, we suggest you in this article See better, faster, lighter software, available on all platforms, and many other features as well … Let’s get to know it more. 

Learn about the BeeCut platform 

The BeeCut platform is one of the most powerful editing software currently, and the reason for this is mainly due to its availability on different platforms and its adaptable flexibility on several platforms, whether you are working on the computer with its various systems, the smartphone, whether Android or iOS, and even the tablet, but rather Also, on the web, you can use BeeCut software for video editing, montage and production of the best visual content you could ever dream of. In addition to its ability to work on various platforms, BeeCut has many internal features in its montage software, in addition to editing and cutting videos, you can combine it with other videos, add music, add effects to the video and write on it and even images, icons and more, And it is considered a complete software in terms of editing and editing on the video. 

For what purposes can you use BeeCut? 

There is no doubt that every day you capture a dozen pictures and videos from your daily life, especially if you are a freak of visual social networking sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok, in this case, you want to share what you took with your smartphone with everyone, but you must first pass your videos And your photos from some software in order to delete unwanted shots, as well as improve lighting, video quality, and a lot more.The editing software that comes pre-included in the smartphone does not provide you with enough to unleash your creativity, and the use of huge software such as Adobe Premiere may not be suitable for your phone or even in the smartphone because it is software that requires large resources. Here , the BeeCut platform intervenes , as it provides you with a wide range of features that allow you to export extremely accurate and professional video and images, and we will not prevent you from explaining these characteristics at all. Here are some of the most prominent features and characteristics of the BeeCut platform: 

Video cutting, merging and cutting features 

Among the most prominent features that must be available in any video editing and editing program, of course, is the capabilities of cutting, pasting, and cutting videos, and providing easy tools that allow these three characteristics, in order to take only the necessary scenes and delete non-essential scenes from the video.  provides this in an easy way, as it displays TimeLine (timeline) with the start and end lines clearly, which allow you to select a part of the video and mark it, then define its properties as deleting it, or delete other parts and keep the misleading part (Highlighted) ). Also, the program deals with few frames, which makes the least fraction of a second customizable and adjustable. Of course, these features are available in the program, the website that allows you to edit and edit videos online, as well as mobile applications. 

Improve video, lighting and filters 

To communicate better ideas, you should not make the video with the same lighting in which the video was captured, but rather poor lighting directly refers you to improving it by adding a set of filters and other features to improve its quality. Each video editing and editing program has its own set of filters and methods for using and modifying them in order to obtain a professional video with great visual accuracy. BeeCut provides the same, through a set of custom filters that express the video itself, such as the cold blue filter that expresses sadness and depression, or the bright sun that expresses activity and joy, and other filters that exist. Moving away a little from the filters, we find that the program supports other features such as controlling the speed of the video, such as speeding up and slowing down a part of the video in order to obtain a completely different video, and the Picture-in-Picture feature that allows you to capture part of the video itself and insert it in the middle of the video To look more professional, along with many other features. 

The possibility of extracting a suitable video for popular social media platforms 

We all know that the dimensions of the video vary and change according to social media platforms, so sharing a video on Instagram requires different dimensions to share the video on YouTube, for example, or even other platforms such as Tik Tok, which has become the talk of the hour now. If you use the BeeCut program to edit videos on mobile, whether Android or iOS, we promise you a feature that will benefit you greatly, so that upon completion of the editing and montage, you can click on the Share button and then share it on your social media platforms (for example YouTube), the application will automatically publish the video With the dimensions appropriate to the platform, or give you the option to choose the dimensions you want. On the computer or the web, it provides you with the ability to choose the dimensions that suit you, dimensions such as 16: 9 are suitable for platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, while dimensions such as 16: 9 are more suitable for platforms such as Insqtram or Tik Tok. So the idea here is that the BeeCut software provides you with the ability to extract the video to suit the platform you want to share the video on, so that you get the best use of your video. 

Available on computers, smartphones and even the web 

 The most beautiful thing about BeeCut is its flexibility that allows you to use the program, the application and the platform on various devices in a very easy way. The BeeCut platform, my friend, is available on the computer through various systems such as Windows and Mac OS, and you can download the official program for the platform and Manipulate videos directly from your computer. The service also allows you to have a mobile application available on both Android and iOS systems, as smart phone users today are greater than computer users, and the urgent need to edit videos and do montage on the smartphone has become necessary for everyone to look for, so, the application is available. As well as on all smart phones and can be downloaded directly from the store. If you prefer to use the service directly on the web without downloading the program and the application, this is also possible, although the features in this case will be slightly reduced, but you can have the full experience of editing the videos as you want on the web. 

The best sites to get ready-made website templates (templates)


The template for any site represents the interface and its own design, and sometimes the template determines the layout of the site as well, that is, the site template is what determines what the visitor sees when entering any website, and of course changing the template changes the appearance of the front end, although Thousands of free templates are available on the Internet, but most of the sites resort to using paid templates because of the additional features and great designs they provide. The option to use your own template remains necessary in the end for the sake of uniqueness of your site, but sometimes for beginners or who want to create a site quickly, the best option remains to have a ready-made site template that was previously designed by someone else, if you want to be unique to it as well. You can buy it as a paid so that it is dedicated to your site only, but if you want to get a free template, it is available as well. In this article, we will review a group of sites that provide you with the ability to get ready-to-use site templates.

Themeforest platform 

It is one of the sites developed by the global company Envato, Envato is known for providing open source files in all fields (whether open Android and iOS applications, or site templates, or motion graphics …), and Themeforst is a huge library of ready-made templates, As this site contains thousands of templates and designs offered by designers and experts around the world, and what distinguishes this site is the high level of reliability it provides to its customers, as it has a whole team of experts and specialists whose primary task is to test and review any template that is uploaded to the site before publishing it to make sure Due to its quality and free of problems, so when the user purchases any template from the Forestry website, he will ensure that the template is professional, free of any technical problems and also of high-quality design. The site provides ready-made templates for all CMS content management platforms(WordPress – Joomla – e-commerce – Shopify) and many others, and it also provides some templates that support the Arabic language and writing from right to left RTL, and for the price it provides templates at relatively low prices compared to the prices of other sites or the cost of designing templates before Designers, and when purchasing one of the offered templates, the buyer can obtain technical support from the design team for the template for a period of six months for free and get a control panel for the template, which helps to modify and control the template with ease, but the buyer can use the template on one site only, and if he wants to use it With a second site, he must buy it again, or delete it from the first site, and then install it on the second site.

BTemplates website 

The wonderful site that is well known is one of the oldest sites in the field of providing blog templates, which provides users, website and blog owners with a very large collection of the best free and professional foreign templates alike (more than 4 thousand different templates), as the site offers its complete set of templates For download and direct use with ease and completely free of charge, it also provides users with the feature of filtering templates to get the desired template, where the user can specify exactly what he is looking for in the template (appearance – features – number of columns – color) and a list of templates that match the chosen specifications will appear. It makes the site one of the best picks because of the ease of access to what is wanted through it. The site specializes heavily in Blogger templates (as the name suggests, B Template, as the letter B refers to Blogger), and it is one of the most powerful and free CMSs in the world, and it will get stronger if you get a professional template from this platform. BTemplates website link 

Picalica website 

This site is an integrated platform for buying and selling simple website templates such as blogs, WordPress and HTML templates, and a lot of digital products such as designs, interfaces, icons, logos and more, the site contains a wonderful set of different templates that are designed by other users of the site to suit the tastes and requirements of all users.The user can navigate between the templates easily and he can learn complete information about each template, such as its name, its features, and the services that the seller provides to the buyer after purchasing the template, such as whether the seller installs the template and provides technical support for the template or not, and he can also see the opinions of people who bought the template To make sure of its quality and effectiveness, or he can make sure of this by watching the evaluation of the work, one of the advantages of this site is that the prices of the templates are very cheap compared to the rest of the sites that provide the same service, the amount of 5 to 15 dollars is more than wonderful price in order to get a professional and customizable template . The site is Arabic par excellence by the way, and all the visual content and templates featured on it are mainly in Arabic and have been developed by Arab users as well.


This site provides users with a distinctive set of foreign templates with a unique design and full compatibility, this site also specializes heavily in blogger templates, and is considered one of the reliable sources that can be relied upon in order to obtain various ready-made templates, the site gives the user the ability to preview the template And browse it before making the purchase, and the site also provides a list of the features of each of its templates, and provides the user with a detailed file explaining the installation method and how to take advantage of the full features and features of the template.  The user can get all the site’s templates completely free of charge, but a paid version of each template is available that offers some additional features such as removing the rights of the developer, obtaining lifetime technical support and many more, and here the choice is up to the buyer to choose the most suitable option for him according to his budget and needs. In general, if you do not have the budget to get a paid template, you can get it for free through this site.


Many do not know this, but the Github platform is considered the largest open source software platform, not always Python software, React libraries and others, but even templates and Templates are available on the Github platform for free and ready for direct use, it is enough to search in the search box in The platform on the template type followed by the phrase Template, for example: WordPress Template, you will see tens or even hundreds of options, browse all of them until you find the right template for you, download it for free and modify it as appropriate. We all know that the Github platform is the largest community for open source software, and you can easily find almost any type of ready-made template. The unilateral problem of the site remains with the template, as you will find popular templates used by many sites available in the platform, and their use will only make your site Another copy from another popular site.

