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Email Marketing For Beginners


You can work miracles with email marketing. But if you are somewhat new to the blogosphere, it is imperative that you understand the basic principles first.

For example, where did the importance of email marketing come from? What are the benefits of that? How to get started.

Take your first step with the help of this two beginner guide.

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing uses your email to build and establish strong relationships with your audience. And with communication flowing through the proper marketing by email. This will enable you to provide subscribers with the necessary information and convert potential clients into actual customers.

People interested in the products or services you offer can join your marketing email list and communicate with you through it. They also learn everything they need to know in order to make a sound buying decision.

If you create your email list with your target audience i.e. people who can benefit from your products or services. You can be assured that your email marketing will become a critically important resource for the revenue stream from your business that you run.

E-mail was in use for a long time before the invention of the World Wide Web. This makes email marketing the first direct electronic marketing channel on the Internet.

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and it still continues to be a leader when it comes to ROI.

What are the advantages of email marketing?

There are some benefits of email marketing that make it the perfect choice for your digital marketing activities.

Lower cost

For a professional email marketing campaign management service, all you need is a basic strategy (or plan). As well as a convenient tool that allows you to experiment and test various methods and methods.

The professional email marketing platforms are cloud based. They offer plans that depend on the size of your email marketing list (number of subscribers).

The Basic Plans (Plan 1) start at a low cost of $ 15 per month. It provides features like email marketing and an autoresponder system. Plus automated marketing, landing pages, and everything you need to start growing your business.

Email marketing services are flexible and very well editable.

You can use the Basic Plan to start building your contact list. Then upgrade them to choose more advanced plans as your online earnings grow.

Total control

This means that you have total control (this means that you have complete control) over every aspect of email marketing

You have full control over every aspect of email marketing communications.

you may :

  • Design your assets (like web forms, emails, and landing pages).
  • Determine the type of email campaigns you’re running.
  • Segmenting your email list for precise targeting (accurately target your desired customers).
  • Refer to your contacts for a better personalization form.
  • Create an automated marketing unit to show the percentage of progress of work taking into account the achievement of your business goals.

Plan carefully to choose your communication skills to reflect your brand identity. Also, to clearly distinguish from other companies in the inbox of your customers.

Precise targeting

When you normally create your email list, ask subscribers to confirm their subscription. This way you know that your contacts want to receive emails from your brand.

Which means that you send emails to people who are really interested in your offer.

Any email list of this type is of high quality and will likely yield better results for your business.

You can track stats and monitor the results of your email marketing campaigns.

By building on the information gathered, you can make simple changes such as design, copying, structure, workflow, and more. And also improve your e-marketing program.

Ease of use

Creating digital marketing campaigns is very simple and easy. You can design templates for marketing email messages, landing pages, and workflow plans for automated marketing (automation) using the drag and drop editor.

You can also monitor and track performance and adjust your assets to get an increase in the overall impact.

The best way to do marketing.

And it turns out, according to a survey, that most people prefer to be contacted by companies by e-mail rather than by other means.

The survey results were very logical given that the e-marketing campaigns are objective and non-intrusive.

Emails wait in the inbox until subscribers decide the right moment to open and read the email.

You can communicate with subscribers through their mobile phone (access to mobile phone users)

The percentage of people who check their emails using their cell phones continues to grow.

According to GetResponse email marketing indicators, email open numbers make up 56.52% of all open emails. This is followed by the percentage of lost messages from mobile phones, which reached 26%. As for desktop computers, by 16.99%.

Which means you can reach your customers and influence their buying decisions wherever they are.

You can also combine marketing on the ground and on the Internet. For example, by obtaining e-mail addresses at an event or while shopping in traditional stores.

Email is a owned media.

The digital marketing strategy is usually divided into paid, free (or earned) and owned media.

Email is in the category of proprietary media. This means that your business has complete control over this online marketing method.

In fact, over time, your email list will become your greatest direct internet marketing asset (the greatest online marketing asset) of your own. That is, a huge database of people who would like to be contacted by your company or brand.

If you are using a professional email marketing tool, your messages will reach everyone on your mailing list. Unlike social media for example, where you cannot control content reach people naturally and not promotional.

This is why it is often futile to devote so much effort to following you on social media.

Marketing through targeted and customized content.

You can collect basic information from your contacts in parallel with their subscription to your mailing list. Then use it to tailor communication activities to suit their needs and preferences. Based on the data, you can create segments of people who share common points.

Subscribers will remain on your list as long as your communication with them benefits them. Which is why, over time, you can build a massive email list that makes amazing profits. .

Ease of measuring results

You have complete control over all email marketing activities. This is done by integrating the mail marketing platform with online analytics tools such as Google Analytics to track visitor traffic.

You can monitor the performance of individual e-mail messages. And that is through the statistics service in the control panel of the email marketing tool. Then you track user behavior on your website. You can also set goals for individual marketing campaigns, monitor lead-to-customer conversion rates, and measure ROI.

Marketing automation

With automated marketing (automation), you can create custom workflow plans for your email marketing campaigns. Also, you can easily create any type of campaign using the drag and drop editor. This is to program the flow of communications in accordance with the available conditions, procedures and influences.

Excellent investment returns

Email marketing continues to have the highest return on investment of all other internet marketing methods. This resulted from all the factors mentioned above.

If you manage and measure your email marketing activities the right way, you will get a steady source of income from your business.

What is the average return on investment from email marketing?

According to a study conducted by Litmus in 2018, the percentage of material return achieved from using an email marketing method could reach 38% for every 1% on average. According to statistics, if you invest $ 1 in email marketing, you will get $ 38 in return.

Of course, this ratio is not fixed, it is just an average rate. The return on investment in your company depends on several factors. For example :

  • The size and quality of your mailing list
  • Importance of the content
  • Design and printing
  • Call to Action (Is this clear and convincing?)

Monitoring performance and providing data to demonstrate ROI is one of the biggest benefits of email marketing.

How do you measure your email marketing ROI?

It’s easy to calculate the ROI for email marketing activities. All you have to do is track your total revenue and divide it by your total spend.

Here is an example, let’s say you make $ 100 in sales and invest $ 30 in the Marketing Campaign. You will measure the ROI for this campaign as follows:

Total revenue: $ 100 – $ 30 = $ 70

Total spend: $ 30

ROI: ($ 70 ÷ $ 30) * 100 = 233%

This is a simple way to achieve your success and save more money for future campaigns.

Here’s an article titled “10 Email Marketing Myths That Could Stop Your ROI” You should be aware of it.

I hope the article provides you with the desired benefit. If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

Use this day to create something wonderful!

How can ListBoss be used for integrations with the Hotmart digital platform?


Would you like to learn how a powerful integration tool and a great platform for the Haute – Mart (ListBoss) with marketing tool via email Email Marketing you use?

Read this post and learn the details!

As a digital producer, you know the importance of managing your leads and leads, and of course you understand that good strategies always bring great results, right? Always thinking of improving the work of our digital producers further, Hotmart created the ListBoss !

Lead Lead Organizing !

ListBoss is another new tool for organizing leads in which the digital producer can integrate their email marketing service directly with the Hotmart platform.

In this merger, based on the specific and predefined actions that the lead has performed on the platform, it will be possible to manage leads through the email marketing service in the manner of setting up automatic divisions and specializations for each product.

Watch an example:

When lead is on Hotmart’s checkout page and buys a product and it is accepted, you can, through ListBoss merge, add it automatically to your predefined and well-segmented mailing list, as for example: “Product Customer List X”.

In this example, the producer can purposefully direct those customers whose purchases have been accepted.

Did you like these developments?

Use the opportunity now to build relationships further with your leads by devising more accurate, relevant and effective strategies. 😀

Important: The ListBoss tool can only be used by producers who use email marketing ! ”

Watch examples of email marketing services below:

MailChimp , AWeber, Active Campaign , Infusionsoft, GetResponse , E-goi, RD Station

And other examples.

Detailed explanation of how to integrate with ListBoss :

Enter the Hotmart platform and go to the “My Products” menu and choose the product you wish to merge on, click on the “Manage” button (on the top, to the right of the product).

In the internal menu of the selected product, select the “Tools” link. Then go to ListBoss!

Based on the image above, you choose the appropriate service for email marketing and activate your account to log in. Each service provider performs the merging process in its own way (the most common way is for you to be directed to a page on which the login data, username and password are inserted)

After merging, it’s time to set up the partitions!

In this example: With the MailChimp tool, you will click on “New Partition”.

Next, you go to the New Email Split Setup screen.

Meanwhile, you specify the brokers in the new division you wish to create. Start with the name (give preference to headings that summarize as concise as possible the action that will be taken by the division).

Below, note that there are three fields of actions that should sync depending on your needs. “When lead,” “takes next action,” “choose list.” Actions related to each field must be linked. That is, for every behavior of the lead, an action will be executed automatically in relation to a specific list created by the e-mail service provider.

Simple is not it?

Here is an example:

Below we can easily see how ListBoss splits can work!

When lead performs the ‘Buy’ action and its status is ‘Completed’, ‘add lead to list’ is called ‘Transfer List’. (Then choose the list you want to forward your lead to).

listboss 4

Now save your changes, did you see how easy the process is?

There are several other possible divisions that can be executed via the ListBoss. Simply browse by options and see how automated your actions and actions can be automated within the sales funnel.

We mention thus: “There is also another way to enter ListBoss on the Hotmart platform, it is enough to go to the“ Tools ”menu and click on“ ListBoss ”and thus you must choose the product that you want to merge on.

Checklists: starting from the preparation stage and ending with the first sale of your digital product!


Many early stage entrepreneurs face many common questions about the procedures for creating digital products. Since the goal we aspire to from this post is to share the maximum amount of knowledge in the world of digital products, nothing is more fair than preparing checklists or checklist, which deals with explanations step by step starting from the preparation stage until the first sale of the course on the Internet. Your ambition to create a digital product, this guide has been specially made for you.