Free CSS website 

Then we conclude with you this article that reviews the most prominent sites for you to get ready-made site templates on the Free CSS site, the Free CSS site not only provides you with free templates, but also paid templates, but the most prominent is that it offers you free CSS plugins and codes to add to your site, if you want, for example Include a different Navbar or Sidebar in a new way. Through the site, you can find these code sections for free. Returning to templates, the site mainly allows static site templates, ie HTML + CSS, but you can have other site templates such as WordPress or Joomla sometimes or go to the search box to get them directly. Premium templates are also an option available on the site if you want to have a distinct and unique style customized for you on your own.  

5 new features added by Facebook in 2019


Facebook has taken care of a large number of features and new designs in its applications to launch in 2019, as it considered the year to be the year of renewals starting from the end of 2018, in which the company announced its intention to renew.

And Mark Roxberg , CEO of Facebook, had indicated his intention to integrate applications and re-messaging within the original Facebook application and other advertisements, but what new appeared in Facebook applications during the first half of 2019?

1- Facebook video ads:

Facebook launched the Watch feature more than a year ago to display videos, but it did not achieve great success at first, and Facebook decided at the beginning of 2019 to introduce ads to video clips with new advertising features for the video platform to compete with YouTube and affect its market share of ads.

Facebook has made available to its Watch platform the possibility of sponsorship and programs, and recently Facebook decided to produce series, acting materials and films dedicated to its platform only, which will be seen at the end of this year.

2- Combating fake news:

Facebook has suffered from fake news on its Facebook and WhatsApp app, and the company has been hit hard in India by the spread of fake news, as well as data leak problems and privacy crises that have affected the company in the past year.

The company released updates to stop the spread of fake and misleading news, using Google’s method of arranging websites, to create a new algorithm to ensure the authenticity of the news by evaluating the groups that spread the news, while in WhatsApp and Messenger, the company reduced the number of people who could send messages to them.

3- Preventing Facebook from following the user’s website:

Previously, Facebook could not be prevented from knowing your location whatever it was, now after the new year updates, the user can preserve their privacy more, as the application can be prevented from recognizing their location in the event that the application is not opened from the phone.

The feature can be activated from the application settings and prevented permission to know the location and location of the user, and by stopping the activation of this feature, the services of nearby friends will stop, or the offers of nearby stores and restaurants.

4- The ability to create a video clip on the network from photos:

Facebook has allowed users of its original application to convert a group of photos into a personal video clip through the Video Creation Kit, which is a toolkit that merges images together on the application into ready-made templates to create a video with the ability to use many options to write texts and speed up or slow down the display of images and modify them before using them.

5- Designing pages and nominations:

Facebook was interested in commercial pages this year, as it worked at the beginning of the year to add the Recommendations feature, a feature to allow page visitors to write about it as an experience, which contributes to creating trust with potential users.

It added a new design to the pages via phones, adding facilities to navigate through the page and attract users’ attention and fans.

Explanation of the free Adobe Photoshop Fix application for Android and iPhone phones


Adobe Photoshop Fix application is one of the distinct applications that specializes in adjusting images, Photoshop Fix is ​​one of the applications of the global company Adobe for retouching and modifying images on mobile phones for all systems. It is a powerful merging of the capabilities of the desktop Photoshop application with the comfort and ease of use on mobile phones.
In this article, we will learn about the application’s features and how to work on it

Adobe Photoshop Fix explained:

This application modifies images very easily and contains a large number of different effects, where you can register for free if you own an iPhone, and there are some points that you should know in the program:

You can add a picture by pressing the ( + ) sign . You can either take a picture from the camera or choose a picture from your gallery on the device.

One of the most distinctive features of Adobe Photoshop Fix is ​​the Frown to Smile effect, which can easily identify facial features automatically when you click on the face icon, and you will find them after clicking on the (Liquify) icon.

The application offers many possibilities, including modification of lighting and colors, as well as the ability to paint and change the color of parts of images, such as changing the color of hair and nails. This can be done by clicking on the (Paint) icon and selecting the appropriate color.

The Adobe Photoshop Fix application provides great sharing capabilities. You can share the image on most social media applications, and you can also send an edited image to the Adobe Photoshop application via the (Creative Cloud) service for IOS users only.

How to download the Adobe Photoshop Fix application on Android and iOS phones

You can download the application for phones running on the Android system through the Google Play store from here .

LinkedIn and its importance in a professional life .. Steps and tips for a more attractive account


The number of users of LinkedIn, a professional social networking site, reached 675 million, and this is a new record that the site recorded compared to five previous years, as it jumped from 400 million to nearly 700 million today by the end of the current year 2020.

Demand for this website increased with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the world and the loss of a large number of employees and journalists, so they rushed to the site in order to find job opportunities or to communicate with major international companies outside the country that the health and financial crisis affected greatly.

For all these reasons combined, it has become necessary for the individual to update his account and give it an aspect of special attention on this site intended for professionals in a manner commensurate with the requirements and needs, and the result will inevitably be positive.

Why is it important for us to talk about “LinkedIn”? What is its importance for professionals, businessmen, and especially for journalists?

First, it brings together professionals and specialists in all fields, the language used on the site is a scientific and accurate language that deals with all aspects of work and specialization, secondly it strengthens the special relationships related to the field of work and creates a network of relationships and we do not talk about friendships because it is not Facebook, but relations at work that may come Later on with opportunities and cooperation. And thirdly, because it is the electronic alternative to a CV or CV for each person, and attention must be paid out of concern for the best professional image.

Below IJNet provides some tips and steps to make your LinkedIn account unique and attractive:

1- Activate the account 

A person cannot make a difference if he does not prove his existence or activate his presence on Linked-In site, and for this reason it is necessary that you decide from now to activate or reactivate the account to benefit from the relationships and communication with the network of relationships.

Leaving the account inactive for a period of time makes your surroundings forget you, and the site’s algorithms make your account less visible over time. The more you activate the account, the higher the viewership on the basis of “interacting with people you know about topics that interest you and interest them.”

2- Update information

Did you get a mention in your work? Did you write a new article? Did you get a new certificate? Have you participated in a conference or forum, or received a certificate of participation in a workshop?

Update the account in the Personal Achievements, Business and Academic Activities section, as it is just like a CV or a CV and do not underestimate the importance of this issue and its impact on your image with the accounts that contact you.

3- Publishing research and articles periodically

Journalistic activity is inexhaustible. Secured as well!

You have to constantly search for what is distinctive, new and attractive in terms of information, whether you publish it or read it.

Sharing research and articles periodically and continuously increases the percentage of followers and interaction.

Have you thought about republishing the archive? (No doubt you have a lot of articles suitable for reposting and sharing).

4- Profile picture

LinkedIn is not Facebook. The photo should be professional and closer to the official passport or passport.

Make sure the profile picture is an official one. Just as if you are going to an important meeting or a business meeting .. How will you look?

5- In drafting content – video and hashtag

Focus your publishing strategy on content and most importantly on video. Videos posted primarily on LinkedIn will have higher Audience Reach access than those shared from other sites.

To increase viewing opportunities, be sure to use hashtags (or keywords) that help reach content.

Don’t overdo it, just those on the topic.

6- Spelling mistakes

Don’t rush to post! Make sure to read the post several times before publishing to avoid spelling mistakes.

Remember that this particular site is less likely to make mistakes because everyone comes from a professional background and they may take notice of the mistakes you make. Check your typing and spelling mistakes before posting!

7- Pay attention to those who view the profile and turn it into a follower

The site provides a feature to know who browsed your account in specific numbers, in the free feature, while in the premium version, which is paid, it gives you a longer list of names who visited your account.

Either way, make sure to communicate with those people who have shown an interest in you and have turned them from strangers into “acquaintances” and not talking about friends.

8- Interact with others

If you want people to interact with you on your account, make sure you read their posts and also interact with them.

Comment on their articles and share the content you like about them, and this gives you more opportunity to get to know them and they will in turn interact with you.

9. Be sure to get the recommendations   of the recommendation   and support  Endorsement

LinkedIn provides a unique feature that provides “support” and “recommendations” to an individual you know and have worked with in the past. For example, if you are distinguished by writing fictional stories, you will receive support for the Story Telling feature. In your turn, and for the sake of decency, give Endorsement or support to those who did so on your account.

On the other hand, there is a box where recommendations or recommendations from people you worked with in the past and the experience was successful, they can write about you, or draw their attention to this topic if you really need some testimonial for a new job.

10- Participate in the discussion

LinkedIn gives users an opportunity to communicate through chat groups or groups, be sure to join them and engage in discussion with industry professionals. Ask and answer questions and issues that interest you and it will increase the opportunities for interaction and communication.

In conclusion, these tips remain inked on the “screen” if you do not visit the site now and start working! Good luck.

Valuable tips and essential tools for creating a successful podcast


The world knew the podcast or podcast for the first time in 2004, but it took 10 years to spread, and it gained real attention after a series of podcasts launched in 2014.

In this context, the annual Edison Poll , released in March 2020, found that 55% of adults in the United States have listened to a podcast at least once, while 25% of the population listens to podcasts weekly. In April 2020, Apple’s directory of podcasts has surpassed 1 million shows, and the number of available episodes has reached 30 million since July .

Award-winning radio journalist Stephanie Coe commented on the number of podcasts that have been produced, saying that they are very huge, especially if the producer works independently. “46 percent of podcasters were not active, which means they haven’t released new episodes within 90 days,” said Coe, who was among the jury members for podcasting at a conference of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Despite the difficulties the media field is facing today, there is still room for new content creators.

The following IJNet provides top tips for those wishing to start their own podcast but don’t know where to resume their work:

Clearly defining the idea:

The first step to creating a podcast is to create a clear plan for your podcast program and define the idea, and for this, the following steps can be taken: 

What the program is about: Here the issues and topics that will be covered in the program must be specified.

What the followers will listen to during the program: In this part of the plan, it is necessary to specify what will happen in each episode.

– The third and essential point that audio content creators must pay attention to is defining the target audience.

According to Sierra Spragli Rex , a director at PRX,  if the new creator is able to fill in these details clearly, that means the idea of ​​a podcast is promising.

– Define the shape:

One of the most essential points when planning a podcast is defining the format, meaning the sound, to broadcast while there is one guest on the program and when there is more than one guest. It is worth noting that there is no better form to adopt than the other, but rather it is worthwhile for the audio content creator to choose the most appropriate for the idea of ​​his program.

Beginners are advised to create episodes of approximately 30 minutes and publish them every two weeks as a minimum, in order to maintain the interest of the listeners.

Equipment and location:

As for equipment, there are three basic things every podcast will need:

First, the radio: the microphone is one of the most important equipment to prepare well before setting off to podcast, and the two most popular with bloggers are the Blue Microphones Yeti USB and the RØDE Procaster . But bloggers can find other suitable mics online at reasonable prices.

Second, the registrant: One of the most prominent registration options whose prices are acceptable are TASCAM registrars . Blogger can directly record audio into computer with audio software like Adobe Audition , Pro Tools, and Audacity .

Third, the headphones: they can be purchased for less than $ 10. Some popular and affordable options include Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless  ($ 44.50) orPanasonic HJE120 Earbuds($ 19.99). The importance of placing the headphones is that they allow the blogger to hear the sound while recording, and thus adjust the volume and noise at the appropriate time.

And the blogger can isolate the  sound with soft items such as clothes, carpets, blankets and anything else that can be easily found in the home. Before registering, blogger should turn off clocks, air conditioning, and anything else that creates background noise .

Income generation:

Big companies’ advertisements and program sponsors are one of the best ways to make money through podcasts, but these companies only collaborate with shows that have an average listen of 100,000 people per episode, which is why budding bloggers should turn to small businesses.

Bloggers can also earn money through a membership platform called  Patreon , where content creators can get funding from people who listen to their work.  

There are also a number of organizations that offer grants and fellowships to younger podcast creators, with Podfundbeing a prime example of this, and another example being the Google Podcasts program , which provides audio creators with resources and funding to develop their programs.

Doneth Cebrian is an IJNet intern

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Proven Ways to Earn from Your Blogger – The Ultimate Guide for 2020


The online world is full of incredible, crazy possibilities and opportunities. Really strange, but true! One of those possibilities is making millions of dollars by typing a few heartfelt words with a laptop.

I know this because this is what happened to me.

Through blogging, my income increased and shifted from $ 0 to be able to make a decent amount of money a month for the first three years.

And of course I am not the only one who has managed this. I will add an article titled “Successful Bloggers” to get to know more than 20 examples of people who managed to earn $ 40,000 a month just from blogging.

Important note: I have mentioned four or five case studies that I have taken from foreign websites, the aim of which is to confirm the fact that blogging is a real work that generates a decent income by adhering to the steps mentioned in this guide.

Case Study 1

How Natalie Just Made a Wealth of Over $ 20,000 instead of $ 3,000 a month

When I met Natalie, she wasn’t making six-figure income or say thousands of dollars, nor was she even close.

They reap from blogging on average between two dollars to $ 3,000 a month through the articles revolve around funding and personal development on the site NatalieBacon.com, and although this may seem too much for some, but it was not enough to meet their needs over time.

Especially with the law school loans of $ 206,000!

So, Natalie chose to cut her wages by 50% from her job as a lawyer to work as a certified financial coordinator and get more time to devote herself to her blog. 

Since I am a full-time blogger, I know how difficult it can be.

She had big dreams of quitting her full-time job and freeing her entire time blogging, but she didn’t know how to make it happen.

Natalie was using some of the strategies I’ll mention in this article below, including affiliate marketing, but she didn’t have all of the puzzle pieces yet.

A few months later, Natalie launched to her fans and successfully her first e-book.

Then her first training session …

Then its second cycle …

Then the third!

Since following the money-making strategies that I posted on my blog, Natalie has managed …

  • Resigning from her job and writing full-time
  • Earning an average income ranges from   $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 a month from her blog
  • Creating a YouTube channel has evolved rapidly
  • She even founded her own broadcast radio station!

Case Study 2

How Faith turned her blogging income from nothing to $ 2,700 in three months

Faith Hawks, from South Florida, started her blog and has a solid foundation before she finds my site.

Faith’s blogs are about mental health, and specifically anxiety and depression, as part of the Project for Radical Change.

Although she took some blogging courses and spent a lot of time on her blog, she has not found any reward for her efforts .

Then she stumbled upon a product that she thought her audience would really like and benefit from, but had no idea how to market and sell that product.

Thanks to blogging monetization strategies Faith raised her income from $ 0 to $ 2,700 in just three months!

So, I know a little bit about making money blogging, and I’ve found it best to organize what I know and publish it to you in an article that I’m so sure will wow you!

Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or a seasoned blogging expert looking for the latest tips and tricks, this guide on how to make money blogging has everything you are looking for.

In this article, I’ll explain the exact steps I took that helped Natalie achieve this kind of financial blogging!

These lessons in this guide are the culmination of the knowledge I have gained over the last three years of blogging and it stems from my many failures and successes, tears of sadness and joy, and many experiences and mistakes.

This article is huge, so let’s get started with the content.

Content :

  • Chapter 1: Blogging Basics
  • Chapter 2: Designing Your Blog Properly
  • Chapter Three: Create appropriate content that your followers need
  • Chapter 4: Attract followers to your blog and start building your audience
  • Chapter Five: Building and Promoting Your Email List
  • Chapter 6: Ask your followers what content they want and their needs
  • Chapter Seven: Sponsored Posts and Announcements
  • Chapter Eight: Mastering Affiliate Marketing
  • Chapter 9: Creating Your Own Product
  • Chapter 10: expand and improve

Chapter 1: Blogging Basics

Before you can earn a penny blogging, you need to make sure you have the right basic principles within the right framework.

In this section, I’ll discuss some common questions that may be running through your mind and make sure everything is set up correctly, including …

  • Choose a blog area.
  • Pick a great blog name.
  • Get started with the right hosting company and blogging platform

It is imperative that you have the building blocks before you take your first steps towards increasing your followers and generating income.

Before I dig deeper and show you the process step-by-step, there are some common questions I want answered.

What does a blogger do?

Other than writing blog posts, a blogger may do random things.

On a daily basis, blogs can include anything like writing and editing articles on the WordPress platform, creating new products for your followers, taking pictures of new outfits, providing awareness tips for bloggers and websites, going to blogging conferences, and much more.

It depends on what stage the blogging profession is in, but the main task of the blogger is to create content . This includes: blog content, email content, social media content, and any other way you communicate with your readers .

On weekdays, there is a lot of chores at home on my laptop in my comfy clothes and tackling the most important issue on my to-do list.

How much do bloggers earn?

In fact, some earn a lot, some less, and some of them absolutely nothing.

It depends on a variety of factors, including how tough the business is, the monetization strategies used, where you are, how you market what you sell, and much more.

I have some examples of ” successful blogs” that you can check out and some areas of blogging in which people find success that are really strange like “suggestion – herbs”.

As you read through this guide about monetizing blogging techniques, you’ll see that some styles have the potential to earn more income than others. I have included examples from my experiences and from students in my courses to help illustrate this fact.

How long would it take to be able to make money blogging?

This depends entirely on you – and more specifically, on your skills and work ethic. And like anything good and of value, it takes work and time to achieve something worthwhile.

Some of my students make money from their blog during the first month and some of them take 6 months or more. I’ll tell you exactly how you can do this, but it is also important that you use this knowledge to achieve and define your results.

Virtually anyone can make money blogging with the right tools and business plan.

To know more about what I have done, you can read my story below.

How did the blogging story begin

A few years ago I was working my job as an accountant. And on a fateful night, I got sick, and I ended up with two successful blogs! Who would have expected!

But my first health blog that I started was a failure .

But I didn’t let that frustrate me and keep me from continuing.

Despite all the rational thoughts, apprehensions, and family objections, I resolved to make this “online thing” happen, and was able to stop my full-time job.

  • I wanted to earn more money before I was so old that I could no longer enjoy it.
  • I wanted to work on something that I am passionate about.
  • And more than anything in the world, I wanted freedom !

Freedom to travel , freedom to live my life my own way – that which is unrelated to jobs where I work in small rooms with dim lighting while I build other people’s dreams.

So, I started another health blog, and on January 5, 2016, I quit my job to work on it full time – before making a penny.

Talking about something scary here. My family and friends thought I was crazy, and I was worried about the idea that they might be right! I had enough savings to last for a year and had no real plan other than to make this thing work any way I could!

This blog had very few followers, few posts, and one big problem.

I almost didn’t earn any money!

In fact, my January ended with – $ 207.33.

Today, after only three years, I am earning an amount of four zeros, and you can expect that amount every month through blogging.

Well, are you ready !? Let’s start learning the steps to make money with a blog!

There are some initial steps to get started so make sure you do all of these before moving on to the next section.

  • Choose a blog area

This first step is where so many people often get stuck and that can eventually lead to many of them being put off.

What should I write down!

There are a few different factors to consider when choosing an industry for blogging, and one of the most important of them is your potential for making money.

The key is aligning your passion with your followers’ needs and the content they tend to like. How can you use your knowledge to help others?