The benefits of becoming a digital product

Producing rich materials and setting up a business by selling digital products has many benefits, which can vary according to the age of each person. Learn the basic ones and see if some work for you.

  • You live by what you love: There are many professionals who suffer from disappointment in their profession, and if given the opportunity, they will work in the field that they love. The problem is that many of them do not know how to make this change. Creating a digital course can be a solution to this situation, and in this way, get the opportunity to teach other people about topics that give them pleasure and happiness.
  • Greater flexibility: Having the flexibility of time contributes to providing more independence to organize your day in the best possible way. Whether you work full time, or by dedicating a few hours of your day to your digital business.
  • Ease of movement: materials can be produced in multiple formats and targeted to diverse audiences, and the producer can choose the best option for their new business.
  • The best logistics services: unlike physical products, the delivery of a digital product is done in real time and it is the responsibility of the entire platform that the producer will use for the course. This ease saves effort on the entrepreneur, so that he can focus entirely on spreading his product.
  • Greater quality of life: This is one of the basic aspects that those who are now beginning to invest in digital products are looking for. The possibility of spending more time with the family, taking that trip that you always planned, but never having the time to do it, and even the simplest things like you don’t need to be overwhelmed when you get to work. These are all important aspects that can become a reality by investing in the digital market.
  • Insures Gradual Growth: One of the most important factors in achieving financial independence is gradual growth. Ranking means breaking the block of time and place to win customers anywhere in the world at any moment. When you double your chances, you also double the chance of making more profits.
  • Saving more money and getting a greater return: While a store requires an initial investment and may be delayed for many years in order to start reaping profits in reality, digital work is done in a simpler way. With a little money, you can set up a course and start selling as quickly as possible. The scaling factor is a strong ally to reap the first results!


If you get here without knowing what to create – but with an unbridled desire to pursue entrepreneurship – we can help you. The best course of action in this moment is to think about topics related to what you love to talk about the most and about your favorite hobbies. You can also answer other questions that lead you to the most important sectors, according to your character. I recommend that you write down on paper so that you can finally determine the patterns from your answers.

  • What are your main activities outside of work?
  • What activities did you like the most, but gave up due to lack of time?
  • When was the last time you forgot about the time command while you were doing something? What was this activity?
  • What activities do you not need help doing?
  • What topics do you like to talk about the most?
  • If the money was not there, what would you have done for fun?
  • What kind of activities are you most eager to do?
  • What topics do you read the most about?
  • What do people ask you to teach them?
  • What are your strengths?

After you write the topics you love on paper, we will identify potential sectors in which you can enter.

Searching for market segments

After learning about the market, you should find a market sector that. The better your niche is, the less competition there will be, and the more opportunities you will have to present your product. For example, suppose you discover that the health food market is very important and you are familiar with it. Perhaps it is much more difficult to compete with a general dietary article. But if you divide your product and customize it for menopausal women or women who want to be thin after childbirth, the competition will be less. And it could specialize your sector further: women who have a slow metabolism and who want to be more thin after giving birth.

After identifying your niche, you should think about the following: What can I teach about this field? With this, we will move on to the next topic, which is market research.

Market research

When identifying potential market niches, it must be verified that there is a demand to create a digital product, and for this, we will investigate the market! What are the consumer trends? What kind of knowledge are people looking for? Are there really good materials that meet this need?

Search with friends, acquaintances, social networks, Google Trends, Yahoo Answers, chat sessions and other equipment that can provide you with a minimum of relevant information. Search foreign content and check if there is something similar in your country.

Use the Keyword Planner in Google Adwords to check search volume using terms related to your industry. If the term is very common and general, and the competition is high, your job will be much more difficult. If the term is more specific (long), for example: “Women who want to be thin after giving birth”, it will be much easier to direct your marketing capabilities.

Determine the customer’s personality

After carefully personalizing your topic, you must define your customer’s personality, this fictional character who represents your ideal audience to whom you guide all of your strategies. And here we have a complete post on.

Determine the format

Time to define your digital product formula. And at this moment, your idea may be firmly established and ready in your mind, you have to determine the best way for the consumer to receive your digital course on the Internet: an e-book, educational videos , audiobooks, mix of materials, subscription, membership site. 

Search for a topic

Even if you specialize in the chosen topic, you will still have to do deep research on the topic. This way, you can discover what’s happening, develop yourself on the topic and basically, discover what’s in the market on the topic to produce better materials! Google could be your great ally in this search, but you are not limited to a tool only, search social networks and interviews with professionals in the field, if possible!

In practical terms!

Material scheme

A planner is a kind of outline. You can write down everything that comes to your mind that relates to your material. Using a text document (and I recommend Google Docs) write separate ideas and phrases related to everything your online course should have. Don’t worry about organizing, now is the time to think and do something called brainstorming

Content production

The most popular products on the market are electronic books and educational videos, and each has its own characteristics. In the case of electronic books, preparation means writing the materials, dividing them into instructional units, chapters and everything that should be contained in your digital book.

As for the video, it is more complex: it requires script production, script preparation and filming materials, and educational video recording. If this is your case, read our post on the best tips for making a very good video .

Choose a title

The title is an essential part of your material, after all, one of the elements responsible for capturing your audience’s attention. Dedicate yourself well to the title, write several options to choose the most suitable one.

Planning / Editing

In the case of videos, planning / editing is an essential part of refining the online course and adding a professional touch to your materials. If you do not have the capacity to do this job, turn to an experienced professional. There are platforms to find a designer / editor in order to create the perfect video.


Before completing, do a thorough review and ensure the materials are complete. Go to a quiet place and avoid being distracted at this moment. Consume this content using the same insight as your customer. Here you still have the option to ask for help from a friend of yours who has a critical outlook and can provide you with honest feedback about your material.


After your materials are ready, it is time to put them up and publish them online! For this, you will need a simple and secure way to host it, specifying how your customers will receive the product and the method by which the payment will be made. It seems like there are many technical details to think about, but there are digital platforms that do all of this for you, as they do with Hotmart products.

If you intend to set up a more focused course that includes video tutorials or other types of files, ideally you would add them to a membership area . To see how to set up a membership area and to learn about all the benefits and differences that distinguish it from a public platform.

Payment methods

The payment method that you will use on your digital course is a point that requires all your attention. This is because the chosen platform has to spread the necessary credibility and security for the customers and of course, ensure simplicity for you. Some points must be taken into consideration when determining the method of payment:

  • Deposit sales directly into your bank account, speeding up the commission withdrawal process
  • A custom checkout page or checkout that can directly affect your conversion rate
  • Speed ​​in approving the payment
  • Full security and protection of buyer data
  • International Sales: There will be the possibility of expanding your business worldwide

If you have yet to decide the appropriate way to pay, you know the way Hotpay platform which is integrated with the system Hot – Mart . .

Content delivery

Thinking about the topic of incremental growth, it is advisable to eliminate the idea of ​​manual delivery of your digital content. Although this method has many errors, it is not professional either. Find a platform for digital products that provides automatic and fast delivery to a buyer.

Support for the buyer

Sometimes and suddenly, a buyer may have difficulty accessing your materials or wondering about the digital course. In this moment, respond quickly and graciously as it makes a big difference to your business reputation. Ensure that your chosen platform has an efficient customer support service.

Support for the producer

In addition to the customer, you may have a question about what you are the producer, related to your business and at this moment, you should resort to support that answers you immediately. Check that the chosen platform has this type of service before you sign a contract with it!

Landing pages or Landing Page

If you have examined the topic carefully when choosing the platform, it is time to launch the product. It should be available through a landing page or website. The landing page is simply the page from which the user accesses your product / site. The benefit of a landing page focused on a good conversion rate is that the user will not encounter any obstacles or distraction and thus increase the likelihood of making a sale. Check out 5 tools to make it easy to create a landing page .


Is everything ready to start marketing your ebook? Ultimately, it doesn’t help to have well-prepared material with valuable content if the audience can’t find it. So, come choose the strategies you can (and should) implement to make your first sales!

The blog

Set up a blog to write about your economic sector. Blogging is an effective equipment to attract customers, because although it provides valuable content to your audience, it helps you to turn into a reference in the market, and gain organic and natural traffic and significantly reduce your investment expenses in the field of marketing.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

In English, it is known as Search Engine Optimization, and it is a technique that improves the way search engines (Google and Bing) see your site. Over the years, Google’s algorithms have undergone many updates that take care of those sites that deal with user experience. The way your site is better, the greater the natural and organic traffic on your site, the less investment you will make to gain new users.

The videos

You can use videos as part of your marketing strategy! Whether through paid ads or through your channels on social networks, these videos provide proximity to the audience, and this is great for establishing power in the market .

social networks

Social networks are channels through which you can get closer to your audience, in a quieter way. Find the social networks that your customers are using the most and based on this, build your strategy! Don’t forget to keep your posts consistent.

Sponsored ads

Sponsored Ads are great sources of investment for making sales! With it, you can nicely divide your audience into segments, and advertise for the people who are most compatible with your product. Advertising can be done via Google and Bing, as well as on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube).

Email Marketing

This method is also a powerful tool for establishing a relationship with your potential customers and promoting your product. For this stage you need a tool to spread your emails. You can use the free versions in the market, such as MailChimp, or you can use the more powerful platforms, depending on the mode in which your business grows. Here it is worth noting that it is ideal for your digital product platform to have a leads organizing program like ListBoss at Hotmart .

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing program is the ideal option for those who want to increase marketing their business with the help of partners who promote their product. Marketers are promoters of other people’s products and receive a commission for each sale made. The commission is determined by the producer himself, in the manner that he prefers and finds appropriate. This form of partnership is very important for both parties, and this is what we can prove with our own affiliate program .