I personally love the health and fitness industry, so I created my first blog around two subtopics:   yoga and weight loss , so that I knew people would actually pay money for it.

It is important not to overthink it or get hung up on “questioning what you are passionate about”.

Please, don’t spend weeks or months researching what interests you!

If you do not feel that you are particularly “passionate” about a certain topic, think about the experience you have.  

Another reason for choosing Health & Fitness is that I have experience in the field of Physical Therapy and a Dietitian as well. I also worked as an accountant and had several years of experience in accounting, so I could easily create a blog in this field.

Another way is to think about the topic that your friends and family will say that you can’t keep quiet and that you talk about at length?

To me, that was definitely health and fitness – which is why I chose my blogging niche.

  • Choose a blog name

After selecting the topic you want to post, it is time to choose a great name for your blog.

Most good blogging names fall into one of two categories:

  • That your blog name contains your name.
  • The name of the blog should describe its content.

If you want your blog’s domain to include your name, you can use your first and last name or a combination of your name and another word or two describing the topic of your blog.

If you don’t want to use your name, you can show some creativity by using some descriptive words in the blog name. These words should describe your blog topic in some way.

You can (and I encourage you) to get creative on this point.

Pro tip: The blog name should not be too long, difficult to spell, or difficult to pronounce.

As for me, I failed on these two points when naming my first blogger: dogeny – hard to spell and pronounce!

In the end, I would have chosen a different name if I had known what I know now, but despite that, I was still able to earn an acceptable amount through this blog.

The point of the mentioned is to draw attention to the fact that choosing your blog name is important, but you shouldn’t be too anxious about it!

My last tip is that most of the blog names you decide to choose are likely to be reserved. Some people and companies intentionally buy up popular domain names and sell them to consumers for a profit.

I don’t recommend buying the name and paying big bucks when getting started. If you are sure of the name, try the “.co” suffix instead.

The use of the “.com” suffix It will always be better because it’s what people used to type in their browsers, but a lot of companies have moved to using “co.” In the last years.

  • Start your blog

Now that you have chosen the blog domain and name, it is already time to start your blog!

The next few steps are very important, because you will need to make sure that you choose your blogging platform, hosting company, and set everything up correctly without spending a lot of extra time on it.

In my article “Starting a Successful Blogger Step by Step” I outline all of these steps and more.

  • Blogging platforms

The first step to starting your blog is choosing the right platform.

You can think of a blogging platform as a bedrock . It’s the structure that holds all the images, icons, and everything else that sustains your website.

There are many different platforms you can build websites with, but they are not completely ideal for bloggers. I mean, think about that …

Bloggers writing posts and articles every week and selling products online have completely different goals than a hair salon website, which simply needs to give an idea of ​​prices and contact information.

You need a platform specifically for blogging, and WordPress.org is the # 1 most used platform in the world for bloggers.

The platform on which this site is based, along with 60 million other websites.

Before getting started with WordPress, you need to choose a hosting company to host your WordPress blog.

  • Blog hosting

It can get a little overwhelming when starting to talk about platforms and hosting, so I’ll simplify that as much as possible.

All you need to know about blog hosting means that it is the company that has all the servers that take your blog “online”.

There are a variety of hosting companies for blogs and websites, and most of them are fairly comparable in terms of prices and services.

Bluehost is my favorite hosting company because ..

  • They have 24/7 customer service that can assist you whenever you need it.
  • I have dealt with it for over three years with multiple blogs.
  • I had a nightmare-like experience with another well-known hosting company that has been praised by many people.  
  • You can start with a low cost per month.

Bluehost and WordPress work together because you can install WordPress on your blog with just one click when setting up your Bluehost account.

You can start a blog with Bluehost in less than 30 minutes, and you’ll need to complete this step before moving onto the second step (blog templates).

You can also read our “Complete Guide on How to Start a Blog” step-by-step to set up your hosting account and blog via WordPress.

Chapter 2: Designing Your Blog Properly

This part is directly related to what I said about some bloggers making money in the first or second month of blogging compared to others that take months or more.

And at the design stage, we see a lot of bloggers wasting a lot of time. Your time is ultimately the most valuable resource as a blogger, and if you are wasting time in vain, you are wasting money.

If you are interested in making money from your blog as quickly as possible, you must understand this the first time.

To be honest with you, I think the biggest mistake I see with most new bloggers in the first few months is spending too little time designing their blog .

I know this because I made this mistake over and over again.

I personally spent the bulk of a week focused on creating a logo that I eventually didn’t use.

The truth is, you’ll eventually change your blog design 500 more times over the course of the first year.

So, don’t spend an entire day trying to display your featured photos correctly or getting the perfect banner image designed exactly the way you want it.

  • Choose a great blog template:

One of the best things you can do to help with the blogging design phase is to choose a cool theme for your blog.

This will cost you a little at first, but you will end up saving hundreds or thousands of wasted minutes.

Free blog templates are very limited in terms of features, and most new bloggers end up wasting days trying to get free templates that look like the paid ones.

My favorite blog template is as follows:

  • For beginners – Divi template
  • For intermediate and advanced bloggers – Genesis Framework

The Divi template, by Elegant Themes, is a great template for beginners because it is easy to use and very customizable. It will help you design a beautiful blog, with lots of features and customizations, at any time.

Genesis Framework template is for those looking for maximum website efficiency and speed.

The problem is that it is not a generally easy-to-use topic and requires some paid help in the form of additional CSS code – short for Cascading Style Sheet – to make it look nice and professional.

My health website has been designed using the Genesis template:

In order for me to upgrade it to this more advanced template, I waited until I could afford to hire a web designer to design this new template for me.

Genesis is what I use right now to manage all of my blogs making thousands of dollars, but it’s important to know that I had access to this monetization from both blogs before using this template.

The Divi customizable template is best for beginners.

  • Take site speed into account

In the age of the internet, website speed definitely matters.

If your page takes more than a few seconds to load, readers will get restless even before they read the first sentence of your blog.

There are a large number of factors that affect page and site speed, including blog template, plugins, images, and more.

You can test your page speed with tools like Pingdom, PageSpeed ​​Insights, and GTmetrix, and get information on what you need to fix to improve page performance.

There are also various blogging tools to help improve site speed. Here are some of my favorite tools that I personally use:

  • WordPress optimization plugins – Optimus, Cache Enabler, WP-Optimize
  • Change the image size – BeFunky
  • Image Compression – Optimizilla, TinyPNG

And when it comes to images, you generally want the smallest file size possible without losing too much resolution . To do this, you must resize and compress your images before uploading them to your site.

Also, remember that too many add-ons can slow down your site . So make sure you only download the plugins that are absolutely necessary for the website to run.

Avoid lavish additions when possible. Those that perform quick repairs and unnecessary design elements 

  • The site is compatible with all mobile phones

Since most of us spend our time designing blogs and writing articles from our laptop, we may forget how our sites will appear on a mobile phone.

Generally speaking, 60-70% of followers visit your blog using their mobile phone .

This means that how your site is displayed on mobile is more important than how it appears on a computer.

Here are some tips for improving your content on mobile:

  • Don’t let the user scroll down too much before accessing your content.
  • Avoid annoying pop-ups as they can lead to increased bounce rates.
  • Use a mobile-friendly template so that your site will automatically adjust for various screen sizes.
  • Check all the pictures and other unique design elements on mobile to make sure they are displayed correctly. 

Here’s what my website looks like on mobile via this screenshot:

Always check the compatibility of your mobile site after you write new articles or make other changes to your blog.

  • Other blog design tips:

There are some additional blog design related tips that I think are worth mentioning during this stage.

The first piece of advice is that I always recommend seeking and looking for ” simple and professional ” rather than ” beautiful and excellent “.

Always remember that you are running a business and that the focus of your business (as a blog) is on the content and not on the design.

Accordingly, your blog design should be simple, professional, and designed for efficiency.

Organize the content in a way that makes it crystal clear when someone accesses your website and stands to decide what to do (for example: read your content, go to other pages, see a call to action, etc.) .

Here are some other tips for achieving this …

  • Use a clear and legible font like Open Sans, Lato, or Roboto. Check out Google Fonts for some ideas.
  • Keep your paragraphs short of one or two sentences. This will make your content easier to peek at or read.
  • Use headlines and subheadings for easy detailing of content.

Overly complex designs will distract your readers while reading and thus lead to high bounce rates.

Chapter Three: Create appropriate content that your followers need

It’s time to answer the million-dollar question: “What should I write about?”

It’s very simple, believe me.

If you want to make money blogging and don’t want to spend a lot of money on ads, there is only one type of content that you need to focus on.

Now that I’ve been blogging for over 3 years, I can say I’ve written all kinds of content. Unfortunately, much of this content offered no service at all.

For example, once I wrote an article for a health blog about purple foods … 

It can be difficult to decide what type of content you’ll blog about and what you think might attract (and keep) people’s attention.

That is why you should not invite it to chance or trial and error.

Most of the content you create should be based on what people are searching for.

This type of content is created for search engines, and this process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In short, you are creating content that has a better chance of finding it in search engines (like Google, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.).

How do you know what kind of content people are searching for?

  • Search using keywords:

There are some great keyword gainers that will help you find the keywords and terms people are searching for related to a specific topic.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz’s Keyword Explorer is a comprehensive keyword tool that provides lots of information on various keywords, including:

  • Search volume
  • Difficulty arranging sites
  • Click-through rate
  • Other keyword suggestions
  • And a lot more

In fact, everything mentioned is very expensive, so I recommend that you start using the free trial for 30 days and try to get as much information about keywords as possible during that trial period.

Either if you can afford it, Moz will be a great tool in your group and even the best tool in the industry for keyword research.


Another great keyword research tool that rivals Moz is called SEMRush.

This is my favorite program due to the additional features it includes, including:

  • Domain or domain analysis
  • Backlink review
  • Site audit
  • Content analysis
  • Brand monitoring
  • And much more!

They are also pricey but absolutely essential if you are serious about SEO.

Other options for searching keywords

Google’s keyword table is great, but it’s very difficult to use if you’re not running ads on their platform.

Additionally, some of the free keyword research options include Google Correlate and Ubersuggest, but they are more limited compared to more powerful search tools like Moz and SEMrush.

  • Pinterest Search

If you use Pinterest to gain followers or are planning to follow your blogs, Pinterest Search Tool is a great way to find suggested blog posts to write about.

Using Pinterest Search is a lot less technically useful and won’t give you analytics about the specific keywords you want, but it’s still a great way to get ideas for blog content.

Let’s look at the following example:

When writing a keyword like “yoga postures” on Pinterest, you’ll see some of the most important pinned posts at the top as well as the most important searches related to your keyword:

This tells us that when people search for “yoga poses,” they are often looking for “beginner yoga poses” and “yoga poses for flexibility” .

And this is how I first started deciding what type of content to create because I was increasing the number of followers of my blog using Pinterest. I have several health and wellness blog articles featuring the yoga keywords above.

You can do some research to see some of the suggested topics on Pinterest and focus your attention on popular topics and headlines when scrolling through posts in Pinterest’s search results.

It is best to use a combination of all of the methods described in this section for best results.

Create content with a purpose

Remember, every piece of content you write should have a purpose. By the end, we mean the following:

  • Sales process
  • Create an E-mail
  • Increase the number of followers and interact with them on social media
  • Make your readers so important  
  • Sometimes all of the above.

Don’t just post about random things or what you had for breakfast that day because you are a “blogger”.

If you shift your entire focus to creating highly valuable content that your followers are looking for, you will find it easy to make money online.

Chapter 4: Attract followers to your blog and start building your audience

If you have started your blog and moved straight towards increasing traffic using Facebook and Instagram then this section will benefit you so I hope it gets your careful attention.

The number of followers is not the only thing that you should consider here.

The quality of followers is more important, which is why not all social platforms and search engines are created equal when it comes to attracting followers to blogs.

There are many different ways to attract visitors to your blog, for example:

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Google SEO
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Host Blog
  • E-mail
  • Forums

Most people immediately turn to Facebook and Instagram because these are the most popular social media on the internet. Although this is true, this does not necessarily mean that it is the best source of attracting a lot of followers to your blog.

Here is my first advice on this topic.

Start increasing the number of followers using only one medium (or one source) of communication

Don’t try to be clever in every platform you know, you’ll end up failing to master them all, believe me!

Didn’t the people of wisdom say, “Many karats, few bars”? Well, I’ll explain what I’m talking about …

One of the main reasons I was able to achieve success so quickly was the effort I made on Facebook.

What made me do really well on Facebook is that I chose to ignore all other social media platforms and media and focused all of my attention on it.

And after I felt that I had already mastered Facebook, then I switched to the Google SEO platform and other platforms. Until now .

that’s good. Please don’t feel like you need to do everything or perfect everything at once.

Start with one social media site or search engine and move on to the other only when you feel like you’ve mastered the first.

On what basis and how do I choose a follower attraction platform?

There are many different factors to consider here, including:

  • The competition
  • Platform type (search engines versus social media sites)
  • Demographics of most users.
  • The ability to direct visitors from the networking site to your site.
  • Ads vs. more followers from * original source

It mainly depends on the relevance of your site to the result of the search process (a process called search engine optimization) to top your site search results for certain keywords), and this type is somewhat free (as you only pay the programmer or specialist for his work, and you will not pay every customer who arrives To your site) and if a visitor clicks on your site, those are the so-called visits from an original source.

You need to consider all of these things before deciding where to focus most of your time.

Let’s take a look at the five most popular social media platforms and some of the features and negatives of each:


Facebook has more users than any other social media medium, but it also has strong competition in terms of the number of blog followers.

Recent changes in Facebook’s algorithm have made it very difficult to use it to get free followers and convert them to the blog, and there has also been a major shift in terms of video and live content on Facebook recently.

In addition, the visits on Facebook are usually a “one-time and it’s over”. As you post content, it is displayed in front of a number of users, and then it disappears in the crowd of the huge number of posts and the latest news.

This means that in order to get a steady following from Facebook, massive amounts of relevant content must be posted frequently or use ads to attract visitors.

Paid traffic via Facebook is very expensive and not a good strategy in the long run unless you have the steady investment income that you get through the products you sell.


Google is similar to Facebook in terms of high competition and expensive ads, except that it is a search engine.

This provides the added benefit of potentially having more followers and lasting longer all if you are good at using SEO.

This can be especially useful if you are in a more obscure or unpopular field because there will be less competition for those keywords.


Instagram follows a similar pattern as mentioned above in terms of high competition and relatively expensive ads, but there are two main differences.

Photos and videos are the foundational principle on Instagram and can be a great platform for some areas like travel and fashion.

People scroll at lightning speed and they generally look for photos of close friends and family plus the stimulation they get from Instagram influencers.

In short, most people want to see beautiful pictures and not read your blog posts.

It must be borne in mind that the majority of Instagram audience is young and therefore different from the audience of most other social media.


YouTube is something completely different compared to other social media.

The competition here is much less because standing in front of the camera is one of the more difficult things to do for people in general.

This may be a greater obstacle preventing competitors from entering and thus it is much easier to direct the number of followers to the blog using Youtube, and the fact that you are showing your face and actually talking to your followers may also help you build much more trust with your audience.

This extra confidence can help get more sales.

It’s also a search engine, so you have additional SEO benefits on this platform as well.

The downside of using YouTube to attract followers to a blog is that it is similar to Instagram, it can be very difficult to direct followers to your blog and have them leave a site full of what to watch instead of reading it!

Audiences here are also the majority of the younger generation, so you should take this into consideration when thinking about your target audience.


And last but not least, my favorite traffic source I recommend to new bloggers to bloggers is: Pinterest .

Although most people refer to Pinterest as a social media network, it is actually not! Meaning, people don’t communicate much with each other.

It can be described as an idea generation platform where users save ideas and content for later – for their own personal reasons and not to share it with others, although that might happen.

Pinterest, like Youtube and Google, is also a search engine, meaning that the content is valuable, consistent, and has targeted search traffic.

Perhaps the best part about Pinterest is that most marketers and companies do not understand it and underestimate its potential, which means that the competition for follower counts is much less.

Despite being a photo-based platform like Instagram, the whole concept is based on sharing ideas, not just images. The site is organized in such a way that the whole idea of ​​shared content is for it to be clicked to go to blog posts.

This makes it one of the best traffic sources for bloggers, and you don’t have to worry too much about video content since it doesn’t work well on Pinterest.

Another factor to consider in terms of demographics A, demographics are that the majority of Pinterest users (more than 75%) are women , so you need to think carefully if males are the target of your content.

If you are interested in learning more about using Pinterest to get followers to your blog, you can sign up for my free 4-day course on Pinterest Marketing.

Chapter Five: Building and Promoting Your Email List

Hands up if you get too many emails!

I know you might get upset with writing and sending emails to readers. This is a popular idea among most new bloggers, and I wasn’t different from you when I started.

Well, it is time to change your mindset because I am here to tell you that you cannot think that way as a blogger!

Building an email list should be your first priority as a blogger, regardless of whether you are a good blogger or an expert.

Most people think that making money with their blog is as easy as putting some products in their articles and sitting back and waiting for the sales process. 

Well, I hope so.

The truth is, the vast majority of people will not purchase products without knowing a little about you first.

I even ran tests to track my links with ClickMeter to determine where the majority of my purchases are coming from. Most of them were coming from my email lists.

The email list is one of your most important helpful tools as a blogger. but why ? Here are the reasons:

  • Emails help build trust with your audience

Emails provide you with a way to access someone’s personal inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as you choose. It is another way to communicate with the reader, and you can generally become acquainted with someone through email exchange or a blog article.

People who randomly access your site are usually referred to as “cold traffic” and this means that your visitors do not have any prior knowledge with them, and it will be very difficult to make a sale with them.

On the other hand, the term “ hot traffic ” refers to people who know and trust you at a level that makes them more likely to purchase your products.

So how do we convert the “Cold Traffic” category buyers to the “Warm Traffic” category 2?

Well, you need a way to connect with your audience on a personal level. One of the best and easiest ways is through a series of emails, often called the “sales funnel.”

Good Selling Steps are designed to provide free value for a product (content) to help build trust with followers before claiming to make a deal.

The higher the price of the product you sell, the more trust you need to build and build stronger first, and the more value you will need to provide in advance.

  • Your email list is a powerful sales resource

If Elvis imposes further conditions to boost pay for access tomorrow, we will undoubtedly lose a lot of our blogs immediately. Sales will drop immediately and we will lose a lot of money.

But I won’t lose everything because I have an email list of over 5,000 people that I have been building for over two years now.

Your email list is a very important resource that you own and can continue to generate sales for you even if the number of followers on your site gradually decreases due to algorithm changes, external crises, or other circumstances that are out of your control.

for example :

Suppose we email us about a new $ 47 product to an email list of 40,000 people.