Watch your results

From the moment your product launches, you need to monitor every action for the course. For this function, you can use special monitoring equipment related to social networks, such as: Insights, Facebook, Google Analytics, to keep an eye on your site and landing pages, as well as use Google Adwords to monitor paid advertising campaigns through Google.

Organize your business

From the moment your work starts generating expressive results, you can assume that your business is getting regular! We have prepared a series of related posts, and you can start here: How do I organize my digital business?

Continue studying

The market for digital products is constantly evolving, which is why you should always keep an eye on these developments! The more you study, the better you’ll be able to manage your business.

If you reach the end, it is time to put your full plan into action. Document all steps and monitor each stage of your business. If you like our Checklist, leave a comment for you directly below!

Always follow us and we are very happy to follow you and participate!

Subscription Programs: Why and How to Invest in This Business Model?


Given the popularity of e-commerce, it is not uncommon to find someone who prefers to buy online. You, too, have probably done this many times! In addition to the obvious advantage of convenience, the buyer enjoys a price that is far below market rates. And the newest point now? It is a monthly subscription club, also known as Membership Programs : It may be dedicated to buying books, to buy natural juice, to get newspapers, and even to shaving tools, for example.

Below we will explain how these subscription clubs work, and explain why they may be beneficial to entrepreneurs and brands! Read on and learn the details you can’t miss!

What is the Membership Program Club ?

The subscription club or membership program is a business model in which products are traded periodically.

In practical terms, when you subscribe to a membership program such as subscribing to a TV channel package, you purchase a package of services, and you pay a fixed financial value for that, and you get the product from the comfort of your home without having to repeat the purchase later.

In the case of digital products, such as online courses and digital books , the subscriber gets unlimited access to the product and / or the field he is learning.

Kindle Unlimited subscription service, for example, is a service available either to anyone who has a digital reader or who has a smartphone. You install the Kindle Unlimited app and pay about $ 9.99 a month for access to all the digital books available on Amazon.

This represents a major economic saving for those with a reading habit, given that the lowest price for any digital book on Amazon may be $ 2. So have you noticed the benefit?

Another example is the Netflix subscription service, which is a streaming service that allows subscribers to watch movies, TV shows and documentaries across different devices. This service enjoys providing a free period for the subscriber to try the service for a certain period that is determined in advance by the company. Then you can subscribe to one of the available subscription packages and plans, which are available at very reasonable prices. The monthly subscription to the basic package costs around $ 8.

But why do people subscribe to a service, if they can use that service for a very low price or for free? The answer to such a question is very simple: enjoy exclusive functions.

A premium user of the Netflix service can enjoy the functions of the application that the average user cannot obtain, such as the availability of viewing in HD, and also another feature: very high HD resolution. (An exclusive feature of the premium plan) as well as the number of screens that this service can be viewed on at the same time is (4) screens.

Here comes our golden advice: Before setting up a subscription service, you should think about the benefits it will offer to the consumer.

“What can I do to improve the subscriber experience? How do I apply these changes to my business in a sustainable way? ”

There is another question that you should always ask: ” Does this job add value to my product?”

If your answer to the last question is “no,” analyze the options that best fit your brand.

What are the main characteristics of a subscription club?

Although convenience is one of the main characteristics a subscription program should have, it is not the only quality! Learn what to offer to have a quality membership or subscription program below:

1- Selected products

The factor that motivates people the most to join subscription clubs is the type of product that is traded. For this, make sure to provide high-value items that can be added that help the consumer reach a desired state or solve a problem they have.

2- Exclusivity

Subscription club consumers are looking for unique services and products in the market. For this reason, this model is a good opportunity to test product solutions before they are launched on the market .

3- Periodic payment

In any membership program, the customer does not need to worry about payments, because the value of the service is automatically deducted from his credit card, from his current account, through bills that are placed in the automatic direct debit feature.

To cope with all natures and characteristics of consumers, from the most daring to the most conservative, offer a variety of payment methods and be flexible in the matter of the packages.

What are the benefits of participating in a membership program?

The membership programs model offers many benefits for both those who sell and who buy the products.

Advantages for the Entrepreneur

Learn how you can benefit from this business model below.

1- Gaining customer loyalty

One of the main advantages of setting up a subscription club is the ability to gain customer loyalty for a longer period of time. This provides more opportunities to present the advantages of your product, gain the interaction of your customer base and increase the customer’s lifetime value with the company.

For those who have not heard of the term lifetime value of a customer with a company : It is a measure that determines the material value that each customer generates during the entire period of his commercial relationship with the company. To access this variable, all purchases made by this user are looked at, since the beginning of the service.

And in the case of subscription clubs:

Lifetime Value = Redemption x Package Duration

Needless to say, the greater this lifetime value of the customer, the greater your average sales, and the higher the expected return on investment .

2- Visible larger

Due to a steady collection process, subscription programs generate periodic revenues, as they suffer less from the impact of market fluctuations and the effect of seasonality .

The equation is simple: if you have control over your active subscription number, you will know exactly how much sales you will make each month, and you won’t need to rely on choppy sales performance, in case you also rely on this model.

If the revenue is stable, enjoy more peace in making service improvements, bringing you new customers, and setting up a positive cycle for your business.

3- Greater management of the warehouse

In the case of subscription packages for physical products, you know exactly what to send within each package, so you do not have risks in facing products accumulated in your warehouse due to the absence of demand.

Through this, you can also negotiate better rates with suppliers, as you will purchase large quantities of a specific item.

4- Reducing operating costs

The expectation factor in membership programs is not limited to the financial aspect.

When you know the amount of subscriptions you have, and have more control over the warehouse, you can improve your logistics in distribution, and in this way you reduce operating costs and waste costs.

5- Additional idea: feedback regarding products

Imagine the following scenario: Suppose you are a digital producer and sell language lessons, but suddenly you decide to diversify the format of your product.

Instead of just selling educational videos , you also want to talk a little bit about the culture of each country. You can do this in multiple ways, but I’m still at a loss as to which formula is best.

In the example above, a subscription program can serve as a sample to test your ideas, and to ensure exclusivity to the buyer. Here’s a simple way to do this:

  1. Make the first version of your product available to subscribers.
  2. Watch for entry numbers and reviews from buyers.
  3. Make necessary adjustments based on the suggestions your audience has provided.

If you want a more specific result, you can do a satisfaction search using tools like email marketing and Google Forms .

Continuously managing your community helps you understand what your audience is hoping for from you, to always bring it new developments that distinguish you from your competitors !

Benefits for the user

Learn why subscription clubs are becoming increasingly popular with the consumer audience.

1- Much simpler processing to purchase

Without any doubt, we find an increasing number of people buying from the Internet in Arab countries and the world at large. This means that online shopping is more than a trend, it has become a reality.

Despite this, there are still some users who refuse to purchase from the Internet, due to their fear of fraud, or because of the delay that occurs in the purchase process.

Through subscription programs, consumers buy only once, and receive the product at their home, and in the case of digital products, they have instant access to the content. That is, the subscription clubs offer a more comfortable and less bureaucratic buying experience to whoever buys.

2- More reasonable prices

In the subscription clubs model, the entrepreneur earns more numbers of subscriptions, much more products sold. This is because collections are cyclical collections. This is why the set prices that are traded are lower if you purchased the product or service separately.

In a pizza subscription club, for example, the consumer pays a fixed price per month and delivers pizza to his home. If he goes to buy pizza, and intermittently, he could pay much more.

3- Exclusivity

Subscription club customers have access to exclusive services and products, before these products are launched on the market.

We return to our example in Netflix, as it offers a very diverse and unique product that may not all be available on broadcast television channels or on the Internet, at least those services are not available legally and legally.

How is your subscription club set up?

To set up a membership program, you must decide the type of product you will be marketing for, the most suitable audience for marketing and the best platform to host your products. In this paragraph, we will talk about each of these stages:

1. Choose a market

The first step to setting up a subscription club is to decide which product to trade with.

It is important that you research the different markets, before making a decision. At this point, Google will be your best friend.

The ideal is for the chosen market niche to be well researched, and at the same time to be segmented enough to be able to provide a distinctive service. Of course, you need to have a certain area that you stand out from and interest in to make it easier for you to manage it.

Learn now how to do market research by just following 4 steps !!

2. Get to know the audience

The subscription clubs model is great for people who use the Internet to do their chores like studying, paying bills and making purchases. But within this general group, an autopsy and segmentation must take place in order to discover the ideal consumer of your product, also known as the persona.

Having a goal to promote will save you effort, either in time or money. Read this post about a practical and practical guide to help you define your ideal consumer .

3. Choose products

After researching the market, it is time to choose which products to trade in.

Did you choose the fitness sector, for example? A choice of recipe books (either physical or digital), exercise classes, and clothing for sports clubs are good choices for the consumer.

But remember: the choice of products must be related to the needs that were discovered during your buyer persona search. There are tools like Google Trends that help you identify the most popular topics.

4. Offer flexible packages

In order to have a subscription club or membership program that attracts consumers, you must consider the buying experience.

That is why it is useful to offer subscription packages during various periods of time (bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually), and to have good conditions for payment.

Also, it is important to provide facilities for the subscriber who wants to move from one subscription package to another, so the user realizes the advantages of paying a slightly higher value.

What is the amount of money that you should get from the subscriber in return for subscribing to the product?

The monetary value to collect depends a lot on the type of product you are trading in and the number of subscriptions. In conclusion, you need to determine a financial value that will provide you with a good margin of profit for your business.

To arrive at this amount that is fair to the entrepreneur and the buyer, think about all costs related to product preparation, logistical matters, marketing work, and more. We also suggest that you do market research, to see if the price you are charging is competitive compared to the major competitors.

What is the best platform to host your subscription program or subscription club?

It doesn’t help to have a great business idea if the subscription club hosting platform chosen doesn’t offer a high-traffic-intensive route. Or if that platform isn’t very fluid for the consumer, right?