  • 20% of these people open email (8,000 people).
  • 5% click on the link to go to the product page (400 people).
  • 3% is satisfied to buy (so 12 people end up buying the product).

With and using the account above, this email has the potential to make $ 564 instantly in sales!

How do you get subscribers to your blog

Other than writing great blog content, you’ll need to take some extra measures to convert your readers into subscribers.

The days of “please subscribe for the latest news” are over! You need to compete to get people to your email in light of the shrewdness of today’s internet world.

  • The first step – choosing the right LED magnet to attract potential customers

LED Magnet is just a fancy term for a so-called “freebie” or any other giveaway you give to your subscribers in exchange for visitors’ email information.

This gift could be   a free guide, video, tips, or any other kind of free content that you think will get the attention of your followers.

You can also take the above to the next level and turn it into an ebook or online course.

  • Second step – use the opt-in registration forms

Next, you will need to make extensions to your blog so that people can subscribe to your email list to get the freebie.

From these plugins, you can use opt-in registration forms, which are boxes of forms on your site that invite the user to subscribe to your mailing list.

And through landing pages, which are external pages, you can link to your blog. The 4 day online course on How to Monetize a Blog is a good example.

You will need additional software to create other customizable plugins. Here are my favorite options for the different types of add-ons:

  • Text Forms –   GetResponse
  • Landing Pages –  LeadPages or Clickfunnels
  • Slider bar and other plugins – AppSumo and ThriveLeads

The two examples I provided above are prepared with   GetResponse and LeadPages.

  • Third step – create email thread

Finally, you’ll need to create the first email sequence to send to subscribers.

An email thread is a successive set of messages that are set up to be sent to new subscribers automatically

This chain can be designed as you want, for example, you can specify its duration and the number of e-mails that will be sent. I recommend you start with a 4-7 day series.

The beginning is by introducing yourself to the followers and giving a general idea of ​​the blog field. This is an important step in building trust with your readers.

Your additional emails should offer some free and valuable content to your audience that helps educate them about the topics you think they are interested in.

One of the best investments that you can make use of in your blog is to employ a good email marketing service to save your messages and send emails to your subscribers.

  • Best Premium Email Marketing Paid Service – GetResponse (What I Use & Recommend)  
  • Best Free Email Marketing Service – MailChimp (Offers Free Service to Up to 1000 Subscribers)

Some additional options worth trying – ActiveCampaign and MailerLite

Chapter 6: Ask your followers what content they want and need

The first step to making any actual money from your blog is to recommend products of interest to your audience.

By this I mean the products and services that your readers specifically want and need.

But before you can do this, you need to know what your followers are searching for!

Now we return to the “sit and wait” position that I discussed earlier. Adding great products on your blog or even emails and waiting for the cash to arrive online is not enough.  

It doesn’t work this way. If it were that easy, making money in the blogosphere would be difficult and extremely competitive (which it isn’t).

When I started, I searched everywhere for quality products to recommend to my blog followers. I even created my own weight loss product and thought it was amazing.

I put a lot of effort into working on this product and had hopes for it. And guess what happened?

No one bought it …

The problem was, my assumption that this is what my readers want or need and I was wrong. I assumed who my target audience would be, and I got it wrong as well.

At the time, I had already built a small email list along with a decent number of followers that I managed to attract via Pinterest.

If I asked my readers what they wanted, I would save weeks of wasted time and money.

The problem is making assumptions that they are always biased where they cannot be objective. Your opinion always stands in your way.

The funny thing is that there was nothing wrong with my product, it was a great product.

But my marketing message was completely wrong given that I didn’t know anything about the bigger problems that the followers wanted to solve in order to raise it.

Upon question, I learned that the most engaged and active followers are middle-aged women who are struggling to lose weight.

Not only that, I was even able to figure out some subtle details about how they were trying to lose weight and how they were failing at the moment (which enables me to help them).

Once I dwelt on it, I put my products back together, changed my message, and then started to see how my sales stock rose!

What is the way to discover what my audience wants?

There are a variety of ways you can do this, depending on how you created the blog.

  • Email messages

The emails you send are the best place to ask your readers.

Since you are already starting to build trust with your readers, they are more likely to respond to your emails when you ask them questions.

The best way to get this kind of opinions, comments, and feedback is just by asking a question right at the end of the email.

It could be something as simple as: “Note: What is the biggest problem you are currently facing [insert the following blog topic here]? ‘

I asked this same question in my first email, and I was shocked by the number of responses I got. And with hundreds of email responses, I get to know exactly the biggest problems our readers face when trying to lose weight.

  • Comments

If you don’t have an email list of subscribers yet, the best way to get opinions and feedback is through comments on blog posts.

This method is on the same principle as the previous method. At the end of your article, ask your readers a question, then tell them to leave their answers in the comments below the article.

If your blog template doesn’t have a great design that’s compatible with comments, be sure to install good comment manager plugins like wpDiscuz to make followers more inclined to use your comment forms.

Also, make sure to stress that you will be pleased to hear about them!

The likelihood that you will get reviews this way is less compared to an email and it will require a massive amount of traffic to get some feedback but it’s still the second best method!

  • Groups on social media

You can also get some opinions and ideas through public groups on Facebook. The best way is through asking questions via a post in the group.

For example, I have a closed group of bloggers on Facebook through which I ask many questions to get new product ideas and other questions to get ideas, feedback, and general feedback.

Here’s an example of a question I posted in one of my groups asking for feedback to improve the paid courses I’m developing:

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a solid community group, so another option is to search Facebook for groups in your blog domain.

Just be careful reading all the group rules Accept posting questions because some have strict rules about what you can post.

Chapter Seven: Funded Publications and Ads

Rushing to place ads on their blog to try to make a quick buck is the first thing I see with most new bloggers, and this works great sometimes.

But most of the time, the reality of ad earnings is often far from many people’s expectations.

Posts or sponsors can also be a great way to get started and connect with other bloggers, but the question you should ask yourself about these two methods is: Are they right for you?

When I started my health blog, I initially tried to place ads with Google AdSense throughout the site. I thought it was a good way to monetize your blog while it was growing up and help cover some of the costs.

Then it was time to take a profit for the first week …

She made a fortune of $ 2.93!

I couldn’t believe it. At this rate, I would be able to purchase one chicken sandwich per month.

The first thing I thought was: “For heaven’s sake, who in the world would be interested in these ads?”

Not only did the ads look vulgar and unprofessional, they were causing people to distract from my site and even avoid clicking on it so I didn’t even get half a dollar a day.

Since my ambition was greater than that, I instantly hit fast and I turned to other ways to make money blogging that would give me higher returns.

But the bitter truth about the payoff of ads is that in addition to making a lot of cash with them, you must either:

  • Get a lot of followers to your site (about 500,000 followers per month or more)
  • Or if your blog content revolves around a specific area in which you can generate higher income through advertising (profit, finance, technology, etc.)

Choosing the best ad network for your blog  

Advertising income can be a great way to monetize your blog, but only if you set it up the right way and have the right assumptions and ambitions too.

I now earn between $ 1,500 to $ 2000 a month in advertising revenue with my health blog for two reasons:

  • My blog gets more than 300,000 views per month.
  • I work with a premium ad network

Premium ad networks require minimum levels of traffic for your blog, but in return they also provide the best ads on your site through which you can generate more profits.

For me, I chose to work with AdThrive, who also created and curated ads on my website. While Google Adsense requires you to set everything up yourself, this way it becomes quite technical and cumbersome.

Advertising revenue is only a very small portion of your total income.

This is only if you are lucky or skillful enough to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site every month, then you can earn extra credit through other methods (I’ll explain them in the next section).

Advertising is a good way to make a little effortlessly income, but you shouldn’t rely on it as your primary source of income.

My advice is: Wait until you get steady traffic to your blog and look into working with a premium ad network like AdThrive or one of these competitors:

  • Mediavine
  • Media.net
  • PropellerAds

Just make sure you check their terms before applying as they differ from company to company.

Generally speaking, all of these companies require minimum levels of visitor count, some of them also require licensed pages and sites, a certain number of blog posts to be published, and many other factors.

Hired ads

Paid ads are posts that get paid to write or post an article for someone (viewing their company) on your blog.

 Often this article is in the form of a product review, advice on purchasing, or other information about it.

This agreement is usually between bloggers and / or companies specializing in the same field so that the content remains in line with what the readers care about.

Personally, I did not use paid ads as part of my blog monetization strategy, I wanted to include it for free because a lot of other bloggers do.

Paid brochures may be suitable for you if you are.

  • She loves to write
  • Finding good opportunities that fit the industry of your blog and your followers
  • You want to build relationships with other companies and brands that specialize in your field
  • You want another way to diversify your blogging income

Paid brochures may not be suitable for you if you are.

  • You face a lot of trouble determining the time – it can take a very long time to find good opportunities and complete the work required
  • You were determined to have an income without an actual job – here you can say you are still trading your time for money.
  • You want the most oversight over your blog’s content

Some bloggers earn in excess of $ 10,000 per month from available paid advertising opportunities.

It will take a lot of time and effort to reach this level, but it is something to consider if you need to make some side income to cover some of your blogging expenses.

A good way to start learning more about paid ads and the opportunities available is with Michael’s training course, “Making Pay Advertising makes sense.”

Case Study 3

How Leslie earned $ 2,879 in her first 6 months of blogging

Although ads and paid posts were not part of the beginner monetization strategies, I wanted to show you a good example of a good job for some new blogger.

One of my blog interns who recently became a mother, Lisel, started a blog about pregnancy and maternity at laborteen.com.