That’s why bet on fluid platforms that offer good buyer support, and jobs that can help you drive sales.

Producers who choose Hotmart can set up an exclusive membership area for subscribers, within Hotmart Club , which is a virtual learning platform that has been developed to support various formats of online courses and courses , including digital books, audio files, educational videos, applications. As well as combining more than one formula.

Your focus and effort is only on creating quality content that is capable of generating an engagement with your audience.

3 ideas for creating a subscription club

If you don’t know the type of product you want to trade in, here are some tips from the market for ideas with high potential.

1- Make-up tools, hair or skin care

There are many examples of this in our Arab world, such as the site: birchbox.com, which offers many products for makeup, hair and skin care. There are monthly, quarterly and semi-annual packages with a join gift.

Also, boxycharm.com, a subscription site for beauty tools. It provides different packages to subscribe, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. It is worth noting that only the monthly and annual packages renew automatically. Examples vary greatly.

From here we find that subscription clubs for makeup products, hair or skin care items are ideas that always attract buyers’ attention. It allows the consumption of high quality products, in an economical and comfortable manner.

So this niche can be a great choice for anyone who wants to set up subscription programs or online subscription clubs. This field is always popular and motivating periodically and never goes out of fashion.

2- Coffee

Coffee is everyone’s daily beverage. Especially when we talk about the Arab world. Which is considered one of its traditions to serve and drink coffee daily.

Thinking about this, we find in coffee an idea for a successful business that is in constant demand. It could be another great idea for anyone wanting to set up a membership program or subscription club. There are many examples online, such as suddencoffee.com and beanbox.co.

3- Books

Site is   the Amazon Kindle is an example of clubs subscriptions for books available in the market. We also find in books an important resource for a business. You can also set up a book subscription club online.

You must take into account an important matter in this field: it is not sufficient for you to photograph books and existing works and sell them online, because this work violates the rights of authors and writers and is considered an act of piracy.

In order to trade books, whether physical or digital, you must purchase the rights to each work in cooperation with publishing houses. This takes some work and effort, but it is well worth the effort because the book market is a poor market with good options.

4- Online educational courses

Courses are all educational material that can be consumed on the Internet. It is an interesting and useful model for business, as it does not require large financial investments, has low production costs, allows for the possibility of raising profits more easily, and does not depend on logistical matters in the process of delivery.

When the consumer makes the purchase, he receives access data to educational materials, and this can also be done through the cell phone.

Here at Hotmart we have a lot of instructional materials that teach how to create online courses and courses in a variety of formats. It also teaches you how to create these content by spending a little money .

After you know about subscription clubs or membership and subscription programs, what do you think of starting the application? Take advantage of the opportunity and also read our blog, which provides you with 27 ideas for products that you can sell on the Internet online .

What else do you think to share your important opinion with us via the comment space?

Goodbye in another post! May peace be upon you!

Responsive Design – How to create a mobile responsive sales page?


Generally speaking, setting up a sales page that includes a responsive design means that your site is suited to the different types of devices that someone can use to access the Internet and open that page. That is, the term responsive design is that design that fits with any screen you use to access content, regardless of the size of that screen.

After reading these five points, we are sure that you will be ready to start setting up the sale page with a focus on mobile usability.

1.  The online consumption model in the Arab world

According to an article published by the Saudi Al-Sakina website, the Internet entered the Arab world and the Arab world between 1994 and 1995.

But in 1991 Tunisia was linked to the Internet as the first Arab country, followed by Kuwait in 1992, Egypt and the Emirates in 1993, then Lebanon and Morocco in 1994, Qatar and Syria in 1996, and the Internet appeared in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1999.

The first history of a computer network in the Arab Gulf dates back to the mid-eighties, when IBM adopted a project to build a network in 1985 as a marketing plan for its systems in the region, and the goal of this network is to serve the academic and research field.

Recent global studies on Internet penetration rates have shown that the leading countries in the Middle East such as Qatar, the UAE and Bahrain have recorded high rates of home broadband Internet penetration.

The Arabnet conference in 2010, held in Beirut, revealed that the percentage of Internet users in the Arab world has doubled during the past eight years, by 1200 percent.

According to an article published by the e-commerce blog and based in its article on a distinguished report prepared by the Arab payment gateway (PayFort) in 2014, the growth of Internet use in the Arab world is estimated at about 400%, in 2014 compared to ten years ago or less, as the number of users in general 2004 is estimated at about twenty-eight million users, then it became one hundred twenty-eight million in 2014, which is approximately four times higher.

There is also an article published by (Wamda) website , where both Beitcom and the Dubai School of Government conducted a regional opinion poll analyzing Internet usage trends in the Arab region, and the poll was conducted in March – March 2013 and was attended by 3373 people from all countries of the Arab world Including Algeria, Djibouti, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates, they found that 16% of the respondents use smartphones to access the Internet, 11% use tablets and 12% use a regular mobile phone, And 61% of them access the Internet using laptop or desktop computers. This in itself represents a significant increase in the number of Internet users via various mobile devices.

Hence the importance of creating a responsive design across our pages with all mobile devices!   

But before you understand how this works, you should know all the types of layouts that are most commonly used.

2. Most commonly used schemes

As you may have noticed, web pages were accessed through desktop computers, so it was not necessary for there to be major changes in the design theme, as the size of screens was uniform in that era, as well as the way people viewed the pages.

For this reason, it was very popular to use two types of page layout: hard and flexible.

Fixed scheme:

This type of layout in the design has fixed preset sizes in pixels , that is, it is determined based on a specific size of the screen, and therefore it is no longer possible to enjoy the same experience on a page that contains a fixed chart in a computer and on a cell phone. In particular, you may not be able to see the entire page if the screen size is changed.

In a period when most people only use computers to browse the Internet, the static layout was very useful. You had to set up the formulas on your page only once and reapply the same formulas every time you set up a new page.

However, it was necessary to change this scenario so that different people using any device to access the Internet could have the same experiences on the same page.

Flexible layout:

Based on the adaptation needs of the elements that make up a page to enter across different devices, the flexible layout was created. In it, relative units are used to define the size and format settings on each page.

This means that the pixels are not used in this model and were replaced with percentages, which allowed for acclimatization and fitment for different screen sizes. For example, if you specify a page width of 70%, regardless of the screen width that will be used to open the page, it will always occupy 70% of the available space.    

But although the flexible layout was more adaptive and flexible than the static layout, it was imperative to improve the quality of the user experience through the pages. So, the best option to understand all types of devices used to access the Internet is to resort to the topic of “Responsive Design”.

3.  What does “responsive design” mean?

Responsive design is a much better solution than the flexible layout option. With it, you can adjust the page size as well as the format and dimensions. Thus, when someone enters your page, they can have a great and wonderful browsing experience, as they will never suffer from any changes to the content .

Having a responsive design means being interested in the different ways people see the sales page. Even with some changes that occur so that the content appears clearly to all users, and then the changes include only the form in which the information provided by the browser used appears.

This means that a page that contains a responsive design is a page in which texts, images and everything that is available for online browsing are able to appear larger, smaller, with the ability to change their positions appropriately, and adjust these appearances to suit the size of the screen, that is, the design scheme Responsive is that structured layout in the best available way depending on the device the user is using.  

How is this done?

Responsive design is based on media queries styles , which are responsible for determining the way each page should look and how it should work on every device to open a website.  

Basically, when you use media queries on your page, you can define different custom styles for each browser on the Internet. That is, you won’t need different layouts for each device. The page will always be the same, with all the content the same, but it will adapt to each medium used to load your site.

4. The reason to create a page with a responsive design

As you may have noticed, the greater access to the Internet has allowed more people to have an easier direct connection to the network. And because they are different people, they use different types of devices to browse the web. These devices range from very small screens: smart phones, for example, to very large screens, such as large TV screens. 

So, if you want everyone to have access to the content, you should consider a responsive design. But in addition to this reason, there is also another reason to think about this type of layouts.

Did you know that content marketing is essential to making your content known online? And did you also know that the higher the ratings, the more visibility they have for users? So, it is very important that the content is on the first page of the search engine results and among the first five sites exclusively !!!

With this in mind, Google has used several features to rank pages with the best solutions to specific problems. A factor that contributes to improving your page’s ranking is that your page has a mobile-friendly feature, that is, it is supportive of mobile devices.

Having a page that is mobile friendly will contribute to your branding better in search results. This means that having a responsive design feature is very important for your SEO strategy.

Additionally, being mobile-friendly on your page could influence the moment a user decides to click on your page or decides not to. If he browses the Internet through his mobile phone, the preference for him will be for sites that allow fast download on cell phones.  

When it comes to saving time and even money, using a responsive design is also a great option. Especially if you are thinking of setting up several different pages with a responsive layout, here all you need to do is set up only one page.

5. Bonus tip: The three main components of a responsive design

Now that you know the importance of setting up a mobile-accessible sales page, it’s time to start putting things into practice and doing a responsive design technique.

To help you with that, we’ve prepared some tips for you so you can start thinking about this type of diagram. Depending on the level of programming knowledge, you may need someone who is proficient in this field in order to enjoy an absolutely 100% mobile friendly page.

Here are 3 suggestions that are a good start that you can apply as of now !!

Flexible images

The first element you should think about is the images on your page. Use lightweight images that can be downloaded onto any device. Remember to not specify a fixed width and height for these images. Thus, they can be better adjusted and tuned by the space they use.

Flexible networks

When preparing your planner, remember to use flexible grids. Which elements will be concentrated in your site. So, if these networks are flexible, especially if their dimensions are defined in the form of percentages, the content will be adjusted according to the size of the screen on which it will be uploaded.  

Media queries styles

As we talked earlier, media queries styles are essential for a responsive design. It is these elements that make your sales page adapt to the device being used, and ensure accuracy and even the orientation of the device the user is using.  

But if you still have questions about how to implement a technically responsive design within your sales page, you always have the option of contracting with a specialist for this type of service. Today, there are a lot of software developers who provide this type of service.

So look for the best strategy, in order to decide to hire a specialist in the field of software development and include this worker in your team or contract with an independent third party for that.

7 practices for obtaining financial independence


Financial independence: Many people believe that enjoying financial independence means enjoying a stable job, through which they get a wonderful salary, and they do not depend on others to pay the daily expenses.

Of course, working in a job that provides you with a fair monthly profit so that you do not go through difficulties to bear the burdens of daily expenses is an important matter. However, know that this does not at all mean the dream of achieving the desired financial independence.

In fact, it is essential to maintain a certain character of quality and a stable model in life, by enjoying the money available, without having to retreat from certain dreams and plans for the inability to advance them.

In other words, financial independence is a concept that goes far more than achieving high numbers of thousands of dollars.

(Despite the fact that the more money we earn, the more our lifestyle tends to change as well, and additional expenses may arise with it).

What you have to understand is that regardless of the money you earn now, in order to be able to reach independence, there is a chain of practices that you must start implementing, which is what we talk about today in this post.
Would you like to know the Seven Practices to Achieve Financial Independence?

Read this post to the end, and you will realize its importance in achieving your dream goals.

1. Control your expenses

As we talked about at the beginning of the post, achieving financial independence means being able to maintain a good quality of life, thanks to the money you earn.

So, the first practice you should take is to monitor and control your expenses in line with the money you earn.

What does this mean?

When we think about control, we think we must stop spending money on those matters that may seem superficial, or are only aimed at personal satisfaction and well-being. But that is not what we want to talk about.

We all deserve to spend a little on ourselves, on those things that make us feel better, whether we eat at a different restaurant, buy new shoes, invest in a hobby or take a trip somewhere.

But every time you spend money, always remember the money that you earn.

The calculation method is always the same, regardless of whether you earn a lot of money or less. You can never spend more than you earn. That sounds obvious, right? In practice, however, it may seem a bit more complicated than we imagine.

Most of the time, what we do is this: Suppose we earn about $ 2,000 a month in money.

When we think about using that money for personal expenses, we remember the full total amount that we earn, and so we end up spending a lot more money than we should.

The truth is that before you decide how much money you can invest on something that may not seem very necessary, you should analyze your essential and essential expenses first.

First, think about the amounts that will be deducted from you when you get this amount of $ 2000, due to income tax, tax for social insurance, union discounts … etc.

 After these discounts, set aside the amount you spend every month on rent, water and electricity bills, food and all household expenses.

And what is left of the salary is really the amount that you have to control better.  

Before spending everything, set aside part of the amount or invest it (we’ll talk about that in the following paragraphs), and set a percentage to spend on yourself.

Perhaps you will not be able to achieve your dream of traveling to the place of your dreams within 3 months, but if you know how to control your money well, you may be able to make that trip during a period of 8 months, for example.

2. Use organizational charts and tables

Organizational charts are great to show us what we’ve actually spent. In order to reach financial independence, it is very important to know how much money you earn and how much money you spend.

In the first advice, we talked about how to control your expenses. Tip # 2 complements the first tip.

When you set up organizational charts to organize your bills, whether daily, weekly or monthly, you can ensure greater control over your financial gains.

Make a table of all the amounts you spend throughout the month, even if it is a candy bar that costs a few cents.

When you can document all of the money spent, it becomes much easier to devise strategies that can help you save more money.

If you are not sure how much you spend every month, you may be going through a state of financial instability, and you will not be able to think of a way to control your expenses.

Therefore, document all movements of your personal funds, even if they are primarily personal expenses.

3. Beware of credit cards

A big mistake many people have is dealing with the credit limit available to them on their credit card, as they think it represents the amount they can spend per month.

This is not true, after all, when you buy with a credit card, this means that you do not have that amount that you want to spend at the moment, and you have to pay it in the next month.

We’ll give you an example:

Imagine that you earn about $ 2,500 net per month (after subtracting all the rebates), know where to spend this amount, and can afford all of your basic expenses every month. However, you do not have enough money left to spend on yourself, and you invest the remaining amount or save it.

Somehow, you have a credit card and it has a $ 1000 credit limit, since you don’t have money to spend you decide to use the bank card, and you think you can use the full credit limit on it.

Herein lies the big problem. There are some people who can control their expenses by thinking of how much they earn, but when the issue is the credit card, people tend to go over the limit and spend money that they do not have.

The more you use the credit card, the more money you owe to the bank, not to mention the high bank commission that you have to pay, which increases the amount of the amount that you owe to the bank.

So, don’t buy with a credit card unfairly, just use it whenever the need arises. Carefully analyze if you have the money to pay your credit card bills in the next month, without having to withdraw some money from the money you save.

4. Seek to develop professionally

The higher a grade in the career ladder, the more we get reward, and when that reward is related to salary, the better. Always try to improve on the professional level to increase profits and profits.

Invest in the field of education: follow educational courses that can help you in the job you are holding (there is a very good option for those who do not have time to go to educational institutions, is to follow educational courses online ) Participate in the events and activities that exist in the market, follow the lectures related to the market sector .

Don’t be afraid to grow and change jobs. It is very good to have a new challenge, and that could be a step forward in reaching financial independence.

But beware of moving only because of the salary because it is higher, because you will do a job that you do not like, and this is what generates you frustration and loss of enthusiasm. (If you’re struggling with a loss of enthusiasm, we have a post that teaches you:  9 Modes of Self Motivation .)

5. Think of additional profitable activities

If you have a natural talent for playing a musical instrument, crafts and crafts, decoration or any other activity that is different from what you normally do, what do you think of practicing it as an additional profit activity ?

Naturally, this doesn’t have to be a stepping up routine, and so you need to look for something that you know to do that doesn’t cause you a loss. However, if you can add another activity on weekends to your weekly work and tasks, you will have another additional source of income at the end of the month.

And since you can have everything you need depending on the fixed income source you get, use that extra money to invest or save to reach financial independence in the future (because if you don’t win the lottery, you probably won’t be able to reach that financial independence between Overnight).

6. Set achievable goals

It is very good to set specific goals in order to get there. When we talk about financial independence, this is also important.

Think about the goal you aspire to reach, in the short, medium and long term. But remember to set achievable goals. Thus, you can save money with concentration, and when the time comes to invest this money in what you have planned, you will not have big surprises. You will rather be ready to spend what you need.

However, something very important is not to be complacent about your goals. Having taken the dream trip you took never means that you have to stop frugal. Rather, when you can achieve the goal, set other goals.

This way, you will always have the incentive to maintain financial stability and control over it, which will help you a lot to reach financial independence.

7. Learn to invest your money

The last piece of advice you should start applying to reach financial independence is learning to invest the money you save.

It is not very common to make financial investments, but you should start by thinking about how the money you save can generate more profit.

Maybe you’d rather keep your money the same in a postal savings account – a savings account and earn some of the commission that the bank pays you. But the problem begins when we start to overuse the money we deposited in the savings account.

We are not talking in this post about how you should invest your money, but if you are interested in this topic, find people who know how to invest money in some of the investments that may be profitable for you. Always think about entrepreneurship , and look for new opportunities that can make you grow and develop.

It is time to gain financial independence !!!

As you saw in this post, you can reach a state of financial independence, through these seven tips and practices, you will be well prepared to achieve your dreams.

Do not be fooled and think that financial independence can be achieved overnight, we ourselves have mentioned that to reach this, you must have a lot of focus on your goals, know how to spend your money carefully and cautiously, and learn to control and monitor all the amounts that go out and enter your account.

And remember, the most important thing: keep your earnings well above your expenses.

Is there a practice or method that you followed to achieve financial independence that was not mentioned in the text? Share it with us via the comment space! Peace be upon you and the mercy of God.

Earn Extra Money: Learn How To Make Passive Income


Have you ever thought about looking for ways to earn extra money? Your answer is probably yes, right? And it is that most people want to complete their salaries, and in the best possible way!

Always every time we have something we want to do (or something we want to own) that we cannot do because there are other priorities. The extra income solves this problem for you, because it is not necessary to give up what we have to reach a new goal.   

In this post, we will explain the topic to you step by step in order to gain passive income, without you having to quit your main job. And if you don’t yet know how well this works, don’t worry! We’ll explain everything to you, keep reading!

Can I earn extra money without working hard?

Many people think that in order to make extra money it is necessary to work long hours a day and give up many of the things that we like to do (such as spending more time with family , playing sports or enjoying moments of entertainment, for example).

In fact, this happens sometimes, if you decide to work at night with the goal of making extra money, you will really have less time to do the things you love and to be with the people you love.

However, there are many options for those who want to earn extra money without the person having to work unfairly for that. This is expressed by passive income, which represents a great option for all those who want to increase their economic resources without losing any semblance of the quality of life they live.

What is passive income?

When we talk about passive income, we mean by that income that you can generate without having to make constant efforts without interruption. That is, after you start a business that fits this pattern, you keep getting money for a long time without having to work for it (or in some cases, working very little).  

We will explain it to you better

First, we’ll show you an example of a passive income-generating business. Imagine that you work as an employee in a company, but your monthly salary is not enough to pay for everything you consume. So, in order to make extra money, you decide to start repairing malfunctioning washing machines, given that you followed a course to learn this at a young age. Everyone admires your repair technique, you are skilled at it. And so it gathered a good income from it.   

But to continue to get this additional amount, you will need time to be able to repair washing machines, go to buy spare parts, search for parts that fit each type of washing machine, and always collect all the news and developments that occur in this sector that is constantly growing, and sometimes You might spend some money on transportation to go home if it’s far away. The equation is simple: in order to make extra money, you have to work more.    