Leslie didn’t start her blog with big expectations and dreams of thousands of dollars a month.

To be honest, Leslie was just starting out blogging because she wanted to make an extra $ 200 a month to hire a maid!

She was a full-time obstetrician, so she had a strong desire to help educate women about the birth process.

She told me to still: “If I could write an article could provide some benefit to someone and make their experience less frightening and more enlightened, and less afraid of who suffer during a rollercoaster ride … I’ll be happy.”

Finally, Leslie was also driven by the desire to spend more time at home with her newborn.

These driving forces led Lyell to find me and through facebook strategies, she managed to achieve 28,893 views in her first month of blogging.

Thanks to these visits and through my course’s strategies on paid advertising, Leslie made $ 2,879 in the first 6 months of blogging!

Lisel is currently working on increasing her blog traffic, improving her affiliate marketing strategies, and creating her course as well.

Chapter Eight: Mastering Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a trial and error process, and through this process, you can learn a large amount of information about what your followers are interested in and what not.

You will also learn how to display and sell a product to your visitors.

I missed this step in my early days and it cost me a lot of time and money …

Please don’t miss this step!

Do you remember when I explained in one of the sections of this article how I created a product for weight loss, I was expecting followers to like it and want it, except that no one bought it?

I spent three weeks trying to create a product for weight loss and muscle building for women and men.

Then I spent another week creating a very complex sales page and sales data. Finally, after four weeks, I launched and launched it

In fact, I made one sale of this product, only one …

The worst feeling ever …

I wasted a lot of time and creative energy on a failed product, so let’s talk about what I could have done to prevent that failure.

Why would you start with affiliate marketing?

There are benefits and risks to every method of monetization, and affiliate marketing is the best way to start making real profits for a variety of reasons.

  • Less potential risk

Affiliate marketing comes with much less risk since you test products created with legal sales pages rather than creating your own marketing page from scratch.

After my first product failed, I went back to the planning stage and decided to try to sell one product through marketing for it before creating another for me.

I had a lot of popular yoga articles on Pinterest, so I found a yoga product that I saw that was very suitable for my audience.

After using opt-in registration forms for my yoga product and creating a series of emails to help sell it to people on my email list, I made some instant sales!

Yes, I succeeded !!! If I’m not a total failure!

  • Learn how to sell

Once I started making these initial sales, I was able to improve my emails and develop the sales process and thus stimulate sales.

This phase was a trial period with a lot of errors to test registration forms, various emails, etc. to improve my conversion rates, i.e. converting website visitors into customers.

Here’s an amusing overview of some of the failed registration forms I’ve used previously, most of which have not converted leads into “sales funnel”.

Perhaps the best part about getting started with affiliate marketing is that it will teach you how to sell so that you are not clueless when deciding to create your own products.

Now, there are some downsides to affiliate marketing that you must know.

In fact, controlling some aspects of the selling process is something that you cannot control, including sales price, profit margins, sales page design, the way in which you are allowed to promote the product, and other factors.

However, this is still a great way to determine how responsive your audience is to certain products and services, and it also prepares you for a time when you feel ready to sell your own products and services.

How to start the affiliate marketing process?

It is important to identify the expected accomplishments when getting started with affiliate marketing.

The lower priced products will be more easy to sell but will also bring in less profits.

On the one hand, affiliate marketing for more expensive products can generate more than $ 10,000 a month, but the selling process here is more difficult.

It is best to do your best to diversify the products you are marketing to, to test all products and sales methods.

One of the easiest ways to get started is through the Amazon store. You can receive a small amount by recommending Amazon products in all of your articles anywhere you find appropriate.

This is a relatively easy way to earn between $ 50 and $ 500 a month as Amazon is a very reliable platform.

For affiliate marketing for higher priced products you will need to create a suitable registration form and email list, as well as your own “sales funnel” .

You can start searching for some products to promote them with commission using the most famous affiliate marketing networks (which are intermediary networks between the advertiser and the publisher)

  • Shareasale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten

Just make sure that you read all the terms and conditions before promoting the products, which differ according to the company.

Chapter 9: Creating Your Own Product

This is the last building block and it is very important to take this step in a timely fashion – that is, after you have obtained the necessary information about your followers and have successfully sold at least one or more products.

The yoga product I was promoting made about $ 5 per sale.

You can do the calculations here. The problem was knowing that making a $ 5 sale wouldn’t affect my accounts anytime soon.

Even if you could sell 10 products a day, that only adds up to $ 1,500 a month. Which is cool, but certainly not enough to keep living.

All it is is I just need to make sure I can sell my yoga product to my followers.

So, I created an email opt-in registration form and also built a “sales funnel” to sell a yoga product and made all my hopes for it. Two days later I made my first sale! I was very happy.

Followers not only bought the product, they loved it too!

Once I made sure that the sales were stable on a daily and weekly basis (meaning that the initial sales were not just a coincidence or a stroke of luck), I relegated to myself and returned to the planning stage.

At this point I knew the following …

  • My fans love yoga.
  • Specifically, they attach great importance to the use of yoga in losing weight.
  • I have a registration form and a very successful “sales funnel” form selling yoga products that aid in weight loss.

The next step was simple: create my own yoga product that helps with weight loss and replace that of a “sales funnel” .

Hence the beginning of my yoga blog.

Just with that ease, my $ 5 sales turned into $ 37 overnight.

When you create your own product, you control the product price, sales page, marketing method, etc., allowing you to set your profit margins and take your business to levels of success you never dreamed of!

After I succeeded in this, I simply applied the same sale to another product that I had also devised for weight loss.

Now, I want to be very clear about something.

When I talk about “exchanging” a product you have been commissioning with your own product, I do not mean by this to copy the product in any way.

You are using this process (i.e. affiliate marketing) simply to test different types of products to see what your followers are interested in. It is up to you to create your own product or service.

So, this does not mean that you have to start from scratch with a new and distinctive product, but rather that you must, at least, create a unique product derived from the products that you were marketing for and make them completely your own.

This is the final stage of monetizing your blog and how 90% of websites generate substantial revenue online.

It comes with a lot of risks as evidenced by my first failure experience, but the payoff can be infinite if you look to high enough goals and get them right.

I brought you a case study from a foreign website for a blog that was able to conduct a training course and benefit from the previous steps that I mentioned:

Case Study 4

How Rachel made an income of $ 4,592.43 two months after launching her first online course

Rachel Ball has a PhD in Nutrition and was fighting to monetize her blog, The College Nutritionist, when I stumbled upon my blog.

She owned a very large diet related Instagram account but wasn’t sure what steps to take next and how to invest her skills and her Instagram account to make money.

I was able to help Rachel and push her towards creating special products and services and selling them to her followers. The coolest part was how she managed to make money by investing in her skills and the number of followers.

And as you can see, Rachel has some impressive stats about growing Instagram followers:

As Rachel says, “In my experience, I found that the fastest way to increase the number of followers on Instagram was by developing innovative and creative content that the algorithm could handle and move easily to the top of the page, based on how the followers initially interacted with the posts.”

And the first thing Rachel did to invest this large number of followers and generate income was by creating a weight loss product designed to teach women how to have a healthy body through a proper diet.

But the other way she took advantage of this rapid growth was to create a whole course on how to grow his Instagram account, titled Beat the Algorithm.

In an interconnected network, Rachel reached out to a group of other bloggers to see if anyone was interested in selling her course as a sponsoring marketer. Between following an affiliate marketing strategy and building her email list , she made $ 4,592.43 in her second month after releasing her new course!

Rachel is now working with a group of marketers under her supervision to drive more sales and test Facebook ads to drive more traffic and followers to her sales pages.

This is what I call the optimization phase and frankly the most enjoyable phase of the blogging game!

What are the most common blogging mistakes when trying to make money?

Initially, there are a lot of mistakes, but the first mistake all bloggers make is to demand sales in a very short time.

It is a common mistake and it will make your readers hate you for asking you to empty their pockets in no time.

First you need to build trust and consolidate the relationship with your customer and the best way to do that is by providing a low initial value for the products or content you want to sell before asking to sell it.

Chapter 10: expand and improve

Here comes the really fun part!

You have a system that works, and I’ve made some sales. Now is the time to optimize your “sales funnel” to maximize your conversion rates!

This process has two parts : the first part is about learning how to increase the number of visits and followers of your sales pages, and the second part is learning how to sell better to these followers.

So, you have now established your blog, started to attract followers to it, created your products and sales pages, everything is set up and ready …

Well what is left now?

Time to expand!

More specifically, you need to find new and innovative ways to increase followers and make more profits. Some examples of doing this include:

  • Connect with other bloggers
  • Start using another social media platform or medium to attract followers
  • Add other products
  • Improved registration form form and access pages to increase conversion rates

This is the really fun part of blogging and where I eventually got to with all of my blogs.

Just to illustrate the power of this optimization phase, the chart below shows blogging income from each of my blogs since I started. The blue line indicates the point where I finished my last training session.

Revenue prior to this point grew mostly from adding new courses I released, and after that point the ways in which I sell my existing courses have been expanded and improved.

It takes some time to reach that stage, but once you are here, it is really cool and fun to contribute to your profit!

Optimization is fun because the sales process can be broken down into a simple equation.

Sales = Number of Visitors x Conversion Rate

Let me illustrate this with the following example:

  • Suppose the conversion rate on your sales page is 1%, so for every 1,000 visitors on your sales page, you can make 10 sales.
  • Now let’s say you added some testimonials to your sales page while you included a couple more to your sales funnel in your email.
  • Your conversion rate will rise up to 2%, which means you have just doubled your sales (1,000 visitors x 2% = 20 sales).
  • Now let’s say you started working on Google SEO for SEO as an additional source of follower increase in order to be able to attract 1000 additional customers to your sales page.
  • You double your sales again (2,000 visitors x 2% = 40 sales).