Now, let’s change that situation, and consider a scenario in which you would earn a passive income. Imagine that you want to work in the field of repairing washing machines, but you want to work less, avoid spending on public transport to reach homes that may be far away, and return in rainy days that are not without mud, and you also want to get money from this field without The need to purchase spare parts that reduce your profits in the outcome, and decide to use all the experience that you have (repairing and familiarity with washing machines) to prepare an online course and help people who also want to learn this craft and earn extra money and set up their own business, or simply decide Preparing an electronic book explaining the most harmful practices in washing machines that will reduce the faults they are exposed to and would like to teach this to people.

To do this, you must plan the content, develop texts, record lessons and upload them to some distance learning platform .

After that, you should only focus on promoting your product. That is, in this business style you have one primary business which is that of preparing the course and then you can continue to sell it over the years (to the whole world).

Additionally, you can have affiliate marketers , who are people who sell your product in return for receiving a commission. That is, you can be in your home watching TV and while at that people buy your product! Better still: you could be in the United Arab Emirates, for example, and someone else in Egypt would buy and sign up to learn from the course you created.

Types of passive income

As we said, passive income is only generated from a one-off business, and you can continue to generate revenue in the long term, without you having to make much effort. We will review some types:

  • House or apartment rental: If you have a property, you can rent it out. And every month, you get a predetermined amount of money without you having to spend time or effort for that.
  • Collecting money from copyright proceeds if you release a book, you get paid every time the publisher makes sales of your book.  
  • Get commissions from artwork, if you work as a photographer for example, you can upload your photos and view them on sites like Shutter Stock and get paid when someone buys.
  • Granting concessions from a shop or restaurant: If you are a shop or restaurant owner, you can sell the license to other businessmen to use the brand that relates to you, but this process can be lengthy and bureaucratic.  
  • Selling digital products: If you have a talent or skill to help others with this, you can prepare your e-book (an online course or e-book) and sell it on the Internet.

Advantages of Passive Income

Passive income offers several benefits:

You can reconcile it with your usual work

If you have your business and do not want to give it up, you can also choose to work with a passive income that will help you gain additional income and fulfill some personal desires, such as buying a house, traveling to another country for recreation, or simply investing your economic resources until they double.

Since this type of business does not require much of your time, you can maintain your business and you do not need to give up anything else that you love to do.

You can control your own time

If you want to devote exclusively to passive income, you can decide when you will work, and exclusively if you are a person who focuses a lot more at night, you can leave the day to do other tasks and focus on your projects during the night.

In addition, you can reconcile other obligations, if you are a mother or father and he has family duties, you can adapt to your usual routine based on those commitments, and gain more time to play sports, help children in their jobs, take a walk with them a little and visit your family and relatives as well and help them What they need.  

More freedom to travel

You may have noticed that some months have higher prices when it comes to travel. Summer and festive days (such as Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha, for example) have higher travel prices throughout the year. However, when all people want to travel and do tourism it is because they are on vacation.

If you only devote themselves to passive income, you can travel during periods of low seasonality, save a lot of money and gain more than great experience, in less noisy and less crowded places.

You are the business owner

When you have a source that helps you to earn extra money, as we mentioned from examples above, you can be the master of work by yourself ! This means that you decide the strategies that you will use in your business and you are in control of your own time. Additionally, you can decide where you will work (at home, in a cafeteria, or even elsewhere).  

In addition to passive income is not your only job, and you have another traditional job, at least you will have experience of being the master of your business in your own profession, and during most of your time. This contributes to making you mature a lot and helps you to develop professionally and personally.

Digital products, why are they the best choice at the moment?

In this post, we will show you several methods of generating passive income so that you can earn extra money. All of the works we have selected offer some positive and negative points. With all these characteristics in mind, we can see that these digital products are the best choice today. We’ll see why!

You don’t need to invest money

Some negative revenues (such as revenue from a property or making concessions) require a high investment to get started. After all, you can’t rent a home before you spend the money on it, and you can’t sell franchises or licenses before investing in your own business, right?

However, to set up a digital product you don’t need to invest in money to get started. And if you spend the money it will be a very low amount compared to other businesses. To write an ebook, for example, you just need to be proficient in writing, have a computer, and basic knowledge of informatics. If you do not have design skills, you can do that, depending on the PowerPoint program , for example.  

The same thing happens if you intend to develop an online course. Primarily, there’s no need for a professional studio or HD camera. A room in your house is sufficient to make the recordings, and your smartphone can work (with acceptable picture and sound quality). A lot of famous YouTubers for example started this way!    

In addition, there are platforms that allow you to store your products and take care of the payment and sending aspects of the product, without you having to pay subscription commissions or monthly installments .

Can you make sales all over the world?

As mentioned earlier, when you have a digital product you can make sales all over the world. It does not matter if you are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, someone in Iraq, for example, can buy your product. This enables you to reach a large number of clients without even having to leave the house .    

Just one product can reach thousands of people  

If you rent out a house, for example, you can only access one person, or at most one family, for example. However, in this case your income will continue to be the same every month, and you will not be able to scale up your business .

However, if you develop an e-book that talks about healthy food, for example, you can sell the same product to thousands of people. With just one job, you can gain “countless numbers” of clients.  

Can you have Affiliates?

When you have a digital product, you can count on affiliate marketers who are selling for you in return for their commission.

If your product is an e-book that includes advice for caring for children with special needs, for example, Affiliates can be people who have blogs on that topic, and it can also be done by teachers and other professions that exist in this world.

So, marketers use a specific link ( known as HotLink ) and whenever someone accesses your product via that link, the responsible marketer gets a percentage of the sale value.

How to create a digital product in just five simple steps?

If you’ve got here, you’ve definitely noticed that digital products are a really excellent choice for anyone who wants to make extra money and earn passive income. But how is this done?

We will show you 5 basic steps to setting up a digital product, in addition to that, you will know where all the information you need to get started is located:

1- Think about what you can sell and choose the niche that suits you

The first thing you need to do is determine what you should sell and which niche in the market you will be operating in. So, consider the following points:

  • What do you like to do?
  • What are your talents and skills?
  • How can you help people with what you know and master?
  • What can you shape with your acquaintances? An electronic book ? An online course?  

2- Analyze the market

After thinking about which products you can prepare, it is essential to analyze the market. It doesn’t help to make something head-turning if no people are interested in your offer, right? So, you can use some strategies:

  • Analyze your competitors and see what they are up to. Think how you can shine and be one of them.
  • Look for what people are searching on the Internet (in relation to your product), so you can use tools like KeyWord Planner and the “Autocomplete” task in Google or “Autocomplete” as we call it in Arabic, this is how you know the audience’s needs, and what it brings you to do to meet their requirements.
  • Do research with people you know and try to understand if your product is useful for them, and what characteristics it must have in order for them to acquire it.  
  • Participate in online forums that talk about the topic, to know the needs of people in different parts of the world.

3- Create your persona

The persona is a fictional character that represents the people who will be consuming your product. To form this personality, one must think about all the personal and professional characteristics, and identify all of her desires, pains, and difficulties that she suffers from.

Defining this profile allows you to create strategies that are beneficial to your audience and to develop a product that can achieve success. In order to understand more how to prepare these personalities and starting from scratch, we recommend that you read our post that talks about how to set up a persona for your business .  

4- Plan your digital product

After determining what you want to prepare, conducting market research and preparing a customer persona, it is time to plan your digital product.

If your product is an e-book, for example, specify the chapters it will contain, and the topic in each. Think about the points you will talk about in each topic, and what problems you will solve every time. It is also time to think about the style you will use, both in language and in relation to the visual.

If the product is an online course, you should do the same thing, but this time, instead of educational classes, think about the educational units, the number of lessons that the course will consist of, and the aspects that will be covered in each educational unit. You must specify if you will take exams during the course, or if you will add discussion forums or any other supplementary material.  

5- Start your business

After implementing the previous four steps, the time comes to apply the topic, and this means in the case of electronic books: writing content within the chapters, reviewing texts, searching for images that you will use , drafting the contents … etc.

In the case of online educational courses, this means developing scenarios , recording educational videos, modifying content … etc.

This is your chance to improve the digital product in the market! But don’t get discouraged, because now we’re going to show you two articles that cannot be missed which should be read if you really want to start your digital business online.

Bonus tip – learn detailed steps to get started

In this paragraph, we briefly show you what you must do to set up your first digital product and make extra money. If you want to create more in-depth content, we have two great articles for you:

How to make a good video? The best tips to help you master this method!


You may have heard talking somewhere that video is the future social network. There are some studies indicating that video content will be responsible for about 80% of online traffic by the year 2019, but many entrepreneurs have concerns about using this media to promote their products, either because of their lack of knowledge or simply because of concerns. To do a bad deed. To many, creating a good video may sound like a scary job, but it’s actually a very simple job than it looks.

And to help you with that, we have prepared for you this text, which contains many tips for you to take this adventure in front of the cameras , and prepare great content and especially prepare a work that is important to the potential client.

The three stages of video production

Before preparing any video, be aware that this process is divided into three stages: pre-production, during production and post-production.

If you’ve been watching cinema news, you’ve definitely heard these concepts before. Let’s get to know a little bit about each of them:

  • Pre-production: includes planning and all preparations for video preparation.
  • Production: includes registration, and in it you apply practically everything you have prepared for it.
  • After production: this is the stage of editing and completing the video, during which the necessary adjustments are made so that everything works in the best way.

Each of these stages is very important in preparing a good video, so we will detail each stage and provide many tips for preparing the videos with the best performance.

Pre-production: The most important stage in preparing a good video

Not many people take preproduction seriously and end up disappointed in seeing the results. To avoid this kind of difficulty, remember to always pay special attention to every detail that we will mention here.

What is the purpose of the video?

In order to know how to create a good video, you need to define your goal for that content well: to generate more leads ? Achieve more conversion on sales ? Increase your authority  in the field you are talking about?

Understanding the outcome you want from the video can make it easier for you to choose your path of action.

Who is this video for?

Who is the intended audience for the video? What kind of content does this person usually consume or what problems does he face? These issues are essential to creating videos that are tailored to the viewer’s needs and to achieve the desired goal.

If you do not yet know who the ideal viewer is in your videos, we recommend that you perform an analysis of your YouTube channel or customer base to prepare these profiles for your profile customer .

What is this video talking about?

You must always remember the topic on which you will be recording. So, think about a scenario that includes the important points that should be talked about, or questions that you direct to an interviewee. This scenario helps to record the video in a more meaningful way and facilitates the entire editing process, as well as makes the video more clear and attractive to those who watch it.

The script is a description of everything that will happen during the presentation of the video and predicts the conversations, images and visual resources that you will use to convey your message.

A great tip for that is to print the script on paper to make the video easier for you. You can paste it into an easy-to-read point, for example, and even circle keywords so you remember the topics you’ll always need.

Also, try saving the script in clouds like in Google Docs, and leaving it open on your cell phone. This makes it easy for you to share it with the people on other corners of the camera recording or on the support team. With the scenario in hand, it becomes much easier for others to help you achieve your desired results.

We have a very good blog post on the blog that provides tips to help you prepare a good script for your video .

What is the ideal site for recording video?

The next step in pre-production is deciding where the video will be recorded.
Choose a place where you can have more control over the external noise sources, thus it is much easier to enjoy higher quality sound.

Avoid places with a lot of movement, near construction work or in crowded places, for example. If you can find a place that combines calm and picturesque environment, the matter is much better. In conclusion, the appearance of the video is also a factor that should be taken into consideration.

If you choose to have the scenery at home, choose to score against walls that have solid colors (and not choose any wall covered with wallpaper, preferably dark colors).

What are the points to pay attention to lighting?

Also pay attention to the timing chosen for recording. Daylight is a very good ally while preparing a good video, and you should make use of this light as much as possible. If the place is very beautiful and contains soft light, it may not be a very suitable place for recording, with a modest amount of place, but it does contain great light.

There are also some time periods that can help you while planning your registration.

The natural daylight that shines freshly, from 6 to 8 o’clock is usually golden and the sun is much weaker. This kind of light helps give a very nice scene to your video. Starting from 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock in the morning, although the sun becomes higher and stronger and the light is brighter, this light causes fewer shadows, but it is also a good option.

You can also get good light from 2 pm to 5 pm. During this period of time, you can enjoy a scene similar to the beginning of the day, and it provides good lighting for the recording as well.

But you have to pay attention!

Starting at five in the afternoon, we witness the light of the twilight, and here it quickly gets dark.
So, be careful not to record during this time – the lighting can fade, so you might have to stop working in the middle of it.

Finally, avoid timing between 11 pm and 2 pm to ensure a very good video preparation. During this time, we witness the well-known midday sun which brings more vivid shadows which create shadows in the eyes and make the image worse.

Artificial lighting

Although the lighting is very well lit, the camera cannot capture all of the light, which may cause less-clear or grainy images.

As for environments with artificial lighting, they are more predictable, as you can notice when the light gets worse, if the light is harmonious for example, and when it is not, you can solve this issue by simply changing the location of the equipment available in the room.

Of course, professional-looking lighting requires an investment in equipment, but don’t worry: you don’t need to spend a lot of money creating scenes similar to the world blockbuster Star Wars or Star Wars.

There is a very simple setting of the lights that works well in most situations. As shown in the image below, you need three points for lighting: two points in front of the presenter or the interviewer, each point placed on one side, and a third point in the back, as an anti-lighting.

This last point helps give a great effect to the sides of photos, and makes the results even more amazing.

(Figure showing the main lighting elements that need to be provided)

This very same lighting scheme can be exclusively prepared using materials you have at home.

It is worth noting that without the use of lighting, there is no image, so the lighting component in the video is very important in proportion to the quality of the content that will be discussed!

The production phase: the time for creativity!

After you have prepared the scenario well and chose a good location and a suitable timing, the following question arises:
Should I have a highly technical camera to ensure a good video preparation?

The answer is no. Of course it is very important to have a good image, but even cell phones can help you with that. If the photographic quality of the device is reasonable, it greatly meets your requirements as a beginner. As your business progresses gradually, it is worth purchasing more advanced equipment later.

Types of cameras

The type of camera chosen depends on how much budget you are prepared to spend, and on the type of video you want to prepare, as there are several specific formats for longer recordings, including scenes that involve actions and movement … etc.

To help you with this topic, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of each of these tools:

1- Simple compact camera

They are simple tools to use. Usually with automatic image control, the tools are easy to carry and transport, and are more affordable. Most recommended for those who start making videos and do not have enough knowledge to take pictures.

2- Action cameras

It is a kind of compact camera that has a light and resistive body. These tools have specific supports to be installed, which provides good images with animations but is not recommended for recording educational content as the resources and features of the images are limited.

3- Camcorders

They are small and easy to operate cameras, with manual resources such as volume control, focus and zoom, good battery independence, as well as moving displays that make it easy to take the picture. They are ideal tools for extended shooting periods.

4- Smartphones smartphones

Currently, most smartphones record in Full HD, (high definition) as well as being very convenient tools that you have with us all the time.

You also can use apps to add filters to your photos and videos and make the end result better.

5- Professional DSLR Cameras

They are highly recommended video capture tools, offering excellent picture quality, great control and stability.

This tool also has interchangeable lenses, meaning you can use “fisheye lens” angled lenses or add background blur effects to make the content more interesting and attractive.

Sound is an important element!

In the production phase, there is one factor that many producers ignore, but all the difference to the quality of the video is the sound. Ensure good sound in the video.

In many cases, sound is more important than the image itself. After all, sound is directly related to the viewer’s understanding of the subject.

In general it is more usual to deal better with bad picture than with bad audio so our advice is to work on purchasing a collar type microphone with a P2 input blister.

You can find very affordable templates that you can plug directly into your phone, making a good video.

When registering, have a friend or worker with you to help you with technical issues if this is possible. And do not forget: making a mistake is very normal, and you can make all necessary adjustments in the next stage. So stay calm and focus on getting your message across in the most straightforward way possible.

Post-production: providing content

After you’ve finished recording the video, it’s time to post-record – and here you need to make edits to the video.
This stage is very important, so that the content is more dynamic and enjoyable for those who watch it.

Remove excess portions from the final video, especially when it comes to content, as well as the moments when you hesitate. Season your materials as much as possible. You can be sure that this will make all the difference to the final results.

To edit videos, you can use special editing programs like Windows Movie Maker, or other free options as well. The resources provided by this equipment are simple and very basic but are useful for making simple video cuts.

Now if you have video editing experience and want to use higher performance software, and have more equipment, you can invest in paid software like Adobe Premiere and Sony Movie Studio!

There is always the option to hire an expert in video editing to help you with this part.

And don’t worry if the final results aren’t as great as you had hoped. Over time, you will work to improve your technology and your standing in front of the cameras.

Do you want an example? Look for old videos of the entrepreneurs you refer to in the sector in which they work , and analyze the mechanism they have used to develop themselves over time.

Here’s a golden tip that works at all times:

There is one element that shouldn’t be missing on anyone’s list of video workers: wideband tape. This material is very useful for any emergency that may happen suddenly, such as installing a cable in the last hour, for example.

Tape is an indispensable element in the equipment box, even for the major broadcasting and imaging companies in the world, and you can rest assured that this tool will also be very useful to you.

Google Analytics: How to use this tool to get to know your audience and sell more?


An introduction to the use of Google Analytics: One of the major advantages of the online digital market lies in the ease of measuring results compared to the market without using the internet (offline).

When using advertisements on TV, for example, it is somewhat impossible to know if your audience is actually affected. On the web, you can specify the origin of the network traffic, the number of people who clicked on a specific advertisement and bought the product, and other metrics that are essential in order to understand if your strategies are working as planned, and identify the aspects that need to be improved to attract more visitors. Generate more leads and of course sell more.

There are several tools that can help you get this data, but the most important tool is without a doubt: Google Analytics, in addition to providing all the information you need on your web page, the Analytics tool has a free version, meaning you only need Having a Google email account to start using this tool.

In today’s post, you will learn what Google Analytics means and how to use the data provided by this tool to improve the performance of your business!    Contents

1) What is Google Analytics?

The Google Analytics tool is a monitoring tool in Google whose mission is to collect data from any website, blog, e-commerce activity , and application by means of a code that is installed on these pages.

Through this tool the following can be recognized:

  • The number of people who visited your site.
  • The number of people who came to the site for the first time.
  • Number of people who are considered regular visitors.
  • Pages with the highest entry rates.
  • The average stay time of the visitor.
  • The keywords that attract your visitors the most.
  • The number of users that came from the search pages and the number of users that came from the ads.
  • And other information.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to analyze all of this data. Analyze only the data that is important to understand the audience you are dealing with and the type of content that is most interesting to them, and for each entrepreneur this data is different.

Sounds complicated, right? We will give some examples to understand the topic more!

A blogger who creates content frequently needs to know the keywords that attract the most traffic for his blog, to improve his texts from a content point of view (such as SEO) and focus on ranking research and thus enjoy more visibility for new visitors.

As for an e-commerce owner who invests in advertising, he needs to know which advertising campaign is performing best, given clicks and sales, to direct his investments.

For a digital influencer , what really matters is knowing which social network is bringing the most users to the site.

2) Why is it important to monitor the performance of your pages?

An entrepreneur needs to know the people who visit his page every month, and see if this number is declining or rising, to improve your online presence.

Through the data provided through tools such as Google Analytics, the digital influencer can identify the obstacles to his strategy and prepare content that is more harmful to the target and is more appropriate to the personality of the persona who intends to reach him.