You can see how adjusting the number of followers or changing other factors that affect conversion rates can lead to an immediate increase in sales.

Some of the factors that affect conversion rates include:

  • Add recommendation certificates
  • Page speed improvement
  • Make changes to your sales page
  • Also make changes to your sales funnel
  • Undertake other marketing changes

This part of monetizing your blog is really fun because you can often see immediate improvements in your sales when you make positive changes.

Now, the opposite is also true. In the past, I made what I thought were positive changes only to discover then that they had a really negative impact on my conversion rates.

When this happens, you must revert the changes you made and return to the planning stage. Again, it’s a lot of trial and error, but you’ll learn a lot about sales and marketing in the process!

In these lines, I must congratulate those who reached the conclusion! I hope that the article will achieve the desired benefit …

I am curious to learn about your attempt to monetize your blog and the problems you encountered. Do not hesitate to leave your comments below, and if there is any question, I am ready to answer it!

  • Didn’t start a blog? Here are nine reasons why you should start your blog today!

If you’re wondering why to start a blog, you may have some unclear ideas about financial freedom and time freedom that come from blogging, but it’s much more than that.

I also started in a way that might not be different from most of you before I got into this field and became a blogger.

I was working as a personal trainer and accountant full time just to have an annual income. That is, the most important thing about what I mentioned is that I had no prior background or idea about what I did next.

Except for strong motivation and hardworking, I am an ordinary person who works for my livelihood. I have nothing to distinguish me from you and to which I can attribute the success of my blogs.

Anyone can create a blog and guarantee its success as long as they are committed to achieving the goals and objectives.

Before I go into the reasons that prompted you to start the blog, let me first give an introduction to it for beginners and newcomers in this field.

What is a blog?

It is simply a website that basically consists of articles on a specific topic or several topics.

What can you write in the blog?

Whatever you wish! Personal health, finance, business, prescriptions, fashion, travel, etc.

There are successful blogs in a wide variety of areas, so it is best to stick to the topic you have expertise in or a topic you are familiar with or passionate about.

How does a blog help make money?

There are a few different ways to make money blogging, and they boil down to the type of blog you have and what you want to do personally.

Some of the main ways to monetize a blog are through:

  • Ads on your website.
  • Selling other people’s products (this is called affiliate marketing).
  • Sell ​​your products.

A combination of these methods may help you make your blog generate a decent monthly income!

Money definitely looks great. But why would you start blogging?

Let us now turn to the topic of our main article:

Didn’t start a blog? Ten reasons to start your blog today! Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover

  • Monitor and control your income.
  • Organize your life.
  • It is a challenge.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Help others.
  • It opens new doors of opportunity
  • Be the master of yourself.
  • It costs less than most startups.

Let’s discuss it and start with the first heading ..

  • Monitor and control your income: 

Here’s a great story

I was an accountant before I became a blogger, I was doing well to establish my identity and move up the career ladder as any struggling person except that I was slowly advancing.

In just two years of blogging, I have more than quadrupled my annual salary as an accountant and am now close to 7 times my annual salary !

This is unbelievable, isn’t it? And all of this is because I am now directly in control of my income.

As a blogger, you decide when you want to work and how much work you want to get done. At some point the more you work, the more money you will earn.

All I have to do is write two new articles, send a few emails and offer some customer service support to keep most of the income I make through my blogs.

Now, I chose to do more because I loved working and am still trying, and I seek to develop and activate the blog more effectively.

If you really want to do your best, the sky is your limit on income.

  • Blogging organizes your life:

One of the biggest problems I had when working as a physical therapist or personal trainer was deciding between sleep or social life.

Clients often want to train at dawn, and it was really hard to justify not spending time with friends when you feel you have to go to bed at 9 pm every night to get enough sleep.

Also when I worked as an accountant, during the holiday season and the end of the year, I had to completely skip weekends for several months.

I know how it feels when the early morning calls you to wake up and go from bed to work, which is not found in the world of blogging.

Now, I wake up when I feel my body getting enough sleep and rest. As for moms or other early morning commitments, your blog will give you some time to sleep too!

Here’s a little idea of ​​what it means to be able to plan your life:

  • Wake up whenever you want
  • Also sleep whenever you like
  • Walk around the grocery store when the hallway is empty
  • Doing exercises when the club is empty.
  • Shopping when stores are also empty.
  • Driving away from traffic congestion
  • Buy the cheapest flights available mid-week
  • And others ..

Did you get the idea? It’s something that only a few people in this world can do, which makes all the long, single hours you spend on your blogs worth it.

  • Blogging will challenge you (in a positive sense):

Looking back through my time blogging and until now, there have been good times and bad times.

It wasn’t like the chirping of birds, the early morning sun, the roses and the pretty pictures, and I hope that’s not the picture that I have taken to you so far.

There were some severe and downside risks and a lot of blogging errors along the way. Blogging will help you overcome fears and is a constant challenge for you to be a better person. As for me, I have matured tremendously, both personally and professionally.  

There is no easy way to mature, develop and thrive. Real growth comes from facing challenges and learning how to overcome them.

Some of the challenges I encountered during my blogging journey:

  • First code failed
  • Create products nobody likes
  • Spending too much on things that don’t work
  • Spending a few thousand more on ad designers that didn’t improve my sales page revenue.
  • Quitting my job that drained me before I could make a penny.
  • I gave up my social life and told my friends and family “No” in bold for several months as I tried to establish my new blogging business to ensure its success.
  • And many, many more

I’m still being challenged all the time, which is one of the reasons I love what I do!  The exciting challenge is trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle to work together, which is actually a really cool thing when you do!

  • Learn new skills employable in any other field:

I noticed an improvement in my clearance and clarity of my thoughts through blogging. It also helped me become a thinker and writer.

Condensing opinions and ideas and turning them into actionable information that you allow others to use will further sharpen your mind. And if that wasn’t enough, writing is a great way to clear your mind. When feeling stressed, it allows your imagination to be unleashed and the release of many ideas in different areas.

Today, of course, is not the same as the first day you started. Many days have passed since I stared at the wall thinking and wondering what to write and where to start.

But the amazing thing is that over time the more confident you are in your content, the more easily words will come out of you!

  • Blogging will give you confidence and help you make better decisions:

Let us talk more about this point ..

Posting your thoughts and feelings about something to the world is a little intimidating the first time you do it.

At least, that was for me, and you’ll have some comrades trying to dissuade you and keep you away from what you want to do along the way. There will also be ignorant people calling you bad things because that is what usually happens on the Internet.

But you will, of course, ignore them because   99% of people will thank you for what you are doing and for how well you have changed their lives for the better.

This is definitely one of the coolest blogging bonus bonuses that I’ve noticed over the past couple of years.

Both the positive and negative comments you receive as a blogger will help you boost your confidence and self-esteem over time.

You will start to adjust to this feeling and your confidence in your decision-making will increase because of this. This will have a positive impact not only on your writing style, but also on your daily life.

These comments take us to discuss the next idea of ​​why we should have a blog …

  • You can effectively influence the lives of others:

My services have affected the lives of thousands of people over the past two years until now, and I am constantly receiving positive messages from people regarding the impact they have had on the lives of others. When I started, I had no idea what my site was going to turn into and I didn’t think it would have such an effect, but it really does.

Also on this blog, I was able to help a lot of people quit their jobs and start a blog and make a good income from it. And I even helped some bloggers triple their income. This is one of the positive reactions that I talked about in the previous point.

While you start to establish your blog, whether to make money or for any of the reasons that we have gone through in this article, remember that the primary purpose of your blog is to serve others .

This is how you are truly successful as a blogger.

  • Blogging opens doors to opportunities, businesses and other ventures:

When you achieve success in one area, you can use this success to benefit from it in the growth of projects or other commercial activities that you will encounter during your professional journey experiences and experience have allowed me to be able to teach others how to achieve what I have achieved and opened doors for me that I never dreamed of.

  • You can be the boss of yourself:

Do you need to clarify more?

I mean, it’s not without its risks and downsides . You are the only one responsible for generating and earning your livelihood and there is a lot of risk in that. Many bloggers never get out of the “hobbyist blogger” stage and are making real money with their blog.

You are responsible for creating the business plan and putting effort into achieving it.

But when that happens … just remember:

  • You will have financial freedom
  • Freedom of time
  • And the ability to organize and plan your life

I think that includes the major and major benefits of being your own boss!

  • Cost less than most typical emerging projects:

These days you can get a hosting package and scale ( by hosting the domain And Package ) in exchange for almost nothing. The cost is only $ 2.75 a month from Bluehost.

The only problem is that you have to pay the subscription up front for at least an entire year, but this is how most major hosting companies price their hosting plans.

As for companies that do not price their programs, they will charge you an amount that ranges from 3 to 4 times the amount you pay monthly.

There are free blogging platforms out there, but we will go into a little more in this article to talk about the reason why using these platforms is a bad idea, we have: Free hosting blogs versus self-hosting blogs  ( WordPress.com vs WordPress.org).

Free blogging in a nutshell: there is content censorship, the content is very unprofessional, and your powers are limited only by the way in which you can make money . There are some other initial costs that you should expect when starting a blog, but they are optional (although I recommend) but hosting a blog is the most important cost.

We hope you enjoyed our article on why to start a blog, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.