Here’s another example.

Imagine that you set up an ad campaign on Google AdWords and your website traffic rate has increased by 20%, but the bounce rate on the page has also increased by the same amount.

The bounce rate represents the number of people who entered the page, but didn’t take any action (we’ll explain it better on this topic throughout this text).

What does that ?

There is a assumption that your ads may not be appropriate for the page content. That is, the user who clicked on the banner and who had certain expectations, but was unable to find the solution to the problem he was facing.

By having this information on hand, you can improve the text in your post, insert images and graphics, put more links, use research data to increase the value that is added to that content and make it more important to those who read it.

In the opposite case, when the ads contain a low rate of clicks, but where the visitors are interacting with your page, it is possible that the ads are not able to attract the attention of the audience, which may be a mistake in the division, copy or design .

3) How do I install Google Analytics?

1- Enter the Google Analytics website, link: www.google.com/analytics/   

2- To use the service, you must have an email account on Gmail. If you do not have an account yet, you can set it up via this link: https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?lp=1&hl=en    

3- On the next page, fill in the information like account name, website name, website URL path … etc

4- Click on Get a follow ID. The Tracking ID is the number that will collect and store data on your site. You must copy and paste this number on all the pages you wish to monitor.

Important tip:

You can use the same account to monitor more than one webpage. In this case, you will have to generate several different identifiers.

How can I install the tracking code on your site?

There are three options for installing the tracking code on your pages:

  • Paste manually, but this requires programming knowledge and / or professional help.
  • On sites and blogs developed by WordPress, there is a plugin that automatically installs the code across all your pages.
  • Another option for integrating your site with Analytics is Google Tag Manager : Free Google Tag Manager software that is also used to install Google AdWords pixel .

After installing the follow code on your pages, Google Analytics tracks the entry and actions of your visitors. Note that data prior to the installation process will not be calculated.

4) What can you find on the Analytics dashboard?


After installing the follow code on your website or blog pages, your Analytics home page will appear as follows:

On this page, you can notice data such as the number of hits on your site / blog, the conversion rate per page, the profit earned , the number of new sessions initiated during the last 7 days, which is the typical – standard setup of the tool.

In the blue rectangle on the right of the page, the number of visitors that were on your site at that moment is displayed, as well as the list that includes the five pages with the most active users.


Admin: Shows all pages (belonging to the person) that are monitored through that draw. In this list you can edit information such as goals, Google Adwords extension, tracking information, and more.


In the Reports section, you can get customized reports on your page regarding target audiences, the main sources of visitor network traffic (acquisition), user behavior, and conversions.

But don’t worry, we’ll explain these key metrics below.

5) What metrics does Analytics provide?

As we talked about in the text, the metrics you’ll evaluate depend on your business goal.

To access the entry-level reports, click Audience> Overview.

Fonte: Google images The main graphic (flaw) shows the entry counts during the analysis timeline. The circular graphic shows the number of new visitors (blue) and the number of regular visitors (green).

In this same panel, you can see the country that tops the number of entries, the language with the highest numbers of accessing your page using it, the browser most used by users, and in the case of mobile devices, the most popular operating system among visitors.


The number of visitors that entered your site during the time period subject to analysis.

New users

The number of people who entered your page for the first time, this number is always less than the total number of users, as it does not take into account people who access your site more than once during the period of time subject to analysis.

It’s important to follow this number to see how many people have really interacted with the content you share on your page.

Session (s)

A session represents the length of time the user remains engaged with your page. It starts from the moment the visitor enters the content and closes after 30 minutes without any activities on the part of the visitor.

Number of sessions per user

The number of new sessions opened by the same user.

Page Views (Pageviews)

This is the total number of pages viewed. The higher this number, the better, as this means that people have visited other pages of your site.

Average session duration

This indicator shows the average time the user stays on the page. It is an important indication that the visitor has browsed that content carefully.


If you have text with an average reading time of 5 minutes, and the user is less than 15 seconds left on the page, that means they have only read the title. If the average time is more than a minute, it can be agreed that the user has read at least the main points in the text (pen points).

If the average length of the session is very low, you can invest more graphic features to present the information.  

Bounce rate

The bounce rate represents the percentage of sessions that return to a single page, in which the visitor did not take any action and did not interact with the content, meaning that the visitor did not use the scroll bar and did not click on any of the links.

To reduce this rate, you can invest in many resources and visual benefits to keep the user in a state of permanent activity on the page until he takes an action.  

It is worth noting that the title and the opening paragraph in the text are two decisive factors that affect the reader’s interaction with the text. Check that you let the promise you make is well clear and present something that can be considered important for the target audience.

In addition to the Overview, you can get more detailed data about your audience, such as:

  • Demographics
  • Interests.
  • Geo-information.
  • Behavior.
  • Technology Technology.
  • Mobile devices.
  • Custom data.
  • Comparisons on Benchmarking Market.


The Behavior and Behaviors list shows your users’ main interactions with your site.

To discover more accessible pages, for example, choose behavior> site content> all pages.

Through this information you can know which contents interest the audience the most, and thus you can focus on supplementary materials.  

(Resource: Google Images)

Fonte: Google Images

By clicking on the pages with the most visits, you can also see the evolution of the topic over the period of time being analyzed. If a post has a lot of entry, and then it has experienced a significant month-to-month drop, you can apply several changes to restore that network traffic numbers and possibly improve that number as well.  

 6) What kinds of visitor traffic does Google Analytics monitor?

Customer Acquisition Resources shows which channels are bringing the most traffic for your site or blog. This information is essential for you to decide if all your efforts and financial investments are yielding results.

Organic search

Calculates the number of users who landed on your site by searching Internet search engines. This is why it is very important for your site to be among the first search results within the engines, as the content that ranks first in the engine receives 33% of the clicks, while the second and third rank site receives 18% and 12%, respectively, of clicks.

To reach these ranks, invest in content quality as well as in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques or in English Search Engine Optimization, and here on our blog we have many great tips for preparing attractive texts. Take this opportunity now and read these posts and texts after you finish reading this text !

Social media

Social network traffic is that traffic that is generated from ads and posts made on social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn . With this information, you can discover which social channels are most useful for your marketing and promotional activities.


It talks about users who accessed your page via the newsletter or any other means of communication sent by email. This number is important for proving the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies.

Also, read our comprehensive guide on using email marketing the right and useful way.

Direct network movement

Under this category falls the traffic received through direct entry, meaning that the user has typed your website address into the search bar in the browser. Having a high volume and high rate of direct entry numbers shows that people consider your domain to be an authority and reference in that topic.

Referral retinal movement

Referral referrals are those who land on your page thanks to a referral or link from other websites or blogs. If you have a business related to teaching knitting with wool, you can refer, for example, to a wool-selling website where wool is the first priority.  

It is impossible to monitor the number of sites pointing to your site with a link, but it is important to check the quality of these links periodically, as a result, bad links may darken your ranking within search engines.  

If you want to get more links that lead to your site, you can also start with a guest posts strategy to exchange texts with sites and blogs that talk about the same niche you work in, thus increasing the visibility of both sites (your site and the host site) .

Paid Search

Paid traffic shows visitors who enter your page after they click on one of your ads. This data, with the help of Google AdWords, is the main metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

But it is very important to be careful: if traffic and traffic are only generated from ads, your business will not be sustainable and will not last in the long term.

From an angle, we consider ads good to get quick results, but having a well-defined content strategy is the real factor that will make people return to your page, even if you don’t have more money to invest in advertising campaigns.

How do you use Google Analytics to improve conversions on your site?

The conversion rate is not always related to the purchase.

Downloading an ebook, subscribing to a newsletter and asking for a price / free trial also requires direct action from the visitor, and so all of these aspects must also be measured.

To follow the conversion rate on your business and marketing actions, go to: Manager> Select Ownership (Account)> Objectives> New Target

Currently, Google Analytics allows you to enter 4 types of goals:


Follow visits to a specific page or screen of the app.


Monitor the length of time a user session lasts. This number varies according to the target.

Pages / screens per visit:

The number of screens and windows opened by the user may be an indication that the visitor has accessed several useful contents.

the event:

Shows if the user takes a specific action, such as watching a video.

Analytics also lets you set up a funnel for conversions to understand the path a user has taken from their first entry to their specific desired action.

To access this information, select the command Monitor Conversion Funnel, and manually paste the URL links back to the pages you want to follow.

Suppose your goal is to increase the number of people contacting your sales team to request a budget or price for something. You can monitor (monitor) the following URLs: the site’s contact page> contact our consultants> the application form.

If the visitor completes two of these stages and withdraws from that in the last stage, this may indicate that the text of the page has caused him confusion and confusion, or that the application form has been placed in an inappropriate place or even that you are requesting a large amount of information from the visitor.

Google Analytics won’t tell you exactly what it’s wrong with it.

Rather, it only provides you with data that will help you make some necessary improvements, and by that, the tool has taken you halfway.  

Based on this, you must do some tests to prove the correctness of your hypothesis.

This optimization process never stops even if you are performing very well. Although this work seems daunting and requires a lot of effort, it is defining these improvement paths that will ensure that you increasingly reach more people, without losing the quality of the materials you provide.

7) Measure, measure, measure for improvement

Metrics are fundamental to understanding whether or not your actions are generating leads to you, and they can also show you that you need to revise your marketing plans.

And when we talk about measuring results online, there is no other tool that is as comprehensive and integrated as Google Analytics.

From now on, you will be able to use the functionality of the Google Analytics tool to better know your audience, and to provide content that is more compatible and compatible with the expectations and desires of this audience, thus improving the performance of your business in a continuous and sustainable way.

Take advantage and read our post on goal setting and see how to set up key performance indicators (KPIs) or just call them KPIs that relate to your business.